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Well it's Friday!!

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    Well it's Friday!!

    WOW where has the week gone? Time is just going way too fast. Maizyn and I had a good day yesterday. We still can't do much outside because of the black flies. I have never seen them so bad so late in the year. They should be gone by now. Usually the dragonflies come and eat them all. I have only seen maybe 2 so far. I don't know where they are.

    We did go out for a picnic to another town that doesn't have black flies. We also visited a friend of mine at a distance of course. It was good to catch up with her. She almost lost her sister last week. She may be calling on me to take her to the Eastern Townships. It is about a 4 hour drive from here.

    Maizyn and I had our swim around suppertime last night. She loves the water and is slowly learning how to swim. The pool is above ground so it is not over her head, perfect for her. We may have thunderstorms this afternoon so we shall see what develops if we swim or not.

    One of my neighbours is moving and last night we went and got the tree from my late Bonnie's house. I don't know what kind of tree it is but it is an indoor one. She has two bay windows and she was pretty excited to have this tree. Bonnie's children and I as well, are pretty happy that it has finally found a new home. You need a fairly big place to have such a tree. Speaking of Bonnie's children, they are coming up this weekend. Hopefully we can meet maybe tomorrow. Sunday we take Maizyn back and meet up half way with her Dad. I know he is really missing her. Her mother does not contact her/me at all during the time she is here. Her father calls every day. (Oh well)

    So have a great day friends and weekend ahead. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    Our picture-perfect weather is about to end -- today will be warm (low 80's) and muggy, with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. The weekend will be hot with temps near 90.

    I had a good visit with my friend at lunch yesterday. There weren't that many of us in the restaurant. They had several of the tables and every other booth blocked off for social distancing. None of the customers wore masks. The staff did but some of them only had their mouths covered. My friend told me a gal I worked with 20 years ago passed away recently. She was close to Mom's age -- upper 80's, I think. She was sweet lady. Whenever she had extra tomatoes, she would make sauce and bring in homemade pizza for us. My friend was disappointed her family didn't have a funeral.

    I took my sister a piece of pie from the restaurant. They had a limited menu, and my sister's favorite key lime was not on it. I had to get her second favorite -- chocolate peanut-butter. We chatted for a bit outside. She really needs to get some new lawn furniture. She got rid of the plastic chairs when we moved Mom out (I don't know why, they were fine). She's using rickety woven lawn chairs that date back to when I was a kid. I'm surprised the webbing held, it was not in pristine condition.

    I need a second cup of tea before logging into my work chat. Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning Monique and those who follow.

      It sounds like you're having a great week with Maizyn, other than the flies.

      I kept busy around here yesterday. I finished up the two baby quilts. One thing checked off of the list, two things out of the box of UFOs. Mike found a portfolio that I can scavenge the cardboard out of, so he's thinking that's going to move it up the list. Ha Ha!

      I talked to Russell yesterday. He's sworn to secrecy, so he spilled the beans to me. Melinda went to her oncologist on Monday. Her numbers were worrisome to that doctor and she's called in a whole host of doctors and put her on a new medication for her to take before she restarts chemo. That medication made her sick so she didn't go to the dr. appt for yesterday. Anyway, I'm really worried that she's not telling Russell everything. She finally agreed to sell their house in Tampa. It sold in 3 days. She called the realtor that Russell's been looking for a house in West Jefferson, NC and gave her a 2 week window to find him a house, he has to approve the house. She's serious about that time limit, Russell can take forever to make a decision (as in 4 years to pick a car). Russell said, she's not in a good place, and he doesn't know if she's got it in her to fight like she did last time. That's about all I know from there.

      I need to start a list of things to pack. I haven't had to pack for a trip in 2 years. My toiletries bag is due an overhaul! Have a great day!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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        Katrina, so sorry to hear this. Prayers for Melinda and Russell

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Only 56 deg. & raining steadily this a.m. DH turned up the thermostat to take the chill off the house, so the furnace has run a few times. Crazy for mid-June. A few days ago it was 100 deg.! Go figure. It was in the 70's yest., which was a pleasant change from the heat.

      I headed out after breakfast yest. for my errands. Walmart - needed seam binding tape for the hems of the pants I'm shortening. Only 2 available, so I bought both. Many of the sewing notions & even fabrics were picked over or absent. I guess so many people have been making masks it depleted the fabric supply. They were out of the prunes I usually buy. I did find a Christian fiction book to buy, a 3 books in 1 volume which makes it a better bargain.

      Next stop was my LQS. My first time I'd been in since the pandemic hit. I browsed all the black, white, & gray fabrics & bought 1/2 yd. of dif. 9 fabrics + 2 yds. of the red.

      A stop at Vitamin Cottage for Kombucha & brown spelt flour, then I was on to my usual groc. store for several items. I was home by 12:30. DH helped unload the trunk of the car while I put stuff away.

      Yest. mid-day I saw a baby blue jay sitting on the edge of the water dish. It stayed there for several hours. Mama came down & fed it while the baby fluttered its wings. It acted like it was afraid to move. Later in the eve. it was in the grass, fluttered its wings & hopped around. Obviously, it is wasn't flying yet. Mama continued to feed it. Before dark, I saw it on the back patio, then it hopped over toward the house like it was going to go under our swamp cooler out of the rain & out of sight. I hope no prowling neighborhood cat gets it. It's the smallest blue jay I've ever seen. Just wondering if perhaps it left the nest too soon.

      Time to get on with my day.


