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    Hello Tuesday

    Good morning friends. It was a busy day at the post office yesterday. My new crocs are awesome, my feet weren't sore like they usually are. Happy camper here. Everyone is looking for their parcels. People aren't realizing the difficulties and the volume of parcels going through the system right now. They come into the post office with their tracking numbers, we can't make the parcels arrive any quicker, sorry. Rant over.

    The baby quilt FINALLY arrived at its forever home yesterday. I also sent a coin set "Born in 2020" with it. They sent me back a picture with the baby on the quilt. So sweet.

    I stopped and picked up a box of shirts that a lady would like made into a memory quilt. No rush on this.

    Well that's it for me. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning everyone,

    Oh Monique, so happy your crocs make your feet dance! I’ve heard great things about crocs. Hope your day goes well.

    Did a boat load of yard work. Trimmed and cut the lawn. Planted and fertilized over 100 plants. Didn’t eat until 8:30.....whew! So tired and aching this am. Temps are to get to 90’ today. Not sure about the humidity.

    Wonderful that Joy has her sink back and NOT at the original cost 💃! Yippee 🥳!

    Have a glorious and peaceful day!
    💫 Star lover


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      Yes it is fixed at a MUCH cheaper price. I saw a post about it earlier.

    Good Morning All,

    Mike's off today and tomorrow, one will be errand day. Gabby has her spa afternoon, I'll have to wait for one more week. I just want to get my hair cut! My hair hasn't been this length since I got married. Kimberly gave me a great cut in January because I can still style it, it just won't hold the style as long with the extra weight.

    Packages should start coming in this week. I ordered succulent fabric from quilted twins, to make pillow cases for the quilt I just took off of the bed. Fabric I chose for the June door hanging should be here tomorrow. I'm going to make a feathered compass. The AT AT is coming down until next May. The backing fabric for the Uglies should be here Wed. I'll be glad to see something go from the 'waiting to finish top stack' to a finished stack! One more order from FQS is still in processing, who knows about that one.I have no idea when the batting from JoAnn's will arrive. I may just pick up a couple of baby quilt sizes while we're dropping off Gabby next door to JoAnns so I can finish those. Something tells me I'm going to be busy for a while!

    Time to refill my coffee cup and get this day started. Have a great day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning!

      Today is going to be 83 and dry. Yesterday was beautiful in the low 70's. My sister came over for a minute -- she locked herself out of the house and needed to borrow my key. At least I live across the street. It reminded me of the time Mom got locked out and one of the neighbors drove her to my old house to get a key. I can't laugh too much, I've been locked out of my house twice due to power outages. I come and go through the garage, and keep the doors (including the screen doors) locked. There is no key for the screen door. If the power is out, the garage door opener doesn't work and I can't get in the house. I had to to go over to Mom's and wait for the power to come back on.

      I emailed my yard guy this morning. I got a calendar out and did the math -- my back yard hasn't been mowed for three weeks! He didn't come out last week; he didn't mow the week before because it was too wet; that means it hasn't been mowed since May 11 or 12. No wonder it looks terrible! I'm surprised the neighbor next door hasn't called the City to complain.

      I started sandwiching one of my UFO's yesterday. I need to work on the pin basting today. I should probably wear shoes while I do it. I'm always barefoot around the house, and with the teleworking, I've been mostly barefoot for 2.5 months. My right knee was not happy with me last night! I was surprised it bothered me that much. Then again, the arthritis has been acting up...

      Time for a second cup of tea before logging into work. Have a wonderful day!
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        Part of that pain might be due to the being barefoot. I learned that lesson when I had plantar fibrosis in one foot. I had to start wearing shoes with arch supports instead of slippers all the time.

      Good morning quilters,

      Spending a little time with the second cup of coffee this morning and then I'll start my day. The scrap bin has been sorted and sorted again. They will make a nice scrappy someone else. I gave myself permission to pass them along to a lady that makes charity quilts. Time to move on to other projects.

      New outdoor lights are ordered. Two for the garage area and two smaller lights for the front/back doors. They will make a nice spruce up for the house. Happy to have the decision and purchase done. I made mock-ups with black duct tape for different sizes and took pictures. Over-thinker perhaps?

      Have a wonderful day!


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        I am nearly at that point myself. I had grand plans to try the "crumb" quilting where you save all the bits, sew them together into new fabric, and go from there. Yeah, not my thing.
        I did make some bowl cozies using my selvedges. I really liked those, but they were a lot more work than whacking out 9-10" squares and getting on with it.
        I'm going to use the little bits for pet bedding unless somebody local wants them.

      • KarenC
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        I just had a conversation with my daughter yesterday that any of this fabric that I have not sewn by May 31st of next year, which was acquired from my mother, will be donated. I want to focus on fabric that I have purchased.

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Whooeee, what a hot day & night! Hottest day so far; it was 102 at our house! The weather web site said 100. Probably broke a record. The low temp. this a.m. is 70. All week is supposed to be hot. So thankful for the cooling from our swamp cooler. Hopefully the hot weather will move along those miller moths to the higher elevations.

      What a relief it is to have a functioning kitchen sink! So thankful for the persistence of the man from the drain co. After some further cleaning, I'll start the slow process of putting things back in place. I know there will be some sorting & ridding out of certain items. When I put my finished quilts tops in a box, I realized how many UFOs I have. I know there are probably 15 tops waiting to be sandwiched & quilted.

