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    Hello Wednesday

    Good morning friends. I think I have slept close to 12 hours. I was so tired when I got home last night. I had a good work day even though I haven't worked at that post office in a long time. When I got home I had a message about work but not until June 26th.

    I am not sure if we are going today or tomorrow to get Maizyn. We are also taking a long dresser (woman's) to Phil's house. I have to make room for the treadle. This dresser is part of a set that belonged to my Mom. I think she would be pleased that it is going to Phil's. So I will need to empty that out before moving it. Doesn't have many clothes in it, just stuff, LOL!!

    So that's it for me.

    I think it might rain today. Hubby has almost all the grass cut, except at Doug's which he might do today before we go.

    Have a great day friends.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning, Monique! It sounds like you have been very busy......and please get your needed rest.

    I woke up this morning with a terrible sinus headache.....after 2.5 years in Vermont, it seems as though I am still not adjusted to the environment. Spring has been very odd and very chilly.

    Still working on the quilt top I posted Monday (states and little houses). Still waiting to see where the family life path leads on getting south and closer to home.

    Quilty hugs!

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


      Good morning!

      Today is going to be hot and muggy, with a high near 90. We should see some storms late this afternoon into the evening. I need to go outside this morning and see if I can clip some greenery away from the house. It drooped last night -- whether it got too tall or a critter helped it, I don't know -- and is up against the window. I don't think it is strong enough to do any damage, but I don't want it banging on the window if the storms are severe.

      I finished my UFO last night! I am thinking of trading in my machine for something with a variable speed control. My current machine has two speeds: stop and very fast. I also think it pulls fabric to the left as it sews. I use the Donna Jordan binding method -- I sew the binding to the front then fold it over and SITD to secure it. The seam when I sewed the binding to the front was not as straight (consistent?) as it should have been. Especially when I used a 1/4 inch presser foot. I thought drag may have played a part but I was careful about that. I've had better results using my cheap little Brother machine (alas in need of some TLC), than with the "good" machine. All's well that ends well, though; I am happy with the final results.

      Time for breakfast before logging into work. Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning All,

        Poor Gabby, with all of her shots yesterday, spent the afternoon shivering. She didn't want to be picked up, or touched. She sat with Mike most of the afternoon. She seems pretty chipper this morning. She's grabbing mouthfuls of her dinner and bringing them in here to eat. Last night she about pushed me out of the bed. I guess it was a one person night for her!

        Needless to say, yesterday was a knitting day. I'm hoping to get into my sewing room some today. I did 1 block of my July star for the front door. It didn't take too long. Three more blocks to do.

        Fabric from M* arrived. I haven't even opened the box. Batting from JoAnn's didn't arrive and I got an email last night that it would be arriving June 4th. Tracking on FedEx says today. We'll see what happens. I think that will take care of all of my orders for a while.

        Jim's getting discouraged with the job search. Things are opening up around here and places are hiring people that lost their jobs for those positions. New folks don't stand much of a chance. He said one lady he's been talking to wants him to add stuff to his resume that isn't true. He's not sure if he's understanding her correctly or not, but he won't blatantly lie like that!

        Time to get started. Have a wonderful day.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's another cool morning (48). We have the furnace on again. We ran it much of the morning yest. until it warmed up outside. By afternoon, it warmed up to 78 deg. & was sunny.

          In the morning, I cooked up apples for sauce. In the afternoon I worked more in the Fam. Rm, vac'g, dusting, & washing the walls before the furniture goes back in place. In the eve. our quilt guild had its monthly mtg. on Zoom. There were 83 of us on. In a drawing, I won a JR & some matching fabric, but I declined it. I know I don't have time to sew much now & I already have a large stash. Someone else can make better use of it than I can. Our guild is having a JR contest. If we can have our annual show in Oct., they'll be sold then. If not, then the plan is to auction them on line. This is a fund raiser for the guild. Our guild has made >10,000 masks.

          Our guild speaker via Zoom was Carolyn Beam. I had never heard of her. She's been editor for various quilting magazines & now works for Quilter's World. She gave her talk using a Power Point program. It went well.

          I have plans to work more in the Fam. Rm. today. I can hardly wait to get things moved back in place & back to some semblance of normal.


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            I miss being part of a guild! So much fun!!

          Good morning! Sun is shining. Heading to Aldi and Costco a little later. MIL birthday so heading there this evening. Nothing else to report. Everyone have a great and wonderful day


            Good morning. Another sunny day here. Yesterday it was a nice day too but I didn't get outside much. My lower back was very stiff so, after putting things back into the newly painted cupboard in the dining room, getting dinner prepped and into the crockpot and cleaning up the kitchen, I spent a lot of time with my heat pad in my chair in the living room. Went outside for a bit in the later afternoon but it got a bit too breezy for my liking so I headed back inside again.

            Yesterday I got a request for more masks so I will get them done today. They are for co-workers of my son so, since we are going to head up to see their new house this weekend, I want to have them done to bring with us.

