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    Good morning Monday

    Good morning friends. I have had a busy weekend keeping Maizyn occupied. We are having fun just the same. I did manage to get some sewing done, she wanted a mask of her own. So she picked out the fabric (purple) and I made her one.

    She is able to use the trampoline at the neighbour's so she has been getting some exercise. We did go to the park on Saturday. Not many kids around here to actually use the park, hand washing after we got home.

    Yesterday we went for a long drive and had supper out. I thought yesterday was Father's Day so we went out and shopped only to find out afterwards that it is this coming weekend. DUH!!!!

    The weather is warming up this week so it looks like we will get some swimming in at my sister-in-law's.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning...Not much going on here today other than a quick trip to buy some more paint. We sure are slow at things like this since we are getting older. Adding two inquisitive Westies to the job has been a challenge.

    I got very little sewing done over the weekend but I’m making some progress. The Irish Change quilt may be my first one that I machine hem the binding. It’s a scary step for me. It’s also a large quilt, 105” square. Any tips are welcome.

    Monique, so does Les get two Fathers Days this year? Enjoy the rest of your time with Maizyn.

    Have a great day friends.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I've done a few machine bindings. I sew to the back and fold to the front. I've used a strait stitch and also serpentine. Wonderclips work great, I just go slow making sure I catch everything. Good luck!!

    • Monique
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      No he doesn't, lol!!

    Good morning Monique. Sounds like you are having a great visit with Maizyn. And I had thought Father's Day was this weekend too.

    We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we went up to visit with John and Rob and see their new house. It's a bit quirky with personality. Right now Rob is working on a lot of painting. The previous owners were very much into bold colors. Rob likes color too but just not purples, pinks and neon green. His outside area is amazing and we did a lot of talking and planning for gardens. We actually brought the tiger lilies up and so they will be able to enjoy them as they bloom.

    Then yesterday we were able to spend a couple of hours with Henry and Tessa. We went over for an outdoor visit. I was wondering how Tessa would be with us since she hasn't been able to really interact with us for months. She was fine and so happy to play with us. She was stuck to me like glue for a while. Henry was so anxious to show us everything he has been doing recently. He has been working on growing veggies with his dad. He made a weather station too and we also walked over to the school parking lot so he could show us how he has mastered riding his two-wheeler. It was a great visit and it was so wonderful to hug the kids and play with them.

    Wow, Barb, 105" square quilt! Awesome.

    Today won't be as fun as the weekend was but my spirits have been raised considerably by being able to be with family so laundry day will be tackled with more vim and vigor.

    Have a good day all. Stay well.
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    Ginny B


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      Isn't it great to spend time with family!? It always energizes me, too.

    Good morning! Thanks for the reminder about fathers day! I have a package to finish for my dad. We got out yesterday and shopped till we dropped. New shoes and clothes. I work a Corp job so even working from home I dress for work most days. I did an order to M* I ran out of black thread, connecting threads was sold out. I've never used M* thread, I'm hoping it's great! Of course I added Done shopping for a while!
    Not sure if I'll get much quilting done..we're at year end for our company so the pressure is on to perform this month.
    I'm really enjoying secert santa! I've designed, which I love and creative juices are flowing. I like useful things so try to gift the same. It's so fun!
    The weather is hot here, I'm always cold so I do okay. They freeze me out with the AC.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!


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      My husband likes it colder than I, he cannot take the heat well at all. So far it's worked out okay have the A/C on as I've been working on hand quilting my daughter and son-in-law's anniversary quilt. That has kept me warm for sure, some times too much but I have two dogs who like/want to sit on laps (dachshunds) and they get very warm, too.

    Good morning!

    We're starting off a little overcast here; high today will be in the mid-70's.

    I should run up to the grocery store today. I don't need much -- mostly produce and some milk. It will be good to get out of the house. I ran a couple of errands Saturday, including putting gas in the car. That was the first time I bought gas in over two months! I really should go for a long drive one of these days and give the car some exercise.

