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    Good morning friends. Weatherwise it is supposed to be a beautiful warmer day today. The temperatures are supposed to climb up and up the next few days. Yippee!!

    I had a wonderful visit with my brother and sister-in-law yesterday. We were going to have lunch outside but it was too cold. We kept our distance inside. My sewing machine whirligig is absolutely beautiful. 1 of 1, there won't be second one. My brother does amazing work with wood.

    I made the masks I was asked for. Today I will deliver 2 more. I bought two headbands for my boss and have included the buttons so she could make her ear saver. I work today for her as well as she will be attending a burial of her boyfriend's mother (from a distance). And then I work again tomorrow.

    Hubby has decided he will head to the camp this weekend. A friend is picking him up tomorrow. He needs to get out for a while. He is hoping to get some fishing in as well. I have nowhere to go but there are some things I hope to get done while he is away.

    So have a great day everyone. I may not have time to be here tomorrow as I start work at 8.

    Stay safe and healthy.
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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Monique, what a cute gift your brother made. He is very talented.

    I woke up yesterday thinking it was Thursday, and was really dissapointed when I learned it was only Wednesdsy. Oh well, at least it was a good day. Knocked out a few projects at work, and then started a new one that will take a while. Trying to reconcile an account that is one hot mess.

    I finally quilted a panel quilt yesterday. Have been messing with the new robot for my long arm since pre covid 19, and finally gave up and decided I need to quilt something manually. I found a Flintstones panel and had some Charlie Brown yardage for the backing. Still needs binding.

    Tomorrow is my Friday off and I have an appointment for a haircut. Yay! I really need it. Hope you all have a good day. It's time to get ready for work.


      Good morning. Monique, love that whirligig! What a beautiful gift from your brother.

      Woke up early to a light coating of frost on the grass and the cars. It's May, right?

      Yesterday was a very good day. Got lots of things accomplished inside and outside. Then in the afternoon we headed over to Kathryn's and got to visit on their back porch through the slider. Tessa was so happy to be able to run towards us without being scooped up and stopped. She was "touching" our hands and giving us kisses on the glass. Henry was so excited to show us that he lost a second tooth and also tell us all about how he rode his two wheeler earlier without training wheels or dad holding on. Joe sent us the video he took so we could watch it with Henry and celebrate with him. It was a wonderful visit and I didn't leave feeling as sad as I had on other visits. I guess, even though the glass was between us, it felt more like a real visit.

      I didn't get to the sewing room too much yesterday. Just enough to pull out masks that I had a request for. We dropped them off on our way to Kathryn's. Then I received another couple requests later so I headed back upstairs to cut some before dinner since my supply of masks was now depleted. I will sew them up this morning while waiting for our grocery order to arrive.

      Despite the frost this morning, it looks like it is going to be a nice day with the next couple days being nice and warm. I want to spend a bit of time outdoors.

      Have a good day all.
      Ginny B


        Good morning!

        Monique, your whirligig is beautiful, you are very lucky to have such a talented brother!

        I am so glad my software training is over! It was two days of staring at a tiny computer screen while someone else navigated through the software. I had headaches by the end of both days. I'm still recovering from yesterday's. I didn't sleep well last night, I think that is part of the problem. I have errands to run today but Mom's banking can wait until tomorrow. I'm going to call my sister to see if she wants to run up to Fresh Thyme with me. There is a pet store next door; she wasn't able to get something at our local store and she could check there.

        My employer's portal is still down for maintenance this morning. It was supposed to end at 6:30 am. My boss assigned some videos to watch and tomorrow is the last day they are available. I thought it was a joke when she assigned them -- they are yoga videos. Anyone who knows me knows I do not do yoga. Turns out she was serious! I guess you can do the breathing without contorting your body into a pretzel. I need to finish them...which I can't do if the portal is down. I meant to watch one yesterday, but my headache got in the way. My fault for waiting until the last minute!

        Have a wonderful day!


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          The yoga stretches are pretty helpful too.

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yest. was a busy day with errands. My first time to go to Walmart since mid-March. There were some changes at the store: a rope barrier at the entrance so those entering & those exiting are kept separate -- no mingling in the entry. The aisles were marked one way every other row, so that meant extra walking to get to some items. I had 3 Rx's to pick up & several items that I buy only at WM. I was able to get all but 1 item on my list.

        Then it was on to my Kroger affiliated groc. store. I needed salmon for DH & several items. I was home before lunch. Since the easing of some of the restrictions, I noticed more traffic on the streets. I read where there is an upsurge of C-19 cases in TX since they somewhat relaxed things there. I suspect this virus is going to be with us for a long time.

        The finale of Survivor last eve. was good. Because of the pandemic, they weren't able to have the usual in-person 1 hr. finale, re-cap of the season & presentation of the check.

        Yest. our temp. reached almost 90 deg. It's supposed to be cooler today. Maybe I can get the fertilizer spread today. I have PT at 2 p.m. This a.m. I'll be mixing up my turkey patties.

        Monique ~ That whirligig is really cute.


