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Good Morning Friday! :)

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    Good Morning Friday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I only have a minute, but I'll get us started. It's a clear morning & supposed to be 90 today. The drain company comes at 10 a.m. to run down a camera to view the kitchen sink drain. I'm just wanting to make sure all is well before we put the basement back to rights. The disorganization has been hard on DH.

    I didn't do that much yest. I was worn out from the day before. I still have sore muscles from all the picking up of the twigs/branches on Wed.

    Suzanne ~ Good luck with your new long arm. I bet you're excited. Post pictures when you have it ready to roll.

    Good morning Joy. We were writing at the same time, LOL! I hope all goes well the drain company and you can get your house back to order. Have a wonderful day just the same.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Good morning,

      Finally, a sunny day here for a while. The house project is looking nice. It really makes such a difference with a new coat of paint. We are only changing a dark blue trim to white and re-painting the white areas. The new carriage lights I ordered have been shipped so we are making progress. I'm itching to plant some new pink hibiscus but trying to wait until Fall. It's not a good idea to plant new trees during storm season summers. But I may take a chance.

      Joy, Hope the camera scope shows that all is well with the repair.

      Have a wonderful weekend, Stitchers!


        Good Morning!

        Beautiful day yesterday although the sun is very hot. Helped to have a nice breeze. Starting out nice again today. No trip to Owatonna yesterday, Dave suggested we go on Saturday so we can spend some time with our daughter and grandkids. She and her 3 kids are going in for haircuts and styling but since only one is allowed in the store she will start with her youngest, Carson, who will be 10 in September. He doesn't do very well with getting his hair cut. Very fidgety with his mom but this gal has done his hair since he was a baby so hopefully it will go well. She said she is going to drop him off then run to McDonalds, his favorite, for breakfast and then wait for him. Next will be one of the girl, 12 and 15. Natalie, the 12 yo, is going to have her hair colored. She had pink last but you can never tell what color she is going to pick. Makayla will be getting her hair cut and I think colored too She likes her "rainbow" on the underside. Then Jennifer will get her hair done, styling and color. She says hers takes over 3 hours. Since Makayla needs to be at work at 3:30 we will go over to make sure she gets to work as Jennifer isn't sure if she will get done in time. A lot of horseplay I think. Never had anything done to my hair except to have it cut. I would rather just wash it and let it air dry (even though it takes almost 4 hours). I don't want to be bothered with curling, styling, etc. Guess I'm just set in my ways.

        Dave has the cabinet for the aquarium done to the point that we have moved the furniture on the patio and have the aquarium in it's place. Today we will be transferring all the live rock, invertebrates and fish. It will take quite a while to get done. Then we will need to take down the old aquarium and move stuff around again. I know we will like the bigger aquarium and Dave will be able to get a few more fish too. I hope to get upstairs to work on some of the quilt blocks for a bit but I'm not counting on it. I may just bring the applique ones that are in progress and just stitch those during breaks.

        Have a great day everyone.