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    Good Afternoon!! We're getting a late start. Delivering masks today. I need to organize a little. This house is so small, I have to put up my long arm for a while. I think I'll but it in a bin with the quilt tops that are waiting to get quilted. We rescued a really well behaved dog but downfall, she sheds the most I've ever seen a dog shed. Since my sewing table is now in the common area I won't quilt anything, I don't want a quilt to get dog hair on it while I'm quilting. She's not allowed in my bedroom where my fabric is. My daughter is moving out soon so I'll convert that room to my sewing room and then I can quilt again. I still sew and sweep every day!

    I took yesterday and today off, been relaxing. I had too much leave so we were asked to take time off, our end of year is June. Been relaxing. All my orders finally came, I have the kitchen to finish and debodge my dresser drawers. I need to order knobs still but getting things done!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!