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    Hello Saturday

    Good morning everyone. I had a rather quiet day at work and did get some quilting done. Just before I left for work we had a surprise visitor. My son showed up. He will be going back home today but it sure is nice to see him. We haven't seen him since Christmas even though he is only an hour away. I stopped to pick up my mail on the way to work and lo and behold, there was the envelope my cousin sent me May 1st. It is a thimble that belong to my great grandmother. WOW!! I was speaking with him last night and mentioned that if he ever wanted to get part with his mother's sewing machine, I would love to have it and use it. It is a treadle and in perfect working order. I may just get it. His son wants it but wants his dad to store it. We shall see. In any case, it would be loved if it came here.

    I delivered some masks as well. My two ladies were very surprised and appreciative of the gift.

    And so, the jeweler never called so I can't pick up my heart charm. Not sure about doing groceries today, depends on what time my son leaves. I may have to wait until tomorrow. And that's okay too.

    So I hear him up. Everyone stay safe and healthy. Catch you on Monday.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    #2 nice you got a visit from your son!
    I too have been making masks and take some with me when I go to the grocery store. I have had several people refuse the gift of a mask, but oh well, you can't convince some people of the danger. I really don't understand how people put their small children at risk in stores....(??)

    Right now, I'm trying to find a homemade remedy to make my impatient plants that I have planted in hanging baskets and hung all around our house (outside). they don't seem to be growing, and I can't remember what my mom used to use (other than brewed tea. She had gorgeous plants...and while she did feed them a little drink of tea every day prior to bed time (just a tablespoon or so of tea to each small plant she had inside the house) I thought she did something for the outdoor plants too.

    The last 3-4 yrs I haven't felt well enough to get the hanging baskets out and put Impatient Plants (flowers) in them and hang the baskets all around the house.....but I actually thought in my notes (for outdoor care of the yard and plants) I had jotted down what Mama used to do to her outdoor GORGEOUS PLANTS.......Guess not....I can't find it.

    Any way, IF anyone has any good ideas for making flowers bloom better....let me know. I have 10 pots of Impatients that don't seem to be doing that well. !

    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

    "I miss the me I was when you were here"


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      I use "Bloom Buster" by miracle grow. I am a believer in it. You feed them with this every 7 to 14 days. It is at Walmart , Home Depot and most stores.

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      I agree, I always had good results with miracle grow.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was a warm night. Yesterday's high temp. was 93, so the house was quite warm last night. Last eve. I did more sorting of fabric scraps & other sewing stuff that needs to be moved so I can take down my cutting table & the card table I keep next to it. I'm making slow but sure progress. I'm hurrying to get it done in case they can do our plumbing job on Mon. So much stuff needs to be moved to another spot. It's a good thing I had so many empty cardboard boxes stored out in our shed. I've needed most of them. I have to be careful in the heat of the day to watch out for wasps. They nest in there every year.

    Today I need to run errands & get groc. I'll get an early start right after breakfast.

    Sugar ~ I use Super Thrive on my flowers. I get it at the garden center. It's a liquid; you put the drops in water. I think I use 10 drops to a gal. of water. Instructions are on the label. It's also great for house plants.


      Good morning!

      We have sun and cooler temps today, with a predicted high in the upper 60's. Tomorrow will be even cooler.

      The president of my company had his virtual town hall yesterday afternoon. Not much new information there. They did outline the plan for the voluntary separations, which are open to all employees with one year or more of service. I missed the last 15 minutes of the presentation, so I don't know if anyone asked about how that would impact unemployment benefits. They will start notifying full time employees of layoffs the week of June 8. If I'm still working August 1, my position should be safe.

      The reason I missed the end of the presentation is because I received a phone call from Mom's facility. Covid-19 is in the building. They admitted a new resident, who was there less than 24 hours, had to go to the hospital, and tested positive. Fortunately for Mom, the new resident was on a different floor, and the two do not mix. The staff are taking extra precautions and monitoring all the residents (taking temperatures three times a day). The gal who called me was quite upset, they had gone through 73 days of quarantine without an incident. My question is: why aren't they testing new residents for Covid before letting them move in?

