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Happy Hump Day!!

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    Happy Hump Day!!

    Good morning friends. It was a beautiful day yesterday, abundant sunshine. I decided to put the outdoor pit together, it's been in the shed for years, LOL!! Thought we could have a little fire and roast some marshmallows. Got the pit together and then saw that we now have a total fire ban on. UGH!! So much for the fire. Elaina came over and I tried to keep Maizyn indoors as the black flies have had quite a chew on her neck. We waited for hubby to return from his golf so we could go swimming. The girls has a wonderful swim as did I, and I got some much needed vitamin D as well. Afterwards I picked up pizza.

    Today the van is going to the garage to have a few things checked. This poor van will soon be on its last legs. Need to start looking for another vehicle.

    So not sure what today will bring. Elaina wanted to learn how to make a mask yesterday so together we made her another one. She was pretty excited. And I started the bag for the nurse with her initials on it. Might get that sewn up today too. Also got another work call yesterday so next week is all booked up except for Wednesday which is a holiday in Quebec. La fete de St. Jean Baptiste or fete Nationale. Hubby will be going to stay with friends for a few days (they do this every year).

    It is going to be a hot one today. Stay healthy and safe everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Whooeee! We hit 100 deg. yest.! It was a hot one. Still very hazy skies from the wildfires. We're under an air quality alert for the 3rd day in a row. One more 90's, then a reprieve for 2-3 days. A cool front is coming in from the Pacific N.W. The birds have been busy at the water dish. They get hot, too. Sometimes I see them panting with their beaks open. A squirrel comes daily for a drink.

    Yest. I opened one of the big boxes that had been stored in the closet. It had 2 big blankets in it. We haven't used those for years, so I think I'll donate them to the thrift store. I called yest. to see if they take bedding. I think I'll start a collection of things to donate. I need to go through DH's shirts & sort out the ones he never wears. I know there are items in my closet that I haven't worn for years. Why do we hang on to this stuff?!

    Monique ~ I'm glad I don't have to deal with your black flies!


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      "why do we hang on to this stuff?" That's an excellent question. I find myself doing the same thing. Getting a little better at getting rid of stuff in the last year though. Last fall I even parted with some of my grandmother's crystal serving pieces. Gave them to a thrift store. I never use them. Figured that if someone purchased from the thrift store they will use and love them the way my grandmother did.

    Good Morning!

    Yesterday was hot and humid and today does not sound to be any better. Picked up Jim and he finally got in touch with the SS office. They did mail his check a couple weeks ago so we will check his mail again today. If it isn't he will call back and have them cancel the check and issue him a new one. So that is somewhat resolved. He was also able to get in touch with the county for assistance and that sounds like he will be getting some help along those lines as well so I'm hoping he can finally get into some low income housing.

    Laundry completed yesterday and did a little sweeping to get the dust and hair up off the floor. Today I am picking Jim up to see if his check is finally here and then Dave and I need to run to the pet store. I think he needs some more RO (reverse osmosis) water for the aquariums and we need a new background for the new aquarium. Once I have lunch I'm off to the quilt store. I'm taking my sampler blocks along with me to see if I can find something that will work for the borders and sashing. Still on track and maybe a little ahead on my hand quilting. I only have 4 rows left (60 blocks), thats 10 complete rows (150 blocks). My hand quilting isn't that great but that isn't the point either. More practice to come on that end as I have one that is ready to work on once this one is complete.

    Off for some breakfast and cup of coffee. Have a great day!


      Good morning!

      We have another nice day today -- high around 80 and sunny. My meetings were canceled; I'm going to run some errands just to get out of the house.

      My sister & I had a good visit with Mom yesterday. She has definitely declined since March. She is not as chatty and slurs her words a bit more. We tried to get a picture of her but none of them came out very well. Ohio sister sent one to our Texas sister and she immediately sent me an email complaining Mom's wheelchair looks too big. It is. I have to ask the facility what the status is on that, they were supposed to ask the physical therapist to measure her for a new one.

      That work problem yesterday turned out not be a problem after all. It took me an hour to figure out there was nothing wrong. I don't know where my co-worker was looking, or why she thought things were processed the wrong way. She is off for the remainder of the week. Here's hoping she gets to relax a bit.

      Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


        Good morning all. Looks like another pleasant day here today. Although I didn't spend any time outdoors yesterday. Did some cleaning, very slowly. Then just took things easy with my heating pad on and off all the rest of the day. My hip/thigh is still hurting today but a bit less. It only really hurts when I walk or otherwise put pressure while moving. Standing still doesn't really hurt nor does touching the area. And today hubby's back is bothering him so I think it will be an easy-going day for each of us. He was going to cut the grass today but that has been put off.

        Have a good day everyone. Be safe. Stay cool all who are dealing with the hot weather.
        Ginny B


          Good Morning All,

          Joy, you've been hotter than it's been here for several days. Yesterday, we were low 80s with low humidity. Today, it's supposed to be mid 80s. I'll take it any way I can get it. Next week, we'll probably be more 'normal'.

          I cut two strips of batting for the baby quilts. One is sandwiched and the vertical lines are stitched. It's a Falling Charms pattern, so I'm just going to follow the color blocks with the diagonal stitching. I'd like to get the second one started, if I can, I won't get anything done if I don't get up and get started!

          I let Publix do the shopping yesterday. It must have been the day before stocking, a lot of what I ordered was substituted. No real issues with that. I have a couple of things I need to pick up at Walmart, I guess we can do that this afternoon after Mike gets off of work.

          Jim has his second interview today. He's taking the kids to hike this morning at a state park. They're really enjoying getting out every day, they better enjoy it while we're having this nice weather!

