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    Welcome Thursday

    Good morning friends. What another beautiful day it was yesterday. It is about time the nice weather got here. I wish the bugs didn't come along with it. But this too shall pass I guess.

    Hubby and I went to town yesterday and did what we had to do. I finally got a label made for the baby quilt. It is now all packaged up and ready to send. I will do that this morning.

    I am a little disappointed in Crocs. I am only getting one pair, the second pair isn't available. My order details just said order cancelled so I did a live chat and no, it isn't coming. I have a few more items coming soon I hope.

    There have been an awful lot of forest fires lately. Water bombers were here (next town over) yesterday. I hope it isn't people being careless. We haven't had rain for a very long time, things are too dry now.

    Joy I saw on the news last night that your state is beginning to re-open. That's good news.

    Here in Quebec, we will be able to have no more than 10 people, from 3 different families, gather for 'whatever'. They are encouraged to stay outside.

    Not sure what this day holds for me. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    Happy for you Monique on your quilt’s always a wonderful feeling. It will surely be treasured!

    If you are a praying person, prayers would greatly be appreciated for those loving in a community in mid Michigan.....Midland area. 2 dams were breached during the days of rain we had. Mass flooding, some places with over 10 feet of water. There was a lake....Wixom Lake. It is now gone! All the water from it has run through the communities destroying everything in its path. Roads, houses, it moved buses, semi trucks. Sewers we’re compromised and thousands have had to evacuate. With the stay at home orders, (and no homes now) where can they go? Many are staying in schools. Thankfully, as far as known, no one has lost their life. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers. I have friends there.....have heard nothing so far.

    The sun shined yesterday and is to do so again today. I’m does lift one’s spirits. I know the Lord will see us through all our trials.

    Hope y’all have a peaceful and joyful day. ❤️
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


    • JCY
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      I used to live not far from Midland. I saw that on the news & also on the web. So devastating. I heard some folks are sleeping in their cars rather than go to a shelter & be so close to so many people. It's heartbreak on top of heartbreak.

    • KPH
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      I saw that on the news too. The power of water is amazing, especially when man has blocked it's natural path. Lifting prayers for your friends and their communities. Hope you hear from them soon.

    • CarlieBlilie
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      Heard that on the news but was not aware of where it was. I have friends who just moved to Marquette so am thankful they are not involved. Will keep those affected in my prayers. Floods are awful. Went through a nasty one was I was 11. Had to live with my aunt and uncle for several months until the house dried out.

    Good morning!

    Today will be around 70 and fair. The yard guys mowed yesterday. I was surprised they came, the grass was still very wet from all the rain. They couldn't do all of the back yard...I guess the prior owner had a water feature once upon a time and the yard wasn't drained properly. The back corner takes forever to dry out.

    I took the morning off to wrestle with Mom's banks again. She has another CD due and I have to drop off my power of attorney with the other one. Not my idea of a fun time! Afterwards, I'm going up to Fresh Thyme for some produce. It is usually fresher than what I find at the local Giant Eagle.

    I took the garbage out this morning and one of the baits I put in the garage on Sunday is gone. I had put out two different kinds to see if the critters had a preference. I guess they do! I set out a couple more blocks. Here's hoping that stuff works.

    Sending prayers for everyone impacted by the flooding in Michigan.

    Have a wonderful day!


    • toggpine
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      Julie, if the bait has a hole through the middle, you can put a wire through it and attach it to a fixed point. If you do that, then the critters have to eat the bait right there and can't drag it off. We do this in our barn and shop. I don't want to find a bait block in the middle of my hay stack, etc.
      Good luck on getting rid of the varmits!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Whew! What a scorcher we had yest.! Our therm. reached 98 deg.! Sometimes it's hotter at our house than the official temp. We certainly could have used the cooling of the swamp cooler yest. Fortunately, it cooled off nicely last night. It was 48 this a.m. & the rest of the week is supposed to be cooler -- mainly 70's. This thin atmosphere heats up quickly & cools quickly, so we can get a big range of temps. in a short period of time.

    Colorado is in the first steps of easing the restrictions of C-19. It's called "safer at home". Hair salons & barber shops are open. Restaurants & bars still are closed except for pick-up/carry-out. We now can have in-person dr. visits, but have to wear a mask, of course. DH had his follow-up cardiac appt. several weeks ago by phone. I'll be glad when they allow massage businesses to re-open. I need a good working over. It's been 2 mos. I've noticed a big increase in traffic. Young people in Boulder clustered & lined the banks of Boulder Creek the past few days -- no masks, no social distancing. They had to close down that section of the creek. With 3 days of hot weather, they really congregated by the water.

    Today DH has a routine dr. visit. (Every 4 mos.) It will be his first time to wear a mask. He wanted one with the elastic over the ears.

    I'm tempted by today's DD -- those beautiful ombre pastels. But I'll refrain.


