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    Welcome Thursday

    Good morning friends. We did have a hot hot day yesterday but the house wasn't too bad. I closed up the windows early and the house didn't get awfully hot.

    I did laundry and dried nice on the line before we got a brief shower. I made 6 masks and I found a UFO that I decided I might make into a table runner. So I think today I will work on that. I thought I had won the fight with the ants but I see a few have made it back. A few didn't make the trip back home.

    I work tomorrow so I will bring some quilting with me. The weekend looks a lot cooler at this point. Not sure what the weekend is going to bring just yet.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone. Yesterday was another busy day at work, as they all are. Well at least I was productive. Aftervwork, I managed to stitch binding on a charity quilt, but there are spots that still need to be hand stitched. I shall finish that tonight, then figure out the next project.
    Spring, TX


      Good morning!

      We have some light rain here. Temps will be a little cooler today, with a high in low 80's.

      My sister and I took Mom to the doctor yesterday. I learned a very valuable lesson -- when the memory care facility says "she'll be ready at X time," to add at least fifteen minutes to that. Only one of us was allowed to accompany Mom into the doctor's office building. They took our temperatures and asked a bunch of questions before we were allowed in. The doctor was very nice and accommodating. When we checked in, they said it would be an hour wait. I explained Mom is a 90 year old Alzheimer's patient; we couldn't wait that long. They talked to the doctor and she took us right in.

      Mom has noticeably declined in the two and a half months since I saw her last. She was sedated, so I don't know how much of the difference can be attributed to that. She was very quiet and had no idea whatsoever who we were. One of the nurses who helped us at the doctor's office remembered Mom from years ago and how feisty Mom used to be. The difference was night and day.

      I finally have a care team meeting with the interim facility director today. We have a lot to discuss. I know there's a pandemic going on, but there are definitely some communication issues that need to be addressed.

      Time to log into my work chat and start the day. Have a wonderful day!


      • KarenC
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        Jullie, I hope that you can get some positive action at your mom's facility today. This is especially difficult when you are not able to visit and check on her.

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ I shared our sink dilemma in a separate post. Of course, it's the elephant in the room & will be upper most in our minds until things are fixed. So frustrating. I so dread having to move things & having the basement torn up. Can you imagine all the dust from jack hammering?!

      It was a hot day yest., so it was good to have our swamp cooler hooked up & usable. The high temp. was 92. It's supposed to be only in the 70's today, so that will be more comfortable. I plan to change the sheets on my bed & air the pillows outside. I also need to run the vacuum. The specialist plumber is expected between 2 & 3 p.m. He'll call first.


      • KarenC
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        Hope you received better news for the specialist plumber today. This does not sound like fun

      Good Morning & Happy Day!

      Shout it with me please. School's out, oh summer! Today is the last day of school for our DD. She will go into her high school to take down her classroom posters, etc. I'm sure it will be an emotional visit. She loves her students and has missed their daily interactions.

      Time to shop for new recliners for our den. It will be an experience as we have to try them for size and ease of use. I'll do pre-shopping excursions and then take DH to try the ones that might work. He is taller than me but quite different fit.

      I found a neighbor that does handy-man projects so the list is started for him. It's hard to realize that DH and I aren't able to do them now. We need outside painting, garden work, and some walkways redone. It will be nice to have help.

      There is no time for stitching today as I will have DGS while daughter goes to school. Hope your day is wonderful!
      A bucket of sunshine from the East Coast FL!
      Like sands through the hour glass-sew are the days of our lives!


        Good Morning All,

        Mighty quiet around here. Mike's at work and Gabby's napping on the end of the recliner. I'll finish up here and get my yoga mats out and really start my day.

        Yesterday, I made a dish towel apron for one of the ladies at church. I'll see how she likes it before I make the second one. She wanted just terry cloth. It just made sense to me to use a dish towel in the colors she likes.

        Jim came by and picked up the painting equipment box. The realtor told him what he'd probably get out of the house. Sounds like they're moving on with the plans for Morgan to be a traveling nurse. I don't know how I feel about all of this, part of me is depressed that they're planning on leaving, part of me is angry that I moved down here at all and put so much money into this house. I talked to my MIL about it yesterday. They're grown and have to make their own decisions, but I would have stayed in NC if I'd known they were planning on leaving only 3 years after transplanting me. That's enough of that, they have to make up their own minds.

        Time to get busy. Have a wonderful day.

        From NC, retired in FL
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        • Nwmnteacher
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          I think I might be a little angry too, Katrina.

        • KarenC
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          Unfortunately, I was just talking to a friend yesterday about someone else this happened to.

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          You're right, Katrina, they are adults and have to make their own decisions. But I remember a couple of years ago when they were planning to move to Alaska. They may change their minds again, especially if they start thinking about how much family support/free child care/home schooling they will be giving up.

