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Happy Mother's Day

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    Happy Mother's Day

    Wishing you all a wonderful day even though we can't be with our children and grandchildren. Have a great day just the same.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Happy Mother's Day! It looks to be a cooler one here -- in the 60's. There's a frost advisory for part of the state. It's well known that one is advised not to plant any annuals until after Mother's Day, & even then it can frost.

    I took it easy yest. Did 1 load of laundry, fixed the area on the quilt binding, & started hand sewing the corners. I watched the Gaithers while I did my exercises. The video was Randy Travis singing hymns of worship & praise. In the eve. I called my niece in TN. This is her first Mother's Day since her mom passed away last May. She's doing ok. Hopes to return to work in June. She lives in a popular tourist area & is amazed at how many people are not wearing masks or social distancing. And folks definitely are not staying home.

    This a.m. will be church on YouTube. I'll be glad when we once again can meet together for worship & fellowship.


      Good Morning All,

      Well, it looks like church will be going on this morning, I won't be there. My washer and dryer are supposed to be delivered today. What a mess of things yesterday.

      Mike was expecting 2 packages in the mail. One was delivered, but not to our box. Thank goodness, our neighbor got it. He was freaking out.
      My deliveries, say they're showing up on one day and maybe 3-4 days later they show up. I have one package at JFK and it's been there since May 3. I told Mike I'd give it until Wed. to move, then I'd cancel the order and request a refund.

      Today, I'll probably knit and work on the Secret Santa Group today. Hopefully, I'll be able to try out my new washer before the end of the day! lol, maybe? hopefully?

      Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Happy Mothers Day! My son and family stopped by yesterday to drop off card, flowers came separately and man oh man how much those two grandkids have grown. I wanted to hug them so badly. We kept distance and the 13 yr old is almost at 6ft already and 10 yr old is not that far behind either. It's amazing how fast kids can grown in just a couple of months. I will be face timing with daughter and her kiddos later this evening. No real plans today, maybe sort through my patterns and see if I can find a project that will motivate my sewing mojo.

        Heard from lawyer yesterday that probate courts may be opening next week, I sure hope so. My father passed without a will and the longer this legal/financial mess last the more stressful it becomes. With luck it should be done by Christmas, I sure hope so.

        One of my neighbors have returned to regular socializing and I sure hope they are not pulling the trigger too soon. Me... well my mask wearing and glove wearing are gonna be best buds for quite a while to come!

        Please stay safe everyone and hugs to all !


          Happy Mother's Day!

          Cloudy and rainy here today. I will spend the day with DH and manage some sewing time too. The scrap fabrics have dwindled down with the face masks projects. There were probably 12 cut out from that box. I'll sew them together today and move on to the fat quarters section. These fabrics should really be called miscellaneous and not scraps.

          I am waiting on orders of best press, elastic, and batting. Some items have already shipped so that is promising. Still waiting on a shipping date from msqc for the block book and another item. I liked the little pinwheel project and wanted a copy so I will be patient waiting for them.

          Enjoy your day!


            Happy Mother's Day! My daughters will call sometime during the day and I'll be able to talk to some of my grandkids, too. A couple of them are too young to talk just yet. We picked up a meal from Olive Garden yesterday. They had a special on stuffed shells, salad, and bread sticks for Mother's Day. It's a heat and serve thing so my boyfriend will be "cooking" for me today. We'll have a bottle of a good red wine with it. Yesterday he brought home some flowers for me.
            I've been in a fabric-shopping mood for a couple days so I'm going to spend some time browsing online and possibly some fabric collections will call out to me.
            ~ Carol from PA


              Good morning. The sun is shining nicely this morning. But yesterday we had snowflakes make an appearance! So weird. I worked on the cushion project for a while and I am about 1/3 done.

              Today will be a relaxing day. I may do some fun sewing and watch skme Netflix. Hubby is making chicken marsala for dinner.

              Have a good day all. It will be weird not being able to be with family but I will enjoy the video calls and distanced visits. Becwell. Stay safe.
              Ginny B



                Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I will be FaceTiming with my daughter, and hopefully my Grands, later. Jeff cancelled his last day of hunting season to be with me. That’s huge for him.

                Ginny, chicken Marsala is one of my favorites. We will have ham and sweet potatoes and whatever else turns up. I don’t have much appetite lately so our meals have been uninspired. Dove, Olive Garden sounds good!

                I should get a care package of elastic next week so I can make more masks. I think face coverings will be with us long term.

                I hope to go through our family pictures today with a Jeff.

