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Good Saturday morning

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    Good Saturday morning

    Good morning everyone. Sorry I missed my hello yesterday.

    I received my order of fabric on Thursday from Sew Inspired. WOW two days shipping. Now if everything could come so quick. My order from Hancock's has finally shipped. On Thursday my oldest asked for a vinyl record for his birthday so I ordered that for him, hubby is collecting coins and saw a good deal on Ebay, so I bought him that. Doug has a beautiful set of dishes that I keep telling him that they will be mine when he passes. So, he wanted me to start taking them. The pattern is Turi Design, Lotte. A beautiful blue pattern. In any case, there are a few plates that are missing from the set. So I set off on a search and found 2 of the 3 missing on ebay. May a deal on shipping charges and they have been mailed. My crocs haven't shipped yet as far as I know.

    We got a little snow yesterday morning but the drive to work was fine. There were a lot of parcels and not much lettermail. A lot of parcels also went out. Not sure what awaits me for Monday morning but one of the girls sorted all the parcels for me which really helped. I had a customer come in, says her parcel was delivered but she never received it. I hope it wasn't stolen. So I have offered her two masks as a random act of kindness. She paid good money for the other ones. So I will make those today. My friend Lynda will stop by sometime today, she picked up some butter that was on sale. I hemmed a pair of pants for a friend on Thursday while she was here. In exchange she gave me a gift card. I feel uncomfortable accepting but she insisted.

    Yesterday morning I was preparing my supper to put in the crockpot. Cut my finger, not bad just bled alot. Of course it is in a spot that you tend to use a lot. With work and washing hands yesterday I changed the bandage quite often. My supper was delicious and nice to have a meal ready when I got home.

    ANTS!! I have big black ones. So I put out poison last night. I killed a few more this morning that were on the counter. More poison set out.

    Well that's what has happened here in the last few days. Wishing you all a safe weekend.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning! We had some snow yesterday. No accumulation, but it was still there. The last time it snowed here in May was in 1961! As I sit here looking out the window, I see trees with pretty blossoms. They remind me that warm weather is not too far away.
    When we went to pick up the car after inspection yesterday, we made a wrong turn and ended up going for a nice ride. Still new to the area, we get lost often. Eventually the GPS was put to work and we found our way.
    I need to get out and get some cat food and dog food today. There is nothing else planned, so I should get a lot done on the book for my grandson. I probably spend more time planning each page than I do making it. I get an idea then keep adding more to it. But it's all fun to do!
    Have a happy day!
    ~ Carol from PA


      Good Morning All,

      Today's, cross your fingers, is delivery day for the new washer and dryer. Haven't heard a word from Lowe's though. Jim needs to go to the church and help with the set up for outdoor church today. He'll drop off the kids here for a visit. It's been a long time since I've had all three. I need to do a clean up before they get here.

      Mike got called in early today, so he'll be leaving soon. Gabby's snuggled up with him in the recliner.

      Better get started, or I won't get done. Have a great day!
      โ€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.โ€ Maya Angelou


        Good Morning...Iโ€™m still in bed with a cup of tea. Jeff is hunting and the Girls are napping.

        It rained off and on all day yesterday. I got a few things done in the house and spent some good time with Jeff. Not sure what today will bring. I want to make a few more masks if I can find some elastic. If anyone has any extra they would sell please pm me.

        Wishing everyone a good Saturday.

        Scottie Mom Barb


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          How much do you need and is black 1/4" ok?

        • KPH
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          I have an order stuck in NYC, I'll PM you if it ever moves out of NY.

        A really boring day yesterday. The highlight was laundry! lol. We did drive out to the new house to see if the septic people had been there. DH said he would walk away if they hadn't . Well, somebody was there earlier as we could see tire tracks across the yard. Hope to hear from the Realtor today. DD's birthday is next week and I don't know what to give her. I hate gift cards ...but maybe. DGD will have a virtual graduation. She is suma cum laude and will give a speech. I'm going to give her an open ended plane ticket to come home from college I think.
        Today is going to be cool. I did some yard work here yesterday...might do some more today. There is pine needle mulch piled around all the trees and shrubs in the front and it is four feet high. They have just been piling it up for years I guess. Looks horrible.
        Too windy to boat or fish but tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


          Good morning all. It's quite chilly today and my son posted late last night that it was snowing up by them. Not sure if they got any accumulation. We had a nice quick visit with them yesterday. We got the tiger lilies out of the ground and ready to move to the new house. I surprised them with some cookies I baked for them and they surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We also took a nice walk with granddog Auggie(who gave me such a wonderful greeting when he saw me). It was great to catch up with them both.

