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    It's Monday

    Good morning. I am up early as I am going in to work earlier than I normally would. I was given permission to do so because there is expected to be an overwhelming amount of parcels this morning. I am not sure if a truck came yesterday or not. If so, then that would be 2 days worth of parcels.

    I have made a few more masks that will be delivered this morning, 2 for my boss, the other two just an act of kindness.

    I have the binding on the baby quilt. I attached it to the back and will sew it to the front. Not used to doing it this way and I hope it works out okay.

    My retreat at the end of the month is still on the table. Not really sure what is happening with that. The organizer herself is willing to go. I believe most of the ladies have opted out. We will see what happens.

    So that is my day today. No doubt it will be a busy one.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning all. For some reason come 2:30 am my brain woke up and went into overdrive. No matter what I did it would not shut up and go back to sleep, so up I am. Thinking more than 2 cups of coffee will be needed today. Not much on the calendar, do have a telephone appt with the pallative group to go over a care form for the honey. If the marine layer burns off before my energy level burns out I will try and mow the front yard. I did manage to clean up the sewing room yesterday, going through the patterns didn't excite me so back to scratching the head on what to sew. I do need a new purse so maybe a quick simple across body bag might be my next project.

    Hope all have a good day and please be safe. Hugs!


      Good morning!

      I'm hoping today will be our last cold day for a while. Highs in the mid-40's and rain. We may see the mid-70's next week! It is time to have the air conditioner checked. I have been putting it off because I did not feel comfortable having someone come to the house while the stay at home order was in effect.

      I have a dentist appointment on Thursday for a routine cleaning. It was scheduled six months ago. I think I want to wait a bit before going back. My dentist re-opened last week; they have a very strict protocol in place. You have to call when you get there and wait in your car for them to call you to come in. You're not allowed to bring a purse or be accompanied by anyone. I forget the rest of it. They may not be doing routine cleanings right now, anyway. I should call them today to double-check and reschedule the appointment.

      Time for a cup of tea and some breakfast before my morning work chat. Have a wonderful day!


        not been here in some time..... not having as much fun as one could hope for. Don’t know how, but I have a hernia. A lovely one at my side from navel to side. Like a couple bananas taped together stuck to my side.....ouch. Some docs are seeing patients, but 1 at a time, so my appointment is the end of the month. And as if that wasn’t enough, a couple days later.....shingles! Been on meds, feeling.....ok. Sunday was my best day. Rash seems to be not as bad as before.

        sorry for rant.....I truly hope everyone has been doing well and that you had a blessed Mother’s Day. I did.
        may your day be pleasant and your week bring you joy. Love and hugs to all.....
        💫 Star lover


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          Aw sorry to hear that my friend. I hope you soon are feeling 100%.

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          Oh, Anita, that's the pits! As if either one by itself isn't miserable enough.....

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          Ouch ooo o hecky thump, yikes, hope the shingles goes, and the hernia wow, that's some bananas image you laid out there.🍌🌽🍆🌶
          Our docs only see 1 patient at a time, specially if lifting t shirt for examine. I wonder what happens at yours 😊 jesting of course.
          hope feel better and more comfortable soon.
          gentle hugs

        Good Morning All,

        No washer no dryer, no call, not a happy Momma, oh well. We'll see what happens today. I went into the master bath when the guy was cutting the panel to put the new valve box. I didn't see anything ... until last night when I was sitting on the throne. He sliced through the master bath wall. I yelled, OHH NOOOoooo. Mike was like... what's wrong.... but I'm not coming in! A trip to Lowe's will happen when Mike gets off. I'll need paint, because the last recycle day for paints and stuff, I got rid of everything that was almost empty. Hopefully, I can get it spackled and feathered in so I don't have to take the art down and paint that whole wall or throne room. (sigh)

        I worked on my knitting yesterday. The afghan is long enough to cover my feet up to above my knees. Gabby enjoyed napping on her pillow. Mike picked up dinner from Miller's Ale House for dinner. I had the pork shanks with broccoli and mashed potatoes. Delicious and I'll be eating it for lunch today, too. They added a day to Mike's schedule, so he's up and out for the morning.

        I rearranged furniture in the sitting area yesterday. Pulled out the kids rocking chair, it's going to the attic. Pulled out the glider rocker and moved the drop leaf table back in front of the window. I moved my grandmother's tea wagon to the back side of the cabinet in the kitchen. Hopefully it will be safer there kind of blocked in the archway. I think the violets will like being in front of the window again. It doesn't get much direct sunlight, but there's enough room for me to pull out a leaf and do some water colors if I want. We'll see.