                Enjoy your special day friends. Hugs...💕

                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Good morning and Happy mother's day to everyone. For moms, grand-moms, daughters, fur-baby & feathered friend moms also. We are their nurturers and caregivers.

                  Its a sunny, windy and cold day again. We got snow flurries, grissel, wet snow all day yesterday -- really miserable, but I didn't care. I am grateful for friends and family who called, who dropped by and waved hello from a distance. It felt good to catch up with everyone, although we all talk a lot more now, so there's not too much news. If you haven't read through some of my earlier posts -- MOM tested NEGATIVE for a second time. I feel so fortunate and blessed. From video chats with my daughter and me, she is in good spirits. She is not getting newspaper as it has been cut back to one paper/week, so she isn't reading doom & gloom.

                  Michael picked up dinner at a Persian restaurant we go to often. Everything was fresh and tasty. They did say they ran out of fresh grilled vegetables and are not making their flat-bread due to space limitations in the kitchen. Still good, and best of all I didn't have to cook.

                  Today, my daughter will drop by with the family again. They came yesterday after they visited their new building lot. The one they wanted got sold under them. So they will be a few doors down. I am astonished that they are selling in these times. Now they have to continue working on their plan as the city is currently not approving any building plans, they cant even get a permit to clear the large trees. Soon, they hope.

                  I ordered some fabric and the new SKW ruler from LQS. They are having a 15% off mother's day sale. They have started selling on-line, only way they will be able to survive. I asked them to add some Best Press to the order if they have some in stock, as not everything is shown on page. Its a 5 min drive, so they will call when ready to pick up.

                  I found more large buttons and I will be making more ear savers. My test sample group have approved these, so I will make some.

                  Have a great day. Stay warm, stay safe. Wear a mask if you go out, PLEASE.


                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                    Suzanne ~ Persian food -- yummy! My sister married an Afghan from Kabul, Afghanistan. She cooked a lot of traditional Afghan meals. So tasty! For several yrs. she & her husb. & his sis & BIL had an Afghan food restaurant in Oregon. I learned how to make the flat bread from her. I was "into" Persian cooking for a while, even bought a recipe book. One of the recipes called for Saffron. I think that must be the most expensive spice out there!

                    Best Press ~ The last time I needed some, I ordered a gal. from Walmart; it was home delivered to the door. I've hardly made a dent in it. I refill my smaller spray bottle from it. Great stuff!

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                    I do not even know what Persian food is. I never heard of it, but I know saffron is really really expensive.

                  Happy Mother's Day!! I'm hoping to hear from my boys today, we'll see. My 17 year old daughter tends to make me stuff, since she was little and I love it! We picked up Chinese food last night and watched the UFC fight, which was awesome! Going to relax today. I still will cook for the man and do some decorating of this new rental since my packages have been trickling in. I'll finish the kitchen decorations and install the under cabinet light. My kind of thing, maybe sew a little. I hope everyone has a great Mother's day!


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                    I loved my under the cabinet lighting I installed at Mom's house when we moved it. One day, when I get the my kitchen ideas all worked out, I'll have them again!

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                    When I remodeled my kitchen in 1998, I added under cabinet lighting. Can't imagine living without it. After > 20 years, though, the fluorescent fixtures were beginning to fail. Last weekend, we replaced the fluorescent fixtures with LED ones. It was a pain to install 5 fixtures, but oh, how much better the lighting is now!

                  Happy Mother's Day to us all.
                  Under counter lights sound wonderful.
                  I think we are going to drive to my DS driveway and chat with he and his family. I would love to hug them all, specially the two grands but that will just have to wait a while. It is our dgs birthday next week so will drop his presents off, too, I need to wrap them first.😆 I got him and his sister some big bubble stuff, maybe they can run around and make lots of bubbles- fun to watch.


                    Happy Mother's Day! It's cold and windy here in NW Minnesota, but the sun is shining. Yesterday we had a little snow in the morning, but nothing to "write home about"! My garden spot was tilled two days ago, but I think It's going to be a least a week before anything can go in the ground. I started some cantaloupe and cucumber seeds in wet paper towels and I see the cucs are just starting to sprout. The cantaloupe I started last week, and I transplanted them into tiny little peat moss pots. They're doing well. I figure if it's going to be a late start to the garden, I'll give a jump start to some things. I bought tomato plants last week. If it's warm enough, I set them out on the deck in the sun and bring them in at night. They're looking nice and healthy. I don't really have a green thumb, but I like to putter around in the dirt. My sister inherited the green thumb from our dad and usually has a very productive garden.