    I need to buy a new smartphone. The model I have is so out of date, Apple doesn't support the software and won't give me anything for a trade-in. It works fine as a phone but not being able to update apps is getting to be a problem. One of the apps is a security feature for logging into the network for work.

    Time for a second cup of tea and to log in to my work chat. Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another hot day is expected. Our high yest. was 97. At least is cooled off better last night, so I slept well.

      Yest. I watched YT church in the morning, also listened to one of Mat & Savanna Shaw's songs on YT, then watched some of Rory Feek's video blog. You may recall his wife Joey died 4 yrs. ago of cancer. Little Indiana (Indy) now is 6 y.o. & doing well. She has Down's Syndrome.

      After breakfast I finally put back all the stuff that was under the kitchen sink & cleared the K. of the boxes & shop vac. I spent much of the afternoon working in the family room, unpacking boxes & putting things back. I organized my quilting magazines & moved them out of the sewing room to make room on the shelves for the plastic containers of fabric & scraps that previously were sitting on the end of my cutting table. Now I should be able to use the entire cutting mat!

      Barb ~ I've sewn all my quilt bindings by machine for many years. It's so much quicker & easier, IMO. Also, these older hands now have arthritis in them. Of course, most of my quilts are crib or lap sizes, which I pin all the way around before sewing. When I worked on a big quilt, I had to fold over the hem on just one side & do one side at a time. (Not enough pins to go all the way around, plus more chances of getting poked by a pin.) I'd suggest practicing on some sample quilted blocks or scraps. I sew the binding on the 1st side to the front, then turn it over to the back. I have a sewing gauge which I keep set at the exact width of the hem, pin the binding in place, then press both front & back prior to stitching. I sew SITD on the front close to the edge of the binding, & it catches it on the back, making a nice finish. I use the walking foot & a 3.0 length, straight stitch. If the front of the quilt is a dif. color than the back, you may need to use a dif. color thread in the bobbin than on the top. Good luck.

      Today I'll be baking DH's spelt bread & doing more work in the family room.


        I like Joy's way of doing machine sewn bindings but instead of pins I do use the wonder clips. No pin pricks plus they keep it flat very well. I do hand sew the binding on special quilts, ones I really love or might enter in a show [hahaha]😁
        We got the flower bed almost done yesterday, I need to go to a different store to get 4 wedge shaped concrete cap blocks and of course there is lots of planting yet to do. There are several plants I want to move to the new bed but most will be new things. My back and hands need a rest so shopping is a good plan for today.
        Have a fantastic week ahead.


        • WendyI
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          I SOOOO miss my gardens! I have started container gardening this year. It's been fun to be creative. Even bought a bunch of indoor plants and played with those. So relaxing to get your hands in dirt!

        Good Morning all. Well hospice is all in place now and it is good to have help with the personal care of they honey and of course the medical needs are a call away if I need them inbetween regular scheduled check ins. I did have to call them over weekend and nurse came Saturday night. All is good now and I will be calling her later today for follow up and see if we need more attention for the issue. My sister in law called Saturday and said, hey I got time on my hands, you got anything that needs to be done... jokingly I said yeah, come mow my lawn. She said is your mower charged up.. Yep.. and within 15 minutes she was at my house! Then yesterday she came and got 2 load of laundry to do for me. I swear this woman is like the energizer bunny and somehow can manage to squeeze 25 hours of chores into a 24 hour day.

        I may be venting soon.... over weekend I also had to deal with a killer migraine, and now with fathers day coming, it will be my first without my father. I don't like being on auto-pilot, but that is all I can do to make it through right now. Kinda like a roomba floor vacuum... move along, hit something, turn around, move along... etc. (spinning my wheels so to speak).

        Hugs to all!


        • KPH
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          Sending you big hugs. It's a difficult time of year, that's for sure.

        • JCY
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          Thoughts & prayers for you, Mimi. Put your trust in the Lord to see you through this difficult time. He gives us the strength to carry on & get through the tough times.