    • KPH
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      Apparently that fabric went over really well. It's not available now.

    • JCY
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      I just checked back to see if the pastel ombre fabric still was available. Nope. (I was having 2nd thoughts. ) Actually the DD was that triangle template. I'm quite sure I already have that one.
      Last edited by JCY; May 21, 2020, 08:40 PM.

    Good Morning All,

    It's already in the upper 70s here. It's going to be another hot one.

    Mike and I ran to Walmart yesterday after he got up. He decided he wanted a new shower curtain. Since the one we had in his bathroom was from Mom's house and Howard was the only one that really liked it, I 'refreshed' his bath. New shower curtain, new valance on the window, and I popped for new towels. (I hated his towels, I don't have a clue where they came from). It definitely is brighter and cleaner looking and less than $50 for the whole works. I'm satisfied.

    He washed the towels. Everything is finally sinked up to my phone. When the washer and dryer is done my phone signals. I just have to make sure the sound is on the phone for the dryer. Not sure about that one. But it's a nice feature with the laundry station in the garage. I'm going to start getting rid of some of the stuff hanging in the garage. There's a lot out there that hasn't been touched in three years, it's time to let it go, so I can have some room against that wall! That's an early morning job for sure!

    Today, the plan is to get back in my sewing room. I would like to work on the baby quilts today. I have two ready for borders and that fabric is sitting on my sewing desk. I called the salon yesterday, left a message. No one called back, I know they're open. I'm wondering if my stylist is coming back! Her daughter and grands moved back to FL from NC. I hope I don't have to find a new stylist... again! I'll try again today and see what happens. I have Mike's schedule for next week, he has three days off to choose from.

    Take care and have a wonderful day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning!
      I got a couple more masks made for my granddaughter to wear at daycare. We'll drop those off at their house this afternoon.
      Yesterday evening was spent in the basement arranging things in cabinets and on shelves. Where I used to live, I had a large walk-in pantry where I could keep all the small appliances, canned goods, paper products, things like that. Now at our new place, they all have to stay in the basement. That's OK. Now that it's more organized I feel better. 🙂
      My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease resulting from diabetes. Yesterday we had a video appointment with a dietitian so today we are going to clean out the cupboards and refrigerator and get rid of a lot of stuff. My daughter is going to take some things-- snacks for the kids, canned diet Coke. I'm not a big fan of pop and I eat way too many carbs so it will be good for me, too. We have plans for some grocery shopping to get more fresh vegetables and other things that we will use to replace the less-than-healthy foods.
      Later today I want to get back to making the book for my grandson. It's getting close to being halfway done!
      Have a happy day!
      ~ Carol from PA


      • Rhonda K
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        Cute masks! Best wishes for your BF and you going through all of this.

      Good afternoon,
      it's a nice day over here, 21,5°C / 70,7°F, I'm sitting on the terrace, I did some planting, seeding and a couple of other things. Now we will have a cup of coffee/tea and a left over from the Fanta cake I made. Our youngest son Patrick asked me to shorten his cooking jackets and looking for a trousers he damaged, so I have to start the sewing machine. He's a chef in a restaurant near by, that's great because if he has a day off at work I always can ask him for doing the cooking 😁 He is still living with us but only some month, because in Winter he goes to Austria for work in some ski resorts.
      Have a nice day, stay safe.


        Good morning all,

        Yesterday was beautiful, 78 and breezy, although the sun did not really shine until the afternoon which is probably a good thing or it would have been warmer. Hubby and I went to get a few more flowers as we still had open spaces. I'm going to note all the annuals we bought this year so that we won't have to guess in coming years what we need to buy. I'm hoping to eventually be able to have mostly perennials so we don't have to replant every year. We do really like impatiens so we will probably always buy them year to year.

        Picked up my son from the hospital yesterday. Speech is slurred especially if he get anxious and he says he has half the strength on his left side. He is going to start PT next week but has some things he is to do at home. The diagnosis came out as stroke/TIA results but did not have either. His auto immune disease is attacking his brain and causing the stroke symptoms/results. I know his doctor wants my husband and I to have him come live with us but that is not something that we can do nor do we want to. As much as I love my son, I don't like him. He lies to us all the time, even now that he isn't living with us and when he lived with us last year he would not take his medicines and hid in his room. You would think he would help out around the house to the best of his ability but all he did was play or watch videos. Because he refused to follow the few house rules that we had we told him he had to leave. I have a sister who thinks that we should help him no matter what, family is family. I agree to a point. Helping him now is just enabling him. He needs to do it on his own, or not or what will he do when his dad and I are no longer here? His sister is in a different town and she feels the same way as we do. Enough of that.