          Not sure when Melinda and Cecilia are coming to FL, not sure when they'll get here, so I'm planning an all out cleaning day Friday.

          Take care, have a great one!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good morning everyone!
            A high of 86 is predicted for us. I must remember to water the hydrangea in the front. Other than that I have six masks to sew for a friend and the living room to dust. Those are my only "have to's" for today. Of course I'll play with the dogs too; there is always time for that. I'll have to see what other trouble I can get into today. I hope you all have a wonderful day!



              Morning all,
              Another sunny day here, sat outside with my coffee this morning and enjoyed hearing the birds all chirping.

              Not much news worthy with me, routine is pretty much the same each day. I have an appointment to get my hair cut Saturday morning so I am excited about that. It has been way too long and my cut is long grown out. Beauty parlors here still have some stiff restrictions in place here so it will definetly be a different experience.

              Not much sewing going on here, been rather lazy in that department.

              Well wishing everyone a good day, off to start some household chores.
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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              • CarlieBlilie
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                My daughter had her hair done on Saturday along with her 3 kids. One went in and then when done another could go in. My daughter’s appt was 3 hours long and she had to wear a mask while there. Very glad I don’t have anything done to my hair.

              • JCY
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                I haven't been in a hair salon for >30 yrs. I cut my own hair & also cut DH's. I'm sure we've saved a bundle of $ over the years.

              • CarlieBlilie
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                Same here, Joy. I started cutting my husband's hair when my son was 2. Watched the barber when we would go for haircuts for my husband and son and figured it out. My son will be 42 on July 4. I've often wondered how much money we have saved. I usually just trim my hair, it's quite long (below my waist). May not be exactly straight but it works.

              Another good night of sleep, that makes 2 in a row. The honeys son and his family will be coming tomorrow to see him. They don't have a close relationship but I am glad they are making the road trip (almost 2 hrs) to see him before its too late.

              Thanks for the curtain suggestions, cherries, americana or even red thread to help embrace the red in the kitchen. I am not giving up, just got to find that happy medium.

              I am not the best at math, but with the virus ban and such, I swear I have prepared a gazillion meals already! And most of them have been edible too! You know in quilting they sew measure twice, cut one. Well on an occassion (or two or three... 😉) I should have read all the directions and checked the measurements twice. I must have really been in a fog one day for I managed to mess up jello, it never did jell correctly.

              Have a good day and please stay safe out there!

              Hugs to all...


                Beautiful sunny day here in north central Alabama, hot of course but not too bad yet. No rain in sight.
                We worked on the new flower bed yesterday, I got some of the drip irrigation done but ran out of parts so only about half the plants are getting wet right now. We ran it about an hour because we didn't set a timer🙄, way too much but we will know better next time. Going after the rest of the parts today.
                I also made it to the sewing room for about 20 min yesterday, my sewing machine light burned out so will be ordering a new one today.😣
                I found out the hotel we had reserved for Montana in Sept. is a dump in a dangerous area so I am trying to find something else.😢 Everything is either awful or terribly expensive [$400 a night] or both.

                We are also meeting friends for dinner tonight. Our usual 3 couples are meeting in one person's driveway, bringing our own chairs and take out, I am so looking forward to seeing them all. 😁
                My hair looks awful but dh likes it, it hasn't been this long in 20 years.😯


                • Claire Hallman
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                  We found a place that isn't quite as expensive, bad enough but there doesn't seem to be many options. The company the national parks use to manage their lodges is very proud of their rentals. A lot of the area is a native american reservation so not commercially developed. We usually love B&B s but couldn't find one except up in Canada and don't know if that border would be open. Travel right now is rather difficult.

                • auntiemern
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                  I ended up booking sight unseen on our last trip to was in a very seedy neighborhood. I refused to leave all of our luggage in the vehicle overnight. It was a nightmare. I was on the phone with Expedia for an hour to get it straightened out..I did manage to get that nights lodging back, less $10. And ended up in a nice neighborhood in a place I could live with for the night...I am very picky usually about hotels and motels..I hope you find something you can live with.

                • Monique
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                  Claire, it looks like our borders won't reopen until the beginning of August, unless they push that back further.

                Good morning everyone,
                Its been awhile again -- but I try to catch up when I have time. It seems that summer is always so busy. The temps have been climbing slowly and will rise to high 90s for the remainder of the week. That's when the humidity will hit us for sure. I made an executive decision, I hired a friend's husband to do some heavy yardwork -- to pull out grass between the low walls and put in a path with hexagon rubber tiles, surrounded by pea gravel. I think this will be entertaining for the GKs as well -- sort of like a hopscotch. Now DH doesn't have to struggle to cut grass in that area. I also had him pull out the weeds on the largest blue spruce in the front yard, and put down blackcloth and stones. Most of them we had leftover from other projects and the largest river stones from a free pick up from neighbour who was changing their landscaping. The garden is all planted, the garden box set up and I put pavers around it and for a path to it. The squirrel has found it, and I will need to re-seed the beans and peas. The yard is starting to look fit for human enjoyment.

                Then Sunday was a thrilling day. The LQS came to set up the LA .... more to follow... gotta run to store before the crowds. Be back later

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Good morning everyone!!
                  I'm getting ready to cut out some fabrics for all the gals in our family that I give Christmas gifts to. Misty Doan does a Live! Tutorial each Tuesday, and I love watching her make videos. She's doing very well (IMO). She's making a table runner from the Prairie Flower Quilt Tutorial that Jenny did a while back!
                  Anyway, I'm trying to see if I have some fabrics that I (I'm positive I do) might cut to make these table runners. Of course I'm sure I have the fabric(s) to use to make these Table Runners!

                  Thanks so much Misty!
                  Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                  "I miss the me I was when you were here"