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  • Monique
    Joy, sorry for your loss.

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  • redcaboose1717
    Joy, sorry to hear about your cousin, but she's at peace now.

    I agree about being bored. I actually missed the online church today. I slept in. Of course it's 2:30 (AM) and I'm up and can't sleep now! I finished cutting out the pillowcases for that family of 9 kids that lost their mom last year.(She was pregnant with her 10th and wasn't feeling well, and went into the ER and for first couple of ER visits they basically put her off, probably due to the fact she didn't believe in doctors and actually delivered several of her children at home. She was 41 (last year) when she passed. She had cancer (Live & Gall Bladder) The Dad of the kids seemed like a lost soul for months, but of course that's normal. He seems to be doing pretty well now and the kids (who are homeschooled) seem to be doing pretty well too. He does have help from the family and runs a Computer (fixing PC's) Business out of his Wyoming home.

    This year I decided to hang baskets of impatient at each of the windows. I used to do this years ago, and stopped when I kept going in the hospital. (hopefully I won't go back to the hospital for awhile LOL!)
    I purchased these self-waters from Walmart. You use disposable water bottles and put them on this stake which also has a little drip like stake to water the plants. They seem to be doing pretty well. I purchased them at Walmart, online. (I rarely purchase anything at Walmart (online or otherwise). Here's a link to these self-waters for plants if you are interested. I think they work pretty well (so's only been a week now. Tomorrow I'm going to check the soil to make sure the plants are actually getting watered.)
    (I did order them from Walmart because I got them faster. I usually always purchase things from Amazon OR local privately owned businesses. I shop at a local privately owned Grocery Store, we shop at a local hardware store, etc. I try to purchase USA made products whenever possible, sometimes it's difficult but I really try to do my part. I "HOPE" this COVID-19 wakes people up and they start bringing back "MADE IN THE U.S.A." (United States).....but then this is just my own opinion, ( please don't think I'm trying to say it's wrong to purchase things made in other countries, we all do what we feel is best).


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  • Cowgirl quilter
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    I’m in northeast Oregon, and my green beans didn’t come up either. I’ve been blaming it on the weather- cold, hot, then cold again. Not sure if I’ll replant - our season is so short here.

  • jjkaiser
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    Haha I was thinking we were twins. Nope now I am wondering if we are triplets bc we aren't the only ones. Except I would add I hate doing yard work also!

  • CraftyJnet
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    " I am tired of depressing TV, I hate to cook, I am tired of reading, I am tired of naps, I am tired of sewing, and I sure don't want to clean house..."

    This describes me to a T.

  • Cokie
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    Barb, I hope Sugar is feeling better today!

  • Bubby
    Joy, so sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin.

    We are painting today. Jeff just finished the ceiling in the living room. He’s quite slow at this. I’m the helper and I get antsy. I’ve also done laundry, baked a batch of brownies and done misc housework in between our project. I think I may have bought the wrong color for the accent wall and may have to change it for something lighter.

    Julie, I’m sorry to hear your Mom is having such a hard time. It sounds like she’s being neglected. I think a long chat with the administrator is needed. I know you are in a tough position. I was there once and know how hard it is. Unless you stand up for your Mom no one else will do it.

    I hope everyone has a nice Sunday. Hugs....Barb

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  • Nwmnteacher
    Good afternoon everyone,

    The weather today is.....wait for it.....windy. One day it blows from the N, and the next it blows from the S. It really gets on my nerves. I guess I need to go to our cabin where there's always a gentle breeze.

    Despite yesterday's wind...yes, it was windy then as well, I spent three hours in the garden, mostly hoeing out weeds. With all the rain, it was impossible to get in there, but the wind has dried things up so I could finally do some work in there. I suppose the wind has its good side For some reason, a lot of my green beans didn't come up, so I did some replanting. We love fresh garden beans. I usually can as much as I'm able for the winter. Home canned tastes so much better than the commercially processed.

    Our church opened last weekend for services, but since I worked, I didn't pay attention. We went this morning, and it was great to be back in the building and greet church friends. We were spaced apart, sitting in family groups, no shaking hands, masks were optional, and there was no socializing in the lobby afterward. People were to go outside for that. Attendance was light, but then it always is in
    the summer because of farming and going to lake cabins.

    Joy, I'm sorry about your cousin. It must be difficult to be so far away.
    Claire, I read that 18 states have seen an increase in their C-19 cases since things have started opening up.

    Have a restful Sunday everyone. Jeanne

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  • Nwmnteacher
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    Julie, I would be especially concerned that she was allowed to get dehydrated. A chart should be kept with how much fluid she's taking in per day. Dehydration can be very serious.

  • TMP
    Good Morning Everyone,

    JCY I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin.

    Everyday that goes by I think I get lazier. Staying at home is what I think it would be like to be on house arrest minus the leg bracelet! I am tired of depressing TV, I hate to cook, I am tired of reading, I am tired of naps, I am tired of sewing, and I sure don't want to clean house. The highlight of my day yesterday was when my daughter came over to help me drag stuff out of my late husband's shed to the street for clean up day. The wheel barrel she was pushing fell over and all this stuff fell out and she was super mad. She said mom are you laughing …. I am bad yes it was funny.

