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    Welcome Thursday

    Good morning friends. I got distracted with Maxsold this morning. It is an online auction site with many great deals.

    We are having beautiful weather but sadly the black flies are keeping us in. Maizyn was out yesterday at the neighbours and got eaten quite badly. Hubby is golfing again today but I have the van. It got fixed yesterday. I am thinking we might do a picnic but not around here. We shall see.

    I finished the bag yesterday but I think it is too small. In any case, I think she will like it.

    Not much else happening around here. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning all,

    Not sure what the weather will be yet, hopefully the fun will show it's face. It's been a very nice week temp wise for the garden and everything is flourishing. Will have to pick some of the peas today and get them ready for the freezer.

    Yesterday was dental appointments for my husband and I. Good visits, no work needed, had our teeth cleaned and polished, good for another 6 months. I hate the sound of any dental equipment, probably a left over fear of the dentist office from when I was a child. So I always take my CD player and earphones with me and listen to music while he works, very relaxing to drown the noise of the equipment out.

    Have decided to brave the sewing room again and try to do a bit more of a cleanup. I have been very bad in trying to avoid the mess in there, but I know it's not going to go away on it's own...big sigh!

    Well, coffee is calling my name so I must answer! Wishing everyone a good day!

    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


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      My dentist has music also but you can still hear the equipment. With earphones it blocks out all the sounds except the music from my CD.

    • Cokie
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      When I was growing up, our dentist sang opera to us in Italian while he worked on our teeth!

    • Paisley
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      Cokie, I’d have loved that! Mine just seems to ask non yes/no questions when my mouth is full of hands or equipment. 🤣

    Good morning!

    The humidity is creeping in today, we have a slight chance of rain this afternoon. It will be another day in the low's 80's. We have been really fortunate to have good weather lately.

    I am going out to lunch with a friend today! This will be my first excursion to an eat-in restaurant since early March. I am very interested to see what safety measures the restaurant is taking. Last I heard, we need to wear our masks when we're not eating. I have been supporting the local restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery. I am a little anxious about being in a crowd but don't want to live in fear forever. Sometimes the lack of social distancing amazes me. I drove by a restaurant with outdoor seating the other day; the seating area was very crowded.

    Time to log in to my work chat. Have a wonderful day!


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      We've been supporting the take out business since this all started. Restaurants opened at 25% capacity for a couple of weeks, then 50%. Bars just recently opened. A couple of days ago, Mike and I went to a local tavern, the best food! Anyway, the bar was open, everyone seated next to each other. Not very safe in my opinion. Thankfully, the tables were well spaced and we sat at a booth away from everyone. Serving staff all had on masks, kitchen staff from what I could see had on masks as well.

      A couple of bars at the beach have had to close because of Covid. I can see why, if they had the same protocols at the tavern did. Customers, probably asymptomatic came in with it and shared. Lots of places, servers aren't wearing masks anymore. It's a weird time we're living in.

    Good morning all.

    Been some time since I’ve been here. Going through tests to try to figure out what’s going on with me. With Covid-19 everything goes much slower.....ah well. Can’t change a thing.

    Oh Monique, how I hate those black flies. None here, but I remember some vacations. My brother goes somewhere way up in Canada and he has horror stories. They now time their trips to come after the flies leave. Hope you’re able to enjoy as much time as you can with Maizyn!

    Cathy, I too hate that sound! and I’m sure it’s from when I was a kid!

    Weathers been nice. Perfect in fact. It’s to change tomorrow and get very hot and humid again. is summer after all. But I do love the lower humidity.

    Hope everyone has a most blessed of days. 💕
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


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      I do hope a diagnosis is very near for you. Keep me posted.

    Good Morning,

    It is already muggy out today and we are expecting rain/thunderstorms later today, maybe an 1 1/2 to 2 inches of rain which we really need. Temps after the front goes through should be less humid and overnight temps are supposed to be in the low 60's so I'm hoping to be able to open up the house again.

    Monique, we don't have black flies. Not sure what they are. What we do have are mosquitos and I'm allergic to them so I cannot stop itching. My husband gets bit and the next day the sores are gone. For me they stick around for weeks. My granddaughter has not problems with some type of bugs biting her on the back of the neck like you mentioned happened to Maizyn. Great big bites but my daughter does not know exactly what has bitten her. We have a device that we purchased last year for mosquitoes that has worked well for me. At least I'm not all bit up.

    Cathy, I know what you mean about avoiding messes. I am horrible about avoiding them, especially my sewing room when I get deep into a project. I'm trying to keep ahead of the game by cleaning up every day. It's a habit that I haven't gotten into yet so I have to work on it.

    I'll be picking up my son again today. He has some paperwork to complete and needs copies of his ID and SS# to be sent with it. He called the SS office yesterday and got his check cancelled and they've sent a new one. He is so stressed about this whole thing and I understand why but it has also caused him more health issues because of the stress.

