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Good morning Monday

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    Good morning Monday

    Good Monday morning. Well the fun is over now to get back to work. We have had a wonderful time with Maizyn. Friday we visited with my brother and had a swim. We watched the graduates parade while we were there. Saturday was a quiet day but in the evening, we visited with Bonnie's children. Maizyn loved the dog of course. And yesterday we met my son half way and Maizyn went home. I hope to take her again in August before she starts school.

    Back to work, today and tomorrow at 1 place, Wednesday is a holiday here in Quebec, and Thursday and Friday at another place. Next Monday and Tuesday back at the same place as today. Wednesday next week is another holiday, Canada Day. No celebrations, everything was cancelled some time ago.

    Hubby was going to golf today but he would have to drive me to work, double back, and then come get me again at the end of the day. Just too much driving. Speaking of driving, I think we are going to go look at vehicles this coming weekend. Our poor van is on its last legs, doesn't owe anything but getting too expensive to put more money into it. The vehicle isn't worth it. I think it is 2006. Hubby will be going away tomorrow and return on Thursday. It is an annual thing they do for June 24th, St Jean Baptise Day.

    When we left Maizyn with her Dad, we stopped for a few groceries and then had a visit with my friend Lynda who I haven't seen in a while. We went to her new digs.

    I continue to have an ant problem so I bought more ant traps and have them all set out around the house. I hope this helps.

    So that is what my week is looking like. Wishing you all a grand day.
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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique. Sounds like a great week with Maizyn. We got to be with 4 of the grands for a little while yesterday when they stopped by for a visit for Father's Day. We stayed outside for the most part. Hubby and Max had a wonderful time talking about their respective vegetable and herb gardens. It warmed my heart to see them sitting together having a deep conversation. Video calls have been a wonderful thing during this time but it's great to be able to actually be together for visits again. No hugs or kisses, but still great.

    Looks like we will have nice summer weather this week so we will pick a day and head to the beach one morning. Today will be laundry and my doctor's appointment. Other than that, no particular plans formed for the week. We will decide what we feel like doing each day.

    Have a good day all.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Good Morning All,

      Cecelia made it here around 11. She started later than she thought, so a later arrival time. I did my best not to mess up the house.

      We'll head out later. I packed this morning everything but technology that I'll take. I guess it's time to be hostess.

      Have a great day.
      From NC, retired in FL
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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        Have a wonderful time!!

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        We're waiting on Cecelia's friend to arrive. At that point, we'll drop off her car at Sandlewood Auto service. Her lights - brake, engine, slippery road, etc. all started flashing on the way down here. At that point, we'll head out to Ponte Vedre. Have a great week everyone.

      Good morning everyone. Today is my last day in Key West. The cottage we rented has it’s own pool, which has been perfect. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a public pool. They are very strict about masks here, which is fine with me. Lots of walking. Hope you all have a great day.
      Spring, TX


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        Love it there! I went there a few years ago on a cruise. Glad you had a good time.

      Good morning!

      Today is starting out grey and overcast. It is going to be warm (low 80's) and muggy, with a chance of rain.

      My Ohio sister has a birthday today! I took the day as a vacation day, just in case I had to bake something. I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere or do anything, but she's in a bit of funk. I can relate. You want to get out of the house, but there aren't many places to go. Or if you do, you wear mask but a lot of other people do not. I need to get her presents wrapped and run up to the store to find key lime pie. She said there's some in the frozen food section that I can buy by the slice. It is just the two of us and we can't eat a whole pie. She likes key lime a lot better than I do. She does not want a cake.

      I wrote a letter to the medical practice that keeps billing Mom directly instead of sending the bill to insurance. This has been a problem for months. I have contacted them by phone multiple times but nothing gets resolved. The last time they said they couldn't talk to me because they didn't have a copy of the power of attorney on file. I know I can pay the bill and get reimbursed by insurance. The only issue with that is the form requires the medical billing codes and I have no clue what those would be.

      Time to grab some breakfast and run up to the store. Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ DS#2 dropped by briefly yest. afaternoon to give DH a Father's Day card. I gave him those 2 comforters I had washed up last week & a scrap book I'd found that had cards, etc. in it from when he was a baby. He had a busy day ahead so couldn't stay, but it was good to see him even briefly. The pandemic has put a jinx on visits; plus in addition to his FT job, he works on the week ends at a friend's farm.

        I watched church on YT. I have the hardest time staying awake! I like to watch David Jeremiah on TV Sun. eve. In the afternoon I did more piecing on the Smoke & Fire quilt. I discovered a new bird's nest on the curved downspout from our gutter. Between DH & me, we got it taken down. It looked like a robin's nest. No eggs in yet. Last year we had to remove another nest the doves were building in a similar spot.

        We had a high temp. yest. of 92 with a mix of sun & clouds. It's not supposed to be quite so hot today. I have at least 3 loads of laundry to do.


          Good Morning,

          Yesterday was mixed weather. Nice in the morning but by midafternoon we were in a thunderstorm warning. Poured like crazy. My daughter and her family were already on their way here but thankfully were already in town when the downpour started. We got 1 1/4 inches of rain in like 15 minutes or so. Slowed down for a bit and about an hour later it came down like gangbusters again. Ended up with about 1 1/2 inches of rain. Nice thing about it is that Dave won't have to go out to water all the plants.