                    My sister sent a lovely red geranium to me for Mother's Day. I had a phone call from DS2 and family from NC this morning. I could hear my grandson in th background, "Baba, Baba, I want my Baba!" Baba is Japanese for grandma. Usually we Facetime, and he likes to carry Baba around, but this time it was a phone call. He's only 4 years old, and already is completely bilingual.

                    DH ordered 2 turkey dinners from our local restaurant for noon today. We only have the one restaurant in our little town of 700 people. They've been doing a good take-out business, so I'm glad for them. With eating a big meal for lunch, we'll probably just graze for supper.

                    Well, lunch will soon be here, so I better get going. I hope you all have a relaxing day.


                      Happy Mother's Day!
                      Yesterday we shifted the milkers up to the upper pasture. They did not want to shift out the back gate and around the normal way. I had to make them think they were coming in to be milked. I managed to get several sets of hooves trimmed as they cycled through. The grass nearly hid them completely! They spent the day munching.

                      I headed into the school to help hand out the food boxes for the Backpacks 4 Kids program. We usually send home a backpack of food items on Fridays to get the kids through the weekend. With schools closed, we are stepping that up to about 20# of food for them. Sometimes we have generous donations from other places and can hand out more. This week there was a company that makes yogurt that had pallets of it that was overage and we were able to hand out yummy yogurt to the families as a treat. It is good to see the kiddos.

                      After lunch we headed out to get our plant starts into the garden. We started a lot of our plants from seeds this year. Eric built us a little cold frame from an old pallet and it's done a great job. The mammoth and decorative sunflowers went in. The crook-neck and zucchini squash were planted in the side garden. Eric put the pumpkins in our new garden bed under the kitchen windows. (I want the roses in there, but that will be another project for next fall I guess.) I need to finish weeding the garlic & onion bed today and putting in the peas & beans. I also have to go find the insecticidal soap. There is something eating the leaves off of my baby green beans. Grrrrr.

                      Today will be more time in the gardens and then I need to bust out the weedwhacker and do some work along the fence lines. The rain/sun/rain/sun weather pattern has caused a serious growth explosion in the pasutres and the hot wire is struggling with the grass load. The temps are supposed to be near 80 again today, so it may be slower going than we'd like.

                      It absolutely sounds like an iced tea on the porch evening!
                      I hope you all have a great day!

                      Be who you are and say what you feel
                      because those who mind don't matter,
                      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



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                        I am so glad your school is able to send food home to those in need. One of the many tragedies of having to close schools is that so many students depend upon the hot lunch. Thank you for helping to distribute food to those in need.

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                        School buses are running here, passing out lunches to families. You can tell how happy the driver and helper are when the kids come up to the bus. I wonder if they'll continue after the school term is done. No telling, I know lots of families are dependent since their work places are still closed.

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                        Monique, I'm not going to complain too loudly about the weather. 80 is a bit much for me though. At least there was a breeze.
                        The school is handing out lunches and breakfast for the next morning daily. It sounds as if they are sending home frozen meals for over the weekend, but I have not seen what that looks like. It is either drive through the bus turn around and pick up your food, or the kids/families can meet the school bus to get their stuff. The word is that our school district is going to continue to feed the kids through out the summer like this.
                        The Food Backpacks 4 Kids program is a community sponsored thing. It is meant to fill in where the school lunch program ends over the weekends. With no school, we have boosted the pounds of food to help it stretch over the week. This program will continue all summer too.

                      I sure hope you ladies that are MOMS have had a nice Sunday. The weather here is bright & sunny and more Spring-like temperature. I got flowers from DH, candy from DS & phone call from DD. DH & I went for a drive & saw Krispy Kreme doughnuts' sign lit. Now, you KKD fans know what THAT means! We got 2 dozen & wow were they awesome!! I was a little piggy & ate (gulp) 3 on the way home. So other than it's Mother's Day, it was also Krispy Kreme Day!! YAY! I need to go outside & work off some of the sugar. Have a great afternoon & hopefully good start for the week tomorrow. Take care & be safe. We love you guys. Gina


                        I got a nice surprise! DS#2, who lives in our city, rang the doorbell mid-day. He brought me a bouquet of fresh flowers & a beautiful card. I put my mask on & we chatted outside on the driveway for ~25 min. while my pizza baked. It was so good to see him! We blew each other kisses. Sure hard not do have any hugs. I had fresh strawberries & ice cream for dessert. It's been sunny with a high of 72 deg. It's been a good Mother's Day.