        Good Morning All. Well I am in full battle with Ants! ARGH! Thank goodness for Terro products. I need to run out and get more of the spiked ones for outside. They must be empty and hence they are finding their way indoors now.

        Rhonda K... my hubby and I were a foot difference in our height and I remember the frustration in finding furniture that would fit both of us. And if your handyman wants to make a road trip you can send him my way. I now have to do lists for others too now.

        Another gloomy morning... into the June gloom right now, should burn off and get sunshine later on in the day. I feel like I am in a sewing gloom also.

        Time for 2nd cup of coffee and on with the day. Hugs to all !!


        • JulieC
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          Try the Hot Shot bait stations. I battled ants for two months with Terro. It used to work like a charm, but this year it was like they were resistant to it. I put the Hot Shot out and they were gone within 48 hours. Haven't seen any since!

        • Nwmnteacher
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          Julie, I'll have to try the Hot Shot baits too. We have the big black ants at the cabin. Yuck!

        Good Morning all,

        Yesterday was kind of a slow day. I got the laundry done and that is about all I did around the house. I did some hand quilting as well, still on track for that. Nice to take it a little easier once in a while. Today I'm expecting a delivery from Missouri Star, just building up my thread supply for the most part.

        Today is already much nicer than it has been in the last week or so. Humidity is down, Dave even opened up the house. The heat always gets to him first so this, to me, is a good sign that today should be good, supposed to be in the upper 70's but dewpoint has been going down since he got up.

        Plans for today include working on the curtain I made for the basement. It needs a little tweaking to work properly and Dave doesn't want it up until we will actually use it. It will be used during the winter. I have been thinking about making some table runners for the dining room table. My grandmother had a lot of tablecloths and I always have one on the table. I would rather not have tablecloths on it but the finish is peeling off and I want to protect it from further damage. I thought I could add some color to the room with the runners since the tablecloths she had are pretty much all white or off white. Thought I'd make runners for the seasons and some special ones for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Something to keep me busy since it looks like most of the planting is done. We just got word that our last plants that we ordered have been shipped so they should be here on Tuesday.

        Dave just told me the dewpoint has gone down 3 more points in less than a half hour. Should be a good day to keep all the windows open. I love the fresh air blowing through the house, as long as it isn't too strong.

        Have a great day!


          We are getting more rain here in Alabama, I know we will be begging for it in August but I am getting a it tired of it.😑 I would love a little sunshine.
          The day is an open book, nothing scheduled except a shower then maybe a little sewing.
          I managed to finish fmq and trimming a quilt yesterday, perhaps the binding will go on today😁.
          I got a reminder e-mail about our upcoming cruise from someone, made me sad since it was cancelled but that is life as we know it now a days.
          For those with Britbox, there is a really, really good show called The Confession available now to stream. We thought it was very well done and a true story.
          I think I will re-fold all my quilts over the next few days like the video shows, they look so neat.
          Claire from Pelham, Alabama


          • Patricia Drew
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            Hi Claire! Just finished watching The Confession. Really, really enjoyed it, such good acting. Did you recognize the actor who played the "murderer" ? Joe Absolom who was in Doc Martin. He played Al, the son of the restaurant owner. Two totally different roles!

          Hello again!

          I heard some noise outside and went to take a look. The elementary school on the next street was having an "Eagle pride staff parade." The school was the starting point for the parade route. The teachers decorated their cars (some more than others) and drove up the street honking their horns. Some of their students were lined up along the street, holding their own signs and waving. The parade had a police escort. I checked the school's website, it looks like all the elementary schools had one. It was nice to see.


            My first day back working at J's yesterday went fairly well. Probably about 75% of the customers were wearing masks. There was hand sanitizer everywhere, and I tried to use it after each customer, especially if they paid with cash. I avoided handling any credit cards and cell phones. There are shields up at the checkouts, and also at the cutting table. And of course everyone is social distancing. So, all in all, I think it was ok. I work again this coming weekend. Lots of spring merchandise is at 60% off right now, so I picked up some pretty hand towels for the kitchen.

            We have a strong north wind today (yesterday was from the south), and it's going to be cloudy all day. The wind dries out the potted plants so quickly. The forecast is for hardly any rain for the next 10 days, so it looks like I'll be carrying water to the garden.

            I don't have a plan for the day yet, and it's almost half over!! I have one load of laundry to do, and I think I'll make a couple of masks for GKs. There are any number of UFOs in the sewing room. Maybe one of them will call to me.

            Have the best day you can. Jeanne


              Originally posted by Nwmnteacher View Post
              There was hand sanitizer everywhere, and I tried to use it after each customer, especially if they paid with cash. I avoided handling any credit cards and cell phones.
              Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "filthy lucre," doesn't it?