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Happy Thursday!

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    Happy Thursday!

    Good Morning All,

    It's the start of another 'scattered rainy' day. There's a little bit of blue showing, but lots of clouds already.

    Today is hair cut day! Yippee! No shampoo, no scalp massage, just a hair cut. There's a whole list of 'NOs'- no pocket book, no cash, no waiting area, etc. Mike can't wait in the lobby, so he'll drop me off and head over to Barnes and Nobel. I'll have to call for him to pick me up.

    Got an alert on my phone yesterday, asking about a charge on the charge card I keep in my drawer. Three fraudulent charges, they're investigating now. Two at an Etsy shop, one at ??? that was for over $1000. I'd only used it twice to keep the account open. So it had to be compromised at one of those two places. I'll be contacting management at both today. Card has been destroyed and that card number closed. We'll see what happens next.

    Melinda called yesterday, she and Cecelia are planning to break out of NC and come back to FL. Looks like they've found a place to rent and want me to go with them. I'm looking forward to the change of pace.

    The batting finally arrived yesterday. Now, do I start working on quilts or wait until after my little trip away. Decisions, decisions.

    Have a wonderful day.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Monique, sorry about the CC problem. It happens. One of my friends just had her computer hacked. I called her after I had received a strange e-m from her that didn't sound right. Sure enough, she had a virus & the Geek Squad was working on her computer to fix things.

    I'm running late this a.m. Spent more time than usual on my 2 e-m accts., which I always check before logging in here. DH already is waiting for breakfast, so I'll have to come back later.


      Good morning. Just a quick pop-in. We are taking my granddaughter home with us for a visit. I may or may not be here in the coming days.

      Have a great day everyone.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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        Monique, enjoy your time with your granddaughter. Gina

      Good morning!

      The heat and humidity are gone and today will be a lovely 80 degrees. I have my windows open to let in the fresh air.

      I am going over to my sister's for lunch today. We're going to have something delivered. I have a tax form for her to sign. I finally figured out her federal taxes -- she doesn't have to file any! That makes my life easier. 😃 There's a worksheet on the back of the statement from Social Security. According to that, she is in the clear. That just leaves the exemption form for the city taxes. Now that she is retired, she won't have to worry about those either.

      The quilt shop I've been worried was going to close is moving this week. To my city, no less! The announcement is on their website, but not the new address. I am looking forward to seeing their new location. The one owner is a genius with color. I have taken swatches into the store, asked for something to coordinate, and she finds the perfect fabric every time. I hope they do well here.

      Have a wonderful day!


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        What a great surprise to have a quilt shop moving to your city. We had two in my city and they were both closing, thankfully an employee of one of the shops decided to open at another location within my city so at least I'm not without one. My favorite shop is about and hour or so away and I don't get there very often. I love how you can go into the quilt shops and brainstorm with them about what fabrics to use

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        That would be awesome. All of the quilt shops are on the other side of town from us (45+ minutes 1 way).

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        Julie, which shop is that?

      Good morning. Looks like it's going to be a stormy day here today. I guess there will be no outside time.

      Yesterday I made the face masks that I received an order for. Co-workers of my son who works at West Point saw his and asked where he got them. Today I think I will work on some Secret Santa things and maybe more time on the log cabin. Since it came to a screeching halt in March, the borders didn't get added. Plus I needed more black fabric to finish it. I am anxious to get to the binding part. I really enjoy hand stitching that down.

      There are, of course, the usual household chores that need tending to but then the day is wide open.

      We are making plans to head up to my sons new house this weekend. We may even spend the night. No going out to dinner though. Rob will make pizza. There may be a couple projects I will work on too. They have glass top stoves now and I think I will bring some of the cleaner and give the stoves a good going over. I understand that there are some stickers on one of John's windows that are being stubborn so I will try to work on getting them off. I will see if they know where they want their tiger lilies planted that we "unplanted" from their old place. If so, I'll bring them too and get them in the ground.

      Have a good day all. Be safe. Stay well. Stay calm and quilt on.
      Ginny B


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        I agree, use GooGone all the time. I've used on windows removing labels as well as glassware.

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        Mayonnaise for the stickers/labels. I know, it sounds crazy.
        Peel what you can off. Cover the entire sticker with a decent coat so you can't see it through the mayo. Walk away. Really.
        Come back when the mayo has turned translucent. If you have a scraper, or even an expired plastic gift card, that will work to scrape across the sticker and scoop the remains and dead mayo off the surface. Works like a charm.

