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    Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning friends. I didn't get out of bed until 5:30, woohoo!!! I did go to bed later as well. I had a great nap in the afternoon.

    Nothing much new around here. Work is work.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning! It's grass cutting day here. I usually mow on Thursday, but this is probably our last dry day until Saturday and I don't like to mow during the weekend. Lots of farming going on-planting corn and soybeans and rolling hay. The days still blend into each other as we continue to isolate and only go to stores when necessary. Stay safe everyone.
    *~* Myrna *~*
    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


      Good morning!

      It's hard to believe it is Wednesday already! Today will be warm -- low to mid 80's -- with a chance of rain later today.

      I talked to my Ohio sister yesterday to see if she has any ideas for her birthday. She asked for a kitchen timer, so I want to go on Amazon and find a silly one. She said she wants a key lime pie instead of birthday cake, and asked me if I could make one. I've been looking at recipes this morning. They are all pretty similar; the biggest difference is some recipes call for egg yolks and some do not. I may go the easiest route and find out if the Bakers Square that's a half an hour from here survived the safe at home order. If it did, I can just buy one.

      I finished pin basting my quilt top yesterday. Today I need to sew around the edges to prevent them from getting caught in the embroidery foot. I learned that lesson the hard way. I also want to stitch out a sample of a different design. I'm not 100% sold on the one I picked out.

      Time for some breakfast before logging in to work. Have a wonderful day!


        Good morning. Looks like it will be a humid and stormy day. I have made a few more blocks yesterday. I went for my annual mammogram late yesterday afternoon. I go back Sat morn for a MRI of my lower back. I guess they are making up for all the lost appts when all this started.
        Rocco ,our large mutt, has to go back to the vet for surgery on his left ear this time. The pug pup must have bit this ear too and a hematoma formed. Never a dull moment around here.

        have a great day


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was a cooler night, so I slept better. The 90's are in the forecast for the next few days. We had a high of 96 yest.

          Today's newspaper headline states our county fair will not be open to the public this year. Virtual events are planned. Some events will be canceled altogether. Fair organizers posted on Facebook they were unable to host the fair in a safe environment due to the coronavirus. No carnival, vendors, or in-person entertainment. The annual parade downtown also is canceled. This is such a highlight of the year for so many people.

          After my busy day yest., I chilled out in the eve. I hand watered the flower beds, and enjoyed reading my book for a while. Our sprinkler system doesn't reach all the flower beds, so they have to be hand watered. My climbing rose is looking bad this spring. Worst I've ever seen it. I need to cut back the dead canes. With everything else going on during the past couple mos., I haven't had time to work in the yard. There for a while my hip was too painful, going to PT, the C-19 virus, then the infected finger & the kitchen sink drain issue. Maybe now I can get a little weeding done.

          I hope everyone has a good day.


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            I wonder if the Circus in Peru, IN will happen this year. It was always a highlight. All of the kids that live in the county were eligible to participate. From the little clowns for the youngest, to the high traipse for the high schoolers. All of the circus acts were performed by the youth of the town. The kids would practice all winter at the circus building. The week of the circus, there are carnival rides all around the square and vendors. Delicious foods by the local civic groups to raise money for the year, elephant shows right outside the circus building before the big show. It was always so much fun. I guess it probably won't be happening this year.

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            I wonder if the Circus in Peru, IN will happen this year. It was always a highlight. All of the kids that live in the county were eligible to participate. From the little clowns for the youngest, to the high traipse for the high schoolers. All of the circus acts were performed by the youth of the town. The kids would practice all winter at the circus building. The week of the circus, there are carnival rides all around the square and vendors. Delicious foods by the local civic groups to raise money for the year, elephant shows right outside the circus building before the big show. It was always so much fun. I guess it probably won't be happening this year.

          Good morning everyone,

          Today is a work day at J's. I have about 10 minutes before hitting the shower.

          Julie, my ears perked up when you said "Bakers' Square"!! I used to love that place. Whenever I would visit Minneapolis, there was sure to be a stop there. I think they're all gone from the Mpls. area now. I haven't been to one in years. My new favorite is the Cheesecake Factory, but I hear they're in trouble financially, so who knows how long they'll be around.

          I was in a funk yesterday, so I didn't do much. I did a little weeding in the garden, and read quite a bit. Golf league started for DH, so I made tuna hotdish for supper. How are those two things connected you might ask? DH hates tuna hotdish, so I take the opportunity on Tuesdays during golf season to make it for myself. Unfortunately, my blood sugar was too high this morning, so the rest of it will hit the trash. 🙁

          That's it for me. Enjoy your day!


