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    Sunday Greetings

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's clear & cool this morning. The just past full moon is setting in the west. Whoooee! What a gully washer we had yest. afternoon! The skies started getting dark about 3 p.m. I saw we were under a severe thunderstorm alert. Sure enough, here came the wind, thunder, & a deluge of rain. It was blowing sideways. I heard there were wind gusts up to 80 mph in other places. Trees were uprooted, etc. Thankfully, it didn't last long. I delayed the sprinkler system; it was scheduled to run last night.

    I mixed up my turkey patties in the morning & sort of took it easy the rest of the day. I did my hip & back exercises while I watched the Gaithers.

    This a.m. will be church via YT. They are meeting at the church in groups of 50 with social distancing & masks. I plan to stay home. It still will not be a "live" service, but the pre-recorded video.

    This is day 10 of demonstrations in Denver. I feel bad for the way things are in our country right now, with all the demonstrations, dealing with the pandemic, etc. I wonder, will we ever see "normal" again?

    Good Morning Joy and those who follow,

    It's pouring! From what the weather gal said, it's from Christobol. Mike said the power went out last night. I didn't know anything about it, he got the notification around 2:30 and checked the Tesla App this morning, we were on battery power for about 10 minutes. It was so gray and dreary yesterday, I was surprised that we did manage to make it to 100% charge on the batteries at all. Seems like we're in a rain pattern for the last few days. The weeds in the back yard are taller than Gabby. It was funny watching her try to pick her way through the crows feet. She finally gave up and went back toward the air conditioner, where it's more grass than weeds. We have grass trying to grow beside the house. I was thinking about digging up that area and putting something shade loving that would be LOW/ ie NO maintenance. lol, I don't have a green thumb and it's an area that's narrow and not seen for the most part. There are tree roots growing toward my house from the neighbors back yard. It's just an unattractive area that's starting to bug me.

    I worked on my door hanging yesterday, it's been a nice break from Christmas Uglies. Still waiting on the batting to show up. I'm not sure what I'll work on today after church. At the rate it's pouring and thundering right now, it might just be best to stay home! One thing I need to work on is cleaning up the scrappy mess from the paper piecing. The vacuum cleaner needs to have a go at the floor in my sewing room, after the magnet has a go first!

    Have a wonderful day.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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      My vacuum needs to make friends with my sewing room floor too!

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      Thyme makes a wonderful ground cover and smells good too

    Good morning to all,

    I was waiting to see the daily thread post. Thank you Joy! I am a little excited to see one of my msqc orders at the local facility. Perhaps a delivery on Monday or Tuesday. The other order is showing that it is ready for shipping. It only took 4 days so I'm pleased with the processing.

    We are expecting more rain in the next few days. The fabrics are ready for the dinosaur quilt. I put the sheer fusible on the background blocks last night so they are ready for the embroidery machine. It's a little extra prep but gives me better results. My grandson knows them by their official names and one of the designs has a name change. I need to see if I can change it and match the font.

    I'm going to play in the land of dinosaurs and embroidery designs! Hope your day is great!


      So yesterday I got a lot done on the July 4th quilt. That is , once I was done arranging and rearranging the blocks a thousand times. I like to make sure that fabrics aren't repeated in blocks that are next to each other. It's the flying geese log cabin pattern from M* and has a lot of different fabrics in it. So it looked just way too busy for me. Aha- sashing! It's working. It separates the blocks nicely and calms things down. I should get the top done today once I decide what the borders will be. Then I can get it on the longarm.
      We had another nice dinner on the deck yesterday evening, steaks on the grill and a salad. Everything tastes better outside. I don't know what the plans are for today. Maybe we'll just go for a ride somewhere and see where we end up.
      Have a happy day!
      ~ Carol from PA


        Good morning Joy and all to follow. It's a much cooler morning today. We had t -storms come through yesterday afternoon to cool things down a bit. We were sitting outside relaxing after a very busy morning and early afternoon. The wind started to pick up a bit and I got a severe storm warning on my phone. We could hear the rumbles in the distance. I had just set my half full cup of tea down on the table and was telling hubby that we should get things gathered up and put away when a gust came along and blew that large cup of tea right over. There was a big, black cloud heading towards us. Yup, Time to get inside. So we got the cushions into the deckbox, got the clothes and clothes rack inside and had just walked into the kitchen and the rains came.

