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    It's Friday

    Good morning friends. It's Friday but I have to work. I will take quilting with me. The baby quilt is on its way to its forever home. I hope they like. I attached a note asking them to not be afraid to use.

    My neighbour came with me to town yesterday. Not much else happened.

    So work work work.

    My American friends, enjoy your long weekend. It promises to be awesome weather for us here, although we really need rain. It is too dang dry here. Lots of forest fires springing up.

    Stay safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning world!

    Monique, I wish I could send you our rain.....we’ve had soooo much.

    Lots of flooding. Heard from 1 friend. No lives were lost in the great flood, but so many sad stories. Our friend is fine. His home is fine. His home on the now disappeared lake is a mess.....probably a loss. He’s in fire and rescue and oh my, he’s exhausted. So many to rescue as the waters keep moving. The downtown of Midland, Michigan is now under 9-10 feet of water. It will move on to flood as it moves to Saginaw Bay. He sent before and after pics. Pics from before we’re actually the day before the very sad.

    Love and prayers for many here. Hope everyone has a joyous weekend. 💖
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


    • grammaterry
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      I would guess we have had 6-8 inches but we are on the coast. It seems to recede fairly quickly. They say it is suppose to be a dry weekend. Maybe it will happen for you all too

    • CarlieBlilie
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      We got about 4 inches the beginning of the week but we really needed it and it seems to have soaked in well although the two rivers rose quite a bit. Prayers going to all in your area.

    • JCY
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      Flooding ~ Bonnie Hunter had several Instagram videos on her blog today showing the flooding in their area. They've a lot of rain there, too. Fortunately Quiltville Inn is up on high ground.

    Slowly but surely we are getting new house ready to move. I stripped front doors for two days and they should be ready to paint today. I didn't want to do it in the rain but I think it will be near 80 today so that would be good. Then, my next project is taking out the carpeting. YES! We ordered floors yesterday and lowes will deliver them JUNE 1. Wow that seems far away....We settled on vinyl laminate mostly because they will be easy to lay. I really wanted bambo solid wood but DH said he just isn't able to nail down flooring especially this much. Two of my children told me they would come do it if it was really important but DH wouldn't hear of taking help from anyone. He wants to have it all done before anyone sees it.
    We are in a bit of a dilema about replacing the wall oven and cooktop. Seems they do not make them and since they are built in it will be hard to find something different for those spaces without a total overhaul. And quite frankly, the kitchen is in good shape except for countertops and appliances...yeah, I guess that is a pretty big overhaul in itself.
    Anyway, I have enjoyed being on the screened in porch watching the rain and the water. It was kinda dreary in color but pleasant. Sure is a change from watching the rain from my mountain porch.
    Off we go. Have a good day.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


    • CarlieBlilie
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      We did bamboo flooring in our livingroom. We both love it but it was a bugger to put in. We even bought a special nail gun to help install. The bamboo is just so hard that my husband drilled each hole and then nailed. Took a long time and he isn't totally satisfied with how it came out. Unless we could afford to have it professionally installed we would never get it again even though it came out nice.

    • SagedCrone
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      LVP is great stuff..I installed it in my entire house, by myself. Easy to do once you decide how to run it, and make sure you run your first piece straight on a chalk line closest to your longest wall. There are tons of Youtube vids about it..GOOD LUCK and show pics when your done!

    Good morning!

    We have some light rain to start the day here. Today will be in the upper 60's, with a warming trend on the way and temps in the low 80's all next week! I am looking forward to the warmer temperatures.

    My morning off yesterday wasn't that successful. Mom's stimulus check is more trouble than it is worth. I talked to both of her banks yesterday, and because this is a special government check, only Mom can sign it. I cannot sign it using my power of attorney. They will not accept "for deposit only" without her signature. My only options are to see if Mom's facility can get her to sign it or to wait to have her sign it when we take her to the doctor.

    I need to work on my annual review today and get that finished. I don't want to work on it over the weekend -- it is due on Sunday. Our reviews are quite the laborious process. Or maybe I'm just a slow writer. All I know is it takes a really long time to do. They changed the form this year so hopefully it won't be too bad.

    Time for a second cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


      I finally got logged in here... It's been quite a trial getting back to you all.. With the changes in the forum my regular log in just wasn't working. DD #2 says my windows needs updating .. yadda yadda yadda!!! I will try to get everything figured out (again) and get back to you regularly..

