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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    It's cloudy here in the NE corner of FL. I guess the storm is making it's way north. I do wish we'd get some rain from it, to clear the air. The palm trees and crepe myrtles are starting to bloom. Thank goodness the palm tree guys cut all of that mess down from in front of the house on Friday.

    Church is under the trees and Jim's keeping the kids in the truck bed. He's hoping it will be less stressful than last week. I didn't go, so I don't know how it really went. Morgan is at work today.

    I guess I'm switching gears from 12 block ugly quilts to 20 blocks for a bit. I need at least 5 20 blocks for the tall guys down here. After that, it will be time to get batting/ backing. I wonder if I can skip batting if I use Minky, especially for those that will stay here in FL.

    Mike goes in this morning after working until close last night. He only has 2 days off this week and has 5 hour shifts. That's better than it's been. They're having more customers come in too. With fewer staff on the floor, they had a shop lifting case last week over $300 just walked out the door. I'm surprised with only 2 people on the floor and 1 in the copy shop there haven't been more incidents.

    Boy it was interesting getting ready this morning. I needed a hair cut before all of this started, haven't blown out my hair or put on makeup since the last time I went to church. I haven't had hair this long in ages. It's about the length it was when I got married. It doesn't look too bad, considering. I'm going to see when I can get an appointment next week.

    Have a great day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Thanks for getting us started, Katrina. No church yet for us. In Colorado, no gatherings of >10 people. When it gets to the point when 50 people are allowed to meet, the pastoral staff has plans to meet at the church in 5 separate locations of the bldg. Each area has a separate entrance. So for now, we're still watching on YT. Our city has had the largest no. of cases of C-19 of the whole county.

    We had a pleasant day yest. Temp. was 78 deg. & it was mostly sunny. It's supposed to be close to 90 in the next couple days. I guess it's time to schedule the hook up of our swamp cooler.

    Yest. a.m. I baked DH's bread. In the afternoon & eve. I worked on the ugly quilt. I have all 12 blocks finished & squared to 13.5". They're laid out on the floor for me to move around until I'm satisfied with the placement. I'm not sure I'll ever make this one again. I really don't like wonky. I plan to cut 2.5" strips from the leftover fabrics to make a pieced binding.

    If you enjoy good music, check out Mat & Savanna Shaw on YouTube. It's a father-dau. singing duo. They make beautiful music together & have become very popular. I love their song, "The Prayer." They now have their own YT channel. Have a wonderful Sunday.


      Good Morning All,

      Yesterday I finished setting up my new pegboard. Looks great and makes the room look much more organized, less crowded. For me that a lot, my house is very small. The sewing room was my mothers bedroom but is rather odd shaped, long and narrow, so took some planning to put everything in a place that made sense. Between last night and this morning we have had 3 inches of rain. We were in need of rain but it can stop anytime now. Today is not supposed to be very nice, I think the middle 50's today but this coming week should be beautiful with temps in the middle 70's where the temps should be now. I'm hoping the rain we got does not start coming into the basement. We do not have drain tile, house was started in 1938 and my grandpa did not have one put in so we usually get water but several months ago we took all the wood shelving out of the "vegetable room" (what my sisters and I called it, basically a pantry) scraped the walls, sealed up a little hole, painted and then put in wire shelving. It really turned out nice and I'm now able to get more things in there,, like all my canning items, as well as all our pantry items.

      I worked on my daughter & son-in-law's quilt last night, now have 31 of the 210 blocks quilted. Going better than I thought. With it rainy today I will probably get another full row done so I will be further ahead of my timeline to get it completed by the end of June.

      Hope all everyone has an awesome day!


        Good morning!

        It is going to be near 80 today! It is also going to be humid with a chance of rain, but that's ok. I think we finally turned a corner, weather-wise. Temps look to be seasonal (mostly upper 60's) for the rest of the week.

