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    Welcome Friday

    Yes I am glad it is Friday. Our phone is now fixed. I think the line may have been hit with lightening as there is a fuse in the box outside, so they changed it. And there is something as well on the pole next to our house that they will have to change but that one won't affect us. Apparently the phone rang all day with condolences.

    The amount of mail that arrived was a little overwhelming at first but I managed to get everything out. In the afternoon, I crocheted ear savers. I guess I will make more today and have them on hand.

    My brother-in-law's funeral is Tuesday. I have called the post office where I was supposed to work and asked that they find another replacement. My boys will be coming home. 25 is the max in the funeral home and 50 at the graveside. There will be a HUGE party when it is allowed as he was so community minded, the only thing bigger than his belly was his heart. And he had a huge heart, didn't know the meaning of 'no'.

    Strawberry season is opening up here locally tomorrow. I guess I will be picking and making some jam.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all who’ll follow......

    Its been a nice few days. 80’s and low humidity. That will end today.

    Monique, my heart aches for you. You and your husband will be in my prayers. Thankful your phone is back. Hope your weekend is nice.

    I’m not doing much, just waiting for tests to happen. Got a long wait to the next one. I’m not sure if it’s the pandemic or normal.....

    Seems like things will never be “normal.” Strange world and times we now live in.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, peaceful weekend!

    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


      Good morning!

      It's going to be a warm one -- highs near 90. It is starting off cool, though, so I have a couple of the windows open. No rain in the forecast until tomorrow.

      Mom is going to be evaluated for hospice today. The facility called yesterday and recommended they be brought in. It's not a surprise, really; we have noticed a significant decline since March. I haven't told my sisters yet. I'm waiting to hear what the hospice's recommendation is. The sister in Texas is being treated for anxiety and I don't want to tell her one thing and have it reversed later. My Ohio sister is in charge of telling her bad news. The Texas sister and I don't communicate very well. She has a tendency to get upset if I'm not having the same emotional reaction she is. I'm not sure which one of us is going to tell our brother.

      I didn't get my haircut yesterday. I'm going to put that on my list of things to do this weekend. I did a little bit sewing on my WIP last night.

      Time for a second cup of tea and some breakfast. I was up early today. I keep thinking it's time to log in to work but I have at least an hour.

      Have a wonderful day!


        Monique - May God comfort in your time of sorrow, sweetie. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

        I am considering on taking a break from the forum; my solace in quilting has been so violated with politics and the pandemic. I just need to re-evaluate my quilting purpose and organize again.

        Hubby finally came to the realization that for our stability of our future, we CANNOT afford to retire, nor survive in Vermont. So, we are seriously thinking about moving south and back to our roots. And, I cannot spend another winter in the NE of the country.....I have also realized, we do not fit in here.
        Not that I want to move for the 6th time since July 2014...but we feel a regret moving to Vermont, as it was painted in a different light and has become evident that we were manipulated.

        Quilt hugs......Sherri

        "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


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          Oh Sherri it's been so difficult for you since you moved to Vermont and I hope you find a solution that works for you all. I've not stitched anything for weeks and I think there is so much going on in the world that's making the concentration difficult but instead of leaving this forum, I think I've looked here more than usual for comfort that it's not just me and that we are all being affected by world events.That said, you have to do what is best for you and know we'll be waiting right here for you if you choose to go away for a spell.

        Good Morning....I just watched Jenny’s new tutorial. It makes a lovely quilt, especially in blue and white.

        We have been having beautiful weather but our humidity is coming back this weekend.

        Yesterday Jeff and I worked on making drop cloth curtains for the living room. I couldn’t have handled the large pieces without Jeff’s muscle and height. We have another window to do. I’m waiting for another drop cloth to get here from Amazon.

        I got a small shipment from M* yesterday in record time even with yardage that had to be cut. I plan to make a pixelated heart quilt next. I finally got all of the blocks made for the Irish Change quilt but have yet to lay them out. We have had the house torn up with painting for quite some time and I tucked my blocks away until I can find a place to lay them out.

        Sherri, I’m go glad you are moving back home. You were so much happier on our side of the We will save your spot for you until you return to the forum.

        Monique, my heart goes out to you and your family.

        Bouse, good to hear from you on the’s been a while.

        Have a great day everyone.....

        Scottie Mom Barb


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          Thank you for your good wishes. I'm always lurking just don't always feel I have anything to contribute.

        Good Morning all,

        Monique, I will be keeping you and yours in my prayers. The death of someone you love is always hard but being unexpected makes it so much worse.

        Sherri, wow, moving 6 times in 6 years. I cannot imagine. Hope you find a solution soon.

        Rain is threatening this morning and we are supposed to get some thunderstorms today. Good day to just stay inside. We closed up the house late morning yesterday as the temps and dewpoints were getting too high. We got a whopping .03 of rain overnight but expect more today.

        I did not have to go to Owatonna yesterday as was originally planned. My daughter told me to stay put until she heard something from the doctor. Glad I did as his wrist is not broken, thankfully, so I did not need to go anywhere.

        I was able to complete the hand quilting but am very irritated with myself. I obviously was not paying close enough attention when I layered as one side of the quilt the backing was too short, selvage would show. I sat and thought it out a little and decided to sew a small piece so that it would not show (this one was white, if it had been colored I don't know that I would have added anything). Came out okay and since it is so close there is only a bit that shows on the quilt. Binding is now on and ready to hand sew the back. Still need to make the label. I cannot seem to decide what I want to put on the label.

