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Good Morning, Thursday!

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    Good Morning, Thursday!

    Be gentle to us, Thursday, we've had a rough go of it lately...It's 7:30 am and I don't see anyone up yet!

    Huge healing hugs to Blondie...We hope that we don't need to rely on your daughter Sarah to keep us informed on your progress for long, but if the DR tells you to do something, LISTEN!

    I am looking at the sunshine through the window...that wild windy wet slushy snow is but a memory here; I hope that it is not impacting anyone terribly badly!

    Continued thoughts to Mr and Mrs Daisy, and to all those who are in need of hugs and good thoughts, know that they are coming from this little group of ours!

    I wish everyone a QUILTY day!!!! Take care, all!

    (I'm sarcastic. Breathe deeply, then laugh...)

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    Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

    Well our predicted snowfall looks like a non-event. Seems the forecasters were a little off. Don't you love when that happens?
    There's actually a little blue sky here that's trying to peek through, and bird activity is, well more active. Spring will soon be upon us. WOOHOO!
    I sure hope Blondie, and others are behaving. Healing thoughts to all in need.
    In other words, straighten up and fly right!
    I sure do appreciate all of you!
    I really need to get off the exclamation point.
    It may give people the idea that I'm bright and cheerful all the time....


      Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

      Trish, I have been up for a while, thank you for starting the morning thread. I was waiting for someone to say good morning. Blondie sure is being missed! I hope she has a very speedy recovery.
      My thoughts and prayers are with her as well as with Mr and Mrs Daisy and all those sick or have suffering in some way.

      Today is suppose to be in the 50s so I am waiting for it to get close to that so I can get outside and start my laundry. Right now it is 32* and I won't be standing at my washing machine until it is close to the 50* mark.!!!!!

      We got our errands ran yesterday and went to Aldi's and brought home a few more cases of canned goods. For those of you that don't have an Aldi's it is a small grocery store that sells things a lot cheaper than other stores. You can buy individual cans and such but we usually buy by the case. We hate going to town so we buy in bulk so we don't have to go to store very often. So I can work at putting all the canned goods on the shelves until it gets warm enough to be outside.

      We are going to get the kitchen cabinet finished either today or tomorrow, DH will work on it and I will help in between laundry loads. I can't wait to be able to put this place back in order so I can get to my sewing machine. (had to move things out of the backroom and the kitchen to build the shelves.)

      Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

      Get well soon Blondie.

      Hugs and prayers to all.
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        Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

        Good morning.

        It feels strange without Blondie and knowing she isn't feeling well stinks. We need to send her one of her COC quilts.

        We got about an inch of snow and hubby suggested I keep the Lil' Guy home because he is fighting a cold. Well not 10 minutes after hubby left for work Lil' Guy got up on his own, came down the stairs and asked if we could go play in the snow. He is now off to school but we are supposed to get 6-10 inches tonight. I am going to do a snow dance and make hubby do it with me. I want one more snow day. Then I want to watch the buds develop and start to dig in the dirt.

        Prayers to all and remember Blondie says to smile!

        Please treat others as you would hope others would treat those you love.



          Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

          Good morning....

          Thoughts and prayers this morning are with Blondie, Daisy and everyone else that needs and wants them.

          I worked on the Periwinkle squares until I conquered them So I think I'm going to make my oldest DGD a periwinkle quilt for Christmas. I ordered the 10" half hexi a couple of days ago...they are back in stock. I will be making the Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt for my daughter. My grandson wants a camo quilt - that one will be easy. I don't know yet what I'll be making for my youngest DGD. So along with my group activities and the UFO's - I'm going to be able to keep busy this year.

          Tonight I will sew the binding on my quilt. Then I will work on the hand stitching on my table runner and placemats.

          Have a wonderful day!
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            Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

            keeping blondie and mr. and mrs
            daisy in my prayers yes lot of people to keep praying for and myself as well.
            I do beieive ther are a lot of prayer warriors on this forum. I get some good vibes from just reading each comment.
            I have to say it again love this forum.


              Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

              Good Morning All!!! (((((((((((Blondie))))))))))) sure miss you so get WELL fast or someone will have to send that COC quilt :-)

              Keeping busy, met my "new" doctor and have been making all the normal rounds for long test not done - blah blah blood work, bone density etc.. nothing but taking time away from sewing!

              Have an Around the World quilt top done I added to it to make it a queen (free pattern on Coats and Clark) that's ready for quilting. Working on my tubs of scraps with other folks making Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip Quilt, then those tiny scraps we'll put into Postage Stamp quilt (littler than that are going into animal beds LOL).

              Good to hear with everyone working on group projects and your own things, keeping us busy!

              Prayers to those that need them (and WE ALL DO!), and sending God's speed that the storm doesn't hurt anyone.

              Going to be in the 70's this week and hoping we get some rain this weekend - I do like it dark and rainy and the cacti really need it

              Ok back to more sewing.