        I spent yesterday morning back in the spare bedroom purging and rearranging. Why do I keep all this stuff?! Got a lot accomplished and the cabinet that is coming back downstairs is ready to be moved now. And coincidentally, our son in law wound up bringing over a dresser we are going to put in that spare bedroom. That is now taking up space in the garage....... the space we had just cleared out the day before. Sigh. Well it will get moved to it's proper place soon.

        Enjoy your day everyone.
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          Good Morning to all. Well the pickup never happened yesterday on the oxygen equipment, and with 3 big cement dump trucks in out of the culdesac yesterday, NEVER did manage to grab a nap even! Neighbor is having a new driveway and a pad poured in back yard. Today should be quiet and nice weather. Next 3 days will be on the hot side, so outside chores will be kept to a minimum for sure. Daughter is doing a drive by to pick up stuff from my dads, on a good day her commute to here is 1.5 hrs. (depending on freeway traffic). Be nice to see her in real time (vs face time) even at a distance and with masks. Think I will refresh my coffee, round up the dirty laundry and head over to dads place to use the washer/dryer. I still don't have mine yet. My commute is closer to 1.5 minutes (walking).

          Please stay safe everyone!


            Cement trucks sound like a fun thing to watch. I have always enjoyed viewing construction. I guess I like to see progress.
            I planted a few lilies yesterday and dug a trench to show the landscaper where I want then new flower bed, kinda sore today. I am thinking about doing more digging today but it may just remain a thought. We are due some rain so there is a nice breeze right now, I hear some distant thunder, if it rains the digging will be easier tomorrow. If it rains I will most likely sew some.🤗
            I am trying a new recipe today that I saw on facebook, chicken, cream cheese, shredded cheese and Hidden Valley ranch seasoning in the crockpot. I will report after we eat it.


              Good morning!

              We're expecting a high near 70 today. I have the windows open and am enjoying the breeze. Temps will warm up the next couple of days; we may see some rain from the remains of Cristobal later in the week.

              I am looking forward to getting my Amazon package today. I ordered Lori Kennedy's new book, 25 Days to Better Machine Quilting: Hands-On Learning to Improve Your Skills. I have her other two FMQ books. I don't FMQ right now, I have taken a couple of online classes and made an effort to learn a couple of years ago. I don't see myself quilting a large quilt that way. I would like to improve my skills for smaller projects.

              I am on track working on my UFO. I will be at least 75% done with the quilting later this morning. Whether or not I get farther than that will depend on what else I decide to work on today. I want to try Mom's sour cream kuchen recipe. Her apple kuchen is my favorite. I have made it a couple of times. It is a little fiddly, and working with yeast is not something I do regularly. Mom's recipes can be a little scant on instructions; she wrote them assuming she would be the only one using them and she knew what she was doing.

              Have a wonderful day!


                Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm Jealous of all the the rain. Been a busy weekend, yesterday we went to pick up a steel drum to burn weeds in. Daniel has been working in the yard to clear weeds now that they have died and are easy to rake. We have tons of yard to clear. We stopped by Target for some last minute groceries, they were the only store open here past 8pm. Meat is scarce here, not sure everywhere else but it's getting harder and harder to find. It's funny, if your on a health kick we have it all Turkey, pork and chicken breast. We tend to eat more dark chicken meat and beef, I guess so does everyone else because its scarce. We got Chinese food for dinner.

                I got some sewing done yesterday for secert santa and cut out what I needed to complete bowl cozies for my son and my dad. I need to finish them today so I can get their packages out. I'm going to work on design boards today too.

                I bought some totilini last night, I'm going to make Turkey bacon to chop up with it and add chopped tomatoes and cucumber for a fresh meal. Daniel doesn't eat it but my daughter and I will. I'll make him something different.

                laundry and cleaning will need to happen today too. We're still hand washing due to our washer is broken. That's the next thing on the list to get fixed. We've seen a couple repair places that have finally opened! Lots to do today!!

                I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


                  Hello everyone!

                  It's cooler and windy today, and since the house doesn't get warm until the afternoon, I'm running around in a sweatshirt. DD began her long trip back to Missouri yesterday, and after having her here for two weeks, I now miss her more than ever. She took one of the cats with her for company. It gets awful lonely living in a motel room.

