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    Happy Saturday

    Good morning everyone. Today is day 3 of my vacation. I came to Key West with two girl friends. First time for me doing this. I can see many
    more in our future. Everyone is wearing masks, and if you walk in a business without one, they quickly remind you to put one on. It’s not very crowded, probably because of the virus. I hope you all have a wonderful day

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ After the rain yest., it cleared off last night. It's a cool 50 deg. The furnace is on again. It's supposed to be sunny & 85 deg. today.

    I made great progress in the Fam. Rm. yest. afternoon. Put more stuff away, got my cutting table organized, more boxes emptied. DH still has to sort out a couple boxes, but it will have to wait until next week so we don't over load our garbage toter & the recycle bin. In all this sorting, I found the blue garter I wore when DH & I got married as well as my nurse's cap (white with a black stripe). It felt like such an accomplishment when we got "capped". Nurses don't wear caps now & haven't for many years. I found a photo album of my parents' 50th wedding anniv. from 1974. That brought back a lot of memories. It feels good to have that room back to normal.

    The baby blue jay was out under the tree yest. a.m. Mama fed it. Then surprisingly, it just took off flying. It's amazing how much strength it gained in just 24 hrs. It got its wings! When we used to have bird houses for the house finches, when the babies left the nest, they flew out. Several years ago we had to give up on the bird houses because of the mean sparrows. They'd drag the babies right out of the nest & leave them on the ground.

    I need to do some house cleaning today. I hope to begin a sewing project today -- at long last!


      Good morning all. Looks like another nice, summery day here. I am feeling so much better this morning. I did a bit of sewing yesterday and then spent a good part of the afternoon sitting in my anti gravity chair out in the backyard. My hip and surrounding area are still feeling tender but can walk with hardly any pain this morning.

      Not sure what I will do today. I think hubby has some trimming outside on his agenda. I may go back to my sewing room for a bit. Just have one more border side to add to the log cabin quilt and then it's time for the seam binding. And yesterday while sitting outside, I was enjoying the new Block magazine and got inspiration for a Secret Santa gifts so I may pull some fabric for that.

      Enjoy your vacation time with your girlfriends Karen. Happy Saturday everyone.
      Ginny B


        Good Morning!

        This has been a very unusual week for me. I've been up before my husband pretty much every day, about an hour or so earlier than my "normal" time. It has been working out nicely as I've been able to get more accomplished.

        Yesterday was nice, dewpoints still a little high but we kept the house open. This morning the temp is 60 and dewpoint it 59. We are supposed to get some rain today and again tomorrow. I imagine we will keep the windows open and rush to close them once the rain shows up.

        I'm going to Hobby Lobby this morning to pick up some model paint for my son-in-law. He and my daughter will be coming over late tomorrow to bring their oldest, Makayla, to stay overnight. She will be taking her permit test on Monday morning. Time has flown by, I can't believe she is already starting to drive. I'll stop by HyVee to pick up a few groceries to make my daughters Ravioli Lasagna when they come over tomorrow. Think I may make a cake, too. My son-in-law loves my banana cake.

        I am working on a mystery quilt that I purchased from a quilt store over by my daughter. The prints are civil war prints which I love. Sounds like this is going to be a quick one. We got the first clue yesterday and will get the last one on July 17. I think I may be working on too many projects at once, again. Seems like I always do. I plan on working on the first clue for the mystery quilt today and hope to have a wall hanging done. Tomorrow I'll put away the anniversary quilt until Makayla is gone. Don't want any chance that her mom and dad will find out about the quilt ahead of time. They don't make it over here very often and when they do it is usually planned so it helps to keep the quilt a secret. I remember many years ago walking in on my grandmother crocheting a beautiful shawl, hairpin lace. They lived across the street from us so we would walk over a lot. I asked her what she was making and I remember distinctly she said, "Oh I'm just practicing". She was making it for me and gave it to me for my prom. Wish I knew where it was. Probably at my sisters along with some other things I would love to have.

        Best be off and get busy around the house. Have a great day.


          Good morning!

          It's going to be a warm one today -- mid to upper 80's. No rain in the forecast until tomorrow.

          We found out yesterday we will be physically back at work three days a week starting August 3. The other two days will be telework. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think it will depend on whether or not we're required to wear masks and what safety measures are in place. Some employees will respect the social distancing and others will not. Those who are high risk will need a note from their doctors to keep teleworking.

          I went for a drive in the Metroparks yesterday. I had the car windows open and it was lovely. My car got really good mileage, too. I need to take it for some longer drives on a regular basis.

          I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today. I have a WIP that is calling my name. There is also lots of housework to do. What's the saying? "Housework is for those who don't know how to quilt." If only that were true!

          Have a wonderful day!


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            I haven't cross-stitched in years, but I just might need to bring the hoop out of hiding and give that saying a home on a wall in my sewing room! Last year my daughter did a simple painted (and framed) word "Breathe", currently on my wall in sewing room. This might be a good project for her to do for me for my birthday. "Breathe" reminds me to stay calm, and with this saying... well I could ease the guilt in letting the housework slide! Calm and less guilt.. Win-Win! :-)

          • Cokie
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            Hadn't heard that saying before but I love it!

          Good Morning All,

          Time to start cleaning the house for company. Cecelia will be here tomorrow night. I'm planning to go to church with Jim's family since she's not leaving until after her church. Anyway, I figured dusting and vacuuming could wait until today. I love my swifter fleece's that I made. Just dust and throw in the washing machine with the next load.

          Jim brought the kids to get their mail from Grandma Dot. They're always so excited. Jonathan said they should Zoom with Grandma Dot some time. I told him to get with Uncle Joe and set up a time when he'd be home to help her with the computer. She's still doing church on Zoom, but the neighbor comes to help her get tuned in.

          I finished my shawl for church yesterday. It's not pretty, but it will keep my shoulders warm! I contacted Alicia, my brother in law's - granddaughter in law, to make sure I had the right address to mail the baby quilt to. I'll put one in the mail for her today. Mike and I need to make a trip to Walmart for odds and ends. Not too many things, but he's out of shampoo and body wash. Certainly don't want to do without that!

          Time to get busy. I'm debating on making Mike one more mask. He lost his orange one. I guess I'll look it up again if I have time.

          Have a great day!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good Morning All. The nurse came yesterday and it was a very good visit. We now have a better handle on the issue causing Mr. C. so much discomfort. Not much on my agenda today. Son will be delivering my weekly groceries, we delayed it a day due to nurse visit and such. Will more than likely be doing some EPP, don't think I will ever have enough of the small hexagon flowers for a quilt, but there is always table runner, totes or small bags that can be beautified with them!

            So on with my 2nd cup of coffee, breakfast and embrace the day!

            Hugs to all.


            • KPH
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              Visits from the hospice nurse always put my mind to ease. I'm glad yesterday's visit was a good one.

              It takes a lot of hexies! I started working on mine when I was at home with Mom. I took them on several visits to IN to see my MIL. It was good therapy for me. I hope they bring you a sense of peace while you're working on them.