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Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'll get us started. I'm gingerly typing, as that finger where the splinter went in under the nail is really sore -- probably on its way to being infected. I tried using a quilting pin yest. a.m. again to get out any remaining piece, but it was too painful. I've been soaking it in warm water & putting antibiotic oint. on it.

    Yest. I finished sewing the borders on the ugly quilt. I laid out 9 FQs of some of the same fabrics I used on the top, which I'm going to piece together for the backing. I've never used that many pieces for a backing.

    I saw another baby rabbit in the back yard yest., so there are 2 little ones out & about. I had to chase one out of the flower bed. It was funny watching the squirrels yest. There were 3 in the back yard, chasing each other around. One of the younger looking squirrels was curious about the baby rabbit & tried numerous times to approach it. I think it was either curious or maybe wanted to play. The rabbit was hyper alert, sort of backed off, & at one point ran off. One of the squirrels was in our honey locust tree eating some of the tender leaf shoots. I've never seen them do that before. Sometimes in the winter they will gnaw on the bark.

    Our high temp. yest. was 91, but it was quite comfortable most of the day, & it cooled off nicely over night. We're supposed to have much cooler temps. & rain over the holiday week end. Not good news for those going camping. Where ever you are, enjoy the week end.
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    Good Morning!

    Had a good day yesterday, fairly nice weather although pretty much clouded over. The sun did peek out a couple of times. It rained a little over night and we are supposed to be rainy off and on for of the day today. Planning on getting some dusting done and setting up my crockpot to make my grandma's baked beans for tomorrow's get together with my daughter and her family. I'll also be making creamy cucumbers, one of my daughter's favorite but no one in her family likes them so she does not usually make them for herself.

    I have been able to complete 4 of the blankets for my daughter's daycare. I have 2 ready to edge and 3 more that need to be sewn together. I'm hoping to get them all done today. I'm behind on my hand quilting but should be able to catch up once I have these completed. Once that quilt has been bound and labeled I go on to another large quilt that I need to layer and hand quilt. It is an embroidered king size quilt top, I bought the kit back in 1976 and have worked here and there on it. I was finally able to complete it last June. I looked into getting it professionally quilted but because of the handwork I've been told it would be better to do it by hand. I should have a good sewing rhythm down by the time I finish the one I'm working on now.

    Wish me luck in completing the blankets! Hopes for a good day for everyone!


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      Those cucumbers sound delish! I often make something similar in the summer using yogurt. Quarter the cukes, cut into thick slices, add one very finely diced garlic clove to plain yogurt (Greek works best), salt to taste, mint to taste, mix it all up and refrigerate. Tastes better the next day.

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      I do a similar salad. Slices of cuumbers, wedge slices of tomatoes and some thinly sliced sweet onion. Mayo, salt, pepper, vinegar and a little sugar. Pour over salad mix and let sit about 3 hours before serving for flavors to blend.

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      OK. I'm going to make some up on Monday. Hubby mentioned he likes cucumber salad so we'll have a little experiment with our burgers. Thanks all.

    Good Morning All,

    Yesterday, I guess I was in a funk. Jim called... 3 times in the morning. He used one of the systems he wanted to learn to create a recipe box. I can type in my recipes and save them and the app will generate a shopping list. Kind of like I had my notebook set up when he was little. I'm going to see if I can just copy and paste my recipes in, or if I'm going to have to type them all again. I'm hoping for the former!

    I worked on the large ugly quilt squares. I have twenty ready to lay out. I just couldn't get motivated to do anything else with it. I think it's the stack of quilts that need to be sandwiched, and finished that is starting to get to me. I usually want one thing finished before I start another. I have 6 tops ready to sandwich as soon as the batting shows up. I need to find something to back the Christmas quilts with, then I can start on those. Mike's off three days next week, maybe we can get to the quilt shop to pick something out.

    This morning a movie Howard and I went to see at the theaters is on. I've been sort of watching it and remembering the good times. He is certainly missed.

    I should get started doing something productive. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning Joy and all to follow. It's a rainy one here this morning. We've had a couple of real nice days though so I'm ok with a rainy one. It will be good for all the flower and veggie plants we put in on Thursday and Friday.

      So today will be an indoor day. I have a couple of cell phone pillows to make for someone and the poly pellets arrived yesterday so I will get working on them. There are also a bunch of masks all cut and ready to be put together too, so I'll probably do a few of those to put into the "ready to go" bin for quick filling of requests like we had on Thursday. They got picked up yesterday. And this morning I see I have a message with a request for another mask. I will also spend some time on Secret Santa things.

      We had a great video chat yesterday afternoon with Henry and Tessa. Tessa was still napping at the beginning of the call so we got to hear about all that Henry had been up to this last week. Then she woke up and Kathryn took the phone up to her room and when she saw us on the screen, she gave us the biggest smile and threw us kisses. It melted my heart. After Kathryn took her out of her crib, she went over to her bookshelf and was showing us her favorite books and we did some "reading" with her. Great afternoon! Today we'll try to connect with Max and Lily and maybe we will catch up with Zeke and Aviendha too.

      We got good news on Rob 's closing. He finally got the CO from the city so he can go to close on his current place. The city just opened that department last week I guess. Things have been in limbo for 2 months! Why they weren't working from home I don't know. They did the appointment virtually with photos and a video walk through anyway. Rob was getting a bit freaked out because if it went to June 1, he would have to start the whole mortgage process over again for his new place. So here's hoping things move along smoothly over the next few weeks.

      Joy, I hope your finger heals up. That is such a difficult area to try and get a sliver out of without leaving a small bit behind. I had a bit of an accident with my rotary cutter the other day. I was using it with the pinking blade on the cushion cover and was pushing down pretty hard on the fabric and the cutter slipped and got my finger pretty good right on the knuckle. Ouch.I

      Six quilt tops! Wow Katrina you have been very productive. And will be very busy once you get the batting too. And Carlie Bilie, you too have been quite busy with those quilts for the daycare. And hand quilting a King size quilt will sure keep you busy.

      Have a good day everyone. Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend even if there will not be any parades or bbq' s with family and friends. Find a way to still make it memorable and fun.
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      Ginny B


        Good morning. I woke up to rain and thunder. The rain should wash all the yellow
        pollen off my car. I finally got the pug to go out when it let up for a few min. Our governor finally will let our area move to the yellow phase on June 5 th. Hopefully we will be move to green by June 11th.
        I finished sewing 2 more cuffs. Now I have to do the button holes. I have 8 to do. I have to go through the lawn products that I ordered from a company that can analyze your soul and suggest products to help your lawn. I hope we can keep the area that we sodded last year going.



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          Hmmm, there's a company that can analyze your SOUL and recommend lawn products? I had such a good laugh over the typo, thanks!

        Good morning!

        We have light fog this morning. I'm looking forward to today's high in the mid-70's so I can open the windows. The next week will be in the 80's with a chance of rain every day.

        I was craving human company and called my sister in Texas last night. I'm not sure if I accidentally sent a FaceTime request or if she requested it when she picked up the call. I would have combed my hair first! 😃 We had a nice chat. My BIL is having surgery next week for a kidney stone. She said it is outpatient surgery and he has to be tested for Covid-19 the day of. She has an appointment to get her hair cut. She will have to wear a mask. I usually go to local Great Clips, but want to double-check their safety precautions first. I just saw a news article where one of their stylists in Missouri tested positive for Covid, and exposed 90 people to the virus. They worked while they were symptomatic, too. At least they wore a mask.

        My Ohio sister usually goes to Cedar Point in July; she has reservations at their Hotel Breakers. She is wondering if she should cancel her reservation or not. Cedar Point is still closed and we don't know if they will be able to open this year. She will lose her deposit if she cancels. I told her to wait until the date gets closer and then make a decision.

        Time for a second cup of tea and some breakfast.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning all! We made it up to 29C, that's 84.2F, yesterday ... felt really weird after the cool cool spring we've been having. Cooler and breezy today.

          Hope all of you in the U.S. can plan something special for your long weekend. Here in Quebec, we're allowed gatherings of a maximum of ten people, from three households, but must stay outside. I hope that works out OK, because we've been warned that if number of cases increases, we'll be in even stricter lock-down than before ... not a nice thought.