        I did not get the garage sorted yesterday. I got a phone call from an old friend and we talked for a couple of hours. I haven't heard from her since she retired a couple of years ago. It was nice to catch up with her. I need to go grocery shopping this morning. I will try to work in the garage this afternoon.

        No plans for the sewing room today. I found a stash of fabric this morning. It was mostly the charm packs I bought at Jenny on the Road last year. I think it's time to re-organize the sewing room...and find a pattern for those charm packs! 🙂

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning everyone,

          I'm in a strange place this morning. Yesterday when we were out, I missed a call from mom's place. They called my daughter who is my backup, The doctor told her that the recent (3rd) test for Covid was positive. They moved her to the Covid unit which was her original section which was deemed the hot zone. Other than a dry occasional cough, she appears to be asymptomatic. They are monitoring her closely. I have to wonder if her earlier dizziness, nausea and confusion was not a sign. For asymptomatics, these can occur. I originally thought she might have been having TIAs which she may have had. There are 19 on that wing who are positive, 6 have died since the end of April and 15 staff are at home recovering. 2 have recovered. I just dont know how strong mom is. I know she has said many times, this winter and again in April, that if she goes, she hopes its in May -- her favorite month. I'm trying to process this all.

          Saturday was not as hot as they had called for, and it was quite cloudy so we didn't do any yardwork. My girlfriend dropped off another cast iron wood bench to my neighbour for him to refurbish. We also dropped off supplies at DH's youngest son. He does drive and while there are a few stores in his area, we told him not to take public transit at this time, that we would pick up what he needs. As we left the parking lot, there was a beautiful Phyfe and Drum table by the curbside. I couldn't resist. We picked it up. the top will need to be refinished (another job for my neighbour), but it is solid, all hardware and brass feet in great shape. Bonus. THen we drove cross town to do curbside pick up at LQS that had elastic and I picked up some clearance fabric and the Jennifer Sampou Ombre book. A treat since I am saving so much money at home. Then we called on some friends who live 15 minutes away and we had a nice visit on the front porch /lawn. They used to live near us but moved to be near their DD who has 4 kids. They were our witnesses when we got married, and really great friends. Then we came home and I got the news about mom.

          I am grateful for the dedication of staff taking care of mom, and for the added assistance of 20 doctors, nurses and almost graduated nurses who are lending a hand at mom's residence. The cases we have in the city are about 75% in long-term care facilities, and the hospitals are not overwhelmed. We are still stay at home, but Tuesday, some restrictions are being lifted. Some stores can open if they have door to street, so no malls. Also they have to have a limit on number of clients they allow at a time, and wear masks for most. Its the store owners choice. Many are choosing still not to open, but continue with online orders and curbside pickup. I dont think I am going into stores, just to shop anytime soon. I went to Walmart at 7am today for groceries. Prices have gone up quite a bit, and bad time to go. The older seniors are staying in aisles and looking at every item, so not moving along quickly. I will go back to other store. In / out fast is better.

          Have a good day. Keep my mom in your prayers.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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            Praying for your family and your mom.

          • Paisley
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            Oh Suzanne, I’m sorry to read this, and hope that you get a positive update real quick. Sending prayers up for your mom, her care team and you and your family. ((Hugs))

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            Prayers for your mom and her care givers. Caring thoughts for you too.

          Good morning all. It's a nice sunny morning here but a little cooler than yesterday. I never got here to the forum yesterday. We hit the ground running since it was such a lovely, warm day. We got a lot of planting and weeding done along with 4 loads of laundry and some sewing too. Then we set up our chairs in the backyard in the late afternoon and just relaxed out there until it was time to get dinner going. It was wonderful to sit out there and hear neighbors enjoying their yards too. There was music playing in the distance and friendly hellos over the fence. Then hubby made his special onions and he popped a couple of hot dogs in the grill. We added some potato crowns on the side and enjoyed a quick dinner.