          Had supper with the kids and because it was a recipe my daughter gave me all 3 of the grandkids ate. Sometime they don't eat very much, partly due to their ADHD. Carson will be 10 in a few months but he wears size 7 shorts and practically fall off of him. I told him I was going to have to get him some suspenders to wear like his great grandpa had to do when he was his age. He just smiled. He already has suspenders and loves them. When he had his online visit with his teacher he wore a dress shirt with a bow tie. My grandchildren are very quirky.

          Makayla had a good night here and we will be leaving shortly to go to take her permit test. She took two practice tests last night and passed without problems so there should be no problem today. After she is done we will stop for a quick breakfast and I will take her home. Her mom asked that I get her home as soon as possible so she can help with the daycare.

          Looks to be a nice day, dewpoints are supposed to go down gradually so should be pretty nice.

          Off and running, have a great day.


            It looks like its going to be a beautiful day here in Alabama. Sandy had her breakfast and I let her go outside before it gets so hot.

            I have been feeding my daughter's dog and two frogs for the last few days while they were in NC. The dog is not happy . He will not let me pet him ( and he knows me), poor fellow he just backs away from me when I try. He hasn't been eating his food so for the last few days I have taken him a ham and cheese sandwich . He is missing the kids and his family. I told them to be ready for lots of dog love when they open the door. The frogs are tadpoles and I have yet to see them in their container. I hope they are still alive.

            I am proud of myself. I am working on my stack of UFO's and have almost got the binding on the 2nd one. I have one on the frame and will start quilting on it this morning. The stack is gradually getting smaller.

            I haven't seen my son it seems like in forever. I told him that if I didn't listen to his radio show I wouldn't know he was alive. Ever so often I get a text from him with a picture of Hank and Harvey ( his golden doodles.) I hope we all are able someday soon to see and be with our families.

            Today would have been my husband and my 46 year anniversary. I miss him everyday.

            Have a nice day all,
            Pelham, Alabama
            War Eagle!!!


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              Hugs to you, Teresa, on this bittersweet day.

            Good morning. Feels like it will be hot and humid here today. We had a nice family dinner last night . My cheese cake tasted good , but fell apart when I cut it. My DH Birthday is next month. He also likes key lime pie. Hopefully that will turn out when I make it.

            I did not get any sewing done yesterday. I did a lot dishes with my DH and DS cooking.
            I am off soon to go to the dentist for a scan to assess my crown. Then back home . I still do not feel comfortable going to a lot of stores.

            Have a a good day. Stay cool.


              I really need to get a new mattress for the guest bed [if the snoring is bad I sleep there] the one we have is a hard as a brick double. I want a queen but not sure about mattress shopping, it will just have to wait a while.
              I haven't done a bit of quilting for several days, too much gardening and procrastination. I made the Pop Stars blocks and decided to sash them without cornerstones. I didn't realize how badly I joined the rows, I have done a lot of quilting on the sandwich which means no going back, only forward with a possible solution. I am thinking of adding some applique to the bad intersections. I hope it looks cute instead of crazy. There is no particular recipient for this so we shall see how it works out. Pictures will follow if it turns out OK.
              Claire from Pelham, Alabama


                Good morning everyone,

                I spent the weekend at the cabin with DD and her roommate (who is like a second DD to me). The weather was pretty good, but the mosquitoes were still a little pesky. There has been a fair amount of rain, so I imagine that adds to the mosquito problem. On Saturday we headed for the Farmers' Market in Grand Rapids where I bought some goodies and some flowers to plant at home. Then we went thrifting at Goodwill, and Salvation Army. I had good luck with finding some sleeveless tops to wear around the house/cabin and outside for gardening. The girls and I love thrifting....reuse, recycle, etc. We had lunch on the deck of a restaurant which we hadn't visited before. The food was great! Sunday morning we relaxed and watched a movie, then we went out for lunch at a small restaurant in Marcell, about 4 miles from the cabin. We usually eat there whenever we're at the cabin. Once again, out on the deck in very pleasant weather.

                Today will be laundry, and some garden work. I also have to make 4 more masks for niece and family. Tomorrow is a work day, and hopefully I'll get out of there without buying any fabric!!

                The coffee cup is empty, so I'll get a refill, then get started with laundry. Enjoy the day, no matter what it brings. Jeanne


                  Hello quilters!

                  Yay for Monday and a few days off this week. The electrician is scheduled to install the new lights on Wednesday. That project can be crossed off the list. It's only taken a year or so to decide.

                  I have to take DH to his doctor appointment this afternoon. Tuesday is reserved for some grandson time.

                  It is hot and humid here so activities are better planned for indoors. A couple of rooms need a new coat of paint so it's a perfect time to grab a brush. I am having fun choosing colors and getting better with selections.

                  Hope all your stitches are perfect today!
                  A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
                  Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


                    Back again. Success! Makayla passed her permit test. Unfortunately we didn't know that I could not sign the paperwork for her to get the permit, has to be a parent or guardian. So, she will have to do that with her mom or dad, hopefully some time this week. At least the testing is done so she doesn't have to stress about that.


                      Good morning, rained like crazy then finally stopped. i drove to the UPS store to mail some sunflower fabrics off to a fellow quilter. I never will use them now.
                      One not so good thing about moving back to Texas from Colorado is "tree" roaches! had one in here a few days ago and finally found it. well one of my cats did. not that she catches them! Heaven forbid. my son got it for me. poor roach but it's him or me.
                      still working on my churn dash quilt. almost done, almost. then want to make a quick crib quilt and then a cat wall hanging for over my bed, etc. So many things. it's a good thing I do minimal housework and wash! I'd never have time to quilt! Have a good dry day if you can.
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