        Good Morning Everyone,

        Yesterday was hot and muggy. We did get some rain but not anywhere near what we could use, only about a half inch. Better than nothing though.

        Jim and I went through his paperwork and got it mailed out yesterday morning. When I returned home I got the mail and he had more mail that will require completion. I may just run that over to him today and take him out to breakfast at McDonalds so we can go through it and get it mailed out. It would be a treat for him to go out.

        Not much else was going on yesterday, worked on the blocks for the sampler quilt and got the templates cut out. I will probably put it aside for a bit as I want to complete some seasonal wall hangings that I have had for a while. Seems like I say that I have had things for a while. Dave wants me to start with the fall wall hangings because he thinks it will take weeks to get one done. He just doesn't understand. I have smaller pieces of batting stored in a tote in a smaller attic that I will pull out today to use for the panels.

        Right now it looks like Jennifer (my daughter) will be bringing Makayla over on Sunday so she can take her permit test on Monday morning. I'll have to put the anniversary quilt away on Sunday morning so that the "secret" won't get out. Not too trusting that Makayla can keep the secret and her dad is really good at nosing out things that like. Jennifer has only been able to keep one Christmas present gift secret. He has always been able to figure out the gift before she gives it to him, except for the one.

        Today looks to be a little muggy yet even though a front was supposed to have gone through. Hoping for a little less humidity so I can open the house up. I will probably do a little housework this morning and then work on some of the seasonal panels. I think I better get the fabric I bought the other day in the wash too as I know the material for the sampler quilt was washed. That will take a while to iron out once it is done. There is 7 yards of the green and 4 yards of the blue backing that is 108" wide.

        Monique, sounds like you have had a great time with Maizyn even though you've had to contend with the black flies. Katrina, keeping Melinda in my prayers.


          Good morning. Looks like it is going to be a pretty good day here weatherwise. A bit on the humid side but no rain. My hip didn't feel too bad yesterday morning so I got a bit of weeding done morning and some pattern organization done in the sewing room. Then, bam!, after sitting and talking to my bff in California, the pain came back to the point where I could hardly walk. This morning it isn't so bad. I happen to have an appointment for some sonograms at my doctor's on Monday morning so if it isn't improved by then, hopefully I can talk to either him or my PA about it.

          Hubby is going to cut the grass today. His back is feeling better. I think I'll spend more time in my sewing room but actually do some sewing this time. 😊

          Have a good day all. Happy Friday.

          Ginny B


          • Claire Hallman
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            Doesn't it seem that a PA listens better than most doctors.

          • JCY
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            Ginny ~ Have you had x-rays to determine what's going on with your hip? If you haven't already, you might need to see an orthopedic dr. My hip problem turned out to be Bursitis & Iliotibial Band Syndrome. I had 12 PT sessions which helped. I do a home exercise program now. What do you use for pain relief? Either heat or cold can be used, or alternate them. Between DH & me, we use a lot of Aspercreme. I sometimes use Arnica cream -- available at a natural groc. store or Walmart, or on line. I also use Sombra cream which I buy locally at our medical supply. It's only $17. for an 8 oz. tub. I hope you get relief soon.

          • Ginny B
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            Claire, yes, sometimes it does seem that way although our dr. is pretty good at listening. And there are 2 different PA's at the office and I do prefer one over the other.

            Joy, I am allergic to aspirin so I can only take tylenol and I have been using heat on it. I had Sombra and used to use it on my hands when I was working and they would hurt after a day of a lot of keyboard use. It helped a lot. Thanks for reminding me. I will see if I can get some. I haven't had any exrays. I have had occasional hip pain before but this extreme issue only started this past Monday.

          Good Morning all. Yesterday Mr. C's son and DIL came to visit him, the grandkids opted not to come. They saw a picture of their grandpa taken about 3 weeks ago and were told he would not look any better, they chose not to come. I am glad parents left the decision up to them and I think they made the right decision. I saw what my oldest and next to youngest grandchild reacted seeing my dad (their great grandpa) after his stroke, it tore them up. I was a little nervous coz his son has Legal Power of Everything for his father, but it turned out to be such a good visit. He is so supportive of the care that I am doing for his father. I did yesterday and also this morning, partake in consuming a happy pill (anxiety med), I have to call nurse again coz his current issue is still not resolved. He is becoming more uncomfortable.

          Son will be deliverying my grocery order today and I am getting in lots of practice with hand sewing while hanging out with the man. My sewing machine is at far end of house and even though I could bring it up front, the noise of it may not be a soothing sound for him. I did bring my laptop up to kitchen area so I can use ear phones to watch you tube videos or stream a show to watch.

          Hugs to All and please stay safe.


          • Rhonda K
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            Sending Mr. C. and you as his care giver best wishes.

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            Think of you and yours. Take care of yourself.

          Rainy afternoon here with more rainy days in the forecast.

          The A/C work is done and the plumber is here working on the replacement HW tank. We will be good by 5 pm, hopefully. My wallet won't be though but I like hot showers.

          The dinosaur quilt is coming along. Still have 8 designs (text and foot prints) to stitch.

          Is anyone getting this message when they try to post on the boards? I got it yesterday and today again.

          MSQC response.JPG


            Does anybody else see an Error box with Invalid server response. Please try again. I've clicked on the OK, but it's still here.

            Did I do something wrong? What?
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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              That is am image posted if you are talking about the one above

            • KPH
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              Yes, Karen. I've never seen that before.

            • Rhonda K
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              The picture I posted is a screen shot of the error message that came up yesterday and today.

              Are you getting the same error?