    Has someone ever told you a secret that was such a good secret that you want to share it with everyone ? I have to keep my word, but I hope soon to be able to share it.


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  • KarenC
    Good morning everyone. Joy, Sorry about your cousin's passing. Julie, sorry about the difficulties you continue to have with your mom's care.

    Yesterday ended up being nothing that I planned. After my walk with the walking group, I came home to babysit my DGD. It was supposed to be only a few hours. They finally left around 4 in the afternoon. After that, I managed to sew up some masks for the neighbors. They are going on vacation to visit famly and the kids needed masks for the plane.

    Today, I will aim to take care of chores that must be done before I go on vacation Thursday. The ole laundry, mowing, packing, etc. Dryer just buzzed, so I guess it is time to get moving. Take care everyone and stay safe.

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  • JulieC
    Good morning!

    Joy, condolences for the loss of your cousin.

    We have sunshine today, with a predicted high near 70. The weather should be pleasant this week, with highs in the 70's to near 80.

    Mom's facility called yesterday. She was listless, dehydrated, had trouble focusing, would only give one word answers and when she did they were slurred. We discussed sending her to the ER. Her blood pressure was good as was her heart rate. We decided they should give her some liquids and see if she improved. The good news is, she did. I need to call over there this morning for an update.

    I am very frustrated with the facility, however. The nurse was all happy about the improvement, and told me Mom had turkey for dinner. Problem: Mom hates turkey. I got upset because it is one of the foods they were told not give her. The nurse didn't think it was a big deal because Mom ate it anyway. Which means Mom has deteriorated to the point where she doesn't know what she's eating. And the facility is taking advantage of that by feeding her things she ordinarily wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. The director and I are going to have a chat about this.

    I didn't get much accomplished yesterday. Here's hoping today is more productive. I'm feeling a little house-bound and should go for a drive or a walk and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

    Have a wonderful day!

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  • KPH
    Good Morning All,

    Joy, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Yesterday was pretty busy. I jammed my toe while the kids were here. At first I thought I might have broken it, thank goodness it wasn't. Today it's pretty bruised this morning. I decided that I would skip church so I wouldn't have to walk so much. Thankfully, it's not achy like it was yesterday.

    The neighbor with the big dogs patched the fence last night once he got home. He's going to call the owner of the property and send him a video of how rotten the fence is. Hopefully, they'll be able to put in a new fence on that side soon! I didn't know they'd gotten out before and returned by some kind soul. They really need to put them on a chain when they're out until the fence situation gets taken care of.

    I haven't planned anything for today. It's beautiful outside right now, not sure what the weather will bring later. Time day for a refill on my coffee cup. Have a wonderful day!

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  • CarlieBlilie
    Good Morning,

    Joy, so sorry for your loss.

    Beautiful sunny day this morning, temp is 59 and dewpoint in the 40's. I think this is supposed to be warm today, probably an end to an open house for a bit. Yesterday I ran over to Owatonna to get the charcoal so we can do more grilling. We had to make due with regular charcoal for a bit and found that we really prefer the Cowboy Charcoal a lot more. I was going to go to a quilt store about 30 minutes from there but just didn't have enough time.

    Stopped in to see the 2 grandkids that were home with their dad. Natalie, 12, had her hair done. She is a very quirky individual and her shoulder length hair is now a royal blue to purple ombre! Last time it was a magenta color. Carson just had a very nice trim Talked with my son-in-law a bit (my daughter was still getting her hair done). He is doing much better after having issues with a root canal not done properly. Had a very bad infection. He went to a specialist, endodontist. Never heard of that before. He was told that dentists should never do root canals. In his case I would agree, he has three that were not completed so they are now infected.

    My 15-year-old granddaughter was at work when I stopped. She had her hair done also and posted a picture on facebook. She normally had beautiful long blond hair, very straight and thick. She had it colored but it is a softer magenta. Looks really great. My husband was pleased she didn't cut her hair. It is probably close to waist length right now.

    Planning on working on some hand quilting today and not much else.

    Have a great day.

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  • Claire Hallman
    Sorry about the loss of your cousin, I know you miss having the flexibility to travel but you are an angel caring for your husband.
    Tennessee is my third favorite state, If I had to move somewhere it would be Texas first then Tennessee, glad I am not moving. I have dreamed of a cabin in East Tn in the event of a lottery win, hahaha.
    Our landscaper came back yesterday late and added 11 bags of topsoil plus tilled the area. We just need to add some cap blocks, about 10 more bags of topsoil and then we can plant. I am excited and not nearly as sore as I expected. I am pretty much my normal sore, lol.
    I spoke to my DIL yesterday and she warned us not to get lax about staying at home, etc. She said the stats are rising and not because of more testing. She works in a nursing home and is keeping on top of things.
    We are planning a drive way get together with two couples, lawn chairs at a distance and take out burgers. I hope that works out for next week, we are missing our friends but respecting the safety measures.

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