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Not Much Night Owling

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  • LauraP
    Glad you are talking to your cousin. I agree something has to be done. I'm surprised the rats haven't bitten the other animals. If all else fails get them a couple of adult rat terriers.

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  • toggpine
    started a topic Not Much Night Owling

    Not Much Night Owling

    I haven't been in the sewing room the last couple of days. Today was booked!

    I had the Post Office calling me during my shower to tell me our turkey chicks had arrived. I could hear them peeping in the background! I brought them home, got them to drink and eat, then left them to get warm under the heat lamp. 8 of the 16 chicks were going to a friend down the road. I told her I'd get them started and bring them down after my errands. She has 3 kiddos 5, 3, & 5 months. She has her hands full in the mornings. It was the least I could do to help her out.

    After settling the chicks, I stuffed the cat into the carrier and packed him into the car. He's breathing has been sounding funny for a while. It sounds wet and snorkely. He's even had a couple of bloody sneezes. I was afraid he may have picked up the cat respiratory disease. Nope! Lungs are clear, no fever. He has feline asthma and it can have seasonal triggers. They gave him a steroid shot and his vaccinations. He's good to go! Yea!

    The most disturbing part of the day was the stop at my aunt's house. They needed help trimming the hooves on their goats. Not a problem. I was shocked at the appearance of their front yard. The put up a fence to keep the dogs/ birds in. Their front yard has been taken over by ducks and chickens. There used to be a nice lawn that is now gone and there are wallows pockmarking the ground and filled with muddy water.
    We headed in to deal with the goats. The bird areas had encroached into the main barn. I heard what I thought were chicks, but were rodents squealing. Auntie said "We have some rats." OK. Most farms do because of the grain/feeds. We do our best to keep the population down to a minimum. I finished with the hooves, ran in to use the bathroom since I had no idea how long the wait at the vet would be. I came back out the front door and holy cow! There had to be 30+ large, brown rats running amok in broad daylight! Rats are nocturnal. If you see one, there are a whole bunch more you don't see. I had some harsh words for them. It's sooo unhealthy for everyone & everything living there. I'm still grossed out by the thought of what I saw today. The rats weren't even afraid of me walking by. One thought about challenging me for the right of way on the sidewalk. Apparently my waffle stomper trail shoes and my aim for it's head may have had something to do with it changing direction.
    I have a call in to my cousin to see if he knows what the situation is. His sister is a huge part of the problem, she's collecting the birds. She's leaving food out, including cat food. They also have a huge pile of garbage in the driveway (mostly feed & shavings bags) that the rats are nesting in. You can certainly have birds, even the number they have, and not have a rat problem like this. They even have rat bait, but they won't use it because they are afraid the other animals will get into it.
    It's so bad I'm considering calling the department of health or animal control. I'll check with my cousin first. I'm thinking at the very least, we'll have an intervention. Ugh. I've never had to deal with the likes of this.

    I would rather be in my sewing room!

    I hope things are much better in your neck of the woods!