              (((hugs all)))

              Debbie and the cats KayCee (16), Lucky Streak (11), and gods gift Sandia (8)

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              Spread Sunshine with every thought, word and deed.


                Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                Good morning - Thanks Trish for starting this thread. Prayers and thoughts are going to dear Blondie and Mr and Mrs Daisy - We miss you guys! Will be up at church all morning working on our quilts and then want to finish up a quilt for my cousin who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Hope everybody stays nice and warm today.


                  Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                  Missing our Blondie so much, and hoping she is alright. Love that Ms. daisy sent us a preview of the Bunny Farm! Can't wait to see the finished project! I know it will be spectacular!

                  Hope all are staying warm. I see the sun today, so there is promise, but last night it was still freezing cold. But you could see the stars! First time in weeks we could see the stars! Hooray, spring is just around the corner, somewhere!


                    Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                    Morning, I have been up awhile but spent furstrating time trying to send some emails as Hotmail changed it's format overnight. Worrying about our pals that aren't doing well and pray that things turn around for the best for them.

                    Beginning to get a few snow flurries here. Some towns on the Jersey shore are already flooding, especailly the ones between the ocean and a river. We don't have a problem here with flooding but wondering how much snow/rain or ice we will get. I have a luncheon tomorrow, about a half hour drive, Saturday a Pillowcase Sew In, an hour drive down The Shore, and Sunday having a Soup and Sandwich lunch for DH's 79th Bday. with family coming from other parts of the state. All on hold until the storm is over and we know what the road conditons are. Meanwhile I'll be working on a quilt. Trying to use up some left over swap blocks to make a wheelchair quilt for the guys at local Assisted Living/Nursing home. I have so many little projects laying around that I'm beginng to feel closed in when I sew so I better get them into quilts and off to someone who could use them.


                      Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                      Including my prayers with all the others for our dear family members here!!

                      Got a garden project I'm working on this month.. Hope it turns out as beautiful as my minds eye says it will. Other than that I'm puttering around the place and staying inside where it's warm. DD#2 is mailing off a couple packages of finished items for me and I can let one machine rest for awhile!! It' needs a good cleaning and lub job.. Maybe later today.

                      Off to get that load of laundry started and sweep some floors... ugh, I hate housework..but love it when it's all done!!

                      Keep smilin and make everyone wonder what you are up to-------

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                        Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                        Good morning everyone............Steffie, Blondie, and the Daisies have been in my thoughts and prayers the last few days. Hope that each of them can feel the support that all of us are sending to them.

                        The weather here is beautiful....a little cool right now. We need to mow.......the yard is full of weeds and the grass is starting to grow. Pollen is covering our cars and flowers are blooming! Love the springtime...........just not the pollen related allergy stuff that goes with it.

                        Have a great day everyone!
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                          Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                          Good Morning! Missing Blondie and keeping her close in thought and prayer for sure, as well as Mr and Mrs Daisy.

                          I finished my Periwinkle quilt top yesterday and I really love it. Not perfect, but it's for me and I think it's pretty. When I get a few things done around here I'll take a picture and post.

                          Rain rain and more rain. It's not snow, so I'm not complaining. I have crocuses up in my yard!! First sign of Spring is official!

                          Off to get the DGD to school and then home for a few chores before getting to some sewing. I hope you all have a wonderful day, keep those special friends who need it in prayer. And my hugs and prayers to all who want/need.

                          Quilters make great comforters.

                          Friendship is sewn with love and measured by kindness.


                            Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                            Happy late morning, all! Thoroughly enjoyed my snow day yesterday, we got 15" and it was all still there this morning but much of it will (hopefully) melt today, temps supposed to be in mid 40s. I whipped out coasters for the coaster swap and made an experimental chicken for the chicken pin cushion swap. Loved the little chicken especially and want to make a bunch of them! I have lots of fabric but all small amounts, no purchases in my budget until the house in NJ sells, so these little projects are perfect for me re-learning my machine.

                            Might have time to stuff and close my chicken tonight, but that'll be the last of sewing for at least a few days, we're off to NJ tomorrow night after work, back in WV late Sunday night, then back to work early Monday morning. Cannot WAIT to see the kids in NJ, saw my daughter in December, haven't seen the boys since November. Too long!

                            Have a great Thursday, all!
                            There's still time to change the road you're on - Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven"


                              Re: Good Morning, Thursday!

                              GM all..Big Hugs to Blondie and Mr an Ms Daisy!!!
                              It's my last day off and hope to spend a lil time in the sewing
                              room today...
                              I have 2 totes to make, a chicken and some coasters...
                              I did get the flannel all washed for the bruise quilt so hope to get it sandwiched soon...
                              Have a good day all!!
                              These things, I warmly wish for you-
                              Someone to love, some work to do,
                              A bit'o sun, a bit'o cheer.
                              And a guardian angel always near.

                              ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
                              (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•Shannon