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    It's Wednesday

    Good morning friends. I wasn't sure what day of the week it was. Darn this confinement!!

    I got a load of laundry done up and hung outside. They was a good wind. I can't wait for the temperature to rise quite a bit. I cut out fabric for masks. I have been asked for 4 blacks ones so Les and I set out yesterday. I got a few groceries and I was able to get some black elastic for those masks. I got the kitchen floor washed. And it looks like I have won the battle with the ants. My brother and sister-in-law are coming for lunch today. So I better get those masks made. Egg sandwiches and soup are on the menu for today.

    The baby has been born that I am making the quilt for. I better get that finished. Les will be heading out later today to cut the grass at his brother's house. His sister lives behind/in front depending on which street you are on, lol!! We were thinking of heading to my son's to see him and our granddaughter this long weekend. There is also a possibility that hubby might go the camp instead. I am really trying to encourage him to go and get out of here for a while. We shall see.

    Have a great day friends. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Mornin all,
    feelin better. The drugs are working and the shingles are healing. Funny how the shingles decided to “dance” on my hernia.....whew! Thankful things are improving.

    hope all are doin well. I’m praying for so many here.....Lord gave me plenty of time to do so.
    love and hugs to all 💗
    💫 Star lover


      Good morning!

      Today will be our last day in the 50's for at least a week. Temps will be near 70 tomorrow and stay there...with a chance of rain, of course! I am really looking forward to warmer days.

      The chipmunks have moved back into my three season room. I saw one on the windowsill yesterday. I hadn't seen or heard them since I've been home and thought they moved out. Time to bring in the wildlife control experts. Here's hoping I find one with a plan I like. I don't just want them out; I want to find a way to keep them out. I'm going to be teleworking through the end of July (if not longer) -- it would be nice to do so outside on the nice days. Or at least take my lunches out there.

      I finally won my battle with the ants. I got the upper hand with the ones in the kitchen and discovered more in the living room. I still think they built up a resistance to the usual ant bait. I put down a different kind and they were gone in a couple of days.

      I heard back from Mom's facility yesterday. Turns out the reason the director did not answer my request for a care team meeting is because she is no longer there. She has been gone for about a month. The new director starts next week, so it could be another week or two before I get the appointment.

      I have one more day of all day training for the new software. Yesterday's training literally gave me a headache. Too much screen time! I hit a wall around 2pm and couldn't absorb any more information. Maybe we'll get lucky and end early today.

      Time for a cup of tea and some toast. Have a wonderful day!


      • Monique
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        Maybe I shouldn't say this but I catch them in rat trap. Peanut butter for bait.

      • Teen
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        I absolutely hate ants! Hope you found a permanent solution. And, good luck with your mom's care team meeting. Your mom is so blessed to have you looking out for her.

      I just got word from my brother that my cousin, who is in a home (The Perley, Suzanne) has now tested positive for Covid. He is showing no symptons at the moment. It would be a blessing if he passed on, many health issues along with dementia.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        Oh Monique - I am not surprised. I have been looking at Ontario LTC daily reports and the Perley is starting to get infections. I hope that he will be ok, but like you said, with health issues it can be a relief. Sometimes, I wish my mom had Alzheimer so she didn't know what she is going through and difficulty dealing with our absences and no visits.

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ We had our quilt guild mtg. on Zoom last eve. There were 85 of us on at one time, but by the end of the mtg. only 71 were left. Four pages of pics & names. Just black boxes & names for those who are on w/o cameras. Audio only. I was able to hold up my finished baby quilt for "Sew & Tell". One lady had made a beautiful appliqued quilt. The programs chair had many project ideas for us during the pandemic & referenced several web sites that are offering free patterns & quilt-alongs. Two of our guest speakers have been rescheduled for next year. We're still planning for our annual show & silent auction in Oct., hoping we still can have it. Unknown yet is the county fair which is in Aug.

      I had the endodontist appt. yest. The verdict is out as to whether it's a slow cooking infection or possibly a fracture in the root. They did a scan of my mouth with some new technology that will give a 3-D view. ($300. out of pocket.) I'll know more in a week. It might just be a wait & see, or a possibility that tooth may need to be pulled. Since I chew mostly on that side, that would be no fun.

      My plan for today is shopping. I need to go to Walmart for Rx's. I have several items on my WM list. It will be the first time I've been to WM in almost 2 mos. Then I need to go to the groc. store for salmon and a few things.

      Tonight is the 3 hr. season finale of Survivor. It's anyone's guess who will win. The competition this year has been something else.


      • KPH
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        I told Mike last Thursday, I wish they would go ahead and show the finale then. It certainly has been an interesting season. I can't wait to see who makes it back from Extinction Island. I told him it would be a hoot if the girl that was voted out first got back in and won it all. I guess we'll find out tonight.