      • Ginny B
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        Thanks for all the sticker removal help. I have the Goo Gone and I am sure they have mayonaisse. And I love the idea of using a plastic card to scrape it off.

      Good morning! It feels so nice to have windows open this morning after the heat yesterday and the humidity last night.
      We took a ride to a winery yesterday that's about an hour away. We were there once before. Only got one bottle of wine this time but it was a nice ride. On the way home we stopped at a restaurant and had lunch. That was our first time eating out since March. It was so great to get out! They had about half the usual number of tables. But there was hardly anyone there anyway.
      I finished the center of the quilt for the July 4th party. Working on some borders now. I should be able to get it on the longarm tomorrow if not today. I was hoping my batting order would have arrived from Connecting Threads by now. I might just have to go out and buy a twin or full size, depending on how big the quilt gets with the borders. The only batting I have already is king size. I hate to cut that.
      So our deck has-- supposed to have-- a canvas awning above part of it. We called the awning people, who store it and clean it over the winter, and left a message a long time ago asking them to put it back up for us. When we called them again about 2 or 3 weeks ago, their message was that they are way behind schedule. Now when we call, we always get a busy signal no matter what time of day it is. So they must still be way behind schedule. I just hope we can have it by July 4th. I'm thinking of getting a price on one of those retractable awnings, one that will retract by itself.
      Guess that's it for now.
      Have a happy day!
      ~ Carol from PA


        Good Morning,

        Nice and cool this morning. We had the upstairs windows open all night. Got a little cooler for me but just snuggled a little more under the covers. Today is going to be a little warmer but dewpoints are still very low. Dave is out watering the lawn and flower baskets and is almost done. He's always up way before me. I'm going to shower and then work do a little housework. Then we are off to Owatonna to get our charcoal. Planning on burgers tonight. We will take the 2 dogs with us as I'm sure they will love going for a ride in the car.

        I was able to find the remaining blocks I needed for my quilt. I am waiting on some template plastic to make the applique pieces. I think I have the size figured out to fit on a 12" block but will make any adjustments needed once I get the templates done and see how they fit. That puts the quilt at 40 12-inch blocks. There were several blocks that had "alternate" settings so I'll probably do 2 more. That will put my top at 72x84. I'm thinking I'll need to put in some sashing as well as a border as I will be using on my queen size bed so I need a large drop on each side. Going to need to do some thinking on that but I have plenty of time, I have 8 blocks left to complete and 22 to start.

        Off for my shower and to get some stuff done around the house. Have a great one!


          Good Morning everyone,

          Yesterday was sooooo windy again. I know we live in "the valley" where it is often windy, but this spring has been ridiculous! The only good thing is it hopefully dried up the garden enough to get in there and attack the weeds. After several inches of rain, they're really multiplying. The high today will be about 70....perfect!

          Have a lovely day. Jeanne


            the wind caught the front door yesterday and this is what it did. No spooning with my sweetie til it quits hurting
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 1 photos.


            We heard from our landscaper/fix it guy yesterday and he will do our raised bed on Friday, yea! We have gone to Lowe's and gotten the blocks, we bought 12, unloaded them then got 10 more. We had lots of help at Lowe's with the loading onto a cart and into our truck. The ten are still in the truck and we will get the guys to unload. They are really heavy since they are solid concrete and we are too old to be lifting them. I am looking forward to planning and planting the bed.
            Gardening is almost like quilting, planning colors and sizes and working them in together.
            I am still thinking about doing the irrigation myself, shopping to get what I need is not easy right now.
            Since I don't have a project outside today I might get the rest of the sashing on my blocks, I have been procrastinating regarding the cornerstone dilemma and have decided on none since I can't find the perfect color.


              Good morning. We will have rain off and on today. I thought the rain was done for awhile , so leashed up the pug for a walk. Of course it started to rain and I did not have an umbrella. We both got a little wet.
              I worked some more on the bday quilt. I placed all 36 wedges on my design wall. Now to start sewing them together. This should keep me busy today.

              Have a a good day.


                Good morning to all,

                Today, I am thankful to have a wonderful helper. He is taking over the outside projects that DH and I can no longer do. The house maintenance has been on hold but we will get back on track. The heat and humidity is high today so I am happy to be inside sewing for a while.

                The dinosaur quilt is fun. But I have to re-stitch a design as I stitched a hole right into the fabric. It was my fault as I RE-stitched the eye too many times. LOL.

