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    It's Saturday

    Good Morning All,

    Another dreary day, more rain on the way. Mike's off to work, he'll get off at 2:30. It looks like Gabby will be trying to dodge rain for her trips outside today. Oh well, if it's cloudy and raining, it's a perfect day to work in the sewing room.

    Yesterday, I rolled up the fleece from Joann's. It's neatly stacked in the closet. Only problem, I can't shut the doors on the closet because of it. I keep crossing my fingers for the batting to arrive... soon. One of the boxes I emptied of Christmas fabric is now full of tops waiting for that batting. I made the two pillow cases for my succulents quilt. The colors are similar, but definitely not the same line of succulents. For propping up pillows, it will do! I pressed the fabrics for my compass door hanging, the plan is to work on that today.

    Mike took me shopping yesterday. We haven't done that in ages, other than Joann's and Hobby Lobby. Kohl's, T J Maxx and Walmart. I found two pocket books that I like and fit my cane. Mike found two pair of shorts he can wear to work and two tee shirts he can wear under his uniform shirt. All in all, I think we did rather well.

    My order from FQS came in yesterday and the baby monitor I bought for the washer and dryer. I can't hear the alarms go off from the garage and the cell alarm is intermittent. Of course, they worked fine yesterday! Maybe the latest update has fixed the problem, who knows! lol, or maybe the threat of getting a baby monitor for the garage fixed it!

    Have a wonderful day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a warm night we had! After the high of 101 yest., it still was 82 outside at bedtime. It was 70 this a.m. Cloud cover, so it didn't cool off as usual.

    My finger feels so much better today! I do believe it's on the mend now. I'm wearing a glove part of the time to keep it dry. What a relief.

    Mixing up my turkey patties will be this morning's job. I make sort of a meatloaf type mix, but make 4 oz. patties out of it. Three lb. of meat usually makes ~21 patties.

    We have an appt. for next Fri. the 12th for the camera exam of the kitchen sink drain, so nothing is getting put back in place in the bsmt. until that is done. I do have other in depth cleaning yet to do in the fam. rm. before stuff gets put back.

    Our gr. son is getting married next mo. in eastern WA. (He lives in N. Idaho.) It will be at one of those outdoor wedding venues along a river with beautiful scenery. I browsed the web site last eve. Of course, we cannot attend. The last time DH traveled anywhere was 2001, a month prior to 9-11.

    Well, DH is waiting for breakfast, so it's time to get going.


      Good morning. Looks like a cloudy Saturday so far. And we obviously had rain again overnight because everything is set outside. No need for watering this morning.

      Yesterday we decided to work a bit in the garage. We put up a small set of shelves to hold things that had been stacked on each other and would inevitably topple over when we were trying to get to something else near by. We also went through a few boxes and consolidated some things including my preschool books and teaching materials. There are two boxes of things from the China cabinet in the Brooklyn house. Now that my sister is moved into her nice new, larger home and has a beautiful antique breakfront, we need to go through them so she can decide what pieces she wants.

      Today I might convince hubby to move some dining room furniture around. And I want to spend some time in my sewing room too.

      Sounds like a very successful shopping trip Katrina. I hope you have a good day in your sewing room. Joy I am glad your finger is feeling better.

      I do have some laundry to do today too so I'd better get to it. Have a good day everyone.
      Ginny B


        Good morning,

        It will be another rainy day so more stitching time. I try to do the grocery shopping and errands on weekdays. No need to go to stores on weekends if I can avoid them. Tracking on one order shows that the layer cake will be delivered today. The other layer cake and extra fabric hasn't shipped out yet. I will have to watch for the delivery. One of the deliveries last week got wet before I could bring it inside. The stabilizer was still dry so no worries. We don't have a covered area for deliveries and usually we get to them quickly.

        I will finish washing all of the FQ today for the dinosaur quilt. Some are the same fabrics used by the quilt designer so the work is already done with fabric selections. Easy to copy the dinosaur colors and it will look nice too. I've started to wash quilt fabrics just to get the "shrink" out of the way.

        Joy, Good that you had your finger checked out and I hope it heals quickly now for you.

        Best wishes and best stitches to all!


          Good Morning!

          Yesterday was hot and humid again but dewpoints slowly decreased through the day and we were finally able to open up the house early evening. Still open now, seems fairly nice this morning at 64 with a dewpoint of 47. Heading for 81 which should not be too bad if the dewpoint stays down.

          I seem to be in a funk, not getting much done. Still don't have the design wall done but think that will be the project today unless we drive over to a nearby town to the Lowes there. They closed the one here in town several years ago and they seem to be the only ones who sell Cowboy Charcoal. We prefer that over the Kingsford. We may even stop to see my daughter and her family for a bit.

          Quilting did not go well last night, only 2 squares. The first square I worked on I almost completed when I noticed that my knot came out from the layers. Tried to fix it without taking it all out, no such luck. So had to take everything out and start over. I think the material I'm going through is maybe not as tightly woven so the knot slips out. Need to keep a little closer eye on that. May try to do a little more today to catch up. We will see. If we go to Lowes today I probably won't get much done at all.

          Dave came in this morning and said we have something eating the lower branches of one of our new lilac bushes. Probably rabbits so he put up a little chicken wire fence around them. I know we have rabbits under the shed so we will need to keep on eye on the other plants. I'm wondering if I need to do something with my tomatoes. I can't believe how much they have grown in the couple of weeks since they have been planted. They have more than doubled in size. Dave put up the tomato cages for two of them and will probably have to put up the other two in another week. Seems a little early but I'd rather have them caged so they aren't falling down. That's one thing I'll keep on top of this year so that I can make my tomato sauce again. Worked out well last year.

