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    Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning friends. It is another cold morning here, we had a little frost. I thought Spring was here. Not liking this cold weather.

    I didn't do much yesterday. I did clean off my sewing table, too much stuff on it. I did find some treasures. I did get the baby quilt sandwiched and ready for quilting. I was searching yesterday for a video on either the disappearing hourglass or disappearing pinwheel block. I think the one I liked and wanted was the pinwheel block. I will have to revisit the tutorials.

    I ordered shoes yesterday and hopefully it doesn't take forever to get here. I have another day of work lined up for next week.

    This morning I am taking Doug for his weekly shop. I don't need a whole lot.

    Maybe when I get back I will start the baby quilt.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay warm, safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    The rain they predicted yesterday stayed south of us. I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping the rain would wash the chalk from my work project off my driveway. Today will be cool and dry.

    Mom had another fall and ER visit yesterday. She needed a couple of stitches on her elbow, but otherwise she was pronounced in good condition and sent back to her memory care facility. All the scans came back fine. She was unable to identify where it hurt, so they ran CT scans and x-rays. Here's hoping she didn't pick up C-19 during her 6 hours at the hospital. This was her second fall in less than a week. I asked the nurse if they were using an alarm pad, and if not, maybe they should do that. I'm going to give the director another call. She hasn't responded to my request for a care team meeting.

    I need to give the bunny a good brushing today. Her spring shed has gotten rather heavy and she's looking a little scruffy. I'm going up to the store later to buy her some greens. The cilantro I bought her last week was on the wimpy side, I hope they have better stock today.

    Time to finish my cup of tea and maybe read a little before it's time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


      Well,yesterday we mowed the 1/2 acre lawn here. I think we are the most improved yard in the neighborhood. lol. I told DH Iwanted to mow for exercise. He said, I'll do the front and you can do the back. I agreed. He mowed and came into the back yard and I tried to take over but he was supervising me too hard so I gave him the mower and proceeded to haul more mulch out of the front and onto the brush pile. People had piled up all the pine needles for years and it was up 4 feet on all the trees and shrubs. Its looking better. Another couple of weeks we'll have this place whipped into shape. We should be ready to move by then. ha ha
      The septic people are going out to the house on Friday to give the sellers an estimate and the tree people should be there this week too. We are meeting with our own tree estimate person today just to get an idea. Once they get their estimates, our realtor said they will be ready to move forward. I hope its not wishful thinking on her part.
      I saw some wicker chairs on the local on line paper and we are going to go look at them today. I hope they are nice. I really would like some porch chairs for the new place but looking on line at new ones they are out of my budget. Used would be good. DH emailed her and asked if she still had the old cushions and she claims she does. So I will be able to recover them. I priced replacement cushions and OH MY they get a lot for them.
      Anyway, this will give us something to do today. Thats the hard part for us is finding something to do when the water is too rough to go out on and its storming this morning.
      You all have a great day. May God travel with you now and always
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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        Terry ~ You guys sure have been working hard to fix up that place. They ought to give you a discount on the rent for all the work you're doing.

      • grammaterry
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        Well, Joy, I know they won't give us a discount but on the other hand, we are living here and we have pride. Theother thing is, if we decide we'd like to break the lease, the only way they would do that is if they can find a renter to take our place. I'm sure it will be easier to find someone if its neat and well kept.

      • KarenC
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        Terry, you sure have a good attitude about this house. I don't know that I could do so much work on a place I don't own.

      We were supposed to get rain yesterday as well but got less than a tenth of an inch. I potted some flowers and herbs and can leave them outside today and tomorrow. Supposed to have frost Thursday into Friday so will need to bring them in.

      Hope heals quickly and did not contract this awful virus. Can’t wait for it to go away. Miss being with my daughter and her family. Miss the hugs from those grandkids. Already missed two birthdays and my daughters is the end of the month.

      Today is my laundry day and once that is complete I will be layering a chimneys and cornerstone quilt made for my daughter and son-in-law for their 20th anniversary. Crossing my fingers that I’ll have enough time to complete the quilt by their anniversary which is July 8.


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Today is our last Zoom mtg. for Bible Study Fellowship. By Sept., I hope schools will be in session & BSF can resume in person.

        We had a beautiful day yest. High temp. was 78 deg. it's supposed to be a bit cooler today. I have an appt. made for Mon. the 11th to have the sprinkler system started up. I know there is one sprinkler head that needs to be replaced.

        Finally! I finished the FMQ on the baby quilt. It's trimmed & ready for the binding. I hope to get that done today. I pressed fabrics I want to use for the "Ugly Quilt".

        There was a beautiful almost full moon setting in the west when I got up at 5 a.m.


