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Good Morning Friday! :)

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    Good Morning Friday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ The big wind yesterday afternoon blew in colder temps. It's only 39 this a.m. The next few days are supposed to be only in the 60's. If it weren't cloudy, I'm sure there would be frost out there.

    Yest. eve. I did the veg. prep. for making chicken soup today. So I'll be in the kitchen all morning. I groc. shopped yest. No limits on chicken or eggs, so I was able to get everything I needed.

    The paper today is reporting 14 deaths from C-19 at a local nursing home in our city. One of them was the father of a lady from our church. I think the CO total now is 47 deaths.***

    Have a good Friday & week end.

    ***CORRECTION: My stats for CO were in error. The 47 was our county's death total. Statewide there have been 903 deaths. There have been >18,000 confirmed cases in the state. At the peak in April, there were 2,919 in the hosp. with CV. Now only 650 are hospitalized. Thankfully, the no. is trending downward, but people still are getting sick & dying.
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    Good morning. Clouds here. Colder and blustery weather on Saturday. Not sure how many walks the pug will get tomorrow.

    I keep plugging away on my quilt. The PEE cuffs that we are sewing did zip onto the helmet. So will keep making those.

    not much else happening around here. Have a good day.


      Good morning! It has been a busy week. We are starting work a little later than normal today so that gives me a chance to be home for a little longer this morning without rushing out the door. The weather has been all over the place this week and my body has known it.

      The state school board association has put out a 97 page document of re-entry and re-opening of schools. So there is no idea what public school will look like in the fall. I really feel sorry for our public school administration and teachers trying to figure this all out.

      Sewing wise, my plan for the weekend is to do a deep cleaning of my main storage closet. It should not take too long I hope. Then I can maybe put together the quilt top that I started last weekend.

      Have a wonderful day everyone


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        I feel for the teachers that had to walk out of their classrooms and haven't been able to close them up properly. The last week of school, I'd start packing up my classroom. It took all week to get the materials cleaned and ready. I'd shrink wrap the materials on the shelves for the following school year. I guess Mike's tired of hearing me say I feel for the teachers and janitorial staffs this year.

      Good Morning All,

      Well, my VERC call this morning was early and extremely uneventful. She wanted to do a Zoom meeting, but never could get it to hook up correctly. Anyway, I never got the message or invitation. Jim said they've started requiring passwords, so that might have been the problem. I have no idea. She rescheduled in 2 weeks. I'm feeling more and more like this is a waste of time my time. Oh well

      I've been working on my afghan, it's long enough to cover from my feet to knees, so I'm moving right along. I'm just about ready to start a new skein of yarn.

      I took Mike to Southern Coast Seafood last night. Their fresh whole catch was Vermillion Snapper, the filet was mutton snapper. Mike had the whole fish, I went with the filet. It was delicious. There were only 4 families, extremely far apart inside while we were there. A lot of phone in and pick up orders were made, so they were pretty busy on their 4th day of being back open. Restaurants are limited to 25% of their capacity.

      Not sure what the rest of the day will bring. Hopefully, the black snake Gabby found in the yard sunning itself yesterday won't be back today. Mike laughed at me, I can do lizards... they have legs.. I don't do snakes. He said, fish don't have legs. But they have fins that make their movement in the water possible... I got rid of the fish anyway.

      Have a wonderful day!

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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        Oh pity the poor person that got my Zoom meeting texts.... I bet she/he wasn't happy to get two early morning texts for something she/ he didn't know what the heck was going on!

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        Katrina ~ Yes, Zoom now requires a password. The person who set up the meeting should have e-mailed you the password.

      Wet here today but we were going to have to water the new plants otherwise so it is welcome. It is also pretty cool for May and will be through the weekend.
      I did a run to the lqs and there was only one other customer, no problem with distancing. I got the backing I needed, it is washed, ready to iron and sandwich. Now, choosing a design to use, always a problem for me. 😫 Something will pop into my head when I am sitting there staring at it on the machine bed. I was also able to get some background for fabrics I bought when we went to Alaska last year. I am looking forward to seeing what I figure out to add in the mix. There is lots of pink, green and black in the wildflower fabrics so a black/white trellis print is one calling my name.😀


        Good morning!

        I'm late to the party today. I just finished a meeting for work that wasn't much of a surprise but did reinforce we're going to be dealing with C-19 for quite a while.

        My sister is taking Mom her care package after lunch, I need to get a move on and wrap up her door decoration and sign the card.

        A friend of mine saves her newspapers for my bunny and brought over a huge stack last night. We had nice chat -- she was in the driveway, I was on the front step. It was good to see someone I'm not related to. She is going to bring her papers over once a month.

        There is snow in the forecast today. I am happy to report I haven't seen any yet. Everything seems to being staying south of here for now.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Hi friends
          its bank holiday Friday in England, we have typical bank holiday weather,
          Bank holiday usually 1st weekend in May but due to VE day which was really a fight for freedom of all, we are still in lock down so no freedom, of course folks are still breaching x meeting and celebrating which will raise the r levels again. the vicious circle carries on.

          wonder when this will finish, how broke we will all be, the monthly food bill has increased by £s because of the restrictions, neither one of us is capable to shop on own so having to order online. But that's difficult too no slots.
          Now know how much over, we will be restricting even further. Some bake bread with a bbefore date in july has grown in its sealed packed, those went on fire before mold spores got scattered.

          We have more adverts asking for money on tv, wateraid showing children drinking unclean water, the one where children cannot see due to eyelids, and one from marie curie end cancer care where a lady says has terminal cancer, its all depressing we both think we know that lady too from our past but still cannot think exactly when.
          plus the news, good grief, am surprised we are not all with heads in blocks.

          really tried to make this post positive, have failed perhaps should just delete and put nothing happening again.

          saw a movie called 'upside down' that was good.😁
          have a great day


            Good late's another dreary day with rain off and on. Our weather has turned off cold and we had frost this morning. Jeff didn't hunt today. He's napping now. The Girls are napping, too.

            I think it will be pasta with alfredo sauce for dinner. We have some tired lettuce for a salad and a few grape tomatoes. I guess we need to shop. Everything else is holding up well.

            Wishing everyone a good day...stay safe and healthy. Hugs....Barb

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Good morning!
              I have a morning zoom with the 5th grades, and then I will make a run to the grocery to pick up the order for the Food Backpacks program. They are packing up today and I'll be bringing apples, bananas, and instant potatoes.

              We have a bunch of starts to get into the gardens this weekend. It's supposed to be in the 80's the next few days, so they will get a good start in the warm soil. It's also time to bust out the weed eater and whack back the jungle. I also see the grill getting a good work out this weekend!

              I hope you all have a great day! I'm off to Zoomland!
              Be who you are and say what you feel
              because those who mind don't matter,
              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                Hi, again! ~ I'm enjoying sitting down after my morning's work in the kitchen. Chicken soup is done for at least another 3 wks. This batch made 13 qts. I didn't have enough chicken for #14, so that one is just veg., rice & broth. I had 1 qt. of leftover broth. All are in the freezer. The freezer really needs to be defrosted. Almost no clearance to stack the containers. The frost builds up on those upper coils. That will be a job for later this mo.

                We had some interesting activity across the street this a.m. The neighbors had a tree removed from their side yard. The arborist had to wear a harness & was suspended by cables in the air, using the hand controls, to get back in between the 2 houses. I didn't get to watch much, since I was busy with the soup.

                We're having a sort of sunny day, mixed with clouds. Current temp. is in the 60's.

                I'm headed over to the blog to watch today's tutorial.