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In which Caleb rescues a raisin...

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    In which Caleb rescues a raisin...

    DD has been reposting some Kindergarten stories from before the quarantine:

    Caleb: "I have chocolate beans today!"
    Eliana: "Eww! I hate beans! Dey're gwoss!"
    C: "No, they're yummy!"
    E: "The only kind of bean I like are MAGIC beans -- they can turn me into a princess!"
    C: "NO! These aren't THAT kind of beans! Miss M., what are these beans called again??"
    Me: "...they're yogurt-covered raisins, guys."
    C: "Oh yeah! .... Hey look, I found a raisin! I'm savin' this raisin's LIFE!"
    Me: "By sucking off the yogurt?"
    C: "YEAH! I'm rescuin' it!"

    No word on what happened to the raisin post-rescue... 😏
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