      Today I need to change the sheets on DH's bed, do laundry, & air the pillows outside in the sun. There is so much yard work to do (flower bed weeding), but it has taken a back seat to the plumbing problem & my infected finger, which is now better after a week of an antibiotic.


        Good Morning all, It was a hot one yesterday, not as hot as your day, Joy, but for us it was hot. 90's and the humidity was 69. Very sticky. Spent the day indoors. We did go shopping for an aquarium but never got there! First we made a stop at Home Depot for the lumber to make the stand for the aquarium and I also got some 2" insulation to make a design board. Since it would not lay flat in the back of the pickup (they are 8 ft long) we had to come home. So my next project is to cut down the insulation to size so it fits the wall I'm putting it on and then cover with batting and hang it. It won't be as wide as I would like (only about 55 inches) but at least I will have something. My husband got very frustrated with me as he does not understand why it has to be that large. Says I should be able to put a few blocks and figure that pattern I tried to explain it to him but he just doesn't get it. Oh well, he really doesn't need to.

        My knees are giving me grief that last few days. Usually is only my left knee but the right is acting up now too. I have gotten injections to help the left knee (not cortisone) and it has helped but it is probably getting worse. No cushion in my knees any more so the only thing left is surgery but the doctor won't do that until I get my weight down. I was very pleased when I weighed myself last that I had lost almost 3 pounds in a week. Trying to keep up what I was doing and that should keep the weight loss going. According to the doctor I need to have a BMI of 40 or less. That means I have about 40 pounds to loose yet. If I can keep on track maybe I can get there by the end of the year.

        Off to breakfast and then run some butter to my son. I think we will probably run to the pet store to check into the aquariums today also. Then I plan to work on my design board.

        Have a great day!


          We are making a bold move today and meeting DH cousins at a small town restaurant for lunch. I am a bit nervous about it but we just can't live in a vacuum forever. As far as I know we are all healthy.
          My DIL said that only 3 of the 14 at her nursing home with covid remain positive, the others have recovered, only 1 passed away but might have done so without the covid infection. I think that is positive news that is seldom reported on the TV news.
          I have been cleaning in my sewing room, I made a new grab bag of project names for the future. I will pick a project from the bag whenever I am ready to start something new. I also want to try re-folding my quilts [gradually] using Aislinn's method. I did one yesterday after getting it out of the wash and love how neat it turned out.


            Originally posted by Monique View Post
            My new crocs are awesome
            I love crocs! I have about 6 pairs, two with flowers. If you ever have a chance to buy some, the fur lined ones are really comfy too. I use them as my house slippers.
            🌺 Lorie


              Ahhh -- a chance to sit down & catch my breath. I have been working all morning & early afternoon in the bsmt. Did extra cleaning in DH's BR., changed the sheets, aired the pillows out in the sun, did 3 loads of laundry. While the book shelf was empty, we moved it out so I could clean behind there. Found some webs & dust. Switched out a couple of the glue boards (for spiders, etc.) that were almost 2 y.o. Did 3 loads of laundry. Dusted down the walls with one of those long handled fuzzy dusters. Hauled the old Kirby vacuum cleaner upstairs & outside to empty the bag. I think we bought that during the first year or two after we moved here, so we must have had it close to 40 yrs. I still use it. I put a piece of tape on the handle when I empty the bag so I'll know when it last was done.

              I've decided not to be hasty to move things back just in case the sink has an additional problem. The plumber said to keep taps on the sink drain & listen for any gurgling, etc. We haven't run the DW yet, so I'll be watching it closely the first time we do that. One thing I learned from the plumber about dumping water, etc. down the toilet -- don't put anything hot down there. The porcelain is tempered & too hot of water could crack the porcelain. Wouldn't that be a disaster!

              The high temp. today so far is 95, not quite as hot as yest. We've had some partial cloud cover & haze. The humidity is up, so it feels sultry. It's hot for the rabbits. I see them stretched out in the dust or grass trying to cool off. The baby was in my flower bed by the patio this a.m. so I chased it off. It sure is cute.

              Suzanne ~ Post pics when you get your LA set up. I didn't know you were shopping for one. That will be handy to have your own instead of renting one at the LQS an hour away.

              I just viewed Bonnie Hunter's daily blog. She recorded the lush green scenery & the sound of all the cicadas. I remember those in Mich. on hot summer nights. Supposedly this is a 17 yr. cycle or something, & they're supposed to be worse this year.

              After I send my daily e-m to the family, I'm going to fix a cup of coffee, chill out in my recliner & read a while. I'm done working for the day.


                We had a minor bump when backing out of the driveway today. The neighbors 2 doors over is having the house painted, the painters pulled the truck in the back, but the owner left her car sitting at the end of the driveway in the cul de sack. Oh well, the damage was basically a small dent and paint rub off.

                Gabby looks like she's lost ten pound after her hair cut. Her harness is loose! 102_0656.JPG

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                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                  Awwww, how cute! And all dolled up with a pink ribbon.

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                  Gabby looks adorable! Not sure if she looks so happy because she's all cleaned up or if it's just because she's home. :-)