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Preserving Grandma's Apron ???

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    Preserving Grandma's Apron ???

    I have my Paternal Grandmother's Kitchen Apron. She made these aprons herself, this was before there were Sewing Machines that had buttonhole attachments so my Grandma made her own buttonholes of course.

    I would like to know if any of you know how to preserve fabric in a Large Photo Frame. I've taken it to Jo-Ann Fabrics and the cost they wanted was well, let's save I probably could purchase enough fabric to make 25 King Size Quilts!!!! about expensive, to frame this treasure.

    So during this COVID-19 I decided that perhaps someone who's a MSQC Forum Member just might be able to tell me what do do to preserve the fabric prior to framing.

    (I have a Newspaper Article from just prior to my husband Terry's passing away that was done to showcase the Model Train Club he was a part of. (There's photos in the article of Terry due to the fact he was President of the Model Railroad Club at the time. (he died 10 months later). I am worried about that newspaper article too, but think when the COVID-19 starts allowing us to get out more, I might take the article to a Print Shop and have the article re-printed and THEN possibly "Professionally" Framed, etc. (???)

    So, if any of you has any ideas on how to preserve this awesome Apron (I have photos of my Grandma wearing this with me standing in front of her on the back steps of her home. She lived next door to us.) I would REALLY appreciate any tips or information you might have!
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    I think you need something acid free. What about this?
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      There's a group on Facebook called Quilting Vintage! and they frequently post quilts made from vintage aprons. Maybe that would be a more economical way to preserve your treasure.

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        I have no idea but how lucky are you to have such a precious keepsake!


          You get a piece of acid free foam board. Cut it to fit in the frame you are using.....just a hair smaller because you will be stretching the fabric over the sides. Cut the apron about two inches bigger than the foam board all the way around. Center the fabric on the board. Oops, I forgot to say you need a box of T pins about 1.5" long. Push the pins in on each side, starting in the centers. Push one center in, then the next and so on. You repeat this all the way around the four sides. Once out have gotten the first four pins in, put the next pin right next to the first, rotate and continue around until you fill in all sides with the pins. If the fabric is in fragile condition, you might want to put something on the area that is being pinned to protect it.

          I took a class years ago on how to do this so I could frame my own cross stitch after spending a small fortune having one done.

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            That's how I mount cross stitch projects, too, but I could not bring myself to cut into that apron. It deserves to be preserved intact.

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            Sorry, I can't help you then! I remember in the movie 'The Other Sister', they had framed a baby dress. It's toward the start of the movie.

          I have no idea on how to preserve the apron, but I still make aprons for myself from a pattern from my mom. She made all her own aprons. I still wear one whenever I'm working in the kitchen. My dad had his own apron that he wore when he was helping with prep. for a special meal, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Lots of fond memories.


            I agree with Monique, get a shadow box and arrange the apron in it. It wouldn't have to completely flat in the shadow box and would be protected. You could also place the photos you have in it as well. I think that is a lovely idea and would be a real work of art for a special place in your home.
            How lucky you are to have such a treasure!