          Stay safe.


            Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I delivered masks yesterday. I have to make a few things for my dad's and son's care packages. I want to get them out next week. I have a couple bowl cozies to make. I think I'll send my son some coasters too. I want to send him useful things. Any ideas for a bachelor at a temp place, please share! He's in the army at AIT.

            I'm relaxing and enjoying the day. I cleaned yesterday. I have more to do today, decorating and organizing. This rental is really small but we're saving so much it's worth it!

            I hope everyone is having a great day!!


              Yesterday was sad for me, we got a call from our traveling buds and the wife is not doing well at all after her brain radiation. It has taken much more of a toll than we first thought so they are not going with us in Sept. I am so sad for them but hoping this set back is temporary. I had been fmq on the sewquester quilt but stopped that and just sat on our porch and talked to DH.
              We figured out a few things about the trip and then a huge storm whipped up, we had hail about the size of marbles, wow. This morning you would never know it except things look fresh and green.
              I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


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                Claire, sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully it will be a temporary setback and they can be traveling again with you soon.

              JCY, long shot I know but I remember having something in a finger when I was young and my mom put a milk bread poultice on it. Wrapped it up and about a day or so later it pulled whatever it was out. I think because the bread dries up. Not sure why bread and milk. It would be a pain having on there but just thought I'd let you know about it. She just mixed pieces of bread with some milk and put it on my finger and wrapped with gauze or something like that.


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                I remember my grandmother did this for a sliver I got in the barn when I was a kid - it worked.

              Hi all,

              Morning has come and gone. Was foggy when I woke up this morning but it cleared off, sort of an overcast day not much sun but we do not have any rain.

              I just came back from a curbside pick up at my local quilt store. It was good to say hello through distance and a mask. I e-mailed my order in and she had it all ready to go. I also purchased a kit for my sister for one of her Christmas gifts. Trying to support the store with some purchases till they can reopen.

              Will be a quiet Memorial Day weekend this year but one has to do what's necessary.

              Well, off to enjoy a cup of coffee and read for a bit. Enjoy your weekend, be well, and stay safe!

              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                Good evening to all, I had a really nice day. After cleaning the windows of our living and utility room I finished a new decoration for our garden 😃 what do you think????

                I sprayed it all over blue, the baskets, too. I finished it with pieces of parts from old sacks sewn into the baskets, to hide the plastic pots.
                Than I started my computer for a very special event. Every year in May is the big German Patchwork Meeting from the Patchwork Guild, this year it would be hold in Meiningen. Because of corona the made it the very first time online. There were interviews, they showed the result of challenges theme "Masks", but not the one we used to sew in the moment, and short lesson etc. it was interesting and not bad. Tomorrow it goes on, so I'm excited what comes more.
                Now I will go to my book a read actually, the sixth of the stories around Hopes Crossing from RaeAnne Thayne. I have to read the last three ones in English, only the first four are translated.
                I wish you a good night and sweet dreams.


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                  The upcycle-bicycle project looks cute. Like someone just parked it there.

                • Ginny B
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                  Love the bicycle garden art! What a great idea. Looks Wunderbar (one of the German words I remember) .

                Our weather is cloudy this morning but the weather persons think we’re done with the rain for a while. It will warm to mid-80’s next week and I’m so ready. I want to open the windows and get the fresh air through the house.
                I ordered batik fabric from a quilt shop not so far from me and we’ll go get that today for drive-up pickup. I miss touching all the fabrics in the quilt shops but believe I will not do that any more when the shops open up. My husband suggested perhaps they need to put plexiglass sheets between the shoppers and the fabric bolts, and I think my blood pressure dropped drastically when he said that! Ahhhhhh; that would be horrible!
                I’m missing reading posts from Suzanne and hope all is well with her; I continue hoping the best for her mom.


                  Good afternoon,

                  I'm spending some time just re-folding and organizing some fabrics today. I will make DH his mask and that is all for my list today.

                  A visit to the LQS yesterday to pick-up my order of two cutting mats for the die machine. Of course, you know two fabrics jumped off the shelves onto the cutting table. Flamingos on one fabric and frenchies on the other. They had to come home with me.

                  Hope your day is happy!