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    This Wild and Wonderful World of Ours! πŸ•·

    Introducing......The Orchid Mantis......

    The orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) is a flower-like mantis which is largely found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It's native to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia.

    Orchid mantis is one of the few mantises that imitate flowers. But unlike most other mantises, orchid manties are least likely to choose flowers as a successful hunting ground. The reason is simple; orchid mantises become themselves flower, they don’t need to hide in one.

    They can even change color to better reflect the vegetation of their habitat. While they aren't able to snap their fingers and instantly transform themselves, orchid mantises can trigger slow color changes when they detect something new in their environment.

    The flower-like appearance of a mantis enables it to inhabit in just about every open field. They preferably seek out patches of green vegetation to tempt their prey.

    The female can reach the overall length of 4 inches while the male averages around 2 inches.

    While their primary diet is other insects, they have the ability to take down animals much larger than themselves, including frogs, rodents, lizards, and birds. Female orchid mantises can get pretty bloodthirsty. Like many of their kind, they'll mercilessly eat males after copulation or when they're just plain hungry.

    Orchid mantises have tiny teeth that they use to rip their prey into pieces; it's one of the reasons why they're able to take down animals two or three times their size.

    Assuming that he doesn't get eaten by a hungry mate, the male orchid mantis lives for 5 – 6 months. The female orchid mantis survives a bit longer at 8 – 9 months.
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    WOW! Thanks Anita and have a wonderful day.
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      Aren't God's creatures amazing!


        How amazing is that?! Very interesting.


          Wow! beautiful creature.


            Beautiful and deadly!


              That is utterly fascinating Anita, thank you for sharing it. What a beautiful creature!
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