        It's Jim's last week of school and he's starting to get anxious about finding a new job. I told his Grandma Dot last night I hope he finds something here. She'll get the aunties to start the prayer chain for him... lol, for me! I'm trying to avoid thinking about it. It's in my prayers that he'll find where he's supposed to be, here.

        Time to refill the coffee cup and get started doing something useful. It looks like a beautiful day.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's cloudy with a pink tinge to the eastern sky. We have a 50% chance of rain this afternoon. The guy from the lawn service is coming at 10 a.m. to start up our sprinkler system for the season. I know at least 1 head is broken & needs to be replaced. It's been dry, so the lawn really needs watering. One of these days before too long I'll muster up the energy to spread some fertilizer. I was waiting until the sprinkler system was on.

          I had a pleasant surprise visit yest. from DS#2 who brought me flowers & a Mother's Day card. I put on my mask & we visited outside ~25 min. while my pizza baked. It was so good to see him. He was wearing one of the masks I made for him.

          I'm almost finished with book #30 (the last book) of the Annie's Attic Mystery Series my friend from church loaned me. It's been a delightful series & a good read. Now I have to figure out what to read next. The local library still is closed. I'll probably re-read something from my books or I could check out something from the church library.

          Bonnie Hunter posted a link to an article about C-19 in her blog yest. It's available on the web. "The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them" by Erin Bromage. It's worth reading.

          Time to get on with my day.


            Good morning everyone. Monday has arrived again. I had a nice day yesterday. Vicky and Ken came over mid-morning with Max and Lily for a front lawn visit and then Kathryn and Joe came over with Henry and Tessa in the afternoon. Little 1 year old Tessa was getting upset whenever her mom or dad would stop her from running too close to us. It just hurts so much not to be able to scoop her up in my arms. I got calls from my 4 boys including a video chat with Steve, Ana, Zeke and Aviendha. Hubby cooked a scrumptious chicken marsala dinner.

            Monique I hope it is not too busy for you today.

            Time to get the day moving along. There will be some sewing and household chores and maybe a walk.

            Have a good day everyone.
            Ginny B



              Good morning. Rain showers and hopefully sun breaks today. I received a card and some flowers from my kids for Mother’s Day. We had take out and I made a cheese cake for desert.
              I didn’t do much sewing yesterday. I sat outside and read and enjoyed the sunshine. I am back to sewing zippers onto the cuffs.
              I did learn that the lady who started Mother’s Day is buried here in Philly. She died penniless due to the fact she spent the last part of her life trying to get Mother’s Day rescinded.



                Oh no, rescinded, that is sad.
                We visited our kids from their drive way and they were on the deck. The kids did zoom around a bit and dgd had to sneak in a tiny touch. It is so hard for the kids to truly understand, I had a bit of a hard time myself. We then stopped at Arby's for take out. Delicious gyro and Ruben sandwiches were enjoyed by us both.
                DH has a skin doctor appt today and I think he can manage that on his own. He is willing to wear a mask but not sure the doctor can see his skin that way.😊
                I read the article Bonnie Hunter linked, pretty interesting about prolonged exposure. It also made me think we need to be outside as much as possible, good for us anytime. I hope it warms up enough this week to enjoy it out there.
                I did a little sewing yesterday working on the panel quilt that Donna Jordan videoed recently. I was doing it from memory and sewed all 20 blocks wrong. 🤐 I think my quilt will be a new and different pattern, I am not going to rip all that out.🤣


                  Have mercy! Jim called earlier, and I thought it was strange, the phone display didn't list his name and number. I didn't think any more about it until I was ready to call Lowe's to see what we could work out for a delivery. The display said Line in Use. So I went around thinking I must not have clicked a phone off. NOPE. All the phones were off, no dial tone. When I finally got the line in use message to go off on one line, the circuit busy signal was blaring in the phone.

                  I tried my cell phone to call in to the house, no joy.

                  I called AT&T, went through the automated crap, sorry, but that's how I feel about it. It checked my internet, sent a text to my cell phone. I went through that and got '' OH we can't do that because of cookies." Was I happy, no, so I called AT&T back and finally got to talk to a person. An hour later, the phone started working. Naturally, I've been up and down off the hard wood floors to see the lights and plugs into the modem.

                  I called Mike while AT&T was still on the phone. The girl laughed, and said I would have loved to have seen his face with that phone call. lol, Basically, he said Hey, and I replied, The phone works, bye. It probably ended on his end with a strange look at his phone.