      I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today. There are the usual chores -- cleaning, laundry, etc. -- but I would like to spend some time in the sewing room. I just need to pick a project to work on.

      Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning Everyone...We wanted to make an early trip to the Walmart garden center this morning but our a/c isn’t working and Jeff wants to check it out before it gets too hot. We knew this was coming and now the hot weather is almost upon us. Jeff thought he had fixed it last week, but it’s not working right. Who do you think will be up in the attic working with Jeff later? Our fridge is having issues, too.

        Yesterday we received a blessing of a beautiful large box full of prime fruits and veggies. Everything looked like it came from a farmers’ market. The boxes were for everyone in our county age 55 and older. I will be making a fresh broccoli salad today. I won’t have to buy any produce for a while other than lettuce.

        Monique, those surprise visits from grown kids make our hearts smile. Enjoy the rest of your time together today.

        Have a good day friends.....hugs.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          I am going to do a little gardening today, it is time for the pansies to be replaced. They have lasted longer than most years since it has been a coolish Spring. I have 8 white pentas and 3 pink lantanas to replace the 12 pansy plants. I also need to move a couple of petunias, they are not happy where I planted them, hope it is not too late. A little weeding should be done, too. I have a gardenia that is struggling, after it is done blooming I think I will cut it back a lot and see if it fills back out, if not there will have to be a replacement.😥
          A trip to the store yesterday was uneventful, about 80% of people were masked, most of them were wearing them correctly. They also had a huge display of disposable masks, it appears the supply has caught up with the demand. I think I am done making them.


            Good Morning All,

            Mike's gone to work today. Didn't get anything out to work on yesterday since Jim asked if he could bring the kids over in the afternoon. Well, he must have forgotten, because he called on the way to set up the sound system for church.

            He'd talked with the pastor, and one of the members about the job situation here. Gathered more advice. "They're trying to talk us out of leaving." Well, duh!

            Yesterday, my new ironing board came. I really like it, so I sat Mom's old one in the garage to donate. Gabby likes it too, she's claimed her spot under it. If I decide to invest in an iron like Donna Jordan has, I have a built in space to hold the tank. It's sturdy and doesn't rock. I've had one of those rockin' boards before.

            I did get two spots on the ceiling taken care of yesterday. I did the one over the tub in the bathroom. Mike did the one where he had to climb the ladder in the den. That whole project took 5 minutes of our time. Longer to get the ladder in the house than doing the work.

            I'd contacted M* a week or so ago trying to figure out how a strip print ran. I wanted to make sure it ran the length of fabric or cross ways to know how to plan for borders on my next quilt. They contacted me yesterday, just as I thought it ran the length, so each cut would be 4 border strips. I ordered the fabric I needed to make Cozy's Sewquester quilt, using the Floral Serenade jelly rolls I'd purchased. I picked the pacific blue for the background, tickled pink for the contrast. The outer border will be the border strips. I think it will be pretty. I guess, I'll see when it all gets here!

            I guess I need to get back to my uglies. JoAnn's sent an email saying my order was taking longer to fill. They failed to say which order, since I've made 2 within days. Sounds like finishing up anything is not going to be happening soon.

            Time to get busy and get something done around the house. I've played the lazy card all week and not accomplished a lot of anything.

            Have a wonderful day
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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              I placed an order at JoAnn's for store pickup 10 days ago and haven't heard a word since, other than the confirmation to say we got your order but don't come to the store until we contact you. Last time I do that. I did read that they won't charge you until they pick your order.

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              I placed an order at Jo-Ann's for T-shirts for the grandkids that I want to make before they go to Disney World in July...and they said they never received the order....but I was charged for it. They refunded the money, but said they couldn't give me the sale price on the T-shirts (I ordered the for pick up the last day of the sale.)

