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WOOHOO it's Friday

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    WOOHOO it's Friday

    Good morning friends. I am glad it's Friday. I still have to work tomorrow but that's okay. Yesterday was a relatively quiet day. Another load of laundry got washed and dried nicely on the line as there was a lovely breeze.

    Hubby had a great day and spent with a great friend. I picked him up later in the evening. I had pieces cut out for a quilt (Jenny's North Star quilt) ( but changed the colour of the white to more of a cream tone on tone. My strips are blue/brown/cream and the white just didn't go well with it. I now have all my pieces cut and ready to go. I don't when I will be ready to go as it looks like we will go get Maizyn next week. Probably Tuesday we will head out to Phil's. She has a set of grandparents coming to visit her (she hasn't seen them in a very long time) so I don't want her to miss that. I think we may come home on Thursday. We shall see.

    The jeweler called and my heart is fixed. I think we will go get it tomorrow.

    Aside from that, it is pretty quiet around here and that's a good thing.

    Everyone stay safe and healthy. Have an awesome day and weekend.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    Oh Monique, sounds like good times with Maizyn is in your future! So very happy for you.

    It’s been a bit hot and humid this past week. Not used to the humidity, but oh well. This weekend is predicted to be.....just about perfect! Really looking forward to it.

    Our state is opening up a bit. Restaurants can open Monday at 50%. Still can’t get your hair cut. I’m good....DH looks like he did in the 70’s. We can’t find trimmers and lots are sold out online. And we keep thinking stuff will open just about the time we get a pair.

    Hoping everyone has a most blessed weekend. 💕
    💫 Star lover


      Good morning!

      Today is my second day without any meetings. I haven't had that happen since the telework started. I find myself craving human contact and will run an errand or two later today. A friend of mine has a birthday on Monday and I need to buy her card.

      The quilting is going nicely on my UFO. It will take me a few days to finish, the gal who created the edge-to-edge quilting method might be able to finish a quilt in a day, but I cannot. Well, it depends on the size of the quilt. I can only handle so much of the hooping and re-hooping. I noticed my new machine cuts the bobbin thread too short. When I take the hoop off the machine, the thread falls back in and I have to bring the bobbin thread up before I can stitch again. This happens every time. Now that I think about it, I had issues when I made Mom's door hanging, too.

      Time for breakfast before logging in to work. Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning All,

        Yesterday was pretty calm. It rained most of the day. I knitted again. My sewing room looks like a hurricane blew through there. Why did I go on a spending spree... oh yeah I have 10 tops that need backing. lol, Now to get the batting in so I can really get started. I guess that means today's project is going to be the door hanging. I have plenty of scrap batting to use for that.

        Mike's laundry hamper (a cheap one from Ikea) has finally bit the dust. We went to Ikea, hoping for cake, but the restaurant area was closed. He found a hamper he liked and I picked up a package of cinnamon buns. The Bistro was open but we didn't eat there. We waited and went to Texas Road House on the way home. They've added shields to all of the booths, and have their waiting area outside. When we left there was a long line waiting to go in.

        Mike's off today. He wants to look for some shorts. While he's doing that, I'm going to look for a pocketbook. I hate big bags but I'm going to have one a little bit bigger than the one I bought before the pandemic closed everything. I swapped tips on my cane for a roller ball. It really has stopped the jamming back into my side when it hits uneven joints in the sidewalks. Size matters when the end of your cane just grew by a couple of inches in diameter.

        Time to get started being productive. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another hot one yest. It was 97 mid-day, then it sort of clouded up & got real windy; temps. dropped into the 80's. No rain. I ran errands yest. a.m. Needed groc. & made a stop at Major Medical for more Sombra Cream (analgesic). I've been using it on my hip.

          I had planned to mix up my turkey patties today, but my finger is going to take precedence. It's the finger I jammed the splinter under the nail on the Thurs. before Memorial Day Week End, that I went to urgent care about. After finishing the 7 days of the antibiotic, it was feeling fine. But since the Rx is done, it's hurting worse; it's red, swollen, & painful. So...back again to urgent care after breakfast.

          I called yest. & scheduled an appt. for next week to have our kitchen sink drain examined with the camera. While it's open & functioning, I want to check the integrity of the line before I move everything in the bsmt. back to it's usual spot. I don't want to go through all that work again.