    I was able to make my trek to the quilt store about an hour away from here. Trip was a little longer as I stopped at my daughter's house first. I did enlist the help there to help me find the perfect fabric for the sashing and border. I was able to find one that worked very nicely. I also decided that the sashing will have the cornerstones and I will be using the materials that are in the blocks. I picked out a backing also and I think I may just use a bit of that for a stop border. My template plastic should be here today and I can start making up the templates I need for the remaining blocks. I probably won't start working on the blocks until after I'm done with the anniversary quilt and I think I'm going to work on some panels for seasonal wall hangings. I've had the panels for a while and just need to get them done.

    Time for some breakfast and a cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's cloudy with hazy, smoky skies. It's supposed to be only in the 70's today, which will be a welcome relief. Yest. we hit 100 deg. again. At least it cooled off nicely last night for sleeping. It's 57 this a.m.

      I had a productive afternoon yest. working in the bsmt. I sorted more boxes that were in DH's closet & did some deep cleaning in there. I threw away an ancient pillow, washed up 3 blankets. I hope to donate a couple of them. I unpacked & placed the antique doll dishes & other items back on the shelves. It feels like I'm really making some good progress.

      Today I want to visit my LQS which is now open with its regular hours. I'm still shopping for black & white fabrics. I had hoped to find a JR, but can't find what I'm looking for. I know my LQS has a good selection of fabrics. I'm long overdue for some "retail therapy". lol This is a quilt I saw on Kathy's blog, Tamarack Shack. I want to make it for our guild's JR challenge. It's called Fire & Smoke. Well, DH is waiting for breakfast. Time to get on with my day.

      Fire & Smoke Quilt Pattern - 5-2020.png


      • JCY
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        This actually is slightly different than the M* Diamond Rail Fence. If you go to Kathy's blog, Tamarack Shack, & look at all the photos of the entire quilt, the diamonds are placed a bit differently than in the center of each block. Each row's diamonds are off set & alternate every other row. I used the Snip It tool to take this closer up pic so I could get a better view of the fabrics. This pattern is called Fire & Smoke. I found a good selection of fabrics at my LQS today, I bought 9 dif. fabrics in 1/2 yd. cuts + 2 yds. of red. Reg. price on the fabric, but I used my 10% discount for being a guild member.

      • Star lover
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        Here’s a link to the pattern, a video is at about the middle of the page. I think most could figure out the pattern from the video.
        Last edited by Star lover; June 19, 2020, 04:04 AM.

      • JCY
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        Thanks, Anita, for posting that link. I'll watch the video later when I have time. Don't those red squares just pop?! I can't wait to get the rest of my fam. rm. put back in place so I can resume sewing.

      Good morning all. It's a bit grey here this morning. My hip/thigh is feeling a bit better this morning. Still hurts when I walk or stretch it out but not as much as the last few days.

      Yesterday we headed over to Kathryn's to play with the grands while she did a presentation on a call. Joe had to go into work to help with some graduation tasks. The rest of the day we just took things easy. I would like to get a bit of weeding done if the weather and my hip cooperates.

      Have a good day everyone.
      Ginny B


        Good Morning All,

        Yesterday was busy, it felt good. I managed to get in a few rows of knitting, finished quilting the first baby quilt and it's ready to bind, sandwiched the second baby quilt and the middle of that is done, the borders need the channel stitching, trimming and binding and that will be done. I guess making binding would be helpful! lol

        My replacement CC came in, it's all set up and ready to go. I had to go to a check out with a cash register with a key pad to set the pin number. That seemed weird. I picked up a lingerie bag at Walmart thinking it was about 8 dollars. I got up to the check out, put in my card, and was totally embarrassed to find out it was only $1.26 with taxes! Oh well, that was my big purchase yesterday! I should have made a list. I thought of a few things I needed after we got home.

        Didn't hear anything from Jim after his interview yesterday. That was the local job. I think Morgan's off today, so I may not hear from him today either. Mike's at work, so I should get busy while it's quiet around here. Gabby's already in her bed in the sewing room.

        Take care and have a great day!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good morning,

          It's a wonder that I've made it to Thursday this week It's been a wild week already but I'm still smiling and stitching. Quilters are tough!

          DH went to the hospital on Monday and came home Tuesday. The new prescription was $150 at the pharmacy. I asked about the coupon for a $10 co-pay but the clerk didn't show one available. She said to call the vendor for it. So back to my vehicle for a phone call to the vendor and 30 minutes later the card was activated. Quite happy to pay $10 instead of $150 which equals more fabric. LOL!

          The fan on the AC needs replaced, It's under warranty but labor is over $200. That is scheduled as we don't want to risk being without AC. The washer started leaking yesterday with a full load of laundry in it. While checking the problem we discovered the hot water heater is leaking too. So repairs and/or replacements are in the process.

          Happy Stitches!


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            Nothing like getting all three in a row all at one time!
            Good luck on that.

          • KPH
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            Good Grief! I hope things smooth out soon!

          • JCY
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            It never rains but what it pours! Hope you get things fixed soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on my Maytag washer which we've had for maybe 25 yrs. or more. It's a work horse. We replaced out HWH last year. My, how the prices have gone up! I'm just relieved our plumbing problem (clogged kitchen sink) is fixed & everything is working fine. Of course, our house is 48 yrs. old, so who knows what's next to go?!

          It was so very nice to see my two quilting buds last night, and their husbands, too. We sat out in a drive, probably 15' apart and ate our take out. The evening was perfect around 72 and a slight breeze. We found out one husband had had a heart attack with 4 by passes, his wife is the one with dementia and she doesn't make calls anymore so we did not know. Luckily he survived, has dropped 30 lbs, is off insulin and is doing great.
          I think we got the supplies yesterday to finish up the new raised flower bed, more sweating for me today.😆 I am looking forward to it.
          I got a hotel in Montana at the national park which should be safe.
          I also got a quilt back pieced and partway through sandwiching. I might get that finished today or tomorrow or Saturday, haha, no rush.
          I hope everyone has a lovely day.
          Edit: Oh my Rhonda, I sure hope you don't have any more surprises.
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            Good morning everyone,

            We had quite the thunderstorm last night. The thunder was nonstop for a couple of hours! My poor Sadie was shaking and shivering....she hates loud booming sounds....gun shots, thunder, and fireworks. About 8:30 we lost power, so the dogs and I went to bed. My DIL had called, and they were without power on the other side of town too, so it was probably the whole town. I forgot to turn off the lights when I went to bed, so when I got up this morning they were all on! DH says we got about an inch of rain.

            Tuesday was a work day at J's. We were fairly busy. It seems the shopping there is getting close to normal again. Lots of fabric and elastic for masks being sold of course. Wednesday I had my dr's appointment to discuss the bloodwork I had done on Mon. He was pleased with all my numbers, and was happy to see the weight loss too. I was "screened" when I came into the clinic, had to wear a mask of course, and answer the standard questions about exposure, etc. Anyway, that's done until my next checkup in Dec.

            Today my plans are to get clothes washed and work on the masks for my niece and her family. We're headed to the cabin tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be pleasant there....mid 70's.



              Good morning everyone!
              It's a beautiful morning with a slight breeze and lots of sunshine. The awning people were finally here yesterday to put up the canvas awning over part of the deck. They take it down every year and store it over the winter months. I think we'll be getting a new awning soon or maybe one of those retractable ones. This is our first summer in this house so this (very old) awning will do for now. I would love to have a screened-in area but who knows what that would cost! The deck itself isn't in perfect shape so we wouldn't have anything added to it without replacing it.
              So yesterday I got the binding done on the quilt for our July 4th event. I'll make the label on the embroidery machine today and sew that on. Maybe I'll get started on the quillows for the kids.
              Have a happy day!
              ~ Carol from PA


                It's been a busy couple of days.
                The 8th graders graduated to High School. It was a good attempt, but compared to "normal" it was sad. No band, no academic achievement awards, etc. Em wandered around the house after we returned home from the drive through celebration. It was anticlimactic and she felt like something was missing.
                Our 5th graders also graduated to Middle School. We had a drive through parade route for them too. Normally we have the entire student body line the halls of the school and we toss confetti (all the holes punched out of the papers over the year) at them as we cheer them on the way out to the busses. Again, not quite the same when you can't get out of the car. We did cheer each individual student though.
                Em & I took a quick road trip to Port Angeles to pick up a canopy shell for the truck. It was $100 & fit the bed pretty good. I need to put the back window/door back together. I'm going to go to the shop and see if I can get a new sea, fasteners, and possibly some assistance on the assembly order. I'm hoping this will be a better option than hauling the stock trailer for a couple of kids.

                I have all of the fabrics for my next project washed. Now to find the time to deal with them around the garden needs and prepping for our trip.
                I'm off to do the grocery run for the family and hopefully get that seal.
                Have a good day friends!
                Be who you are and say what you feel
                because those who mind don't matter,
                and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                  Well it's not so bad after all.

                  The washer is working with cold water so that's good enough for now. We were going to buy a new one but the salesman said it was unusual to have issues with our SQ. DH and I also decided it would be strange for both to go at the same time. We came home to try it and it works. That is after DD did the 4 loads of laundry for us and dropped them to use today.

                  The new front loader was quite pretty though. I have always had a top loader.

                  We have someone coming in the morning to do an estimate for HW replacement. Plus the new lights are scheduled for install on Tuesday.

                  Thanks for the good wishes! It worked!


                    Big excitement this afternoon. Gabby went out, and I kept hearing a tink, tink, tink around the air conditioner. Not what I wanted to hear. While I was looking, there was something on top of the unit. I thought a stick had fallen. So, I went to check it out, about that time the neighbors dogs were let loose. That was the end of the investigation because the barking and bouncing started.

                    Well, after I had gathered the fierce one, I went back to investigate. A snake had decided to sun itself on the air conditioner. Well, it's tail had dropped down and was hitting the fan. It was dead. Thankfully, Mike got it and threw it over the back fence.

                    Needless to say, I've turned into my mother with all of the 'I'm grossed out' sounds I made. It still makes me shiver!

                    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                      I with you about snakes. Happy to hear it was dead!

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