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It's Friday!!

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    It's Friday!!

    Good morning. While it didn't rain all night like it was supposed to, it did rain after supper. We are expecting more rain in the coming days.

    Well plan A didn't work with the project I was working on. Put that UFO aside once again until I can figure out how to get it together. Plan B, a table runner instead with some beautiful fabric. I have no doubt my boss will love it. I will take a picture before I give it to her later today.

    Lilacs are in full bloom. I will have to get me some in the house as I love the smell.

    Work day (quilt day) today. I also got asked for ALL next week including Saturday. Lots of work coming my way. I don't think 1 week has gone by that I haven't worked. Saving up for a vacation we can't take, LOL!!

    I am hoping I get the call today that my jewelry is ready so I can go pick it up tomorrow. My plan is to cross the border (I have to anyway to get there) and get some groceries while I am in town. My Maizyn needs some clothes so hoping to get her some while I am there.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    Monique, you are ever the energizer bunny! I’ve been in stall mode for some time now. We aren’t suppose to be going anywhere.....yet, I’m so very busy. I have tests to go through in the coming weeks, including covid-19 tests. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

    The temps are finally going down. We had a 90’ and a 93’ day. Today’s suppose to be low 70’s. I’m happy. Rain, but it’s been doing that anyway.

    Hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Prayers for many here. Lots of love to all! 💕
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


      Good morning!

      We are starting off muggy with some sun today, and a high in the mid-70's. We are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon.

      I had my care team meeting with Mom's facility yesterday. I don't think it accomplished much. I expressed my concern regarding some of the communication issues -- for example, the last time Mom went to the ER, I did not receive a follow-up call. The governor signed an order allowing outside visits (on a porch) at assisted living facilities starting June 8. I will feel better when we can visit her again. They did say she is usually more lively than what we saw the other day, so it was probably the medication that zoned her out.

      The yard guy has not mowed the yard this week. I don't know if he was on vacation or if there was another problem. He did not mow the back yard at all the week before; the grass if very long. If that were the front yard, the neighbors would call the city on me. I'm going to shoot him an email and make sure they're coming out soon.

      My sister made a mask using a dinner plate as a template. She said it does not fog up her glasses. I want to try it. I have made several different styles and they either fog up my glasses or have other fit issues.

      Time to log in to my work chat. Have a wonderful day!


        Good morning all,

        Mike's off today, Morgan goes in at noon, Jim has an appt with someone gathering information about a job (crossing my fingers toes and everything else that will cross). Hate to be crass, but now he knows how his brother felt when he graduated in '08 and the bottom just fell out of everything. There wasn't much compassion on his end, after all he knew he had a job when he got out of school... and the Navy wasn't going to let him out of it The kids will be here while he goes and takes care of that.

        Anyway, I went ahead and made the second dish towel apron I gathered it a little. I think I like it better. I'll let Jeffie decide what she wants from here.

        I bought a new ironing board, it should arrive today. The one I have is Mom's and with the clothes hanger it just takes so much room in a room that there's no extra room. I'll see if the one I bought on line is a better fit for the area before I donate the one I have. If I don't like it, I'll send it back.

        I need to clear off the dining room table before the kids get here. The cutting board is sitting here and junk mail needs to go in the trash. We forgot to put out the recycle last night, so I need to get it out now!

        Have a great day!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Sunny & hot today. Upper 80's to low 90's are expected for the next several days.

          I plan to bake DH's spelt bread today. I'll do more packing up of items that need to be moved in order to make room for the plumbing project. I think the next thing on the agenda is to sort & move everything on top of the card table & the cutting table, so I can take those down. I have to move my rolls of batting, take down more pictures off the wall, etc. I'm really dreading this project, but it has to be done in order to have a functioning sink drain. We're still waiting for the estimate. I'm imagining the dusty mess I'll have all over the bsmt. after the project is finished. That jack hammering will make a lot of dust & noise.

          I'll keep it short this a.m. so I can get on with the day.


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            JCY, would you please explain what spelt bread is? I've just started making bread again after many years. I've come across the name but don't know what it is.

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            Joy, maybe you could ask them to hang some plastic sheeting to keep the dust contained. When we had our new stairway installed last year the carpenter sealed off the entire hallway from the rest of the house. And when we had our kitchen remodel, same thing. The contractor sealed up the room.

          • JCY
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            Carlie ~ Spelt flour is a type of wheat flour. DH has an allergy to regular wheat. He's been able to tolerate the spelt okay. I buy the organic flour at the natural grocers. Spelt is not gluten free. Also, I read that people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) should avoid it. DH was tested & doesn't need a gluten free diet.

            Chelea ~ I've already been told they will hang up plastic to minimize dust on things. I think rather than go out & buy a bunch of tarps or plastic sheeting, I'll just drape sheets over things.

