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It's a foggy Tuesday

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    It's a foggy Tuesday

    Good morning friends. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday yesterday no matter what you did.

    I had a good day at work. Arrived early, delivery had already been made. It looked overwhelming at first but I dug right in. By the time the girls arrived I had everything sorted. I really don't like when people call and ask "Do I have a parcel?" Really? Before we get everything sorted? Ok rant over. It was a busy steady day thankfully because at lunch time this energizer bunny was running out of steam. I was really tired last night.

    My crocs arrived ahead of schedule. YIPPEE!! Can't wait to try those babies. They fit well. I hope they are kind to my aching feet.

    One of the girls I worked with yesterday and made masks for, was telling me how much she loves them. She said they fit her face perfectly. She asked me for 2 more. Where I am working Friday, one of customers is battling cancer. My boss told me yesterday that she has been out walking a little. The mask she was wearing was not fitting her properly. So I will make her too and one for her sister as well. While I am making 2 I might as well make 4, right.

    Today is supposed to be a scorcher, hot hot day, 37C with the humidity. The plum trees around here are in full bloom and my God, they are just beautiful. My apple is starting to bloom as well. I missed picking fiddleheads this year, poop, oh well!!

    And so today I will work on a few masks. Not sure what the rest of day holds just yet. Might just be a macaroni salad, deviled eggs kind of day, heat up the kitchen before it gets too hot outside.

    Have an awesome day my friends. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning all!

    Monique, I had to check to see what 37 C was...98.6 F! We got to 90 yesterday and today is to be just a bit warmer. Whew! We went from highs in the 60’s to 90’s in a few days way was my body prepared for such a temp swing......or I’m just getting older....

    Hope your new shoes make ya dance!

    Nothing exciting for our weekend. We were able to purchase some flowers and planted most of them. Our gov has extended the stay at home until June 12 in our area. She did open up the UP to the next stage and her county in northern Michigan where her summer home is.

    Shopping for flowers in a greenhouse with a mask was stifling! We are suppose to wear one whenever we leave our homes, which we aren’t suppose to....I’m ready for some normalcy......

    Hope everyone stays comfy and enjoys the day!
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


      Good morning Monique, Yesterday was a wonderful day. A few showers, but for the most part, nice weather here. I had DGD for the day. Kept her busy and we played outside for a few hours which tired her out, which caused her to willingly take a nap. First time that has happened in a long time. After taking her home, and a trip to the grocery store, I was done for the day. Today is back to work for a few days.
      hope every one has a good day!


        Good morning!

        Yesterday was very quiet, it was almost surreal. Temps were on the warmer side -- highs near 90 muggy. Today will be the same. I was reading a book last night and was struck by the absence of noise. Usually holiday weekends are busy...neighbors playing their radios too loud, parties, kids playing outside, vehicles racing up and down the street even though the speed limit is only 25 mph...there was none of that. Some of my neighbors mowed their yards, but that was about it. Even the neighbors who shoot off fireworks at every opportunity didn't bother.

        I need to run up to the grocery store this morning. I did not go over the weekend and I need to restock some staples. It will be good to get out of the house for a bit. My Ohio sister and I are both tired of being home. I have two more months of telework, maybe more. It sounds like a long time, then I remind myself it has already been two months and it went by faster than I thought.

        I need another cup of tea and I should charge the computer before I log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


          Morning all,

          Yesterday was overcast for the early part of the day then clearing off. Sat out on the deck with my coffee as it was warm outside and watched as the bluejays came to the table for their peanuts. Other than that was a very quiet day.

          Made a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon and my husband was thrilled as he is a very energetic taste tester!

          My local quilt shop (Patchworks Quilting) will be having another live Facebook video today at noon and will be previewing some of their holiday fabrics. Their last one went very well and I ordered some things to support them. I'm sure I will be showing my support again this week. I sure do miss going to the store for classes and the fun we have.

          Well, off to fire up the Keurig and get caffeinated. Wishing everyone a good day, be well, and stay safe.

          Here is one of my bluejays that comes to visit for his peanuts while I sit at the table on the deck with my coffee! IMG_20200525_142541.jpg
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            What a beautiful backyard you have, Cathy!