          Today I will get my sauce and meatballs made and then put together some baked ziti for dinner. Then I will either sew for a bit or set up my fairy garden in the backyard. Or maybe both. Since there are no craft fairs for the foreseeable future, I am also working on a small website/blog to see about possibly selling online. I have also gotten emails from two craft fair organizers about doing a sort of online craft fair mall. I need to investigate those too.

          Suzanne, so sorry to hear about your mom testing positive. I will say prayers that it is a mild case and that she recovers quickly. ((((((Hugs)))))

          Joy, I am with you on the wonky thing. Even when watching Jenny's tutorial on the wonky star and tiny house tablerunner, I was thinking "I will just make the stars regular.". Maybe it's being a Libra..... I like things more balanced.

          Katrina, I think just using minky would be fine if the quilt will be used in Florida. Although you do get some cold snaps occasionally don't you?

          Carlie, I have a long, narrow sewing room too. It can be a challenge. Julie, good luck in your garage. We have that on our list of "things to accomplish during stay at home time". Progress is being made slowly but it is still progress.

          Time to get cooking. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe and well.
          Ginny B


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            The year Jim and Morgan were married, it snowed on Christmas Eve. We do have cold snaps, but this winter we didn't have a good frost. I'm still getting used to no winter, but I can honestly say, I don't miss it!

          Oh goodness, prepackaged communion... I'd just as soon do without. Service was nice under the trees, lol, so Jim put my camp chair in the sun. There was a steady breeze, for which we're all thankful. Everyone was generously distanced.

          I saw that a federal judge in NC said it was a violation of the constitution for Churches to be forced to close and stay closed. We'll see what happens with that, next week I guess.
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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            I would say -- give it a few week in NC and there will be a spike in cases.

          Good morning all! It was a breakfast of bagels w/cream cheese and fresh strawberries sliced on top! YUM!..I might even have strawberries dumped on my vanilla yogurt for a snack today....ohh ohh..wait let me get off the food topic! It's

          My plans for the day are..head to the camper and make out a list of everything I may need to continue this journey..because tomorrow, the boychild and I are hitting up the 'home and garden' store..aka lowes or home depot' for a few items. (Luan being one of them)
          Besides 2 drive through bank runs and 1 store run for dog food, it will be the first time I will have been out of the house in over 3 months. <sigh>
          The home improvement store is an hour away, so will be a good drive. (I'm hoping we can find a Mexican Rest open for lunch...I'm having Margarita withdrawals. I know I could make them at home, but it's not the same..I need the ambiance... let me eat chips, salsa and cheese dip and sip my "Rita".. I will be forlorn if we can't find one open and serving, but on the opposite side of that coin, I will totally understand.
          I may get into something while I'm down at the camper..who knows.
          My next step on the camper is to replace one wall (adding insulation behind it again) creating interior covers of Luan for external storage compartments that came to the inside of the camper ( i will not be using those) and again adding insulation to that area. It's supposed to rain at the end of next week, but I'm hoping to get a good coat of primer on and the prep for the flooring done.

          I'm totally thinking about rummaging through my boxed life and condensing it even more than it is. I sold many of my things before moving out here, the rest however is contained in many boxes in the garage. I packed it well, with lots of paper for the trip across country and now that it's in it's final destination (beside some of it going to the camper and some possibly going into a future granny cottage here on the property) I could easily reduce the size of the pile if I went through each box and got rid of the excess paper, repacked and combined boxes, I'm sure I could reduce the used space by half. It may help to give me something to do on the rainy days that I really can't work on the camper.

          Everyone seems busy even in their containment of 'home and hearth' ..this is a good thing. It's something we all may have needed even though, right now, it doesn't feel like it.
          I hope everyone is staying safe as well as busy. Have a great Sunday.