                May your day be filled with happy stitches!


                  I'm just now finding time to get back to chat. The laundry is started, & DH's every-other-day medical procedure is done. I haven't eaten breakfast yet, but I'll get there soon.

                  Yest. was a very busy day. I worked 90 min. in the Fam. Rm., cleaning, vag'd, etc. I asked DH to wrap up all the electric wires that were in one corner. It has made it difficult to clean that area. He doesn't use those items any more, so it was good to clear them out. I asked him to begin sorting some of his magazines. At first he said he was too weak & didn't feel up to doing it then. The next thing I knew he was hauling the mag. holders upstairs, 2 at time, & pitching the mags. in the recycle bin. When that got too heavy, he put more of them in the reg. garbage bin. I think he has 30 yrs. worth of Model Railroader mags. Now they're getting sorted out. There are more to go, but we don't dare put any more weight in the toters this week. I'll need to clean all the mag. holders. I'll have a new supply in which to store my quilting mags. & the BLOCK mag.

                  After a late breakfast, I headed out to the back yard to pick up the twigs & little branches that blew down in our last 2 wind storms. The honey locust trees readily shed little branches in the wind. I filled 3 garbage cans full! I was pooped by the time I finished that. I have sore muscles in my lower back & upper legs from all that bending over. But it needed to be done before the mowers came. We're their last customer on Wed. They usually come ~4 p.m. Now the yard looks all spiffed up.

                  Our low temp. was 52 this a.m. The furnace ran briefly. It's supposed to be in the 80's today, then more 90's are expected later in the week.

                  Our local newspaper's headline today indicates Alfalfa's is coming to our town. The empty building where Lucky's Mkt. went out of business will be their new location. Opening maybe by Sept. 1. There's an Alfalfa's in a neighboring city, but I've never shopped at one. We already have a Sprout's, Whole Foods, & Vitamin Cottage (a natural grocers), so this will add another option, & it will be on my end of town.

                  Well, I need to eat breakfast.


                    I feel 5 pounds lighter! Even with out all of the perks, I still feel like I've had a hair cut and the style will last until I need to wash it on Saturday night. I stopped at Joanne's and walked around while waiting for Mike to come and pick me up.

                    Have a great afternoon!
                    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                      Good day everyone,

                      It seems like I haven't been here for a long time. I'll have a lot to catch up on. I have been busy, so busy, I rarely have time for any social media, tutorial watching or catching up with friends. I think I was going through a phase of -- will summer ever arrive, so I can do yardwork -- well it arrived and then it was too humid & hot to work outside. Finally it looks like things are cooling down a bit, sunny and not too wet. A typical day is get up early, have coffee, sometimes breakfast and get laundry or household chore -- sweeping , vacuuming, emptying dishwasher, cat litter, put out recycling, water plants, laundry, make meals. I dont sit down much, and that's why I always felt I dont need to go to a gym. Then there's outside work -- phew -- by the time I get to bed, after giving the cats a treat, I crash. I have also been scheduling 2-3 video chats with mom. She is doing better, and deemed to be Covid19 free. There are only 4 residents who are on the mend. Afterwards, if no new cases, they may start doing window or outdoor visits at a distance. That will be good. She is really bored. I have arranged for her to speak to her companion and other family members, so that she gets news from other folks.

                      I've also been making masks for family & friends. I seem to see my children and grandchildren more now than I ever did. Since they are social distancing, their nucleus of contacts have been limited to family. My son also has been serious into gardening -- he came over and buiilt us a 2 x 8 garden box. We had removed shrubs but I cleaned out the remaining area, and it is set up -- just need to fill with more soil and plant vegetables. I also spent a few hours last week, digging out a neighbour's beds for river rock. She is taking it all out, and I picked at least a cubic yard of it. I plan to use it under one of the large blue spruce in front, but again, it requires prepping and clean-up.

                      Friday, our area is moving to phase 2 of reopening. Hairdressers, patios with limited seating and other businesses can open. Thankfully I cut & dyed my hair last week, so I'm good. Not rushing back so soon. Since you need to wear mask at hairdresser, I will make masks with double sided tape -- no elastic, so throw-away for my girlfriends.

                      We got the LA shipment yesterday, but the computer is coming separately today. Set up is scheduled for Sunday -- it will be an day affair. Monday - yippee.

                      Oh, I can feel the mosquito bites on my back. They were bad yesterday and I didnt notice them taking chunks out of me.

                      Have a good day -- hope to catch up.


                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.