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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    I think I got out of my funk yesterday. I finished the ugly that's been sitting on my desk anyway. I have the next set of 20 ready to start on this afternoon.

    Gabby has a spa day set for Tuesday. I brushed her yesterday. It wasn't pleasant I started with the loose toothed comb, and worked my way to the fine tooth. She's a fluffy girl! I bought her a dog biscuit when I checked out at Pet Smart, she carried it with her the rest of the afternoon and all evening. She even carried it out to potty, never let it go. That was a sight, her sniffing with her mouth full. She finally finished it up this morning.

    Jim just called to tell me what time he's going to pick me up for church. I'm ready, no Sunday School or children's programs, so that should be interesting with the three grands. Keeping them contained in the truck bed was fairly easy. We'll be inside for the first time since March. My mask clashes with my blouse. Not sure how the set up is going to be, I guess we'll see.

    Have a wonderful day.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ We hit 93 deg. yest. & it's supposed to be hot again today. It will be another Sunday with church on YT. They are making plans to open our church on June 7, but it will be small groups of 50 in various locations in the building. But it still will be the pre-recorded video. I don't see any sense in exposing myself to a large group, when I can watch the same video service at home. I'm >65 & I have a husb. in frail health. I'd hate to bring C-19 home to him.

    Yest. was more sorting of fabric, working to clear those 2 tables. I packed away most of the shirts in DH's closet (which he never wears!). I think when this plumbing job & mess are over, most of those will get donated to the local thrift store. Some of them are like new. All he wears now, even in the summer, are flannel shirts. I see other stuff in that closet that needs to go, too. A couple comforters we no longer use, etc. I need to find a box for at least a doz. finished quilt tops that are hanging on an over-the-door hanger of my sewing room door so they won't be exposed to the cement dust during the jack hammering. I've been moving stuff from the fam. rm. into DH's model RR train room, into the sewing room, or wherever. There are a few more pics that have to be removed from the walls. I had several quilt patterns laying around on the table. I'm putting those into a 3-ring binder. I have sections in the notebook for M* patterns, Jordan's Fabrics, Bonnie Hunter, & misc. ones from the internet. I keep a separate notebook of all Angela Walters' print-outs from her FMQ videos. I still need to unload the guest bed, which is my extended "desk" in the room where I have my computer. We still don't know what day the plumbing co. plans to do our work.

    Well, DH is waiting for breakfast, so I need to get going.


      Good morning. Another sunny one here but a bit cooler than yesterday. It was beautiful yesterday. We spent most of it outdoors either working on trimming and weeding, or relaxing and enjoying the yard after the work was done. We did come inside to watch the SpaceX launch. All my boys were watching wherever they were so it was nice being "together" in our chat sharing the experience. Even grandson Zeke had a comment. He told his mom and dad he liked the astronauts tablets. Lol

      Today will be a less work/more play day. I need to spend some time sewing. When I don't get to do something in my sewing room for a few days, I tend to get a wee bit cranky.

      Whatever your day may hold, I hope there are periods of peace, love and some creating. Enjoy.
      Ginny B


        Good morning!

        The sun is shining brightly this morning. Temps are a little chilly today, with a high near 60. I am looking forward to warmer weather later in the week.

        My rabbit has decided her favorite thing to do is to rip up the newspaper in her cage. The behavior in itself is not new; she has always shredded the paper under her shelf. Instead, she is ripping up the paper where she does her business. Which means I have to clean her cage more often and it is more difficult when I do. The other issue is the newspaper buries her water dish. She used to drink out of a water bottle, then stopped a year or so ago. Every time I walk by her cage I have to clear out her water dish and give her fresh. I'm hoping this is just a phase. Good thing a friend of mine brings me her papers, otherwise I would go broke trying to keep the rascally rabbit's cage clean.

        I think i will spend some time in the sewing room today. One of my UFO's is calling me. I spent a good chunk of yesterday binging on Netflix; I really should do something constructive today.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good’s a pretty morning and it should get into the mid 80s this afternoon. Jeff is trimming around trees and the girls are finishing up their late breakfast.

          I’m feeling a little rough this morning so I’m laying low to watch a little tv. I just put a load of laundry in the washer. I plan to make a broccoli salad to go with our grilled chicken for dinner.

          My daughter’s business in Orange, CA was in the middle of the protest/riot yesterday. We aren’t sure how it is today. She lives in LA county but her business in in Orange County. LA county took a beating yesterday. I don’t understand the rationale of this whole thing.

          Have a good day everyone.

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Good Morning!

            It is another beautiful day, right now in the low 60's and a slight breeze. That will help keep the 2nd story a little cooler. Once it gets really hot here the concrete block of the house absorbs the heat and it is hard to keep cool so I try to keep the house as open as I can to keep it cooler.

            Made a little progress on the hand quilting last night but got interrupted with a call from my sister who lives across the street saying "go to your front door". At the front door was a gal that grew up just down the street a bit. Never really knew her, just of her and her family. We talked for about an hour. Good conversation and thankfully she was staying with her brother at the house down the street as the we had an 80 curfew for the city so she just needed to walk less than a block and technically we are not in the city so I'm not really sure if it applied to us here. Better safe than sorry.

