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Good morning Monday

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  • KPH
    Good Morning All,

    Cecelia made it here around 11. She started later than she thought, so a later arrival time. I did my best not to mess up the house.

    We'll head out later. I packed this morning everything but technology that I'll take. I guess it's time to be hostess.

    Have a great day.

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  • Ginny B
    Good morning Monique. Sounds like a great week with Maizyn. We got to be with 4 of the grands for a little while yesterday when they stopped by for a visit for Father's Day. We stayed outside for the most part. Hubby and Max had a wonderful time talking about their respective vegetable and herb gardens. It warmed my heart to see them sitting together having a deep conversation. Video calls have been a wonderful thing during this time but it's great to be able to actually be together for visits again. No hugs or kisses, but still great.

    Looks like we will have nice summer weather this week so we will pick a day and head to the beach one morning. Today will be laundry and my doctor's appointment. Other than that, no particular plans formed for the week. We will decide what we feel like doing each day.

    Have a good day all.

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  • Monique
    started a topic Good morning Monday

    Good morning Monday

    Good Monday morning. Well the fun is over now to get back to work. We have had a wonderful time with Maizyn. Friday we visited with my brother and had a swim. We watched the graduates parade while we were there. Saturday was a quiet day but in the evening, we visited with Bonnie's children. Maizyn loved the dog of course. And yesterday we met my son half way and Maizyn went home. I hope to take her again in August before she starts school.

    Back to work, today and tomorrow at 1 place, Wednesday is a holiday here in Quebec, and Thursday and Friday at another place. Next Monday and Tuesday back at the same place as today. Wednesday next week is another holiday, Canada Day. No celebrations, everything was cancelled some time ago.

    Hubby was going to golf today but he would have to drive me to work, double back, and then come get me again at the end of the day. Just too much driving. Speaking of driving, I think we are going to go look at vehicles this coming weekend. Our poor van is on its last legs, doesn't owe anything but getting too expensive to put more money into it. The vehicle isn't worth it. I think it is 2006. Hubby will be going away tomorrow and return on Thursday. It is an annual thing they do for June 24th, St Jean Baptise Day.

    When we left Maizyn with her Dad, we stopped for a few groceries and then had a visit with my friend Lynda who I haven't seen in a while. We went to her new digs.

    I continue to have an ant problem so I bought more ant traps and have them all set out around the house. I hope this helps.

    So that is what my week is looking like. Wishing you all a grand day.
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