          Yest. eve. I phoned 3 widow friends of mine to see how they're doing. One is a quilter, so we have common interests about which to chat. She grew up in Amish country in PA.


          • CarlieBlilie
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            Good idea to double check on your sink before you move everything back. Common sense to me but not many people use it any more it seems. Hope your finger just needs a few more days of antibiotic.

          • Dove
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            That's been bothering you for way too long. Hope they can get it taken care of for you.

          • nativetexan
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            Ah! I've been worried about that finger! for some reason wounds under the nail can be bad but you can't tell. Glad you got it looked at again., heal completely this time.

          Good morning. It's a cloudy one here and at some point during the night, thunder woke me up. Looks like our gardens got some watering last night so no need to go out there to water this morning. I think we will do a bit more work in the garage. I started back working on the log cabin quilt yesterday. I got the borders cut and decided on my binding.

          Have a good day everyone. Be safe.

          Ginny B


            Yesterday afternoon I started a new quilt. I'm making the flying geese log cabin using a jelly roll that I've had a long time. It's Polka-dots and Paisley by Moda. It has reds, blues, tans, and whites. For July 4th we are having a birthday party for Mike's 70th. His birthday is the end of this month. I want to give the quilt in a drawing for everyone who comes to our celebration. The thing is, I ran out of strips that are long enough now for the outer strips on each block. I don't know how that happened. The patterns says I only need one jelly roll. So I dug through my stash and found a few fabrics that should blend in nicely with the others.

            We found a landscaper who will do the work in our yard for us. He said he should be able to start in a week or two. I would like to have it done before everyone is here for the 4th. I want to plant some flowers after all the mulch is in.

            I think I'll take a trip to Walmart today to get a couple things and to get out of the house. Restaurants are allowed to be open in our area beginning today but we'll wait till they've been open a few days before we go anywhere. Less confusion that way. It will be nice to be able to stop somewhere on the spur of the moment like we used to do.

            Have a happy day!
            ~ Carol from PA


            • chelea
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              I seem to remember seeing it in a tutorial that when you're working with a jelly roll you should cut the longest pieces first.

            • Dove
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              That makes sense, Chelea. I could have made one full block to get the precise measurements. Next time!

            Yesterday was in the low 90's and the dewpoint was all over the place so we only had the house open for a few hours. At least we got a little fresh air into the house. Got the laundry done and that's about the extent of the work around the house that I did.

            I have been working nightly on the anniversary quilt and am still on track to get the hand quilting done before the end of the month. If things go as planned I should be pretty close to half way done on Sunday. Finger is pretty sore so I'm not pushing to do more each day. If anyone has any helps to heal a finger that is tender from needle pokes I'm all ears.

            I'll be running my son to the church where he gets his mail. Dave and I decided to pay for a month's rent at the hotel where he is staying. After that he won't have a place to stay. Hoping the low income housing people get back to him with some good news before that. Since we "gave" him some money we also gave some to our daughter. She was not happy about it, said "You're forcing me to buy you gifts for Christmas for that much". I know she said she doesn't need the money but we think it is only fair. I think it came at a good time as my son-in-law is having some tooth pain and sounds like it may cost a bit.

            I'm off to do a little house cleaning and work on my design wall today. I don't think the weather is going to be very nice until some time next week when we get back down to the 70's (which is below normal temps I think) and lower dew points. Since that is the case I believe we will have the A/C on until things start cooling off a bit.

            Have a great day everyone.


              It is beautiful day here in Alabama, we do need some rain, it is due back here on Sunday so I need to water a bit today.
              There is a lily/plant sale that I want to go to this afternoon, it is across the county but I think we are due for a little trip. I want to add a slightly raised bed to one side of the house, I am putting the cart before the horse buying plants first but this grower is only open a few days each year. We will need help with bringing in rocks/blocks for the bed so will have to chat with Felipe about that. He is the local do it all guy.
              My workroom is looking very bare, I only have scads of hst to press and square up to go on one quilt border. Nothing else in the works, amazing.😄. Maybe I need to start a new project.
              Have a good weekend ahead friends.
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                Good morning to all,

                At the moment it's a beautiful day; high humidity but that's what I like and need. The rest of the family hates this kind of weather. When I went walking this morning it was breezy and I got to see the sun come up over the hills.

