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    From a future Kindergartener

    DD the Kindergarten teacher was at her brother's house the other day...

    4-year-old niece:
    *leans in close, narrows eyes, points finger at my mouth*
    "Auntie Sarah, is that nail polish on your lips?"

    So sweet. I love the world through children's eyes! Thank you!
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      Hahaha! That's cute. Love how kids think. 😁


        And they take everything literally. My daughter is learning that from her youngest (3 yr) over and over again. Other day the oldest (5 yr) was doing one of her whinning moments and youngest chimmed in and did the same thing. Youngest was told... you don't have to do and be like your sister, be your own person. Fast forward a few hours and oldest was told to pick up the toys and then told younger one to help out... Yep you guessed.. her response was I don't need to do what she does, I am my own person!


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          I love it! Too funny; of course I can say that, now that my own are grown and gone and I no longer have to deal with their "logic"!

        OMG....this made my day!! I watch a young couple on YouTube that have 7 children between them. They both were married before. She has a 9 yr old daughter 7 yr old twin boys and a 6 yr old boy and she & her new hubby have a 2 yr old daughter. The guy has two sons 9 & 7 yrs old.
        Anyway, the little girl (she's actually 2.5 yrs old) loves putting on her mom's lipstick &'s hysterical to watch the little girl in the mirror talking as if she is selling the lipstick OR the blush...and she tells you how to put it on too. It's so funny!

        I've always said I'm sure K & 1st grade teachers probably hear some things from these little ones that are hysterically funny!
        ************************************************** **************************
        Our 2nd son Travis was in the 1st grade and the teacher was asking the children if they knew their phone number & address. Well, all of the kids but Travis did really well with the couple of questions from the teacher However, when the teacher called Travis up to her desk and asked him if he knew his dad's name and of course, he said Terry. When she asked if he knew his mom's real name, Travis said "Yes, It's Sugar." Well, of course the teacher narrowed her eyes and said "Are you sure?" Doesn't your mom's name start with a J? Travis said no, and repeated that his mom's name was Sugar.
        So, when the kids went out for the afternoon recess, the teacher went down to the office and asked the secretary to check to see what my 1st name really was and lo' and behold, the records stated that my name was Jacqueline!!! So what did the teacher do?

        What any sensibly teacher does, she called me at home and asked me what I thought why Travis was claiming that my name was "Sugar" (in fact he also told her that even his GMA called his mom Sugar......but "When GMA gets really mad at mom, she sometimes calls mom "Sugar Ann!!")
        Oh, my goodness.....I couldn't stop laughing, and neither could the teacher!!! I promised to work with Travis to make sure he knew I actually did have a real name!!!

        I sure wish I could've been a mouse under that teacher's chair that day.....that must have been really comical!

        As Art Linkletter used to say "Kids say the darnedest things!"

        Lionus Sigh.jpg
        Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

        "I miss the me I was when you were here"