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    Due to social distancing, we have been seeing this done for all kinds of events. One of the sweetest and saddest was a couple who had the wedding completely planned and the rules came down just days before their wedding. They had the wedding with just parents, grandparents and the wedding party. Then the guests did the drive by so they could show support to the couple. The groom was moved to tears of how much their family and friends cared. (yes, there was the option to drop off the wedding gift as they went by).

    As far as the drive by baby shower, personally, I think it is a wonderful idea to show support for the mother-to-be. Sadly, the doctors and media have most of these moms-to-be terrified. I know moms-to-be who have been told they may not be able to have anyone with them during delivery; that if the Mom tests positive, they will be isolated from their baby for at least two weeks; the newborn if it tests positive could be isolated in the NUCI and not be able to seen by the parents; and that their baby could die. Plus many have been isolated from family because of social distancing. I don't believe that the drive-by baby shower is a way to gift grab but instead a way to put a smile on the mom-to-be's face to see how much people care. As far as having it after the baby and social distancing, that could all depend upon where you live as some areas have put shelter-in-place indefinitely and others have extended it into July with the possibility of it being longer.