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It's a sunny Tuesday

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    It's a sunny Tuesday

    Good morning my friends. Maizyn is sure keeping me busy. Yesterday we made her Dad's masks and she asked me to make one for her mom. Elaina, my little sewing friend, picked out her fabric and I made her one. She kept raving over it.

    Yesterday I transplanted my tomatoe plants and my hydrangea. I will have flowers soon. The black flies were atrocious and I got bit. UGH!! Where are the dragonflies?

    The kids played on the trampoline and had a blast. Hubby is going golfing this morning and when he gets back I hope to take Maizyn swimming at my sister-in-law's. The heat is on, getting hotter each day.

    I still have a bag to make for my son's love, a bag to put her nurses uniform in. That should not take very long.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique. It's sunny here too. Sounds like you are having a fun week.

    Yesterday was all about laundry here. I got 6 loads done. I just have the towels that still need folding today.

    I am not sure what will be on the agenda today but I think it may not involve a long walk. I don't know exactly what caused it, but I've got pain in the upper part of my thigh this morning. It hurts to walk. Guess I might just need to sit and sew something.

    Have a good day all. Stay safe.
    Ginny B


      Good morning!

      We have beautiful weather for our porch visit with Mom today -- high in the upper 70's and sunny. The nurses say she is much improved since her incident over the weekend. I am anxious to see how she is. When we took her to a doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago, she was sedated. She had no idea who either my sister or I was. (I'm sure the masks didn't help.) We thought she had declined quite a bit since the beginning of March. Then again, part of that could have been the drugs. It will be good to get a new baseline and start visiting her regularly.

      One of my co-workers is not a good fit with her new boss and it is starting to cause problems. This gal is highly strung to begin with and now she panics every time her boss gives her something to do. Everything is an emergency. Over the last couple of weeks, she sent me a bunch of stuff to process, which I did. Apparently, what she sent me is not correct and I have to un-do everything. I am not looking forward to that today; it is a tedious process. Especially on my tiny computer screen. I hope the new work laptops arrive soon!

      I'd better finish my tea and get the branches out on the tree lawn. The city is sending the chipper out this week to collect stuff downed by the storm. They won't be out again until July.

      Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was another hot one yest.; high was 96 deg. Too hot to work outside. There have been warnings on the weather page in the newspaper for people to stay hydrated. Also, the skies are hazy. We're getting smoke from wildfires in SW Colorado as well as from AZ. We've had air quality alerts for 2 days.

        I did not make it to the basement yest. to work on putting things away. Hopefully, today. I did get DH's spelt bread baked & did 2 loads of laundry.

        The small fan I use in my BR quit last night. The motor hummed, but the blades didn't turn. Time to buy a new one, I guess. I used one from another room for last night.

        It soon will be the first day of summer. It's easy to remember, because my oldest son was married on that day.


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          Joy, you've been lucky in the repair department lately! :-)

        • CarlieBlilie
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          We've had issues with fans like that before. Dave always gives them a little TLC whether is a little help along to start or some WF-40. I know he has had to take one apart and lubricate it but that was long after it started acting up. They also were very old fans that my grandparents had.

        • KPH
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          I remember the window fan in Mom and Dad's house. Twice a year, Dad would pull it out and deep clean it. I remember how Mom cried when it finally died. There weren't any window fans that would fit in that mid century style window.

        Good Morning all,

        Today is starting out better than it was supposed to. Temp is 69 and dewpoint is 59. The weatherman said it would not get lower than the low 70's during the night. Yesterday we caved in and turned on the A/C around 2 in the afternoon. I'm glad we did as it got to 92 and the dewpoint was 69. I believe we have more of that in store for us today.

        I will be going to pick up my son this morning. He is going to schedule his food pick up from the food shelf this morning. We will take his food back to his hotel room and then he will come over to our house to see if he can get in touch with the SS office. He still has not received his disability check. I think I'm going to do our laundry a day early. I was planning on going to the quilt store that is about a hour away on Thursday but looks like it is going to be storming. I'm have a fear of thunderstorms that I've been fighting every since I was little. I'm a lot better especially if I'm in a house (we lived in mobile homes most of our married lives). I'm thinking now that I will probably go tomorrow instead.