            Good morning. We are having some warm and humid weather. We should reach 83 today. I ventured out to the pharmacy and vet yesterday. Our poor pug has a double ear infection and an ulcer in her right eye. I did not do much sewing yesterday . I did make a hair tie Tom a pattern I found. I enlarged the pattern to make one to tie onto one of our dog’s collar. She is tiny and has dark fur. It is hard to spot her.
            Today I plan on sewing the final border onto my Spirit quilt. Then I can drop it off to get quilted.

            Have a a good day.


              Good morning!
              Still working on my grandson's book. His birthday is Monday so I'm hoping to get the book done today and take it to him tomorrow. Not sure I'll get it done though. There's still quite a bit to do.
              We had a landscape guy here last weekend to give us a price on pulling out a lot of unwanted stuff, add lots of mulch, and some stone in various places. We finally heard back from him yesterday. He said he "doesn't have time" to do the job. I wish he would have told us that the day he was here. I doubt we'll be able to get anyone now to do the work. Everyone else that Mike has called never called back. I'm hoping I'll be able to do a lot of the work myself. I enjoy working in the yard. I told Mike as soon as this book is done, I'll get out there and see what I can do.
              We're enjoying cooking on the grill and eating out on the deck. Yesterday we planned on ham steak and potato salad. So as soon as the ham got to the grill it started to rain really hard. Well, the ham and potato salad tasted good in the house with a bottle of sauvignon blanc.
              Off to the sewing room now. Have a happy day, everyone!
              ~ Carol from PA


                Good Morning. Today has started out great! Weighed myself (always on Saturday) and I even lost almost 3 pound this last week. I am ecstatic! I need to keep this up, maybe not 3 pounds a week but keep loosing. All the better for my poor knees. The ortho doctor said he wanted my BMI below 40 before he would do surgery (I have no cushion in both knees) and currently it is like 46 or 47 so I have a ways to go. I'm sure it is because I'm up and about during the day. I know it isn't a lot but since I retired I've lost a little over 20 pounds but I would like to loose it a little quicker. Things are slowing down around the house now that everything is planted so maybe Dave and I can get take a walk or two every week.

                We had a beautiful day yesterday although it was a little windy. We wanted to burn some cardboard but didn't feel it was a good idea with the winds. Today is supposed to be a little cooler but the wind doesn't seem to be as strong. Hoping our impatiens come today although UPS shows a Monday delivery.

                I did not accomplish much yesterday, not even any sewing. Just seemed to be pooped out. Didn't sleep very well the night before. Slept good last night though and planning on using the day to sew.

                Monique, how wonderful have something that belonged to your great grandmother. I was fortunate to get a lot of my grandmother's things which included some of her mothers things. One of the items my grandmother gave to me many years ago was an embroidery hoop that belonged to my grandfathers grandmother. The story goes that my grandfather's grandfather gave it to my grandmother shortly after they were married (1932). My great-great grandmother died in 1923. Amazing that he had kept it that long after she had passed and that included a move from northern Minnesota to south central Minnesota where I now live. My grandfather told my grandmother that he felt the reason he gave it to her and not to any other family member was that he liked my grandmother. I need to repair it as the inside hoop came apart and my grandmother taped it. My husband is a woodworker so has some excellent glues. I'm going to see if that holds. Otherwise is it neat to have something with a memory attached.

                Sugar, we use a fertilizer that we bought from QVC a couple of years ago called Bud N Bloom. My understanding is you need to have a higher middle number for flowers. I know we had a lot of trouble with hanging baskets not doing well until we retired. Now we water in the morning and keep a close eye on how it runs off. If it pours out the bottom we wait a little bit a water again. That has helped. Read something online that when the water runs out like that it is because it is too dry. We fertilize once a week.

                Claire, I didn't know that pansies need to be replaced or is that because you are in a warmer climate. We planted some pansies in a whiskey barrel and they are doing very well. I know they do well in cooler weather but I'm hoping they do alright where we have them. Our growing season is now going strong, no freezing temps for a couple of weeks. Usually the rule here is that you should not plant anything before Memorial Day. We did but covered those that we could not bring into the house/garage.

                Well, I'm off for some breakfast and a couple cups of coffee before I take out my quilting. Have a great day everyone.