          Sage, the crone of bagals and boxes!
          😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



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            Your bagels, cream cheese & strawberries sound yummy. I rarely eat bagels anymore because of my diabetes. Any bread products shoot up my blood sugar. When I have toast in the morning with my breakfast, it's only a half slice, with peanut butter on it. I'm pretty much in a rut -- one slice of turkey bacon, 1 fried egg with cheese on top, 1/2 slice of toast, & a fruit item -- usually 1/2 an apple, 1/2 banana, or applesauce (home cooked with stevia sweetener).

            I perish the thought of sorting boxes, ridding out, etc. But I know I'm going to have to face the music one of these days. We've lived in this house 42 yrs., so we've accumulated a lot!

          JCY I understand the accumulation all too well. I currently live in the house my grandparents built. They moved into the house in 1940. They both passed in 2010. We donated at least 50 storage containers of clothing that was my grandmothers and it seems like half of it still had the tags and she had not been shopping in over 10 years. And then the attics. We moved here in 2011 and got rid of things before moving in. This spring we had our 5th dumpster. It was filled. Granted there was some construction material but there was a lot of my grandparents’ things that I got rid of. It took me a while to be able to let go. I have also tried to get rid of some of my things so my daughter doesn’t have to go through so much. My husband jokes that if I go before him he is just going to throw away all my material. He says no one will want it. I told him that he should first have our daughter go through it as she does quilt when she can find the time (she does full time daycare) and what she doesn’t want should go to the quilt guild at the church we belonged to before we moved. They welcomed me back to the group after I retired. It is an hour drive but I enjoy the time spent with friends and being able to create beautiful quilts.


            Good day to all since the morning is gone with the weekend slipping away! It's another quiet day here still stitching some masks. I am slow with this project. Others have made hundreds. I have probably finished 20 and have 10 under my needle today. I'm adding a layer of fusible on the moth piece and there is a pocket for a filter if needed. They are top stitched, washed, and pressed again. The extra details take time.

            We continue to stay home and make on line orders for groceries and supplies if we can. Everyone is out and about and the number spiked yesterday in our county.

            The good news is that DD is taking a credenza and file cabinet so that will give me more space in one of our bedrooms. It is too nice to send off to the thrift store so it is a win-win.

            May your day be filled with sunshine!


              We were expecting rain all day. Surprise! The sun is out, at least for awhile.

              There was good news in the mailbox. My cousin was finally able to announce his elopement. It's been a year and a half, but they both had some things to finish off from their previous marriages. I am so happy for him. His first wife was nice, but it never felt like they fit. This lady makes him happy from the inside out. She is sweet and has two adorable kids. My cousin is reveling in the dad role.
              Eric and I took a walk around the farm today. We talked about long range plans for the yard. We took the front deck off during the summer of 2018 with the intention of rebuilding it. That's when we found that they had not put the proper flashing on and we had rot & termite/carpenter ant damage on the floor joists 6-24" in and about 20' along the front of the house. Our decking $ went to structural $ instead. We have now decided that we don't really want a front deck, but we are going to need a better front entrance than what we have now. It's totally functional, but not very attractive. We found an example of some front stairs we both like and think we can make work. We walked around our "island" in the middle of the elliptical drive. We talked about trees & shrubs we wanted taken out and what trees we wanted to put in their place. We figured out how to make a mini-coop for the new batch of chicken chicks until they are big enough to hang with older hens. It was a nice morning stroll. We added more things to our never ending list of To Dos, but then when we run across the materials we need for those projects at a bargain, we can scoop them up.

              I have a couple things I've been cutting in the sewing room, but they are taking forever since I'm not really all that motivated in there at the moment. I'm thinking that if it really decides to rain, I won't want to be outside, and the sewing bug will bite again.

              I hope you all are having a most excellent day!
              Be who you are and say what you feel
              because those who mind don't matter,
              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                I'm up really late, good day today. We got out and I got sushi I was craving. My daughter got lots of stuff at Target. I still need to get 4 masks done. I decided to send my dad a package and my oldest son. I had a huge falling out with my mother, honestly I don't want to talk to her ever. She turned evil once she retired. I'll get everything done in the am while I work so it can be mailed.