          Then last night I had a nice, long chat with my friend Ceil and caught up with what's been happening in each other's worlds, what books we have been reading, how the kids and grandkids are doing. I miss being able to get together with her. I enjoyed spending time with her even if it was on the phone.

          Today I plan on working on the cushion order I have and also a Secret Santa gift. I think I will also make a pot of potato leek soup for dinner.

          So yesterday was a pretty good day and today looks like it will be also. I just need to go day by day and embrace all the positives and when the down feelings wash over me, I just wade through them and get to the other side where I know the sunshine is waiting.

          Have a good day everone. Be well and stay safe.
          Ginny B


            Good morning!

            There was some snow on the ground when I woke up this morning. The sun is coming out now and should burn it off. We have another week of cooler temps before we will -- hopefully -- see some seasonal temps (mid to high 60's).

            My employer sent out a document outlining their plan for getting us back on site. Looks like we will be teleworking for quite a while. The plan is to gradually decrease the amount of telework until we are 100% on site...which won't be until 2021. I see a new computer in my future, I don't think old reliable here will last that long.

            My sister from Texas rescheduled her visit to October. She was planning on June, but did not feel comfortable flying that soon. My Ohio sister and I did not tell her about Mom's recent ER visit. She has anxiety issues and gets too upset. I don't have the emotional energy to keep her calm while I'm making decisions about Mom's care (which she tries to second guess, of course). We are going to let her know Mom is having balance issues and will be using a wheelchair until she receives some physical therapy.

            Time for a cup of tea and some toast. Have a wonderful day!


              Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm amazed to see so many folks here this early on a Sat. morning. Good to see the chatter & also have Monique back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

              My big accomplishment yest. was making the chicken soup. DH's good now for ~3 wks. In the afternoon I did some fabric cutting for the Ugly Quilt; using my CG ruler, I cut my squares 15.5". I sewed the binding on the baby quilt (2nd side). In one spot I need to rip out the stitching & re-do. Also need to hand tack the corners & sew on the label.

              Had a phone call yest. from DS#1 (in MD). He took advantage of driving time to give me a call. All is good with them. My DGD will be finished at the univ. May 19. No in person graduation, of course. DGS bought a motorcycle. His dad has some misgivings about that. He's an adult & married. I just hope he'll be safe.

              Today I'll send some Mother's Day e-cards from Jacquie Lawson. I already received a card from one of the step-sons. He always remembers. I hope all the mothers here will have a good day tomorrow.


              • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                That's my reminder to send e-cards too from Jacquie Lawson. I love them.

              • JCY
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                I've had a JL membership for several years. I love all the animated e-cards. I ended up sending 13 e-cards, some to family, some to friends. Two of those were to ladies whose husbands have died in the past 2 mos. so they are having first holidays w/o their spouses.

                I sometimes watch the cards that have a puzzle or game at the end. Doing the games keeps one's mind active.

              Good morning!

              Happy weekend to all the stitchers. Thankful that today is Saturday. It is our DD's birthday so she and grandson will have a visit later today. I'll put up the little pool for him along with some birthday balloons for DD. We will celebrate with her birthday with her friends later in the summer if possible.

              I cut some masks on the new die and plan to stitch them together this weekend. It will be a quiet day tomorrow remembering our mothers and their love.


                It's sunny, but cold as whiz in KY this morning...was 26 degrees earlier. I finally got back to quilting yesterday. I've almost got a guild donation quilted. I've just not been in the mood to sew or quilt. Nothing exciting going on here, the days continue to run together. If your state is beginning to re-open, please continue to be careful and stay safe. Re-opening concerns me as some folks don't care about protecting themselves or others.
                *~* Myrna *~*
                *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                  Good Morning to all. Tomorrow will be a quiet one, told my kids that I would prefer do a mothers day get together when we could actually get together. I need hugs and such from them and my grandkids. I want to sit side by side at a table and enjoy my mothers day meal. When my son delivers grocery every week, keeping the masks on, 6 feet apart and not being able to give him a hello or goodbye hug is hard.

                  Today is looking like a lawn mowing day. If nothing else this virus has eased the chore of lawn care, it's my outting adventure!

                  Hugs to all and please stay safe.