          Good morning! We finally have sunshine which is perfect because we ship out our 10,000 face mask today (this one is done a little different as we want to make sure it goes to someone who really wants it so it will be done by bidding and the money to go towards the free face mask project). What a whirl wind the last 9 weeks have been. We had thought we would be done at 10,000 but the orders for free face masks keep coming in. We have had bigger orders coming in lately like Head Start, Daycares/Childcare centers who are looking at anywhere from 100 to 500 plus orders. Yesterday we shipped 550 masks to a childcare center in Kansas City that had requested them. We are getting ready to go back into cutting mode as we have used up the face mask kits that have been cut.

          We have shipped to almost all 50 states. Still looking for people in Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut to ship a free mask to.

          Have a great day everyone!


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            Wow. You are doing so much good. Thank you!

          Good morning. Not too much new here. I mailed out and hubby delivered the last two face mask orders we had yesterday. Everytime I think we are done with masks for a bit, a new request comes in. But that's fine. I don't mind making things that are so needed right now.

          We each have had our different projects to tackle around the house. We have decided on rearranging the dining room which involves moving some furniture pieces around; one of which is in use in another room right now. So one of my projects has been to clean that out (it is now holding some scrapbook "stuff"). I went through one third of it yesterday and hopefully I'll get to another third today. Hubby has been working on some small painting projects and going through old paperwork and getting rid of things we don't need to keep any longer. By the time we get back to "normal", this house is going to be quite a bit lighter.

          Time to get a move on. There is also the neverending laundry to take care of so I hear the machine calling for my attention. Have a good day. Make it the best day you can.
          Ginny B


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            I rearranged furniture in the 'sitting area' a couple of weeks ago. I'm ready to clean out the plastic cabinets in the living room. If we haven't used it in three years, time for it to go. The cushions for the patio furniture are on the tops of the cabinets and even though they're light weight, it's still causing the tops to bow down so the doors no longer shut. What a waste!

          Good morning everyone,

          You ladies are all so busy! Simply Quilting, that's quite a mask project!

          Cool and cloudy here in MN today. The high is supposed to be 61....where did summer go? Yesterday was cool as well, with quite a strong northerly wind. At least the wind is less today. Still no rain in sight. I'll be watering by hand again this evening.

          Yesterday was a slow day. I finished up the last load of laundry, and then spent some time reading about the riots in Minneapolis. DD lives there, but in a suburb further north from downtown area. It's so sad to see all the damage done. I can understand the anger though. The video of the officer kneeling on that poor man's neck would make anyone angry. I just wish violence wasn't the first reaction from so many.

          I see the neighbor is out mowing with a jacket and a stocking cap on! That tells you it's cold. I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into 😁


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            Not quite as cool as you this morning. When I left to get groceries it was 53. Supposed to be about 68 today. Less humid although I hear it coming next week again.

          Good morning to all!

          At least it is still morning and I made it here. Waiting to take DH to his dentist appointment for the final crown fitting. The process was started just before the shut-down so it has been a while. Since I can't wait in the office, I may make a quick run to jo-anns for some insu-lbrite to re-make my ironing board area. It will be bigger with a 24x 48 piece of covered plywood. That way I can iron the whole WOF.

          I am doing some easy stitching on nine patch. Right now it's just cutting scraps and making strips of aqua, blue and pink fabrics. I'm searching for a quick and easy way. Of course, there are lots of 2 1/2 inch squares to sew together one-by-one. The setting will be on point but I don't what the fabric(s) will be for it.

          Congrats to those that have done those clean-outs and organizing projects. It does feel good to check them off the list.

          Joy, Sending you good thoughts that the estimate isn't too high. It does seem like a major project you have there. We moved our toilet a few feet on a bathroom remodel and it wasn't too bad.

          Best wishes for a happy sewing day!


            Good Morning all, late arriving on the scene here but I've gotten groceries and also took my son to pick up some groceries at the local food shelf. He's doing okay but still having some strength issues. Speech is good but he says he gets frustrated when he is trying to talk and the words won't come. I'm not sure that it is a result of what he went through last week. Still struggling to get his blood pressure to a better level, too.

            Yesterday was beautiful. Sunny most of the day, high of about 76 and the dew point dropped all day from a high of 61 in the morning to 43 when I went to bed. It looks to be a beautiful day again today. Started my day at 53 and it is slowly going up. Supposed to get to about 68. Planning steak and corn on the cob on the grill tonight.

            Planning on on completing the curtain for downstairs and then working on some hand quilting. I still have a king size embroidered top to layer but need to get some batting since what I have on hand is not large enough. Dave and I will probably run a few errands after lunch. Need to get some mealworms for the orioles and charcoal for the grill.

            Have a great day!



              Good afternoon everyone! we had a good rain storm pass thru yesterday. there was a forecast of thundershowers but we just got some heavy rain. the garden and plants sure liked the rain fall! Everything seemed to grow a bit faster. Nothing much else to report. Have a good day everyone and enjoy the weekend!