          Best get my butt in gear, have a great day!



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            I've given up on trying to control rabbit activity around here. They are in the yard every day. They nest under our shed every year. They come through the small openings in or under the gates, dig under the fence, or whatever. If they're small enough, the little ones can go through the chain link fence. Most of the time they graze on the grass, but if I catch them in the flower beds, I go out with the broom & chase them out. Certain ones like to hide under some of the perennials in the shade & nap. They are entertaining to watch. We've had as many as 5 in our yard at one time.

          Good morning!

          It is going to be a beautiful day today! High around 80 with low humidity. I already have the windows open.

          I have quilted half of my UFO. I am debating buying one of those "Snap Hoop Monsters," they are supposed to make all the hooping and re-hooping easier. I will work on the quilt this weekend, my goal is to be 75% done by Monday.

          It felt so good to get out of the house yesterday. I ran a couple of errands around lunchtime and decided to grab some lunch. I wasn't ready to go home, so I drove to the Metroparks (locals call it "the valley") and ate down there. I found a nice spot near a stream and watched white, fluffy, cottonwood seeds swirl in the water. It was very peaceful. I even saw a couple of ducks. 🦆

          I should call one of my friends today, her birthday is Monday. We usually go to a restaurant to celebrate each other's birthdays. I wonder if she's ready for that. She probably is. She used to work in the medical field and is rather pragmatic. The governor is letting Cedar Point reopen on June 19. My sister is excited. She goes every July and thought she wouldn't get to go this year. She doesn't go on the rides, she likes to walk around and enjoy the beach.

          Have a wonderful day!


          • Rhonda K
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            Is the hoop for machine embroidery quilting? If so, that is what I use for quilting ITH and like that it is easier to position or re-position the layers. The other plus is that you can line up the quilting design across the quilt from each hooping. I quilt basic machine stippling designs using the machine features.

          A beautiful day today I think, I thought that yesterday and we ended up with some rain which we did need. We went across the county to a day lily farm and ended up in a real thunderstorm. Luckily it moved on after a little bit and we were able to get some beauties. We bought a Mary Todd, just gorgeous huge butter yellow blooms, a couple of purple and a couple of peachy ruffled ones. I am excited to see the bed finished and them blooming. Haha, the bed isn't even dug but it will be soon. I do need to either plant or pot two of them as they are bare root now.
          I didn't get a bit of sewing done except opening scads of hst so the are ready to press and square up.
          I got an e-mail from Connecting that their batting is on sale so ordered some along with some thread. I love having packages on the way.


            Good Morning All. Waiting on the oxygen machine to be picked up, gave me a 4 hour window timeframe. This one was ordered by Kaiser and since Kaiser only contracts out hospice service in this area, Kaiser is out as ring leader and Medicare is now in. Thank Goodness. Yesterday the hospice agency I requested got the equipment delivered and admin nurse visited us. Medications started arriving already. With the virus, the visits by the nurses will not be as regular as they normally are, BUT are on call if we need them between each scheduled visit. If I had a nickel for every time the Kaiser HMO peeps caused me to form 4 letter words in my mind and bite my tongue... my mad money shopping piggy bank would be full for sure!

            It is a beautiful sunny day today and hope to take advantage of some natural vitamin D.

            Hugs to all and please stay safe!


              Good afternoon....

              Our evening last night brought a dust storm for about 45 minutes. We knew it was coming so had time to lower my hanging baskets and hummingbird feeders, take flag down. Then it rained a is cloudy skies and dedinitely 35 degrees cooler. Waiting for rain now.

              Painters showed up early and finished painting bathroom. Monday will be busy with plumbers and tile guys...then shower doors reinstalled. Almost over!

              Went to the Farmer's Market after painters left and picked up some fresh local cherries and homemade salsa. I discovered the Salsa gal last year and headed right to her.... It's excellent!

              I installed a wall-mounted TV in sewing studio yesterday. I don't watch much TV but when I do, I prefer documentaries and history stuff...some movies but I have to be in the mood for it. I mostly blast my a Rock & Roll but it's nice to have this option now.

     to do a bit of sewing. Have a great rest of your day and evening!
              "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


                The morning had some sun showers until about noon. Then the dark clouds rolled in and the rains came down. We were really glad that we got the mowing & weed whacking done yesterday. It looked so nice and tidy. The rain will cause another burst of growth and we'll need to do it again by the end of the week. It's green, and it's better than toasted and brown!
                Normally part of my Saturdays are spent with the folks at the school handing out the food boxes for the kids. They asked my husband to come because one of the other guys was gone for the next three weeks. We arrived to find our normal crew plus 2 from the warehouse, the 2 folks from the artist group handing out art kits, and several primary teachers who decided to show up to see the kids without notifying anybody. That put us over our 10 person limit. After the first couple of people showed up, we realized we weren't going to be useful, except when the three staff members were too busy chatting to work. We had other things to do, so we bid farewell.
                The rain rolled in about the time we pulled in at home. A perfect indication that I needed to spend some time in the sewing room. I have a stack of tote bags to finish off and made some decent headway on them. I pressed the edges of the next batch of face masks while I was at the ironing board.
                I'm cruising the web for a bit and will head back into the sewing room to see if I can finish off the next couple of steps on those tote bags.

                I hope you all have a good evening.
                Be who you are and say what you feel
                because those who mind don't matter,
                and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss