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I think it's Wednesday!!

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    I think it's Wednesday!!

    Good morning. I stayed in bed until close to 6 this morning. And that's a good thing, LOL! Another hot hot hot one today, will feel like 104 with the humidity. Ouch, we don't have air conditioning. Oh well we will survive.

    Well my days never end up the way I would like. I got a desperate call to go to work. I had to borrow my friend's car as hubby was gone cutting grass. My boss was going to drive out and get me if I couldn't get a vehicle. Another day on the books with another 2 days booked for next week. I am soon going to need a vacation, hahaha. I was short with customers yesterday. I really got VERY annoyed with one who asked me to search through the parcels looking for his. Parcels went flying, and his wasn't there after all. I get annoyed with stupid people too. Rant over.

    I did manage to get my macaroni salad made and the kitchen window washed (it was filthy) before I was called away.

    My neighbour across the street wants pants turned into shorts. I quilt therefore I can sew and do alterations. I also need to make a few masks for Friday. I hope I don't get called to work the rest of this week.

    Have a great day friends. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Well, the days are passing quickly and I get not nearly as far with projects as I intend. The front doors are painted but the trim only has one coat. DH gave me a partial gallon of white paint to use that he said needed to be used up. I began. After the first trim piece it seemed wrong so I looked at the can...humm...oil based . I hate oil based and this was not a smooth brush stroke. Probably old. I hate it when he thinks we are saving money using stuff. Anyway, first coat on and it looks okay. Today I'll do another coat. Clean up is such a b.....!
    Need to get back to the yard this morning. I have clipped bushes (wild wax myrtle) and have three big brush piles. Dug out two ornamentals that were way over grown and finally dug out the roots. PRepared a small flower bed and planted two vincas and 20 begonias and two tomato plants. They look sweet. Makes a house a home to have flowers.
    DH is going to start (he says) removing carpet today. We will see. Met the part time neighbors in the past two days and he has invited them each evening for a cookout. I'm getting really proficient with a toaster oven and microwave. ha ha. Nice to meet these folks though. Three of the people on the road are from PA and One from Raleigh.
    I'm pretty tired but still going and speak of going....he is ready and I am going to shower before I go. So have a great day and walk with the Lord today and always.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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      I remember the old days of oil paint. Dad wouldn't let anyone help paint. Mom was too messy (I think that was on purpose), I was too little. So you know who got the job cleaning up the paint brushes with turpentine or what ever else I was given. I didn't like that job, at all! He'd never use a roller, just 4" paint brushes. What memories!

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      We did have a lot of paint in the basement when we moved in here 9 years ago (it was my grandparents' house). I'm not exactly sure what happened to it. If it was oil-based Dave, my hubby, probably opened the cans and let them dry out and tossed them when we had a dumpster. He also hates oil-based paint. Every time we go to buy paint he always reminds me that it has to be latex.

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      No oil based paints for me. The last time we were painting, we used Kilz latex paint from Walmart. We had tried some Behr which was highly rated, but I didn't like the way it spread. The Kilz was great to work with.

    Good morning Monique and all to follow. It's a foggy one here this morning. Yesterday we had a nice day. We went up to my sister's and had a nice few hours visit out on her new patio. The weather was beautiful so we had a nice time sitting outside and catching up. A bit later, my son Rob came over with his dog . He had to go to his lawyer to sign papers for the closing on Friday and he was leaving Auggie with us while he was gone. I didn't get there early enough to see John though. He had already gone to work. It was great to get out for the day.

    Today is laundry day. And other than that , I'm not sure what else will get done. I'll see where the day leads.

    Monique, I hope the rest of your days at work are better than yesterday. Terri, you sure are a busy lady. Yuck, oil based paint. Such a pain to clean up.

    Have a good day all.
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    Ginny B


      Good morning!

      We're a bit overcast to start the day, but we don't have rain in the forecast until tomorrow. High today should be in the mid-80's, with a cool down coming in a couple of days. The weather this morning said we may have highs in the 60's this weekend.

      My sister and I get to see Mom today! We are still not allowed to visit, but she has an ongoing medical issue that requires a trip to the doctor. The memory care facility does not transport residents to doctor visits. The facility said they will give her a happy pill to make her easier to manage. I am going to call them later and remind them; a different nurse is on duty today. Only one of us can go with her to the doctors office. They prefer the patient go in alone, but with the Alzheimer's that is not possible. She is also extremely hard of hearing.

      I slept in this morning. I have been really good about not doing that since the telework started. Some of my coworkers are enjoying sleeping in. I don't want to have to adjust when we go back to work in...August, maybe? Even then we may not be on site five days a week. Tomorrow I need to make sure I get up at the regular time.

      I'd better log in to my work chat and start the day. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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        Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm still guarding my sore finger, since it hurts to type with it. I started taking the antibiotic yest. since the pain was increasing. The urgent care called me yest. to follow up to see how I was doing. If I'm going to have my hands in the water a lot, I wear a glove.

        Today will be busy. Service man comes at 9 a.m. to hook up the swamp cooler for the summer. A plumber is coming between 1 & 3 to see about the kitchen sink. I'm not convinced we still won't need a drain specialist to clear the drain. And...they are booked 2-5 days out!
        ๐Ÿ˜ž DH frets so about any situation like this that disrupts his daily routine. He didn't sleep much last night. We discovered yest. a.m. that some of the water mess from the sink did indeed go down into the bsmt. The ceiling tiles in the room under the sink are water stained. In the mean time, I'm using a dishpan & dumping the water in the bathroom. Inconvenient, but doable.

        The weather is warmer. It got up to 86 yest. The next several days are supposed to be nice, with temps. increasing.

        Colorado now can have dine-in eating at restaurants, but social distancing of 6 ft. & outdoor tables if possible. Seating limited to 50% capacity or no more than 50 people. Bars still are closed, unless they provide food service.

        Needless to say, no sewing is getting done. Plus I still have to make time each day to do my hip exercises. It is considerably better, & I notice continued improvement.


          Good Morning All,

          Yesterday, what a mess! It certainly was rainy and just dreary. It rained off and on all night, too. At least we were able to pick some not so wet times for Gabby to go out.

          Unfortunately, my mood was like the weather. I didn't do much of anything. Maybe if the sun will peek out, I'll get some motivation. Jim and Mike had adventures yesterday removing the bathroom cabinet and putting the new in. The valves broke off?? They had to cut the water off to the house. Thank goodness the kids were at Nana's. Jim called and asked if I could call my plumber. I did, first appt was today. They worked him in, but the window was 12-4. I was on hold so long, I texted Jim to call a different plumber. The plumber he called got there before the one I called would even think about getting there, so I called an cancelled my plumber. I'll write down his plumber's name and number. I wasn't thrilled with mine the last two times I called. Anyway, he's planning on painting the kids bathroom now. LOL The realtor that sold his neighbors house is coming today to talk about what they could get out of the house. Jim has a number in mind. Honestly, he'll probably be able to get it. We'll see what happens.

          One of the ladies at church would like a couple of terry cloth aprons. I'm going to get Mike to take me somewhere to look for a standard bath towel. I think that would be the easiest way to do it. All the exposed edges would be finished already, put some ribbon on the band at the bottom and get a pretty fabric for the sash.

          Anyway, it's time to start moving. Have a great day!


          โ€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.โ€
          โ€• Maya Angelou


            Good morning!

            Terry, You have been busy with your projects. Good luck on your painting project. I don't like clean up part either but don't use oil paints for that reason.

            It's a happy day. The shutter guys showed up yesterday and installed all the shutters. Water delivery comes today. We are closer to finishing up the preparations for storm season. Our grandson needed a play cape yesterday so other stitching projects were put on hold. He watched me and played with the measuring tape. Teach them young. Time to start my day. I have a few things to do for my office and then the day is mine. Have a wonderful day!


            • Momofmonsters5
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              Lol 5 kids around sewing their whole ruined my rotary blade cutting cardboard, he wanted it straight for a school project. My 17 year old uses my 40$ finger scissors to trim her hair...go figure lol. Love them but really hands off!!

            Good morning everyone,
            I haven't been here in the mornings since I can only access the forum on my laptop upstairs. When I do, I check emails and Facebook and I can be on too long. So my routine for past week, has been to check DD on iPad, turn it off and start my day. I have had irregular sleep patterns for awhile, but the cats are not helping, waking me up at 4-5-6 in the morn. I dont do mornings well, then fall back asleep and day is messed up.

            I see a lot has been going on with everyone, and I will have to catch up at one point. Life goes on. Mom was doing good last week, but she has these recurrent days of nausea, dizziness and confusion. They are not attributing these to her previous stroke, TIAs or any form of dementia. They believe this is how this is how her body is reacting to the Virus. She is in relatively good spirits, despite the isolation and no visitors. I let her know the reality that we are living with -- line up at stores, masks, distancing and not all businesses are open. Some who can are still choosing to stay closed. Many more are having to go the on-line route in order to survive. In this new reality, it's adapt and change or you will be out. Innovation and essentials will survive.

            I have made a bunch of masks for neighbours, and now friends are asking for some. I previously gave them away (over 50), but now I am selling for cost. I also finished 2 more glider seat cushions. Saturday we took a ride out to the gliding club, which was open only to single person planes. DH stayed to volunteer, so I came back home and picked him up at the end of the day. The cushions we made were well appreciated. I still have 2 to finish, and that's it. No more. Never again. These unpaid volunteer projects just take me away from enjoying my quiet quilting time., which I find that I really need lately. I want to be selfish and just do something for me.

            The weather has gone from a long winter to a one-week spring and jumped right into summer head with all its humidity. I did manage to get some bags of soil and mulch, after lining up for an hour. I didn't even try earlier as the line-ups were bad. Sunday morning, I lined up and was in first group to get in. Got all I wanted and new tomato cages and racks. I got the powder coated ones, as I seem to get rid of the metal ones every few years. I know these last. I found one nursery that had some red geraniums, no whites anywhere. I went to 5 nurseries before I found some spices. They didn't produce the stock they usually do, so limited supplies. I am good. Now to finish planting but not today, as we will hit over the 100 mark, with high humidity.

            I hope everyone has a good day, and stays safe.


            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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              Iโ€™m am happy to read your post this morning. I was on the edge about making replacement cushion covers for our patio but now I think Iโ€™ll just purchase them and have them delivered by the end of the week. Thank you for that bit of wisdom- you saved me a lot of frustration.

            Good Morning all,

            Yesterday was cloudy and very humid. Got a little rain in the morning but then we got about a 1/4 inch around supper time. We received the lilac and hydrangea bushes we ordered and Dave got them planted. They were very nice plants, about 18" tall. I worked on a "curtain" for the basement stairs. We took the basement door off as it is very tight in our kitchen and we use the patio all the time. There is a door to the patio that we usually leave open but this winter we noticed we could feel a draft coming from the basement. We decided to but up a curtain at the bottom of the stairs and hope that will keep the draft to a minimum. I cut up an old blanket that my grandmother made from curtain material. I think it will work well.

            Worked on the anniversary quilt last night an was able to complete 7 more blocks. Only 165 more to go ๐Ÿ˜. If I keep up on this pace I should be done by the end of June. My daughter & son-in-law's anniversary is the 8th of July so I will still have plenty of time to complete the label and binding.

            Today is my laundry day, too, so I'll be getting busy on that. The weather isn't supposed to be very nice, right now the temp isn't bad, at 64 but the dewpoint is 62 so very muggy. Can't wait for the weather change that is supposed to be coming tomorrow, less humidity and lower temps. Friday is only supposed to get to 70.

            Time to get to work, have a good one!


            • Claire Hallman
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              Funny, first a curtain then a blanket now back to a curtain. Probably should be called a portiere like in Gone With the Wind just for a chuckle.

            • CarlieBlilie
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              Never thought of it like that, Claire. She would appreciate being frugal as she and my grandpa were a young married couple during the depression years. It showed it what we found in the house after they passed. Grandpa saved bent nails and screws for heavens sake. In cleaning out the cupboards I must have found at least 4 dozen plastic bags that had actually fallen in the back of the cupboard drawers. The blanket that she made was probably something she did while learning how her new sewing machine worked. She bought it in the early 1960's. She made her own draperies so it was probably left-over material. I remember the material from draperies that were hanging in the house. Still have some the owns she made but I believe they are probably over 20 years old. Had the dry cleaned after we moved in. I don't think they would be able to go through another cleaning. They are probably 7 feet in length and there are 6 sets (corner draperies). I wish I would have had her teach me how to make draperies.

            I survived the colonoscopy just fine yesterday, pretty tired since I was up half the night with the prep but it is in the past now. The doctor was pretty positive but still pending some biopsy results. He wants me to increase the same medicine I have been on for a few years.
            I didn't get a bit of sewing done but hope to get into the sewing room today. Right now we are sitting on the porch waiting for the housekeeper to do her thing. Time for another cup of coffee. Hope this dribbly rain moves on out of here soon.


            • JCY
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              Glad your colonoscopy is over. I hope the biopsies all will be negative. Since I'm >70 my dr. said I didn't need any more, unless there were symptoms of a problem.

            • Claire Hallman
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              I am over 70, too. I hope I never need another one.