      Meanwhile It's back to mask making and getting a garden going. This pandemic has me swamped with other stuff and my Hobby is suffering.

      Click HERE to find me and My imagination


        Good Morning...Our rain is almost here and it’s supposed to stay with us for seven days. We already have standing water everywhere. We aren’t looking forward to this.

        I did a little sewing yesterday but my quilt blocks seem to be taking forever. I should be working on a UFO instead.

        Terry, so glad you are getting the new floors. I think you will be pleased with the vinyl. We used quality vinyl plank flooring in the bathrooms and kitchens of our apartments and they looked and performed great. I hope you can find a solution to your appliance issue.

        I need to jump start my day. Have a great day everyone.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ We had a pleasant 84 deg. day yest. A pleasant relief from the heat of the early half of the week. Another 80 deg. day today. And cooler the rest of the week. Hard to believe it's Memorial Day Week End. Where has this year gone?!

          Yest. a.m. was DH's dr. appt. It was his first experience having to wear a mask. Everything seems to be stable, so he won't need to see her again for 6 mos. when it will be time for his annual wellness check.

          I decided to add a narrow border to the ugly quilt. I have 2 sides done; 2 to go. Then cut strips for the binding. I chilled out yest. eve. & read my book. Since I finished the 30 books in the Annie's Attic Mystery Series, I'm re-reading some of my own books. I have favorites I've read 2 & 3 times.

          I had planned to do some weeding in the flower beds today, but yest. eve. I jammed a large sliver under the edge of my fingernail. It came off the wooden railing for our steps to the bsmt. I was able to pull most of it out, but had to dig around for anything remaining. I'm not sure if I got it all. So my finger hurts too bad to be digging & pulling weeds. It will have to wait for another day. Maybe I'll vacuum.


          • JCY
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            Carlie ~ Yes, I think I've read most if not all of Jennifer's books. Maybe not the last one. I have several in my library, most of which I've read more than once. Right now I'm reading one of Beverly Lewis' series. I love Amish fiction.

          • CarlieBlilie
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            I've not read anything from Beverly Lewis. I'll be looking into it. Close to being out of stuff that I want to read. I've read all my actual books although the new Jennifer Chiaverini book should be coming to me in after the first of the month. I've even reread all the books I have on my nook (I used that more when at work).

          • JCY
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            Carlie ~ If you want inexpensive books, try Thrift Books used books. If there are several books in a series, I like to have the whole series on hand before I even start book 1, so I can read through them consecutively. Their books start at $3.79 & go on up. Free shipping for orders >$10. Another favorite author of mine is Jane Kirkpatrick. She lives in OR & writes about real people who have lived in or immigrated to the Pac. N.W. Having lived in the NW, I'm familiar with many of the places she describes in her books. (E.g. the Whitmans. I used to live in Walla Walla, WA & have visited the Whitman Mission Historical Center.) Her books are fiction, but they are based on real characters. She widely researches all her characters--often obtains diaries & info. from the descendants of people she writes about. Other books are about other famous people like Dorthea Dix. Last year I read 226 books, the most ever. The year before it was 175.

          Good Morning,

          Yesterday was a little blustery and cooler until the middle afternoon. I picked up my son from the hospital and found out we were misunderstanding what had happened. Come to find out from a Rochester Mayo doctor who was caring for him in the hospital and his usual doctor he has Posterier Reversible Encephaology Syndrome. Although the results are the same as a stroke, the area of the brain does not have blood clots that cause permanent damage, thus the reversible. It was described to him that is is like a hose that is kinked and then released so that blood flow is stopped and then started again. We will see how much strength he recovers.

          I was able to get to sewing the blankets for my daughter's daycare. Half of the nine are sewn together, just need to edge-stitch them. They are turning out quite cute and I'm sure the kids will love them, I will post pictures when I've completed. I plan on completing them either today or tomorrow as we will be going to her house on Sunday to spend some much needed time with them. Added bonus her oldest, Christopher who is 21, is going to be there too.

          For some of today a little housework, waiting for a shipment of marine snails and crabs that we ordered for our marine aquarium and then upstairs to sew. Yesterday really helped my knees recover from the work done earlier in the week.

