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Well it's Thursday

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    Well it's Thursday

    Well my day didn't go as planned yesterday. I did get some laundry done and the kitchen floor washed though. My phone is still out, hopefully they can get it fixed today. We have been using my neighbours' phone as it works here across the road so that I can check my answering machine. And they brought us some supper last night as well. I wish they weren't moving soon. People have been leaving condolences messages but my phone has no dial tone. Luckily I can check from another line. They will leave their phone with us again today and give us a key for the house so we can charge it/return it. Great neighbours and friends.

    Today is back to work. I suspect there will be double mail and parcels as yesterday was a holiday. I plan on leaving a little earlier this morning.

    I did not sleep very well last night at all. No nap today for sure. I may sleep better tonight.

    We are getting some much needed rain right now, probably not enough but it is something.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    Today is starting off cool and sunny. We will have a high near 80 and a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.

    I'm thinking of getting my hair cut today or tomorrow. I usually go to the local Great Clips and was a little wary after 140+ people were exposed to Covid at a Great Clips in Missouri. It made me wonder about the chain's protocols, but no one caught the virus. My quarantine hair is getting way too long. I trimmed my bangs once. Both my sisters have had theirs done already.

    We're having an issue at work with the different softwares not communicating. I make a change in one software, then another software overwrites it. I thought I was going crazy until I figured out what was going on. I checked with my co-workers and I am not the only one. It makes me feel a lot better. One gal kept sending me something over and over. I made the changes the first time but they didn't take and kept getting rewritten in the system.

    Monique: I hope your phone gets fixed soon!

    Time for a cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ I made it to the sewing room for ~45 min. yest. & got more strips sewn together & cut into 6.5" squares. I have 45 done; I need 80. It will take time to get them all done.

      Our temp. hit 99 deg. yest. Today is another 90's day, then cooler for a couple days. I need to get some weeding done in the mornings while it's cooler. Not sure if I'll get out there today or not.

      Monique ~ I hope you have a good day at work. It's sad about your BIL. Will there be a funeral? Not sure what your restrictions are now in your area. They are beginning to hold funerals & memorial services here with social distancing & mask wearing. No groups >50 in one area.

      The paper today announced there are 35 new cases of C-19 in our county; the majority are in the 20-29 age group. I guess these kids think they are immune & don't follow the rules. Boulder is a university town, & groups gather for partying.

      DH is waiting for breakfast. Today is his medical procedure (every other day), so he feels weaker on these days.


        Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday was another nice day, upper 70's and low dewpoint. Today has started out good as well with temps in the middle 50's with low dewpoint. Dave told me yesterday that we will need to look at closing up the house today as the heat and humidity is coming back. Storms are predicted for tomorrow.

        Today I will be going to Owatonna to help my daughter. Carson, her almost 10 year old, had a bad fall on Tuesday. He was on his hoverboard and he fell and hurt his wrist. They had a virtual visit with a doctor and were told to come in for X-rays. She called me around 6 last night and said her doctor thought he could see a hairline fracture but are waiting on the radiologist. She doesn't want to close her daycare so asked me to come over this morning. I would rather that I take Carson to get a cast if the wrist is broken instead of staying to watch her daycare kids. They wear me out and I think she has quite a few of them today. Carson is not complaining a lot about pain but seems like he does that when it is something major. If it is a little hurt he complains more.

        Talked with my sister-in-law last night also. Her first husband passed away. He had surgery last week for colon cancer and was thought to be doing okay and was going to be transferred to a rehab facility but died yesterday. Not sure of all the particulars. I just happened to see a FB post from my niece that sounded odd so contacted my sister-in-law to find out if he had passed away. My niece is having a very hard time with this as I would expect her to.

        I did get to the sewing room yesterday and have my binding cut out. Still need to iron in half but the major part is done. I have like 460 inches of binding. Still trying to figure out what to put on the label but will probably get that done sometime today. I only have 4 more blocks to quilt and it is on to sewing on the binding. Their anniversary is the 8th of July so will definitely be done.

        Not sure what will be on the agenda today other than going over to Owatonna. Jennifer said to some over around 10. She will let me know if they say no cast will be needed, hopefully before I leave. I'm off for a cup of coffee and some breakfast.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning. Another warm one here today so I headed to my sewing room to get a bit more work done on the log cabin quilt before it got too hot in there. It is now ready for binding. Woohoo.

          I am hoping to have lunch with Ceil this afternoon. She is going into work from 9 -5 two days a week now so we can meet on the back of the property and have a visit. I have her b'day present for her. We will sit 6 feet apart of course.

          Other than that, I don't know what else will be taken off the To Do list today. Each day is a surprise.

          Make today as good a day as you can. Stay safe.
          Ginny B


            Hello again!