            Listened online to church this morning. Our church can now have services at 25% capacity which means 60 people. They are resuming services as normal for summer services which is Thursday and Sunday but will also continue online services. First service will be this coming Thursday but since Dave and I are over 65 we are planning on doing the online for a while yet.

            Today's agenda is more hand quilting and hopefully get a little ahead of my schedule. Should be a very relaxing day.

            Have a wonderful day everyone.


              Good morning everyone. Yesterday was hot! I did manage to mow the front lawn and edge, started on the back, but that needs to be finished later when it's cooler. Not much sewing done yesterday. Sewed a border on two sides of a quilt. It is now on the floor because I think the border is too wide. Will likely cut it down sometime today. Then I need to shop my stash for backing.

              Other than that, my plans for today are to work some. It is month end and I am trying to catch up on a few tasks. Have been at it for a bit this morning. It's nice working without interruptions. So much more productive. On Tuesday, I will be down to 10 months left until retirement round 2 (and hopefully the last round). While I enjoy working, I think I am ready for retirement this time. Maybe do some part time work, if it presents itself, but not full time.

              Have a blessed day.


              • Claire Hallman
                Claire Hallman commented
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                Instead of cutting off the border why not add some applique to it. I recently finished a quilt like this and I absolutely love it. It was raw edge using a small zigzag to finish so it was pretty easy.

              • KarenC
                KarenC commented
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                Claire, that would probably be a nice idea, but while I love admiring applique work, it is not my choice of techniques to do. I do it, but only on special occasions. This quilt is only large enough to hang for decoration in my home or maybe ending up being a baby quilt.

              I am sore from yesterday's yardwork but happy to have it done.. Some of the plants I moved from a wet area look better already. I will enjoy the yard for while without much work to be done. I am thinking of doing drip irrigation to cut down further on maintenance. Not sure if I have the capabilities to do that but it is on my mind.
              I lay down on the porch sofa yesterday and actually took a nap. Napping is something I almost never do but I sure enjoyed it.
              Not much going on around here today, I pulled something wrapped in foil from the freezer so we will have a mystery for dinner.😁
              I may do a little fmq this afternoon, too. I need to get started on one that is teasing me but not telling me what motifs to use. It is ready if I am not.😊


              • chelea
                chelea commented
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                Claire, drip isn't difficult to install. Garden Answer on Youtube has several videos on it.

              • Claire Hallman
                Claire Hallman commented
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                Garden Answer is what has inspired me.

              Back from church. Everyone was really spread out and I was glad I took my wrap! Mike won't be off until 2, so I have some time to kill. I may even go into the sewing room.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                We have been busy bees around here this week.
                The yards were mowed and trimmed. Some of the brambles behind the barn were cut back (1/2 left to do). 1/2 of the raspberries have been weeded. The barns have been cleaned. Eric busted out the Weed Dragon and flamed the weeds in the gravel in front of the barn. (Not sure if the dandelions are going to give up, even with the dragon flames.)
                We spent Thursday @ my aunt & uncles's place. That was 8+ hours of manure moving and coop building. I'm not sure their oldest girl is right in the head. At least when we left it was safer for my aunt and uncle to go out and do the farm chores for their two goats and 8 chickens. My cousin's ducks are another thing. I'm trying to set up a series of farm tours for her to learn how to properly care for her waterfowl. Letting them run loose in the front yard isn't it. Ugh.
                Friday we moved the entire wood pile so Eric can begin construction on an actual woodshed/cover to keep our winter heat source dry.
                Saturday I went to the school to hand out the weekly food backpacks. It was a rainy & stormy day, so we kept inside most of the day.
                Today looks overcast. We have been watching the NASA channel, as Eric is fascinated with the space launch. I'm finishing my coffee and will head into the sewing room. I have about 3 projects spread out in there. I need to finish some of them!

                I hope you all have a good day!
                Be who you are and say what you feel
                because those who mind don't matter,
                and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                  Good Afternoon! It's been a yuck day for me but kinda relaxing. My stomach is super upset, I think its the cheese from the pizza last night. I'm lactose intolerant but do okay with cheese. I guess not today!

                  I have lots to work on, excited about the secret santa group projects. I have to do double work on some things because my bf starts complaining if I make something and I've never made that for him...annoying sometimes. I make him tons of stuff! It's worth it, I can't wait for the reveals!

                  Finally made it to Sally's yesterday, the gray has got to covered and got the stuff for a pedicure. My daughter got her hair dye too. She's doing purple highlights...go figure...I hope she loves it. Then we went to Hobby Lobby, so excited! I'm on my last needle and rotary daughter has been sewing and cutting too..I've been praying they lasted till we got to a store. I bought the last package of interfacing (I sell small projects on etsy) kinda annoying that it's so hard to find, and fusible fleece. I got a thread storage fun wall hanging on sale. We also stopped at the dollar general and found clippers! We have looked everywhere for weeks.

                  Enjoy the rest of your day!!


                  • JCY
                    JCY commented
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                    I buy my replacement rotary blades from Amazon, usually 10 in a pack. I think they're more reasonably priced than the local stores.

                  Thanks I'll look, I hadn't seen any sales anywhere. I used a coupon.


                  • KPH
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                    Quilted Twins out of FL has 10 packs of blades that they use in their store for a good price. I've used 1 blade cutting 'Uglies'... like 8 of them from 12- 20 squares. Now that I think about it, it's probably time to change that blade!