          We went shopping for an umbrella for our patio table yesterday. Sam's Club had umbrellas for $129 but no supports for the bottom. On to Home Depot, they had one umbrella left but I didn't like it. And no supports for the bottom. From there we went to Lowe's and got the very last umbrella in the store with a good support! The two of them together were $40 cheaper than the umbrella at Sam's Club! So we had our dinner out on the deck last evening, under the umbrella.

          We had a landscape guy come by on Sunday to give us an estimate on some work we want done. Nice guy, very young, and very knowledgeable. We need to have a lot of stuff pulled out. The previous owners planted a lot of bushes and trees that are always just green. No color in the yard except for some azaleas that have seen better days. So they're coming out, too. We want some mulch put down in a couple large areas at the front of the house and some stone on the side of the house by the driveway walls. We'll probably have him start cutting the grass for us, too. They guy that does it now always skips some parts, I guess because his riding mower doesn't fit.

          Macaroni salad sounds great, Monique-- now I'm hungry for some. I haven't had any in ages.
          Just the usual the rest of today-- working on my grandson's book.
          ~ Carol from PA


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            DS#1 in MD has a long row of Azaleas. He recently cut them back. They bloom for such a short time but are beautiful when they are in bloom. They are challenged with what they can plant because of the deer. They'll eat almost anything, including roses.

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Our Memorial Day was memorable, but in a frustrating way. Yest. a.m. I got the chicken soup all made -- 15 qts. I was washing up the kettles, when I discovered the kitchen sink wouldn't drain properly. DH tried using the garbage disposer, then the plunger. Big mistake! The water went out the overflow pipe & ran down over everything under the sink. Water was on the floor & ran under the DW & the frig. Oh what a mess. I quickly grabbed several towels. DH went out to the shed & got a couple boxes. I had to wipe everything down & put it in the boxes. I called 3 plumbing outfits. Could only leave a message. One of the places was a 24 hr. fix-it business. I talked to my neighbor who had used their services. She said they were expensive, so I canceled that one. One business said due to C-19, they were not taking any emergency calls on the week ends. And of course, yest. was a holiday. So I'm hoping someone will return my call this a.m. In the mean time, I'm using a dishpan & carrying the water to the bathroom to dump. And of course, with DH's anxiety, it just compounds the situation. I'm praying for a resolution today & trying to stay calm in the midst of the situation. I looked on line last night for some remedies. I tried the boiling water, but that didn't work. I might try the boiling vinegar & baking soda today. One of the suggestions was to remove the P trap & clear it. DH said he wasn't going to mess with it. He & plumbing problems don't mix. I ran the 20" box fan all afternoon & all night to help dry out things under the sink.

          Yest. was a nice day. A chilly morning; we ran the furnace. The high temp. was 74; it was sunny. It warmed up enough to have the windows open in the afternoon. It's 44 deg. this a.m. The furnace kicked on a couple times.

          Hoping for a plumber remedy today.


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            I hope you can get a quick and easy resolution.

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            My neighbor just told me last week she dumped a full bottle of Coca Cola in her drain and left it all night. When she got up the next morning she poured boiling water down and the drain works like it should. I wrote myself a note and put on the bulletin board - I knew I’d need that for future use - might can help you.

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            I'm back. I've been on the phone multiple times talking to plumbers & drain experts. It sounds like we may need a drain cleaning, probably from the kitchen sink out to the street. So far, everyone is booked up for 2-5 days ahead. I'm waiting for another call back. We do have an appt. for a plumber for tomorrow from 1-3 p.m., but I suspect we'll have to pay for a service call to diagnose with no results & a referral to a drain expert. I watched a short video last night about how to clean out the P Trap, but DH isn't touching it. The rooter guy said he might be able to work us in on Thurs., but gave me the name of another rooter business. I left a msg., but haven't heard back. So in the mean time I'm using a dish pan & emptying it in the bathroom. Doable, but certainly not handy. The DW will have to wait. Normally I would run it tonight.

            I'm not sure I'm willing to try Coca Cola. I've heard it's caustic enough to dissolve a nail. Not sure I should put that down the drain.
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          Good Morning All,

          I played the lazy card yesterday after cleaning up Gabby's accident on my bed... stripping the bed, laundering all of that. I did lay out the 20 blocks for the next tall ugly quilt. They're stacked on my desk ready to sew.

          Mike is going over to Jim's today. Jim bought a new vanity cabinet and top for the kids' bathroom. They'll install it today and hopefully get the garage door fixed. Mike's off tomorrow. I need to go get some terry cloth for a couple of aprons for a lady at church. She wants them in terry so she can wipe her hands as she cooks.