          Have a wonderful day everyone!


            Good Morning All,

            It's quiet around here. Mike's gone to work, Gabby's sleeping in his chair (he put her up there before he left). I've been checking emails. Jim has already called in, and Morgan's at work. So I guess it's 'me time'.

            I finished the borders of both baby quilts and added them to the stack of tops I'm accumulating. I ordered a roll of batting from JoAnn's yesterday. It will be delivered to the house. I already have backings for the baby quilts so once it gets here, I can shift gears to quilting what I've been working on. I'll need to get a new pair of gloves.

            Today, the plan is to work on the larger ugly quilts. I sorted out three stacks of 20 last night. That should keep me busy for a while.

            Take care and have a great weekend!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning. It's a pleasant morning here and I enjoyed walking around our backyard earlier. The peacefulness of the early morning garden is such a beautiful way to start the day.

              Today I will get another small order of masks ready to be picked up and we will plant the rest of the flowers in our front garden. I do think I need a couple more geraniums and I forgot to get a plant for one of my larger pots. I think I might head back to the nursery this morning and get those.

              Be safe all of you dealing with all that rain. We will be getting some starting tonight but nothing like what you all have been dealing with. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
              Ginny B



                We managed to get our knock out roses trimmed back yesterday, there are 4 big ones that got ignored last fall so this was a beast to do. A bit of a sore back this AM but it should fade as the day progresses.
                I realized why I bought the same fabric twice recently, it is because I bought another jelly roll from the same designer. Lynn Hagmier seems to have my number.😅
                I was looking at hotel rooms/cabins near Glacier Nat'l Park yesterday, if we get to go in Sept it is going to be an expensive trip, we are worth it since this is to celebrate 50 years but having trouble finding the perfect thing with all the uncertainty right now.


                • CarlieBlilie
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                  Congratulations on 50 years! We just celebrated our 46th. I have often joked that I would love to be able to make my grandparents' 78 years but with my health I don't think I'll make it. They were incredibly healthy, especially grandpa, until the last few years.

                • JCY
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                  This year will be 45 years for me. It's a 2nd marriage for both of us.

                Good morning. We are expecting rain this afternoon through Sat morn. Hopefully the sun will come back on Sunday. We still are in the red zone in our state so no plans for the holiday.
                I had my MRI and it showed a tearing in the labral. That explains the pain I have been experiencing. Have a call into a surgeon to see about repairing this.
                I cont. to sew, read, and train the pug.

                Have a good day


                  Good morning to all!

                  Yay for another Friday and a long weekend. Almost all of the on-line orders have been delivered. Supplies are organized and fabric waiting to go back on the shelf. These are the ones pulled out and then I changed my mind. LOL!

                  Almost all the on-line orders have been delivered. The block magazine came with a bonus stack of pre-wounds. Yay, they are the right ones for my embroidery machine too. Thanks!

                  I might paint the bar stools and re-cover the seats. I have some stripe fabric that would be fun for double piping. Yes, I need a project!

                  Hope your day is filled with happy stitching!


                    Morning (just barely)
                    So far today, I've been busy busy busy..3 loads of laundry, cleaned up my room, took all the fruits and veggies that are getting 'near' their 'eatable' date, washed, prepped, cut and ready to use up quickly ..lettuce and various greens now mixed, bagged and salad ready, strawberries sliced ready for cereal or yogurt, cucs cut , tomatoes chopped, green onions the same. Scraps in the compost. Dogs fed and dishwasher emptied, clothes hung on the line..Whew! I did breakfast in there It's supposed to rain here today starting after 3pm and through most of the weekend. So, it may be a SIM & sewing weekend for me! I'm looking for a new quilt pattern to try out so watching Jenny vids in between when I can..I need to get rid of some of my fabrics..can't let them start taking
                    I hope each of you have a lovely weekend. I'm off to be more productive somewhere.

                    Sage..crone of productivity (for today)
                    😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



                      Good evening everyone! I am reporting in the past two days have been BEAUTIFUL! just so nice, we got the last of the veggies planted. And enjoyed some of our lettuce mix for supper. Carrots and beets are pushing up their first leaves! So nice to see them! Just been working about the yard and not a stitch sewn for some time. Hope you all had a wonderful day! Stay safe stay strong!