            Good Morning All,

            It's supposed to be warm today, the forecast looks like we're going to have a drop in temperature because of the weather moving in. Looks like rain for the next week. We'll see how accurate that is, I guess it all depends on the storm in the gulf.

            I should have one FedEx package from JoAnn's today. I received notice that the batting has shipped, too. Yippee, glad I didn't go buy any yesterday.
            M* package was in NC yesterday, should hit FL today and arrive tomorrow, crossing my fingers on that one. Fat Quarter package had the label created yesterday, so it shouldn't be too much longer.

            Mike wants a portfolio cover for his legal pad. The one he has is splitting and looks awful. I guess I'll end up at Joann's anyway today. I saw a tutorial for a half pad, it shouldn't be too hard to enlarge. At least it will be something other than Christmas Uglies to work on. I bought the Bosal foam when it was a DD, I still have shapeflex 101 and a stiffer interfacing... now to find them!

            Talked to our insurance guy yesterday. Mike's wanting to trade his truck and my car to get something newer. I told him I would pay half, the rest would be up to him and it would be his car, his insurance and I'd pay for one tank of gas a month. He's trying to figure out what he needs vs wants. He's not giving me anything to call Martin (family car dealer) about. I'd love to have another Malibu, but I'm not driving. He uses the truck bed quite often, a car might not be the best thing. We'll see what he decides. We've been talking about it for a while. Now if he'd just make up his mind!

            Today is the day Morgan talks to one of the traveling nurses companies. I need to keep busy because I know they won't call once it's done. There will be a lot of discussions at Jim's house today.

            Have a great one.

            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning. I see some sunshine out there after some rain overnight. We are supposed to have some nasty storms come through later today so we need to do any outside stuff early.

              Yesterday was a better day for me emotionally. Monday I was in a foul mood. Poor hubby. So I decided to focus on things in my sewing room to hopefully get me back on a more positive keel. It helped. I worked on my Pfaff which has been acting up. I haven't used it for over a month. Just didn't have time with all the mask making. ( I did them on my Featherweight.) So far it seems to be working better. It does still need to go in for regular servicing. When things calm down and open up, I'll get it in. I then turned my attention to a Dressmaker machine we found in my sister in laws' basement when we were cleaning out her house after she was killed a number of years ago. I had opened it and looked at and admired it but hadn't actually plugged it in. Well yesterday was the day. It had its bobbin case but no bobbin with it. I have a number of different types of bobbins from different vintage machines so I picked a couple that looked like the right size and tried them. The machine itself was almost in pristine condition. So I threaded the machine (which is a bit different than any machine I have used threads in the back of the machine......, put the bobbin in and plugged it in. Amazingly the stitch was perfect! No tension issues at all. Everything moved smoothly. I was thrilled. I don't have a manual for it so I need to get online and see if I can find one. I don't know why I waited so long to check this machine out. After that I went up to my sewing room and gave it a good cleaning. It was a positive day.

              Not sure what today will bring yet but I will try to make it a positive day. I hope you all have a good day. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
              Ginny B



                Good Morning...It’s going to be a gorgeous day in the 80s. We have some rain in our forecast later this week. Jeff has our yard looking really nice considering the weather he had to work around.

                We both have doctor appointments this morning. I think we will be the first patients today. We will make a stop at the bank on the way home. Other than that it should be a normal day.

                Good news this morning about Annika’s brother!

                I need to get us ready to leave. Have a great day everyone. Hugs.....

                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Yesterday was so nice, going out for something social for the first time in 2 and a half months, wonderful.
                  I have been folding my quilts like the recent video, it makes them look so very neat, I have a few more to do then putting them back in their closet will require a ladder and a helper, maybe today.
                  I walked about a mile on Monday, I really need to get back in that habit, it is good for my back and probably everything else. Today I need to water, also. So far I haven't shopped for the irrigation system, DH is not convinced so that is on the back burner.
                  Today I was supposed to sail out of NYC harbor on a transatlantic cruise, life sure has some curves.😭
                  I hope our world gets back to a better normal soon, I am very sad about recent events that seem to be escalating rather than good sense prevailing.