          It's another cloudy, dreary day. It drizzled off and on all day yesterday. At least the grass doesn't sound as crunchy in the back yard.

          Have a great day!

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good Morning all,

            Yesterday topped off at 79 degrees but the dewpoint was 69 which means totally muggy. It isn't supposed to get better until late Wednesday or sometime Thursday. I think my hubby, Dave, had a hard time sleeping last night. Rain was in the forecast so the windows were closed. The A/C was on but we do not have enough vents in the upstairs so it does not get as cool as the downstairs. Fan was going but he gets hot very easy. I think he may try to get the little window air conditioner in today.

            Yesterday I got groceries, I can't believe how much I've been spending. Need to find a way to cut down. Hubby likes the Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls so I get them for him but they are over $3 a piece, gets expensive. I usually make my breakfast but because he is usually up before me so eats his breakfast before I'm ready for mine.

            I also made a large purchase, I bought the Crosswave my daughter recommended. I used it to clean the laminate flooring in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom and also on the bamboo flooring in the living room. I highly recommend this cleaner. It did an awesome job and clean up is pretty easy as well. The machine is easy to carry too (I can pick it up with one hand). Downside, it is expensive, but it did a much better job than when I use the microfiber ones that were recommended. Took my about 1 1/2 hours to do them all and they dried quite quickly, less than 10 minutes to completely dry. No streaks either and boy were they dirty. Think I will do this again on Thursday. Maybe I can keep my floors cleaner if I do this twice a week.

            Worked a bit on hand quilting my daughter's anniversary quilt. It is supposed to be rainy off and on today so I may just take a couple hours to dust the house and then sit and quilt the rest of the day.

            Well, I'm off to do a little dusting. Think I'll wash up the Sunbonnet Sue quilt I had on the bed. Don't think I'll need that for a few months anyway. Have a great day everyone!


              Good morning. Another nice day here- clouds to ☀️. We had a quite day and dinner last night. My husband cooked a brisket— he lets it cook for 8 hrs. We will have left overs tonight.
              I put the zippers and elastic on 6 cuffs. Only 2 to go!! I am ready to complete these. This was a big project. I also had a virtual dog training class last night. It went well. I have another one tonight’s.

              Have a good day.


                Good morning everyone,

                I drove to the cabin on Thursday. My DD joined my Friday evening, and her roommate showed up Sunday afternoon. The rest of the family didn't want to come since it was predicted to be rainy. Turns out there were only a few showers, although it was mostly cloudy. We were able to enjoy some good times on the deck enjoying the lake view. The mosquitos were pretty bad since the dragonflies haven't hatched yet, but not too bad on the deck. As soon as the "mosquito hawks" hatch, they'll take care of those blood thirsty little vampires!!

                I'm going to start working again this week at J's. Probably 2 days a week like before. I'm a little nervous, but I'll see how it goes. I do miss the people I work with and socializing. Today I'm going to make a couple of masks out of sewing themed fabric to wear at the store.

                It's been so dry here in NW MN, but last night we had a little bit of rain. It's pretty cloudy this morning, so I hope more rain is on the way. I finished planting the garden before going to the cabin, but nothing is up yet.

                That's it for me today. I better start the "cabin laundry" (no washing machine there) and get my work bag organized for tomorrow. Have a blessed day all. Jeanne


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                  We've had just a few mosquitos here in SC MN. Mainly cloudy today with a possible thunderstorm towards 4 p.m. today. We are supposed to get cooler weather and lower humidity by Thursday and 70 degrees on Friday for a high. Looking forward to that for sure. We will have to get our mosquito trap going so we can sit outside. Worked very well last year. We don't have too many dragonflys around our house.

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                  I grew up in Mich. I know all about those Mid-west mosquitoes! Thankfully in Colo. with our drier climate they're not as bad here. But we still are cautious due to West Nile. I had a milder case one year; I sure wouldn't want a bad case! I was so weak! Our friend's SIL nearly died from it. He was in ICU for 3 wks., then rehab for a long time. Some folks did die that year it was so bad.

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                  I was in Joanns yesterday. Only difference I noticed was everyone wearing masks and less crowded. They had tables in front of the cutting tables to force distancing from the person cutting the fabric. Also had screens in front of the cash registers, to protect cashiers.