                Today is a busy day. Our DD is doing her pre-packing for her trip back to Missouri tomorrow. It's hard to get committed to any activity because I'm hearing a lot of "Have you seen my...", and "Do you have any ______ I could take?" She works for an environmental construction company and currently works in Illinois, lives in Missouri and comes home to Pennsylvania when they get a leave every 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully this job will be completed in early fall, and she'll be able to go to a jobsite closer to home.

                Yesterday we picked up my new sewing machine. I was able to get it unpacked and get everything figured out. Since the quilt store wasn't technically open, we just parked in the lot, got the machine into the truck and pulled away. When things are more open I can call and arrange to attend some classes, and they are available by phone. Today I have been playing with settings and feet and all the sounds and differences about the machine. The stitch quality is very good and so far I'm pleased, but it is different than what I'm used to.

                A couple of days ago an old dead oak tree fell down in our yard, just missing the house and smashing hubby's tractor hood. Most of it has been dealt with, but hubby had to get a bigger chainsaw to deal with it. I think today we'll be cutting and hauling nasty ant infested hunks of tree. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. I think I'll tape my pant legs to my boots when we do that.

                Time for lunch....cold pizza and of my favorites. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


                  Yay, it is Friday again!

                  It's cloudy here today but no rain yet. I am finally making some progress on the to-do list. I found the silver ironing fabric so I can complete the board today.

                  Yesterday, I purchased a few more fabrics for the dino quilt project. The new fabrics coordinate with already planned fabrics so that is a happy dance. It's hard to know if they will work without taking them to the fabric store. I was trying to remember them in my head and that can certainly be a challenge.

                  I mopped the floor in the sewing room so it's ready for the next project or mess.

                  Hope your day and weekend is a great one!


                    Good afternoon!!

                    Expected to hit 97 today then drops 30 degrees for the weekend. Still getting use to this weather cycle here in Idaho. Living in Southern Calif all my life has taken quite the adjustment since moving. I could count on Hot everyday but this huge flexuation of temps and watching weather news everyday to stay on top of it has taken some time to get use to.

                    The reconstruction of my bathroom following the leak is well under way. The wainscotting, trim, and painting was done this week. The tile in our shower is going in today...then the plumber is back to install shower fixtures and reinstall free-standing rub. Then, contractor providing a professional cleaner to clean my whole house, which I appreciate. So, almost back to normal.. It's been stressful but I count my blessings everyday that we caught it and that we had a guest suite to temp relocate.

                    I am am working on a new quilting project and started working on the applique pieces last, while tile guys here, that's what I'll be doing. My hubbie threw his back out so he's taking it easy for the next few days. It's a regular occurrence lately with all that needs doing with a newly built home in terms of outside work and his list of,projects. Today, I spoke to him about hiring out some of it. No reason for him to kill himself in our retirement when we can afford to hire out. He agreed! Phew!

                    So that's it for me....Have a beautiful day and weekend... Farmers Market opens tomorrow!, woohoo!

                    "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


                      Update on trip to Urgent Care ~ After breakfast I headed over to the urgent care, which is just a few blocks from our house. I didn't have to wait long. It's a walk-in place; one doesn't have to make an appt. The dr. poked that infected area & drained out the pus. He ordered another 7 days of the antibiotic. He thought it was a staph infection. I'm glad I went over to have my finger taken care of. The relief of the pressure already has reduced the pain. I'm sure I'll be babying it yet for a few days. It's very tender to the touch, especially if I bump it.

                      I made the drive out to Walmart pharmacy to pick it up the Rx. My co-pay was only $1. As long as I was there I bought a few groceries & walked around the store for exercise. The woman ahead of me at the check-out had a full cart. She tried at least 3 credit/debit cards without success. She finally called someone & tried another card with success. She had some cash with her, but it wasn't enough. It really slowed down the line. On the way home I picked up Chick-fil-A chicken strips. The double line was very long, but moved at a good pace. I've been taking it easy this afternoon. I worked on mail & sent out 5 birthday & anniv. cards.

                      VERY HOT today. Our high was 101 deg.!


                      • KPH
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                        I'm glad you had your finger checked into, now maybe it's on the mends.

                      • Monique
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                        Would soaking it in salt water help?

                      Monique ~ Yes, I've already been soaking my finger in warm salt water most all this time. Those were my instructions from the first visit to the urgent care. I have Epsom salts on hand, but I've just been using table salt.


                        I am glad you got that looked at and treated. I hope the pus carried out whatever splinter was remaining and it heals up now.