      • Teen
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        I hope your annual show can still be scheduled. Our annual Cherry Festival was cancelled. I'll miss seeing all the quilts...

      Good morning all. Nice sunny morning. Hubby is going to be cutting the grass today so maybe I'll do a bit of weeding up front. I also want to finish up the cushion today. Then I just need to figure out how to get it to the person who ordered it. She is a friend of my sister's so I may just drop it with sis and then they can set up a time.

      We are going to take a trip over to Kathryn and Joe's to pick up some eggs and visit with the kids for a few minutes through the sliding door.

      Happy Wednesday everyone. Have the best day possible.
      Ginny B


        Good Morning All,

        Yesterday was productive. The delivery guys called with a window 10- 1 to deliver the washer and dryer. Then called back, if it was alright could they come earlier. Their first delivery was just a drop off. Yippee, before the delivery window started they were done. Kicker... you knew there would be one, the plumber plumbed the water in backwards. The Lowe's guy fixed it. He also brought the extra hoses for the steamer in the dryer, no extra charge. Now, to install and hook up the app to my phone. I did get the alarms to sound at the loudest levels. Mike said he heard them quite well in the living room with the TV on. I hope I can get them to alarm on my cell, when I'm in the sewing room as I couldn't hear them old ones in there.

        I did find out there was only 1 screw left on the dryer vent cover, so we went to Lowe's to pick up some screws. Well the line was so long, we went to Ace hardware instead. In and out in less than 10 minutes including the drive from Lowe's to there.

        My favorite pizza place opened back up yesterday. Talked to the manager, it was a hard decision for him to close, but he just couldn't afford to stay open. He had to let go of all of his staff. He's so grateful to be back open and seeing regular customers. Thursday my salon will open, they aren't taking calls before Thursday. I'm sure they'll have to have alternate days for their staff. It's a small shop. I can't call until I get Mike's schedule for next week anyway. No word about when the dentist office will open, they're still on emergency only visits.

        Yesterday afternoon, I pulled one box of Christmas fabrics out. I cut strips, then cut them down to blocks. I tried to get as many blocks as I could. Once I get this box done, I'll go ahead and cut up the second box of fabric into blocks. That should give me a variety of fabrics for a bunch of throws. This will be the Christmas of the Ugly Throw. lol, Jim's like 'Reeeaallllyyy, Mom?' Yep, I want to be done with this fabric... so I can get what I really like! I might as well work on something since I'm waiting for the fabric to finish baby quilts.

        Time to get busy. Have a wonderful day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        • KarenC
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          Katrina, I had to laugh at the story about the ugly Christmas throws. Too funny

        Another cold morning- in the 30s when I woke up. But there is lots of sunshine!
        I have started back to buying fabric that I want and don't need. It actually feels refreshing! When I packed up my house for moving here, I gave a lot of fabric to a local quilt group for charity quilts. So my stash isn't what it used to be.
        I watched a couple videos this morning by Karen Kay Buckley about her Perfect Circles and Perfect Stems. I haven't looked at the prices yet but I may just "need" to get some of those. I've never attempted a Baltimore Album but it's on my bucket list. They would be perfect for that.
        Going to work on the shapes book again today. I got the octagon page done yesterday.
        Have a happy day!
        - Carol
        ~ Carol from PA


        • Teen
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          I have used the Perfect Stems and I like the process....but not sure if it is easier then bias makers...or as even, at least for me. I make a lot of applique quilts so I am always trying new techniques. So far, Lori Holt's method is my favorite....she uses Clover Bias tape makers. I have the fabric and pattern for a Baltimore Album quilt project all kitted and ready...

        Good Morning all,

        Today looks to be a beautiful day. Sun already shining and temps stayed in the upper 40's overnight so we didn't have to bring in our hanging plants. Today is my laundry day but that shouldn't take too long. My husband has been working on a pegboard for my sewing room. He is almost done with the framing. Once that is done I can start to put in the pegs. Yesterday's baking turned out great, 3 loaves of banana bread and a banana layer cake. Lord knows I certainly don't need all the sweets so two of the loaves of banana bread will go into the freezer. Cake is in the fridge because of the type of frosting. The hand quilting on the anniversary quilt for my daughter and son-in-law is going as planned, maybe even a little ahead. I may take some time today to cut out some small blankets for my daughter's daycare kids. She always makes a blanket for the little ones once they turn a year old (they cannot have anything in the crib/bed with them until after age 1). She is behind in getting them done. She only has kids under 5 unless the youngers have siblings in school. Ten kids! I don't know how she does it, she is amazing and her parents love her. I told her that I would make the ones she is behind on but they shouldn't take very long. No batting, just minkie fabric and a cotton print on top, each a little different so there is no question who the blanket belongs to. Wishes for a great day for everyone!