                  I spent the whole day yesterday working on a strip quilt. The fabric is one of the Tula Pink collections; when I bought it I was looking for Kaffe Fassett jellyrolls, but couldn't find one in stock that I really wanted, so Tula Pink got my vote. So far I'm really liking how it looks. The whole purpose of this quilt is so that I can get familiar with the new machine.

                  For some reason, this year I have no motivation to get flowers planted. I got some vegetable seeds in the garden, but other than that I flat out don't care. So today, Hubby is out planting flower seeds in the pots and beds. I think part of the reason is that for the past two summers, I was so busy with flowers and vegetables and mowing and weed wacking that I had no time for sewing. Last year I did no real sewing for the whole summer.

                  If all works out according to plan, in the next few days I'll get my Bernina set up in the living room and quilt the top I just finished. It will be set up just for quilting and embroidery. The new Janome will be in the dining room (my normal sewing space) just for piecing and assembly. Fingers are crossed.

                  Time to run....catch you all later!


                    Good Morning, at least it is still morning here, barely.

                    Yesterday was a beautiful day, low 80's and very low dewpoint until early evening when the dewpoints started to rise. Today is not going to be nice at all. High dewpoints and temp to go with it so I will be staying in the house and working on the anniversary quilt. Dave and I did the watering of the plants outside, today was fertilize day so had to do it by hand. Dave does not like the spray ones. Oh well, if it helps the plants all that much better. My hibiscus is finally coming up, it may even be a little ahead of time. It is a winter hardy plant and has the most awesome flowers. The blooms large and maroon and the plant starts blooming about the end of August and usually have flowers til the end of September or beginning of October. The rest of our gardens are doing well.

                    I finished my design wall and am very pleased with how it turned out. I even found out about a website, thank you Momofmonsters5, to look for block patterns that I was not aware of so now I can see if I can find the ones I'm missing from a class that was cancelled mid way through. I have 12 blocks made and several others in the works. This is another of my UFO's from years ago. Hope to have it pieced by the end of the year.

                    Picked up my son a bit ago so he can do laundry and he went across the street to visit my sister for a bit. They are very close. I'll take him back to his hotel once he is done with his laundry then I'll be working on some quilting. Should be able to get quite a bit done today. I almost half way through!

                    Have a great day everyone!


                      I'm going to finish up my coffee and then head outside. It rained yesterday and will again this afternoon. We need to get the wire restrung for the hot fence. Then I have hooves and deworming to attend to. The rains are predicted to be back by 1 or so, and stringing wire in the rain and possible thunderstorms is not ideal.
                      Once im back inside, I have to figure out what in the heck I did to two of my bag panels. One panel on each bag is longer than it should be. I mis-cut something somewhere. It was too late last night to try to make sense of it. I'll fix it today.

                      You all have a good day!
                      Be who you are and say what you feel
                      because those who mind don't matter,
                      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                        Happy Sunday, everyone. DH and I went canoeing for several hours yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but we had to battle a headwind going across one lake. We're both tired today. It couldn't be that we're getting old, could it?

                        Julie, I ordered Lori Kennedy's new book, too. I have learned a lot just from her website, so I'm hoping to increase my confidence along with my competence. I need to commit to doing the quilt-along so that I get in the practice time. I know my skills won't improve until I do. Had to laugh, though, when I followed the link to track my shipment. I ordered the book from the author's Etsy site. She shipped it on Friday. Although I live just 30 miles away, the book made a trip to Des Moines.

                        Barbara, I am also using two machines in two sewing areas. I use the smaller machine for piecing in my sewing room in the basement and also take that machine to classes and retreats (oh, how I miss getting together with other quilters!). I have my large Bernina set up in a spare bedroom/craft room on the main level. I am pretty much just using it for embroidery and FMQ.

                        Claire, the city is re-paving the streets in my neighborhood. We have had lots of construction equipment and cement trucks as they are replacing cracked sidewalks and curbing. They removed the old curb in front of our driveway on Thursday and filled an area in temporarily with crushed rock so that we can get in and out of our driveway. We were told to have our vehicles out before 70 a.m. Friday. They never showed up that day to do the work. We had a hard rain last night which washed out the section of crushed rock. DH had to shovel it back in place or we couldn't get out of the driveway. I am off work for a couple of weeks (had to use some vacation time or risk losing it), so I expect to be hearing a lot of construction noise.


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                          Don't you just love Minnesota seasons! Construction and winter! I'm glad I'm retired and don't have to deal with highway construction any more. Have a wonderful vacation.