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          Joy, I've been meaning to tell you I love your new picture. Your haircut look so nice. Gina

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          Yes, I'm in Texas and they are reporting huge spikes since they reduced restrictions. Our area doesn't have many places you can go without masks. Interesting question, I store mine in a cellophane baggie in my purse. How do others store theirs?

        Love the wind machine Monique. Going to show it to DH later today.
        Wow, we have had a stressful but fruitful week. The septic has been pumped on the new house and declared functioning. The tree people came and gave an outrageous estimate and we called back and clarified that there are ways to get that down but they wouldn't be able to do it until July....busy busy busy...hummm...some people have plenty to do. Called the county water people and told them we couldn't find the water meter and they were out to the house before we could get there. Found it. Went to the insurance people and needed an elevation certificate for flood insurance and we would need a surveyor to do that...Wow. Called all of the ones listed and they either were busy or had answering machines. As a last resort, I called one of thems answering device and with panicy voice told them my problem. He called right back and met us Wednesday afternoon. Did the survey and had it on our computer that afternoon. We were due to close on Friday. Called insurance people but they couldn't do it till Thurs. and called mortgage company and they said Fed law wouldn't let us close Friday because we had to have everything in place three full days before closing (consumer protection) Oh, the paperwork.
        All of this anxiety could have been avoided if the realtor, the mortgage woman or the lawyer had told us about these things and the 3-day rule. Anyway, yesterday we got flood ins. , wind and hail and fire insurance. The house has never been insured because the owner paid cash so that created more problems because many of the things needing done would have been recorded .
        Anyway, closing is set for Monday (my birthday) . I guess that will get DH off the hook for a present. lol
        DD is going to drive down here to visit Friday. Her birthday is Saturday and we are going to go boating. It will be a good break for both of us.
        Today we are going to look for utility services and hope we can figure out how to get internet. No one on that road has internet because they are not full time residents. One of them suggested we might have to get something called a hotspot.
        I have decided not to choose flooring until I've lived there a while. I'll have to clean the carpets but I just can't focus right now.
        Anyway, wow, do I feel stupid when reading this post....all about me me. And how lucky me is that I have things to be anxious about instead of absolute boredom
        ​​​​​​​May God walk with you today and always.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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          Terry, I use a HotSpot whenever I'm on the road. Pretty much any cell phone carrier has them, but the plans differ wildly. For example, I have a T-Mobile HotSpot that gives my 10GB of high speed Internet per month with free Netflix and YouTube; after 10GB they slow down the Internet speed, but I don't have to pay them any more money. My cousin, on the other hand, has to pay extra once she reaches her monthly limit. This is one item where it really pays to do comparison shopping!

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          Terry ~ I like hearing all about your house project. I hope all the details finally will get worked out. When you're moved & settled, maybe you can post some pics.

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          look forward to your updates😁 its all new to me about closures.
          internet wise, can use a data sim card in a wifi hub, they can be found on amazon. fingers are crossed for the closure☘, Sending Happy Birthday wishes for Monday.🎂

        Monique, I love your whirligig! It reminded me of the picture of a Singer with a mask, captioned The Masked Singer.

        Julie I just started 30 Day Yoga with Adriane. I'm wondering if I should switch to the Senior version! Today was balance, which I've always had difficulty with. I just moved over closer to the cabinet so I could touch it to keep my balance better.

        Joy, I've got to make a list, we're out of milk, eggs and a bunch of other stuff. Time for the monthly shopping trip. I hate going to the store! Once I get the list together, I'll decided if it's a Walmart or just Publix.

        Terri, you've got your hands full! Sometimes it's good to write it all down and get it out. You can visually see what all you've accomplished in a short period of time, too. I'm excited for you!

        Yesterday, I puttered around with my rotary cutter. That ugly quilt is a beast cutting through all 12 pieces at the same time. In the video, you can see the hack job cutting she did, I know why! Definitely use a weight on your ruler that will at least keep that line straight. It is quick, though. I had all 12 squares ready to square up in less than a couple of hours. My hand wasn't ready to deal with that! I'll square them up and put them together this morning. Other than that, I'm not sure what's going to go on here today. Mike's at work, once he checks his schedule I'll call and see if I can get in to get my hair cut.

        Have a great day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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          Katrina ~ I cut my squares individually. I didn't stack. I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist. I used my 15.5" CG ruler to get them all the same size. I had all those mystery fabrics I bought when the half yard bundles were on sale, so I just cut them in half & made FQs out of 12 fabrics. There was hardly a fabric in there I would have purchased! The stack has been sliced once & is waiting for me to get started with it.
          Last edited by JCY; May 14, 2020, 05:29 PM.

        It seems to me that Walmart has fewer masked and considerate people versus Publix is more expensive, a dilemma for sure. It depends on how much I need on whether I go to one or the other. Publix is always quicker, too.
        I did a little planting yesterday after the tree men finished taking down some dead pines in the common land between our house and the neighbor behind us. It was scary/entertaining to watch. There were 6 men and they certainly had a system that did little damage. We did lose some under story saplings unfortunately but they will eventually grow back.
        Our neighbors had their house painted and their painters are going to do ours in a couple of weeks, 😯 ouch that is expensive but it could be worse if it was frame instead of brick.
        We are watching the Star Wars series on Disney channel, I am enjoying that a lot.
        Your whirlygig is darling


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          Claire ~ Our house needs painting. I'm thinking I need to get some estimates before the weather gets too hot. I know it will cost so much more than the last time. A friend did it for us for $400. I'm guessing it may cost as much as $2,000. or more now. I really have no idea how the prices are now.