        Good Morning Everyone, Yesterday was pretty relaxing, mainly worked on some hand quilting. I've already been to the grocery store for our weekly groceries, ran to get my son to see if his SS check was in and am now home again. He had not yet received his disability check and should have gotten it on the 1st. He will come over to our house tomorrow to see if he can get in contact with SS to find out what is going on. He is currently at a hotel and cannot call from there.

        Plan on doing some housework this morning and then work on some quilting. I have been thinking about sashing for the sampler that is partially done. I have a number of blocks left to piece but trying to get things in order so I don't have to wait for material etc. I was thinking about doing a garden maze for the sashing but am wondering if that might be too busy. Thoughts?

        Well, best get busy on some housework. Have a great day!


          Good morning to all,

          Waiting on an update from the ER for my dear husband. He wasn't feeling well this morning and agreed to go get checked out. I am usually right by his side to help him with medical related appointments. Easier to wait at home.

          The progress continues with our helper. Step off areas are being re-done today. I am sewing a mask for my grandson...dinosaurs of course.

          Hope your stitches are straight and no ripping today!


            Barb, I also suggest using a stiletto to hold the binding in place until just before it goes under the needle. This video may help:


            There is a LOT of talking upfront; she starts the binding part at around the 34 minute mark.


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              Thank you, I will watch the video.

            Good Morning All,

            I could have sworn I'd stopped by to say hello this morning, but apparently I didn't.

            Jim called after he dropped off the kids with Nana and Nandy. He went to the reserve and walked when he was on the way home. His first interview was this morning and he was terribly nervous about it. The project had an 8 hour time limit, so he used the 8 hours and stopped as instructed. He had a list of things that he really wanted to change, but didn't have the extra time. The interview went well, while it's a DC based job, all of the people on this particular team are remote, so he could stay in Jacksonville. He said was excited that he's moving on to the next step and will get a package with details sometime this week. He still has an interview with a company located here on Wednesday. I reminded him to write his interview thank you note. He was so excited, he didn't even think about that. I guess it's not as big of a deal as it used to be. It's still a nice gesture.

            Mike is working on laundry. The alarm went off for the first load in the dryer, and the second load for the washer. I don't understand why the app is so spastic. I'm certainly not going to pay for it when the free period is over. The baby monitor works just fine, with the added benefit of knowing when the garage door is being opened when Mike gets home from work.

            Not sure what my plans are today. We've dropped a load of stuff off at the Salvation Army. Yesterday, I cleaned up all of the school stuff and put it in the kids room. I need to get in my sewing room and clean off my ironing board and desk. Then I guess I can start dealing with sandwiching up some projects.

            Have a wonderful day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning everyone,

              I just got home from the clinic where I have my lab work done. I'm very happy that my A1C dropped to 6.1 from the 6.3 it was last time. I'll talk to the doctor on Wednesday.

              Guess what !!?? It's windy......again.

              My niece asked if I'd make some masks for her, her DH, and 2 boys. I still have lots of supplies, so I'll start on that this afternoon. I'll rummage through my stash for some fabrics, zigzig around them, and get them prewashed. Her boys like hockey and soccer...not sure if I have any novelty with those themes. I work tomorrow, so can check at the store.

              I can't believe how tired I feel from missing my coffee this morning. I'm sitting with a cup now, but may have to have another to get myself kick started. The day is half over, be sure to enjoy the other half! Jeanne


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                If you don't use caffeine, you won't miss that perk up to get you going. You'll be on an even keel all the time. I gave up all caffeine (except for the little bit that's in chocolate) years ago. I don't miss it at all.

              Back again ~ The 2nd loaf of bread is almost done & will be ready to take out in ~5 min. The oven really has heated up the kitchen. It's already 92 outside. It's time to turn on the swamp cooler.

              I did 2 loads of laundry this a.m. I've been working on some snail mail greeting cards. After lunch, I hope to get more work done in the Family Room. Christian Book Distributors is having free shipping again, so I need to place an order for more birthday cards & a few things.