                  I called Lowe's... they've made it so you can't reach customer service. I called delivery, no answer, it rings back to the beginning tape. I hate automated crap. I finally after 2 tries reached out to installation. Since, they are supposed to install my washer and dryer. The lady was lovely, I told her about the manager promising my washer and dryer to be delivered yesterday. Told her I didn't appreciate being lied to to placate me. She's going to talk to the manager and then get back to me about a delivery time.

                  I'm still waiting for the 'review' of the plumber... I have words for them, too. lol, I may call them this afternoon because they haven't emailed a receipt. I'm going to Lowe's this afternoon to pick up spackle and paint. Thank goodness, I found the paint chip with the finish on it in my notebook from where we moved into the house.

                  Alrighty, it's going to be a great afternoon. Gabby's getting snuggles, the sun is shining, and I hope you're having a laugh over all of this. I know I am. I knew last night when my MIL asked what else could go wrong, I'd regret it.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    Katrina, yep, no good comes from anyone saying "what else could go wrong", 'cos it usually does. You definitely have to have a sense of humor. Hopefully, all issues will have a happy ending. Gina

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                    Lowe's called, washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow.
                    Plumber called, main thing is I want the receipt, because I didn't get one. I told the person on chat about the hole in the wall. "They'll contact me." We'll see about that one.

                    Now for Mike to cool off so we can go to Lowe's to pick up the paint and stuff to do that job. I gave Jim my good paint brush so I'll have to replace that.

                    The phone's still working, I've gotten 2 phone calls and neither one a telemarketer. It's going to be a great afternoon!

                  Good mid morning ladies. I am still alive and kicking, I just took a good little while before I got back to 'running' about. (cause I did that at day 3 when I was feeling better and then bam..on day 4 I was reminded I was no super women..and it kinda kicked my butt again to remind me of that.)

                  Plans for me today and for the rest of the week don't include much beyond my weekly routines and some sewing. It's projected to be cold and rainy here most of the week, so, I will hang out in my room and some floss tube, quilt vids and movies to pass the time while I stitch. I've got several projects on board..cross stitch, hand quilting, piecing and I'm off to work on those, take solitude in my room..and possibly even consider a nap. Hope everyone has a great day!!

                  Sage, crone of the not getting any camper work done with this weather!
                  😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



                    Good evening all,
                    Well I dont seem to get here in the morning, either because I'm up too late, or I start checking emails then the morning escapes me. Then its wham bam, get going.
                    Its been feeling more like November than May. Even snow on Saturday, freezing cold, makes it really hard to have someone visit at a distance, when we both freeze. I'm hoping it will warm up this weekend. I'm not taking any chances, still not putting away 1 winter coat, gloves and headband -- just in case.

                    Have I mentioned that I'm sick of making masks. Really time consuming, but I just cant refuse friends. I used to give them, within limits, but now when they ask, I sell them $10. to family & friends. THe going price is between $15-20 for masks in the area, with a 2-3 week delivery time. I might get some FQs when this is over. I'm really not wanting to mass produce as some of my friends suggest. They dont get it. I dont want to do it for money, cause then its not fun. Same as all the other crafts I sell. I make, you buy if you like. No special orders.

                    Mom is doing well. My daughter got a call from her on Mother's day. She thought she had dialed me. Although her phone line is not connected, whoever was in the room before her, hasn't cancelled the service. So bonus for mom. She got my quilt and loved it.
                    At least she can reach people for now. I have scheduled regular video calls with her twice a week and my daughter & GKs on Friday afternoon. Hoperfully there will be some good news to share. Not much of anything else going on. I do need to find out if they will be getting someone to do footcare, as previously these were privately arranged. Most seniors have that done. Her hair also needs to be tended to, or in the very least washed. No hairdressers allowed in either.

                    Tomorrow I am picking up an order at LQS that ran a Mother's day special 15% off everything in store. I took advantage of that, and to support LQS which are still closed. Today they were allowed curbside pickup.

                    Looks like everyone is keeping busy. Monique -- I would be afraid to go to a retreat. Although everyone can be 6' distance., its harder in the kitchen. That would be a welcome break though. Unfortunately, I have been responsible for keeping Canada Post busy, ordering most things on line. Its great, actually. My daughter has done this for years, and I think it might be my new shopping mode.

                    Have a good evening and good early morning, catch up later.

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                      I'm with you regarding sewing for others. I sew because I enjoy it. If I am obligated, then the joy is gone. No, thank you. When asked, I usually respond that I don't have enough time to sew the things that I want to do, so I'm sure not going to commit to doing what somebody else wants.