            Time to get a move on this morning. Have a good day everyone.
            Ginny B



              Good Morning Monique and everyone!
              Well, it's already muggy here. I have put off going to the cemetery to redo the flowers on the graves where my husband Terry, my parents, and paternal side of the family are. I think I'm going to go out there today if we don't get the storms predicted that is. I got a call last night from a cousin who was out to her mom/dad's graves and was concerned because I hadn't been out there since Memorial Day, and she thought maybe something was wrong.(my dad's sister who is 5 yrs old than he is and they all are buried in a family plot that was purchased in the 1880's by my dad's Great-Great Grandparents. My dad came from a family of 7 and he was the youngest of the family.) So, that was nice to get to talk to her and it was sweet of her to be concerned.

              I want to get some some small pots and make little Herb Gardens for my both my sister's wedding anniversaries. I usually give the couples a gift certificate to go ($10) have a dessert and coffee/tea somewhere and this year, due to social distancing, I chose to get them each a Dairy Queen gift certificate instead.

              I've just finished making pillowcases for a young family with 9 kids that just lost their mom last year due to cancer. The family has a YT channel, and I thought making a pillowcase for each of the kids might be a nice thing for them. I felt so bad for the dad of these kids. Neither he nor his wife believe in doctors/hospitals unless it's absolutely necessary. The woman was pregnant with her 10th child when it was found out she had cancer. She died about 7 days after being diagnosed. She lost the baby (she was 18-19 wks pregnant with a little boy.

              I've been busy re-designing a huge tote bag I've been making to get to local foster care. My heart just breaks when thinking of a child being taken from their home with all their belongings stuffed in a large garbage bag, so I've been making tote bags with a zipper closure. First I used Jenny's tutorial with the Charm Packs...but just made it a lot bigger. Then I started making them with Jelly Roll strips from another tutorial Jenny did several years ago, and again, increased the size of the tote, with a zipper closure.

              I'm going to spend time cleaning are re-doing my laundry room. I've thought about drywalling the laundry room before we put another shower stall in. The original shower stall is old and needs replacement. I want to get a new clothes dryer, and have thought about getting a new set washer/dryer....the front loaders, but I've heard several negative comments about the front end washers, and wonder if I shouldn't just replace the dryer with a front load dryer and keep or get a new top load washer?? I swear, there's always a dilemma isn't there! LOL!

              Have a safe and happy Wednesday fellow quilters and sewists!! Please remember to always wear your mask and wash your hands frequently when going out(using wet wipes)...and of course let's all remember to practice "social distancing"
              Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

              "I miss the me I was when you were here"


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                Sugar ~ I will never have another front loader washing machine. Give me a top loader with a nice agitator to circulate the clothes & plenty of water. My son & DIL had problems with their front loader with bad odors. I think they finally found a remedy for that. I'm still using a top loading, large capacity Maytag, which we've probably had to 30 years or so. (Knock on wood!) It has been such a reliable appliance.

              • SuzyQue
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                I have both front loading washer and dryer and love them. We use a lot less water and electricity, as the clothes are much dryer when they come from the washer. They clean just as well with less water. If the washer has a way to prop open, many have a type of magnetic latch to keep open when not using, then you will have no issues with odor. I believe without the agitators the clothes and especially quilts are less battered and twisted. Do your research. Everyone has their own opinions, but we love ours and would not go back to top loading machines.

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                Thanks Joy & SuzyQ! I have 50/50 opinions on the top loader or the front loader washer. I have had a couple of friends hate them so much that they sold them online and got another top loader. I guess I'll get the top loader. I've always had a top loader and should be grateful that I don't have to do my laundry with an old Ringer Type washer as my mom did when I was younger. My dad purchased a Maytag Washer/Dryer Combo in the 1960's (1963??) That combo was a lifesaver for my mom! We camped all summer long (from June to Sept) when we were kids and my dad drove back & forth (15 miles a day) to work. He would stop at the house 1 or 2 days a week, mow the lawn and put a load of wash in while he was doing outside chores. Then Maytag quit making the combo....and my mom started having the laundry done by a service.(the combo machines are being sold once again, and I have to say, I've been tempted to try one. My parents had really good luck with theirs.)
                My younger sister and I were in a lot of activities, Church, music lessons, dance (Ballet) class and I think my mom thought her "home" away from home was the car for several years. I remember when my mom told her friend how happy she was that us girls had our driver's licenses....(this friend thought my mom was "nuts" LOL! )
                Oh my gosh.....I got a little carried away here.....Anyway, thanks Joy & SuzyQ.....I love getting opinions from MSQC forum all are the BEST!
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              Good Morning all,

              Yesterday was muggy and hot and this morning is gorgeous. A front went through and dewpoints are now in the 50's and temp is 73. We didn't get the rain they said we would so we will need to water the baskets. The high heat is really wreaking havoc on them. Our tomatoes are growing like gangbusters though as is the hibiscus that just peaked through last week. It is already a foot high.

              I spent a lot of time in my sewing room yesterday working on the missing blocks from the class that was cancelled. I've been able to find all of them, now just translating to graph paper to a 12" block. So far, so good. I probably won't do much sewing on them yet as I have a number of applique blocks that need to be completed. Anniversary quilt needs to be completed first. Took they day off from that and my finger is not as tender an longer.