        Good Morning!

        Plumbers just showed up to fix the leak. Have no idea what they will do but I'm sure it involves a mess. Lol.. Got my disinfectant out and ready. Fingers crossed that it won't be a huge mess...

        Woke up to rain and still a bit chilly.

        Staying on the other side of house while workers here to avoid contact, We have low cases in my state but not taking any chances. So, that means I'll be Bummer..

        Monique...such a cute whirligig!

        Have a beautiful day....keep safe!
        "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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          🤞 for speedy repair and easy clean, happy sewing😁

        We are on the road again finally. We made it to Gallup NM last night. Stayed at a closed Elks lodge so social distancing was easy. Tonight we should be in Amarillo, TX. We are hoping to be at my sisters in Springdale, ARK by this weekend for a birthday.
        We had to stay in Arizona until the guy was done installing the new solar system. That was $10,000 but it runs the entire RV so we don't have to be plugged in or use the generator. I'm looking at it as if we had to put a new roof on a stick house.
        We finally found a barber open to cut our hair. Bob couldn't find his ears and I had to hunt up a brush. I normally have a buzz.
        Time to hit the road, have a mostly wonderful day.


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          this sounds like an epic trip across states, 😁 safe travels
          congratulations on the new power source👍

        Monique the whirligig is nice. It’s so cute and I won’t wait in line to order one from him, lol.
        Today we’re working out in the yard and then packing up the car with the 5 boxes of food I’ve gathered for the food bank. We haven’t moved many of the items since I put them in the pantry so I’d rather help my neighbors than keep fiddling with finding room. Win- win for us. I twisted my ankle on my walk yesterday so I’m going kind of slow-mo today. Have a good day everybody.


          Monique, love the whirligig, very unique. Gina


            Living in San Diego County, the restrictions on us are growing, not being relaxed. As of May 1st, everyone has to wear a mask in public. Being on the border with Tijuana, there are still a lot of border crossing, especially of American citizens who live in Tijuana and work in the US. So our cases are growing, especially at the south end of the county.

            I modified a YouTube mask to use Layer Cake fabric. I don't have any yardage laying around, so to be able to use a Layer Cake has, quite frankly, made mask making possible. Fortunately, I'm well stocked with Creative Feet Stick and Tear stabilizer. This is completely washable, so the masks can be re-used. I've made one for virtually everybody in the family, and I'm starting on a second round.

            I now live a half hour away from Quilt in a Day. They have closed their retail shop, but are staying in business through online orders. They've also set up a very clever system for locals. They installed a set of lockers in front of the retail store. You make an online order, choose Free Local Pickup, they put it into the locker and call you with the combination. You head over there at your leisure and pick up your order. I am amazed at the ingenuity of small businesses!

            Blessings to all!
            Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


              Gina ~ Thanks for the comment about my hair. I cut it myself. Have been doing so for >30 yrs. I curl it with one of those smaller brushes & use the hair dryer on each curl. I work a bit of gel into my hair first so it stays in place. If I'm going to stay at home, I don't bother to curl it. I also cut DH's hair. Just think of all the $ we've saved over the years! 😊


                Hi friends gosh where has this week gone,
                what a fab windygig Monique.😁
                gosh see you all been busy bees.
                its been sunny today with a breeze.
                Went to docs yesterday, first time out since 12th March, BJ pm suggested wearing facial coverings when out, so put a mask on and felt comfortable in it, which was lucky,
                We passed through the town saw people standing on foot paths like statues, it does look odd, none had masks on.
                we got to surgery, there was someone stood in doorway so waited.
                There is lines on carpet every 2 metres, at front of line, a chair have to stand behind, waited, until a masked couple in waiting room pointed out a bell to ring its not apparent, then someone appeared we spoke louder at each other over the 3 metres gap to book in,
                went to find a socially distanced seat and thanked the couple who were called in.
                The waiting room is bare, no posters no fabric seats just the few uncomfortable plastic seats, the only interaction is the tv call system, that has info on whether have stress or not and the symptoms, they have all doors and windows wide open, time past before saw anyone, walk by, was regretting not wearing a top coat over fleece and was getting cold, the wave of hurt had started as got colder, had to keep moving,
                had decided had no stress symptoms just was cold, then 15 minutes later doc appeared saying would be back in a minute, was then called we popped into the Docs room socially apart masks on and chatted away about some issues, after 1 hr 10 minutes of been in building, finally left the premises! frozen but pleased sorted issue out, went home, took all outer layers off and washed down.
                If only took a sewing machine, could of made more masks to give them while waited my fault for not thinking ahead.
                lets hope the next 14 days are uneventful with the elephant in the room.
                today we did a soft shoe shuffle down hall.
                have a great evening
                Hugs T