                • Claire Hallman
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                  In our hot and humid environment they will get very leggy, stop blooming and eventually die. Alabama summer is not the right place for cool loving plants although they will generally bloom most of the Winter.

                Good morning. It's a nice morning here. I was glad to see a bit of sunshine. I enjoyed a little trip outside in our garden in the peaceful early hours. I checked on the small squash plants that we put in the ground yesterday. They are all standing nicely. We did some tree branch trimming yesterday and today we will trim some hedges. Not sure what else is on the list.

                Monique, how wonderful to have a surprise visit from your son. Dove, how frustrating that the landscaper didn't tell you up front that he couldn't do your job.

                Have a good day all. Prayers for a more peaceful night across the country.
                Ginny B



                  Good Morning Everyone,

                  We're having a beautiful day her, cooler and no wind. It's been crazy since last week; our daughter drove up from Cape Girardeau to visit. She finally got a leave from work and is taking a well earned vacation. She has been dying to cook, and I'm sick of cooking, so she gets her wish and I just eat everything that hits my plate gratefully. We've been taking long walks, barely shut up (even though we talk every night when she's away), and just enjoying the company. I made my goal of walking 100 miles in May.

                  Yesterday was a very expensive day. Hubby had been talking about getting a new truck to replace an aging Subaru. The Ford dealer had a great deal yesterday, and the savings were over June first, so we went "just to look." We came home several hours later with a white Ford Ranger. It's so much fun to I have to get used to finding it in a parking lot.

                  I have been really wanting a Janome Continental M7, so yesterday after talking it over, I decided that life's too short, and ordered it from my dealer. I got a really good deal, will get free classes, service will be done there so no long drive. Free shipping too. It should arriving within a couple of weeks, and I will go to the dealer to pick it up. It going to be hard to be patient. I have a project all lined up to test it out thoroughly and start getting used to it. Once it gets here, I can have my Bernina set up for embroidery all the time, and the Janome set to sew all the time.

                  On the down side, the backup hard drive on my Mac has been making noise lately, and I expected the drive to go kaput. So this morning it finally went. I'm not complaining; the drive has lasted for over seven years doing daily backups. So now I'm expecting a new drive from Amazon. And I couldn't resist the DD today....that's coming too.

                  It's finally lunch time and I'm starving. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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                    Wow, Barbara! I looked at the Janome Continental M7 online just now. What a great machine! I really like the placement of the screen and the size of the throat. I saw that it has a ruler function, too. Congratulations!
                    ~ Carol

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                    That's a nice truck and a nice machine. Congrats!

                  • MSN
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                    A new truck and a new sewing machine, all in one day! Sure, it was an expensive day, but you are going to love and get a lot of mileage out of both purchases. Besides, you can't take it with you; might as well enjoy them to the max. Congratulations!

                  Good afternoon and good day to all!

                  Anyone in a slump? LOL. I tried to put borders on a dinosaur panel for my grandson. I am an inch short on the strips and not cutting the panel down. Of course, that meant a search and purchase on-line for the same fabric. I love the dimples line and it is a go-to blender that always works so well. It may in stock at one of the LQS but that trip won't happen until Tuesday.

                  I tried to purchase insul-brite yesterday for my ironing cover. It's out of stock until Tuesday. I started some scrappy nine patch blocks and quickly lost interest. My replacement AQ die arrived today. Perhaps I should test it to make sure it cuts ok.

                  Time to clean up the mess in my sewing room and go play in the kitchen.


                    Thanks to those of you who gave advice about growing my Impatient Plants!
                    I got the Miracle Grow and also ordered some self watering sticks that you screw a pop bottle or one of those single serving flavored water bottles, I got 12 of them for one price at Walmart but they have to be mailed to me. (I like the Nestle' Berry Flavored Water. You get them in a 6pk.). These self waterers won't be here for another two weeks. Until then I'm going to have to keep climbing on a small ladder to water the plants.(ugh)
                    Thanks again!
                    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                    "I miss the me I was when you were here"