            We just got some good news from Mom's memory care facility. They found her engagement ring! She was not wearing it when we saw her on Tuesday. Mom had given it to my Ohio sister several years ago, but took it back last year. (She didn't remember giving it to her and made a huge fuss.) My sister has been worried it would be permanently lost at the facility. Memory care patients don't remember what is theirs and what is not, so things have a tendency to wander. I called my sister; she is very excited and will be jumping in her car shortly to go pick it up.

            One of the neighbors just set off some fireworks. We have had a lot of those lately, almost every night for the last week or so. I read an article online about how firework sales are way up this year.


            • JCY
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              There was an article in today's paper about warning people to not do fireworks due to scaring pets & our poor veterans who still deal with PTSD, plus the noise nuisance. They are illegal in our city. The city council voted not to have public fireworks this year due to social distancing concerns. The cops made a raid on a property in the Denver Metro area of illegal fireworks. They estimated at least $10,000. worth. They confiscated them & hauled them away. Imagine the fire that would have produced if something had got set off while they were stored in this person's garage.

            • CarlieBlilie
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              We have several neighbors who shoot off fireworks throughout the summer months. It is very annoying but it was worse when we were still working as we would be in bed before they would start shooting them off. I believe they can get permits for them but I just wish they'd stop.

            Good morning everyone,

            I was going to drive to the cabin today, but woke up with a case of the "blahs", so decided not to go. I love being there alone, such peace and quiet, but just can't muster up the energy to get stuff packed up. Instead, I talked to DH, and he agreed we should finish up the kitchen this weekend. We just have the shiplap to do....above the cabinets and around the peninsula. (That doesn't look like it's spelled correctly) We'll drive over to Grand Forks tomorrow and get what we need. I also want to look at lawn mowers. When I'm at the cabin alone, and the grass needs mowing, I'm not able to get the lawn mower we have there started. The guys can, but not me. I need one with electric start I guess.

            We put the sprinkler on the garden last evening because it was starting to look dry, and sure enough, it rained early this morning! Right now the sun is shining, but more rain is expected tonight. It's like when you wash your's sure to rain! Temps will be in the 80's for the next week or so. Nice summer weather.

            I hope to make it to the sewing room today. I made the tulips table runner for my sister from Jenny's tutorial a while back, but have to sandwich and quilt it yet.

            Time to grab some breakfast, and get going with the day.


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              My husband bought a new mower last year and it is great, no spark plugs no gas. It runs on a battery that you charge in the house and just pop in. It is Ego brand from Home Depot. Pretty quiet also.

            • Ginny B
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              We have the Ego mower too, along with a number of their other lawn tools. It's great! So easy. No gas, no pulling strings, no worrying about running over electric cords like my neighbor did. (After he did that he asked hubby what he had and then went out and got a bettery onevtoo, lol)

            Good morning,

            Packing my machine to take in for a cleaning. It is sounding a little off when stitching. My usual speed is wide open and it's cranky right now so perhaps a cleaning and check-up will prevent major chaos later.

            Well 3 out 4 lights are up. The last one opened had a two cracked panes and no black screw knobs to hold the light on the bracket. The company is sending replacement parts. The box had been opened already so likely it was a returned one. There is a slight ding on the top so I am trying to decide whether to get an exchange or live with it. Electrician says you will never see it after it's installed. But these were expensive lights. Sigh!

            Now to order an address plaque. Our neighbor is a fireman and he said to get those numbers done!

            Sashing strips going on the dinosaur blocks and making a fun quilt.

            Hope your day is a good one!


              I was right about yesterday being a bad math day, I was about 5" short on my accent fabric but I will use my alternative, after all it is made from a jelly roll so scrappy is a given.
              One of our gutters over ran during some strong rain this week and of course it is right over the new flower bed.🙄 I will need to get more dirt to replace what washed out and what settled. I knew we would need more, good thing I had not mulched it yet, one less thing to redo. My neighbor had given me a bag of soil she thought she didn't need, since she is doing a new bed too, I will buy two bags and replace hers while I am at the garden center. The yard between our houses is undergoing quite a beautification project.
              Glad and amazed the ring was located. So sorry for the brother in law's passing. Street numbers are important if just for 911 to find you. Wish we could use a battery mower but DH says it won't work with our type grass.
              Please have a good day and take care or yourselves.


                Good morning!
                I was awakened early this morning. My ex DH had slipped and fallen at his house and couldn't get up. I went straight over but his knee was swollen like mad. A month ago he had a knee replacement in that knee and he was doing great, walking all over already. But I fear that now he has torn something. I finally convinced him to call 911 and they came and lifted him into a stretcher and took him to the hospital. Our hospitals don't let anyone in with you so I am back at home waiting to hear what's what. I hope it is nothing serious. I guess I'll make some more masks to pass the time.

                Other than that, everything is good. My daughter and her fiancé picked up their wedding license today. They will get married in the church in late July. It will be a very small ceremony with just parents and grandparents and her best friend and his best friend. She still plans on having a big ceremony and party next year, God willing. I hope all my forum friends have a wonderful day today and enjoy a little creativity in whatever you do.