        Today I'm hoping to get to my sewing room to finish up the blankets for my daughter's daycare. We will going over to her house on Sunday for supper. I'm so happy to be able to go over there and see them now that they have lightened up the shelter in place here. Nothing fancy, hot dogs and brats on the grill and I'm bringing my grandmothers baked beans and some fruit. My grandkids are crazy nuts for fruit. My 11-year-old granddaughter ate a 12 oz container of blueberries in one sitting when she was about 9 months olds. She loves her berries. And then the 9-year-old grandson loves his watermelon. Can't wait! Plus I'll be giving my daughter her birthday gifts. She said that an idea for her was one of the little Dritz irons. Her mother-in-law is also a quilter and she said she loved say the iron when they were up at the in-laws cabin and loved it So I have that as a couple other things for her.

        Here's to another beautiful day! Have a great one!


        • CarlieBlilie
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          Update on my son. Found out that it was his auto immune disease indirectly. It caused his high blood pressure and caused something call "posterior reversible encephalogy syndrome". I guess this is something fairly recent. The neurologist that took care of him in the hospital was from Rochester (Mayo) so is more up to date with the newer stuff I guess. Unlike a stroke there is no dead tissue. It's like kinking a hose. Supply is cut off for a short bit. Depending on how long will determine the amount of function recovery. We are being told that all his memory episodes were due to this. Frustrating that it is taking so long to get to the bottom of his problems so that we can get to the getting better part. It took over 6 months to determine the auto immune disease and the only way that was determined was because he was hospitalized at Mayo in Rochester.

        • Monique
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          It is very hard to look after someone who won't look after themselves.

        It looks like a beautiful day here in Alabama, good day to trim the roses. They have to be bagged since our little pug would have hurt feet from stomping around in the bushes. I saw a lady cardinal drinking from our birdbath this morning, love seeing the birds flitting around.
        My tele visit with the doctor's office yesterday went OK after the right person called [only two tries], I had to get some blood work and will have a colonoscopy next week, yuck but necessary.
        We went and planted a drift rose bush present for my DDIL yesterday and took them a casserole, still distancing but being outside it isn't difficult. My DDIL works in a nursing home with several covid patients so she is very cautious with disinfecting herself when arriving home, so far this has worked out fine.
        I got another package yesterday, love getting fabric in the mail. Unfortunately I ordered the same fabric twice, two different stores. The mind is going....🙄 I am sure I can find something to do with it.😁


          Good morning!

          What? It's really Thursday already? But it was just Monday. Finally, expecting an order to be delivered from msqc. I knew it would take a while but still waiting can be tough.

          Oh dear! Do not zig zag and back-stitch elastic. It doesn't work. It went down into the feed dogs and wrapped around the bobbin case. All the bells went off telling me that she's not a happy machine today. Oh well it was time for a cleaning and now we are good to go again. Yikes!

          My husband wants a mask so I will make one to fit him so he's comfortable. I still have a little of Mustang fabric for it. Time to wrap up this project.

          Happy Thursday!


          • SuzyQue
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            If you are trying to sew two ends of elastic together, you can sew one piece of elastic to a small scrap of fabric, then butt the other piece of elastic to that and stitch down. Trim away excess fabric. I have found you can even zigzag and back stitch this way. It really doesn’t add much extra thickness. Hope this helps, but it might not be what you were trying to do.🥴

          • GuitarGramma
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            When I make masks, I fold over the ends. This makes sort of a tube on each end. I then thread the elastic through the tube and tie a square knot. Finally, I pull on the elastic until the square knot is inside the "tube." It does take move elastic, but I never have to actually sew the elastic.

          Morning all...can't believe it's nearing the weekend already. Plans for the day include more building dismantle and some camper work.

          Everyone have a great day and weekend..not sure I'll be back here before next week...
          😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



            Good afternoon everyone. Didn't get here earlier today. It was a nice day so we got an early start on things. After doing a couple things around the house, we headed up to the local nursery to pick up a bunch of plants for the gardens. We hadn't been there since our first visit a couple weeks ago and boy, they had a lot less this time. I guess lots of people are doing more gardening this year. They only have their greenhouses open until around now each year and then after all the spring plantings are sold, they close up that part of the business and open the farm stand part late in June/early July when their crops start coming in. We got quite a few things to keep us busy out in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. We will work on the front gardens tomorrow. There are a few things they didn't have that we will need to figure out where to get.

            Yesterday was a good productive day too. We did a bit of gardening getting things ready for the plants to arrive today, I made a couple face masks, finished the cushions for the order I've got and we worked in the garage for a bit and got stuff out into the trash and organized a few areas. We have a good sized pile of boxes and bins that my step-daughters need to go through. Slept real well last night and I expect to do the same tonight.

            Have a good evening everyone.
            Ginny B



            • SagedCrone
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              Yep...I think staying put for many has made a lot of people realize that they COULD grow some of their own food and have to travel less to get it..besides, I think some are panic buying afraid the food issue is going to be an issue