        I found out from my daughter that Makayla, her 15 year old, will be coming to stay overnight on Sunday. Makayla will be finishing up her drivers ed class tomorrow and wanted several days to study and then on Monday take her permit test. Owatonna does not have testing any longer so I told my daughter that I would take her. When I called the exam place I was told that the later you come the longer you will need to wait, could be as much as 3 hours. So makes sense to have Makayla stay overnight and take her first thing in the morning. Boy, time sure flies, I cannot believe she is going to be driving soon. With them coming over on Sunday I will need to clean up the patio of all signs of the quilt I'm working on for Jennifer and Chuck (my daughter and son-in-law). Not sure I want to even let Makayla see it as I'm not sure she can keep a secret. I'll need to work on it a little more during the week to make up for the lost time this weekend so I don't run out of time.

        Well, I'm off to the races! Laundry first and then wait for a call from my son. Have a great day!


          Good Morning All,

          I guess I'm going to have to break down and go to Walmart to restock the pantry, or maybe I'll just order on line from Publix.

          It was chilly this morning, the dew point was low and a healthy breeze. Gabby was hrumping, so she didn't get let off the leash and I stayed on the bottom step. Maybe later she'll get to run around a little more. She charges the fence it the neighbors dogs are out. I don't need them coming back into my yard.

          Yesterday, I cleaned up the sewing room. I'll see if Mike can help me with the roll of batting so I can get a couple of pieces batting cut for the baby quilts. I know I'll only have time to work on one before Melinda and Cecelia get here.

          Have a great day!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good Morning All. The sun was up before me this morning, Yeah!!! I actually got like 6 hours of solid sleep last night. And yesterday I got a fabric order, so today I hope to start making new curtains for my kitchen window. Red is my least favorite color, my inherited kitchen items from dad are all red and so I have decided to try and embrace the red. I bought some red/white gingham fabric to play around with. My SIL did my laundry yesterday so I am sewing in name tags in some clothing for her little brother, he is at a local skilled nursery facility after a shoulder surgery.

            Hugs to all!💟


            • Mimi_Howard
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              What was I thinking, red gingham is NOT baby steps to embrace the red. Laid it over the rod and WAY too much red for me. I will have to find a pattern that has some red accents in it.. BUT I did get the labels sewn in my little bro in law britches.

            • KPH
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              What about something that's mainly white, with red cherries...

            • toggpine
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              White and stitched in red? White with a strip of the gingham?
              White & blue for the Americana look?

              Good luck!

            Good morning. We are having a few days of pleasant weather before the hear comes back. I spent Monday morn at the hospital getting X-rays of my hip and lower back. I did a little sewing in the afternoon.
            Today I turn 57 . The years just fly by. I plan on backing a gluten free angle food cake. My DH did leave a nice bouquet of flowers in the stairwell of our basement. He tried to leave it on the counter but the cat started to eat the flowers. I am glad that he left a note for me to look in the stairwell.
            I plan on continuing to work on my 2 sewing projects after I get the morning chores done.

            Have be a good day.


            • JCY
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              Beth ~ Have a wonderful birthday! Oh, to be 57 again. I'll turn 78 next month!

            • KPH
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              Happy Birthday!

            • Monique
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              Happy belated birthday Beth. I hope you had a great day.

            I finally got some time in the sewing room yesterday and got most of the quilting done on the quilt for the July 4th party. I just have to turn it to do the side borders then do the binding. Fabric for the 4 quillows for the grandkids came yesterday. I didn't open the package yet-- I want to look at it but I'm not letting myself do that till the other quilt is done!
            We have an appointment with an attorney this afternoon to set up POAs and estate things. Mike and I aren't married but the house is in both our names. We want to discuss with the attorney what happens if one of us passes away- what are the rules about inheritance taxes.
            A couple nights ago we went to our favorite pizza place. It was such a good evening! They allow customers to bring wine and they supply the glasses. We always give a glass of wine to the owner- he's a wine connoisseur as is Mike. The owner makes all his own ingredients for all his foods- his own sauce, mozzarella, dough-- and uses all fresh herbs. It was a busy place but we got there before the crowd. It's so nice to be able to eat out again!
            Have a happy day!
            ~ Carol from PA


            • JCY
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              You are smart to be making these legal decisions now. Planning ahead is good.

            Good Morning...I’m having a nice day. The sun is shining and we are still painting the living room. Maggie and Sugar love the obstacle course the living room has become. They hide from each other and race through the house at top speed. Westies are such happy dogs. We love them to the moon and back.

            I got a good night’s sleep and I feel good today. I mailed some masks to my daughter this morning and while out I picked up a few things from the dollar store. They were out of a few things I needed but I still managed to spend plenty.

            I'm making progress on my Irish Change quilt. Slowly but surely it’s coming together. I have a pixelated heart quilt in my future next.

            Great news from Annika about her brother. Let’s keep praying....he still has a long way to go.

            Wishing everyone a great day.....Barb

            Scottie Mom Barb