              We may run to Owatonna (where we used to live) to the Lowes to get our charcoal. None of the local stores carry it. We will probably take our two dachshunds along, they love to go for a ride!

              Have a great day!


                More rain for us today, I think it is remnants of Cristobal [sp?]. It has stopped our plan to create a new raised bed by our house but it will eventually get done. It isn't a hurry although DH is concerned about a wheel barrow trenching up the yard because of all our recent rain. The plants we bought are doing fine in their pots for now.
                I did a little sewing of blocks into rows with sashing in between. It is going to be a little wild since my sashing is red with tiny yellow flowers, it just looked right. The rows are ready to put together and I haven't decided if I want corner stones or not, I think maybe not because of busyness.🤨
                I went yesterday to get a pedi then on to get a special light bulb for a recessed kitchen light then to TJ Maxx. Light bulbs have gotten so confusing🙄, I was able to get some. TJ Maxx didn't have a whole lot to sell. The shelves were very neat and clean and....empty. There seemed to be plenty of clothes but not a lot of other things like linens. It may all come from overseas and supply chains are broken, so odd. Not many besides myself were wearing masks.😷


                  Good morning. The 3 “H”s have come back— heat, humidity, & haze. We will stay mostly inside today. I started cutting the wedges for my baby quilt. I should be able to start sewing them together later today.
                  I took the pug crack to the vet yesterday. We need to continue the eye drops and ear medication. I should have been a vet tech.

                  have a good day and stay cool.


                    Good morning all,

                    After 3 days of rain, storms, and wind, we have partly sunny weather today. The high will be about 70. With all the rain, I haven't been able to get in the garden, so the weeds have really taken over. Our soil is like "gumbo" here in the Red River Valley, and it's tough to work it when it's wet. It just sticks to garden tools....and shoes too!

                    I was supposed to go for an eye appointment today, but woke up not feeling quite right. I hardly slept all night, alternating between being too hot and too cold. I have chills and a slightly upset stomach this morning. Anyway, I rescheduled the appointment for next month.

                    I don't know what the day will bring. I'll see how I'm feeling later. Enjoy your day, everyone.


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                      I was wondering how your weather affected you. My husband said you were getting some nasty stuff.

                    Wishing you a great birthday, Sydneybean!! attachment[8].jpg

                    Scottie Mom Barb


                      Good morning everyone . . .

                      Today is supposed to be hazy, hot and humid. Tonight is the night I put my trash and recycle out for pick up tomorrow, but we are supposed to get strong thunderstorms later today and overnight. I still have a lot of cardboard boxes after moving and unsure about putting that out --- don't want the can to blow over and cardboard blow around the neighborhood.

                      Yesterday was a busy day. I had a periodontist appointment in the morning. There was a sign on the door that only patients were allowed in, any others had to stay in their cars. Still had to wear a mask, they took my temp and then I had to fill out a questionnaire. I was there for longer than I should have been, but the hygienist and I did a lot of talking.

                      About a week and a half ago, I took three pictures to a framing shop. The larger one hubby and I had framed ourselves many, many years ago. It was a night scene in the German town of Rothenberg. We used one of those "antiquing" kits . . . blue . . . on the frame. Needless to say, it was pretty ugly. There were also 2 smaller prints from the same town, also night scenes, that we had never framed. I had all 3 framed. They turned out great and now I can't wait for someone to come over to help me hang them. I want to make sure they are hung properly.

                      Afterward, I made a stop at a local grocery store to pick up a couple of things before heading home. On the way home, I received a text from my son in California. When I got home I looked at it. It was the "promotion" ceremony on Zoom for my granddaughter who just finished her last year in elementary school. It was so cool the way they did. I called them when it was over and, as I was talking to Angela, I got a little misty eyed and then so did she. She is just growing up so fast!!! I can't wait to see them when I go out in September. Still hoping, though, they come in this summer for a couple of days. They have not seen my new house yet. Last year when they were here it was just a plot of dirt.

                      Well, time to get some sewing done. I have four quilts that have recently returned home from the LAQ and need binding. I finally was able to get the big desk top computer up and running . . . it's the only one with Microsoft Word on it . . . and I printed out labels for all the quilts. Now there is no excuse to finish up all the quilts . . . right?

                      Have a great, safe and healthy day.



                        Good Afternoon All. Man oh man it is hot here, 2:30 in the afternoon and now at 85 and that is hot for my area (coastal). No A/C in this house. Recently I found a link for kids olson pattern masks (age 2-5 and then one 6-10 yr olds sizes). Made one of each as fit samples for my daughters two girls. Only have to alter one slightly, otherwise they are a good fit. Using one long cord with a cord lock (or whatever you call it).. they are having a hard time with the ear loop ones. Today we did face time and I laid out fabrics for them to choose which to make them. They chose completely different fabric than what I thought would be their choices.

                        Well I think a BIG bowl of ice cream just might help cool me down. 😁

                        Please be safe and HUGS to all!