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    I had a few messages and after looking at a couple of things then trying to go back to answer the messages they had disappeared🤔🤔. So here are my replies.

    I had read the response to my former post about Glacier park and thanks for your information. At this moment the only place available for our dates through xanterra are on the western side and several miles away. I have been checking trip advisor, a favorite research site for me. We haven't gotten word from our travel mates if they are for sure going so that has prevented me deciding on a cabin vs a hotel room.
    Thanks for the comment about 50 years marriage, it is amazing to have been together that long, sometimes feels like forever, sometimes like we just got married and where did all that time go.
    On the masks, I have made T shirt strings the width of a man's large shirt, might be too long but to is easy to cut shorter. I just made one with a T shirt string cut at 7" and attached as if it were elastic, it seems to work fine. I have cut my fabric at 8 1/2" w x 7 1/2" t and using 3 pleats, a different fabric front and back adding a wire in the seam allowance at the top running a stitch to make it into a casing.

    I've had some disappear too. Annoying. I wanted to say I just started making some tee strings because, well I needed some string. lol I tied up some batting and heavy stabilizer and things like that. Then I used some to gather up a plant for repotting. I'm addicted to using it!
    🌺 Lorie


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      Good idea! I will try the t shirt ties for my peonies!

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      Another item that works great for tying up flowers or plants are panty hose -- if anyone still has those around any more.