                    Our state is scheduled for partial re-opening starting Monday evening. Why at 5 oclock?๐Ÿคจ I am going to stay at home as I have been with one exception. I have an ingrowing toenail that needs attention. My nail parlor is able to keep it in check but if they don't re-open soon I will need to go to the podiatrist and have the nail removed, yuck.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
                    I am about half through hand sewing the binding on my wedding ring quilt, I am excited about that plus I have sandwiched the sewquester one from Cozy quilt. I do have another to finish the fmq on that was waiting for thread to be delivered [received] and now I need a different color for the sewquester one. I am not going to just order one thread spool so it is either a trip to the lqs or order several things, fun either way.๐Ÿ˜


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                      Claire ~ Been there, done that. Not fun. Ingrown toe nails run in my family. Several years ago, after numerous Partial Perm. removals of the nails, I had them removed completely. Not all at the same time! Six of my toes have been done. Haven't been sorry I had it done.

                    • Claire Hallman
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                      Ouch, that doesn't sound like fun, Joy. I had a partial removal and the shot to numb it hurt like he[[. I do not want that again. It is only one toe thankfully.
                      Last edited by Claire Hallman; May 9, 2020, 03:56 PM.

                    Good afternoon everyone. Enjoyed a nice 3 mile walk with a friend this morning followed by breakfast at a local bakery. The weather was beautiful, still is. Then a trip to the nursery for some bedding plants. Planted them and then was exhausted, so time for a shower and nap. Now, what to do? Hopefully, I will force myself to go an =d quilt one of the tops I have sitting around, begging to become a quilt. My hope is that doing so will spark me to complete some others. We shall see. DD has to work this weekend, so it is doubtful that I see her. Will likely get calls tomorrow from both she and her brother. Not much else going on.


                      Good evening everyone,
                      I discovred that I cannot access the forum from my iPad since the recent upgrade. So I have to go upstairs and use laptop. Its all hooked up to various printers and accessories, so a pain to use in the sunroom. My morning routine will change. If I turn on computer, I end up staying there for hours -- not good.

                      There seems to be a lot of busyness around. I had video conference with mom on Wednesday and that went well. My daughter and the GKs had one on Friday. She apparently is enjoying this new media. I have to schedule for next week. They did a mass testing of all 200+ residents and all staff on Monday-Tuesday. Mom's result continue to be negative. That's twice. Let's hope it continues. The recent results results are not updated yet. There are 22 residents and now 19 staff people with C-19, less than 5 have died. This seems like a lot, but much better than other nursing homes and senior residences. On Thursday, one friend lost her mom, another lost her dad, and my son-in-law lost his grandmother. None of them were C-19. I guess its the age 90+ for most. Hopefully mom will continue to have a positive attitude. I hope she loves the quilt that I sent her. They would have given it to her today. The head nurse sent me a picture of staff with the caps I made. She said they were gone in a few minutes. I know its not enought, but it would be hundreds for all staff.

                      Today has been a parade of friends and phone calls with birthday wishes. Since it was freezing outside and snowing, visits were kept short. Tonight a nice dinner from a favorite restaurant with wine. Boston cream donut from Tim Hortons with a candle. Hey!

                      Have a good day.


                      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                        That birthday donut sounds pretty good! The best birthday gift of all is that your mom continues to be healthy and is enjoying the virtual visits.

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                        Snowing?! Brrr. I saw where some place in NY got snow today. The first year we lived here (1978), we got 15" of wet heavy snow on May 5. All the flowering trees were in bloom. Being new to the area, that was a shock for us. It actually can snow here in June, but not very often. Parts of Colo. are under a frost advisory for tonight, with temps. dropping into the 30's.

                      Good evening! Busy but productive day turning this house into a home. We moved in a couple months ago and we look like we live in a storage unit. I have a back issue, man bought me a teeter table and it has changed my life. I can walk and have no pain for the first time in months! I've been hanging curtains and fixing up up the living spaces. Kitchen is my big project next. Waiting for the window film to come in..we have nosey neighbors, then I'll hang the curtains I want. Bought the spray paint for the light switch and out light covers. They are rusted and look aged. Spraying them all silver. Watching DIY videos really help. Waiting on the model podge to cover my dresser drawers with fabric. Will post pics when I'm done! Decorating the walls with quilted projects. I love fall so my house is decorated in in fall and my kitchen in coffee. Have a wonderful mother's day!!