        Well, I'm off to the grocery store first then Dave asked me to give him a trim before he takes his shower. Once that is done I'll pick up Jim to help him with his paperwork. Have a great day!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ This forum is my only "social media"; I would miss it like the dickens if I couldn't pop in here every day. I sometimes login 2-3 times a day. During this pandemic & having to stay home more, I've spent more time on the computer -- here, checking other quilting blogs, web sites, etc. I'm really sick of all the pandemic & BLM news, but it's our world right now, so we have to deal with it.

          Sherri ~ I hope you find a good location that will feel like home. Sorry the Vermont trek didn't pan out. I know you've been unhappy there. I think I wouldn't like the cold winters either.

          Monique ~ I'm glad you will be able to have a funeral for your BIL. Many families are delaying services until more pandemic restrictions are lifted & people can gather. We so need that support of family & friends. Glad your phone finally is fixed.

          Our temp. yest. reached 100 deg. mid-day while it was sunny. We had some clouds in the afternoon, so the temp. cooled off to 90. It's supposed to be a bit cooler today. This a.m. I plan to mix up my turkey patties. I hope to make it to the sewing room some time today.


            Good morning all. It was a nice day yesterday. I had lunch with my friend Ceil. She is in the office twice a week now so we sat out on the back of the property under the trees and had a nice visit. She loved her birthday gift (two books...she's an avid reader) and I also made her two masks. It was great to sit and catch up. We text and talk on the phone a lot but in person is so much better.

            Today I hope to get the binding attached to the log cabin. Now I need to make a quilt for the upstairs spare bedroom. That is just a twin bed.

            Monique, glad your phone is fixed. Sherri, I hope you get to move back to a place that can bring you more contentment soon.

            Julie, sorry to hear the news about your mom.

            Carlie, glad you got that little boo boo worked out. I bet nobody even notices your "fix" but you. Barb, this is the second time in a week that I heard about someone using drop cloths for curtains. The first time was on the HGTV show Hometown. I will have to check that out.

            Anita, I hope you don't have too long of a wait for your next test. Joy, yes, I agree with you. Through all this crazy time the last few months, coming here to the forum has been a place to just step away from things for a bit and read about quilts, tools, etc. and try to leave the craziness for a few minutes.

            Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your day.
            Ginny B



              Good morning!

              Monique, Wishing you and your husband comfort knowing the special place your BIL had in other's hearts. Glad your phone is fixed for you.

              Well the cranky machine ran perfect for the LQS owner...perfect. Why is that? I left it there for a cleaning. Thankful to have other machines to use to finish projects.

              The sewing room needs some re-organizing and cleaning. That's always a fun day trying to decide if furniture should be moved for a more functional layout. The room is 10x12 with four tables and a lateral file cabinet. Plus there are four wire basket systems for storage, a serger and go/big with all the dies. Quite a bit is packed in there.

              Best wishes to all for a wonderful day no matter what comes your way!


                Good morning everyone,

                Just checking in today, not much going on. We had rain on and off yesterday and last night, so the garden is happy. Yesterday I ordered the Creative Grids facemask template. My paper pattern is about worn out. I also saw some metal nose pieces on Amazon, so I ordered some of those too. I've been using pieces of flat aluminum wire I happened to have found when I cleaned out the "junk drawer" in the kitchen. It's been working OK, but the ones I ordered have rounded edges that I think I'll like better.

                I hope you all have a peaceful day.


                  Good Morning all!
                  As I read through the above posts I see our lives spread out in words, and the many things each of us are going through, not to mention those things that we have in common..the weather, the heat or lack thereof, junk drawers (at this time, I don't have one! LOL) A few of us are laying the stitching aside a bit for more 'seasonal pursuits'. It's good to know we all have common threads, makes you feel a bit more of a belonging.

                  I have done my best to turn off the news and avoid much of the social media's just too depressing.

                  This morning I watched the past few Tuesdays of M* that I missed. I'm not sure when it was from, I think it was a triple play but Misty did a beautiful quilt that I may just have to start.

                  I have 2 quilts all cut and a few small bits and pieces together all packed away in hopes of taking one to the retreat in Nov. As we know that has been cancelled, so I guess I have a project or two that I can start working on. I have to say for this past week (maybe more) it seems I've been in a funk.. I don't really want to sew..just a bit on the cross stitch and for the past two days haven't wanted to do anything. I'm losing my mojo for ANYTHING it seems, even the camper! It's possibly due to not going out much since the first of Feb. I actually went to our local grocer yesterday and was almost giddy to be away from the house! Sad aint it?
                  I hate getting this way, I really do. I hope it passes soon. Sometimes, just allowing it to be and rolling with it is the only way to let it pass. Everything and nothing it seems. It's just very hard to do.
                  I have been doing other things though...trying to cull old photos on the laptop, combining some writings..a lot of desk type work.

                  With all that, I'll be off for now, our weather is looking to be nice today, mayhaps I will get outside after all..but then again, mayhaps I wont.

                  Sage....the crone of everything and nothing

                  😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



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                    Sage, I sure know how you feel.

                  I understand the mojo getting up and leaving, it has hit me at the moment. Our yardwork is on stall right now due to a clogged gutter and the sewing is not making me happy right now. We went to the grocery and to Lowe's for some soil and three bushes. They only had one of the kind I wanted. I need to go pick up a order from Home Depot so I will try the Lowe's that is about 10 miles away, hope they have some.