        • Momofmonsters5
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          That's great! I used to run my own in home daycare too, when my kids were younger. I had babies too, they were my preference. I think it's wonderful she gives them a blanket. I loved my babies and was a nanny for one of the families when I stopped.

        Good morning. It will be sunny and 63. It has been really windy the last few days which makes it difficult to sit outside and read. I spent a little time in my sewing room. I also started going through some more of my scrapbooks to finish the journaling. This will be my plan again today.

        Have a a good day.


          My toe is fixed for a while, hooray! I got to the nail parlor and they were slammed, I wanted to either wait in the car or make an appt to come back but they slid me in, I guess since I am a regular or maybe because I am old😛, either way I am good.
          I then dropped by the lqs for a spool of thread and walked out with 3 pieces of fabric to go with it.😁 Only myself and one other in the shop but the owner said they had weathered the virus storm pretty well so far. I was glad to hear that and also heard they didn't have any regular sewing machines to sell. There were lots of other things, embroidery or sergers or long arms.
          I also made a store stop, not happy with the limited supply of ice cream flavors or their being out of Bisquick, first world problems, I know. 😒😒
          The painters did not show up next door yesterday but seem to be there today, across the street, too. We are going to have to join that party soon ourselves.
          Have a fun day at home😊.


            Good’s raining buckets here. The Girls don’t understand why they can’t go outside for their walk. Maybe we will get a little break soon.

            I found a new face mask pattern online that I want to try at The Sewing Channel on You Tube. It’s called The Sewing Channel Mask. It has some common extra touches that make sense to me, such as an added piece of fabric on the inside to cover the stitching line in the front and foam padding for the nose area. She recommends 1 mm elastic cord for ear loops.
            I ordered a small amount of foam and cord.....we shall see.

            KPH, how cool your dryer can signal you on your phone! I keep ours turned off most of the time. I use the steam feature to tumble wide backings instead of pressing them unless they are super wrinkled. About 50% of the time I can skip pressing.

            Jeff has a sinus cold and feels like a grumpy bear.

            Monique, I think we all have quarantine fatigue. I sure know we do.

            Star Lover, I hope your shingles go away soon. I have heard of several on FB who are suffering with them right now. I wonder if stress has something to do with getting them. Stress does lower the immune system.

            Claire, so glad you were able to get your toe tended to.

            Wishing everyone a safe day.....Hugs


            Scottie Mom Barb


              Good morning everyone. Hope you all are healthy.

              I saw a bluebird in my backyard yesterday. I had seen it maybe back in March, but not since. But he was in the yard yesterday. When I went up to the sliding door, he flew away. But yesterday afternoon, I was in my sewing room and I happened to look out and there he was sitting on my lamp post in the front of the house. I stood up, hoping he would stay long enough for me to snap a picture on my phone and he did. A couple of seconds after taking the picture, he flew away. Hope he comes back again, and often.

              Looks like it will be a dusty day. I just saw guys working on grading and seeding the house next door to me. As if I don't have enough dust in this house already.

              Yesterday I finished the masks for son #2 and his family. Later today I will make some masks for son #1 and his family. They live in CA so I need to get busy and get them out to them in the next couple of days. Not much else is happening here. Time to get ready and make a short grocery run.

              Have a great day, stay safe and healthy.



                image.jpegGood Afternoon, ladies!

                Raining today in my area of Idaho. A bit chilly but sun is slowly making itself known...

                We had our 6 mos inspection on our new home that was completed in November. And thank goodness! They found a leak in our master shower but it only leaks when the handheld nozzle is used and I only use that when I'm cleaning the shower. They will have to cut into the wall on the other side of shower nozzle where the plumbing is....will have to redo wainscoting that surrounds the free-standing tub.....but, when he climbed into crawl space he said damage is mold.... Praying that it is not a big issue..

                The contractor was the first person to enter our home since February. He wore a mask and touched nothing...I still disinfected. So stupid. I hate this... Now, we'll have a plumber in and other workers making the repairs. Ugh! When will this insanity end?

                Anywhooo....I'm still FMQ'ing on my garden quilt each night. The center is almost done...then, onto the borders. I'll be glad when this baby is done and I can move onto the gazillion other projects I want to do. Here's a quick picture...The pattern is Quilter's Patch by Laundry Basket Quilts.

                Sorry picture so huge....Still trying to learn how to,post pictures.

                "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


                • CarlieBlilie
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                  What a gorgeous quilt.

                • 201 Treadler
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                  beautiful quilt and fabulous free motion 👌😁

                • jjkaiser
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                  Your quilt! It's just amazing!!!!

                Sorry for the plumbing problem and it is nice they will fix it.
                That is a stunning quilt you are working on.