                    Yesterday we visited with my daughter and her family for my grandson's birthday. It was so great to spend time with them! The baby- just turning 6 months old tomorrow- is crawling now. He is so adorable! The 2 yr old loved his book. Mike got him a balance bike and Gannon got right on it. His feet don't quite touch the ground so it may be a bit before he can ride it but he sure tries. He didn't want to get off of it! And my 4 yr old granddaughter was her fun, talkative self! I'm so happy that we moved closer to my daughters. We used to be over an hour away. Now it's only 10 minutes from both of them.
                    I really need to get some housework done today. Especially needing attention is the second floor. The dust sure accumulates fast. The floors make me crazy with the dust bunnies. All the windows need some cleaning, too. But that's a whole day right there.
                    Yesterday I subscribed to Quiltster in order to audition different colors for the Valley Blossoms quilt pattern that I bought. The pattern has it in white with different blues. I want to do a cream background with shades of green. Andover has a new line out that I like. The pattern is for a 99" square quilt. I need to make it at least 110" to cover the king size mattress with a good drop on the sides. I'll probably just add some borders. And I want to make a couple pillow shams to match, too. Hmmm-- maybe the housework can wait and I can work with Quiltster then order the fabrics.
                    Have a happy day!
                    ~ Carol from PA


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                      Dove, please share the name of green Andover fabric. My DD wants a green quilt,but I have had trouble finding something I'd like to work with & she'd like to have.
                      TIA Kathy
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                      Mamsan, the fabric is Andover Evergreen. M* has some yardage and I saw some on Fat Quarter Shop's site.

                    Good morning to all,

                    The rain is still pouring down this morning. It's been raining since last night and local roads have a flood watch. I'll be careful when I venture out for errands today. One of the new fabrics is calling for some polka-dots so that will be a fun trip to the LQS. The DD from yesterday was perfect for another project so that is on order. Whenever it arrives is fine as there is no certain time frame.

                    I finally have all the supplies for ironing board cover so it can be done now. The board is 24x 48 and will top the work bench.

                    Hope your day is filled with sunshine and happy stitches!


                      IMG_20200602_155604~2.jpg Morning all,

                      ​​​Was up early and took advantage of the warm sunny morning and had my coffee and breakfast out on the deck.

                      Not much new here tends to be the same routine each day staying home. Hopefully in the next week or so we will go to phase two and some things will be opening up. I would love to get a haircut but we will see.

                      This is my favorite time in the garden when everything starts to bloom. I love the color after a bland winter. Here is a picture out my sunroom window. I have a small fish pond that is encased in the garden although you can't see it from this angle. In the far side of the yard is my husband's raised planters where he grows all our veggies. Can't wait for the taste of that first tomato!

                      ​​​​​​​Well off to start the daily chores. Wishing everyone a good day be well, stay safe.
                      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

                      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
            [email protected]/



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                        You have a beautiful yard.

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                        It looks like a beautiful, calming, relaxing environment. I know you must enjoy it.

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                        Thank you Karen!
                        Joy, yes I love sitting outside in the yard especially since we are still staying home.

                      Good Morning Everyone,

                      Yesterday was hot, 97 with a dewpoint of 70. Storms came through and had tornadoes southwest of us but nothing was traveling toward us and they were far enough away that we didn't have to worry about it. There was also some very large hail in parts southwest of us. Dewpoint is supposed to go down through the day. I'm watching as I would like to open up the house. I have never liked having the house closed up and putting on the A/C. Like my mother I guess. Dave just can't take the heat and humidity. I think I've gotten used to the A/C being on because of that so I cannot take as much of the heat as I used to. I don't remember having any difficulty sleeping in hot weather when I was a kid and back then the only A/C we had was in my mom and dad's bedroom because he had to get up to go to work. And, of course, we were always outside playing so I guess we got used to the heat.

                      We purchased a 75 gallon aquarium yesterday and Dave started working on the stand. He already has the framework done. Once he gets it to a certain point he is going to start rearranging our patio and then set up the new aquarium. The 55 we currently have has a wooden enclosure on the bottom that he will take out (can't remove it until we can move the aquarium) and that will be the cabinet for the new aquarium. I understand what he is doing but not sure it is going to work out as well as he thinks it is.

                      I worked on my design wall yesterday and have the two pieces of insulation board cut down to size. I was going to hang it on one of the walls in my sewing room using the command strips (Dave does not want any more holes in the plaster) but reviews I've read have changed my mind as many said that when removing the strip it also removed paint and plaster. So now the plan is to just lean it against the wall. I still have to put the batting on it but I think it is going to work out well.

                      Well, my son just called and asked for a ride to the church where he gets his mail sent so I'm off. Might just stop at the store and get some duct tape to make sure we have enough for me to finish up my design wall.

                      Have a great day!