          Good day everyone,

          I'm liking the sun even if it's still cooler than normal for this time of year. Yesterday I made the label for mom's quilt. It took over an hour as I don't run it fast. I have learnt to babysit machine, and good thing as it jammed where I switched the size of letters to smaller. I had to pry it away, but it left a hole, so I improvised and sewed the label that is required for all resident's items over the hole.

          I will drop ithe quilt off as soon as I've showered. At 10:30 I am having 1st video chat with mom. I'm preparing myself mentally as I'm sure she will be tearful, upset with the 'isolation, lack of activities and service' she is getting. Appearance wise, her hair will be bad as she usually has her hair done weekly and they add a colour wash. I am trying to stay positive and give her only good news, even if I have to stretch the truth. I will end with a prayer. My daughter has scheduled a call with the grandkids for later this week. Hoping this will cheer her up.

          Today I plan to finish the current batch of masks and get them in the mail. Maybe clean up the sewing room, so I can have space to work on glider cushions.

          Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay positive.


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          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Good Morning All,

            It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, yesterday and today looks like a repeat. Breezes kept it from feeling too hot. I don't know if it made it to 90 or not, but it didn't feel that bad outside.

            I worked on the Noah's ark yesterday. Since they're starting church on Sunday, I decided to follow the KISS principle. I finished the panel with 3 in. borders and just quilted around key areas of the panel. The sun wasn't cooperating with getting all of the threads buried, so I have to finish that this morning. It will be ready to gift on Sunday. We're having service outside under the big pines. Mike is going to get one of our camp chairs for me to carry. Hopefully the fabric hasn't dry rotted being in the attic!

            Jim is expanding his job search. From what he said yesterday, he's planning to send the kids to 'home school' once he finishes with his classes until the end of May. That way he can focus more on what he needs to do which is finding a job. We'll see what he and Morgan decide on doing. I thought I was done for the year. Which means, I need to make sure I can find my dining room table again! lol... it's under the cutting mats and paperwork somewhere.

            I was thinking about rearranging my sitting area and putting the table back in front of the window. The violets aren't doing well where they are sitting, not enough light, I guess. It would give me a place to set up for water colors. We'll see, if I'm back on home school duty, it would have to be a clean up daily area and I was kind of hoping for a work a bit, let it dry, then go back area when I was motivated area.

            Well, Gabby is wanting my attention, and the conditioner in my hair is just about timed out, time to get busy. Have a wonderful day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            • JCY
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              Church is allowed already?! Wow. We're still "stay at home" till this week end, then it will be "safer at home" until who knows when?! No gatherings of >10 people with social distancing of 6 ft. Mask wearing (or facial covering of some sort) is mandated. I don't foresee church happening any time soon here. There was another death in our country yest. A 100 y.o. patient in a NH.

            Good morning all! Cool but sunny here. Heading out to walk the dog, and then later on meeting my sister for another walk.

            Lots of confusion and fear here about reopening of schools scheduled for next Monday. Most of us are hoping for a reversal of this decision, as we have definitely not "flattened the curve".

            Stay safe!


            • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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              I can understand your fear for certain. As I understand it, parents are not obligated to send their children back if they do not feel they can remain safe. Can you see kids in daycare and lower grades? when I go with my daughter to pick up her 3 kids, aged 3, 4 1/2 and 7, the kids are always hugging each other. Its almost like the govt is going to see if this spreads more. Of course it will with more serious implications. Many grandparents pick up the kids at school, keep before and after. I hope parents exercise common sense.

            • JCY
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              All Colorado schools are closed for the rest of the school year.

            Good morming all. It's a cloudy one here. Yesterday hubby decided that we needed to get out of the house and go further than walking around the block. So we got our masks and gloves and hopped in the car. We drove a couple towns over and went to a small local nursery/farm that we shop at each week for our produce. They opened their greenhouses up last week. No produce yet....too early. We enjoyed walking among the rows of beautiful flowers, herb and some veggie plants. We picked up a few annuals. The outing lifted our spirits. We will see how many plants we need for our pots and go back each week to pick up a few. It will be nice to have someplace to go each week.

            But this Friday we do have plans to take a trip up to Rob and John's and get the tiger lilies out of the ground and ready to move to their new place. I am looking forward to it but it will be bittersweet for me since that will probably be the last time I will be there. It is such a nice, peaceful area and I love being there. I am sure I will like their new place too. Can't wait to actually see the new house in person instead of just virtually.

            Today I will be in my sewing room for a while plus doing some stuff on the computer. Hubby is cooking tonight so no kitchen time for me today. We also have to do final updates to our grocery order that should get here tomorrow.

            Have a good day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
            Ginny B



              Good morning all,

              Sunshine here today. It'a a welcome sight after a couple of cloudy days, but the rain showers were needed. Actually, the lawn could use some more rain, but I know the farmers are waiting for the fields to dry up so they can get started planting. Not much sewing the last two days. I guess the cloudy weather had me down. I did finish a book on my Kindle. Since this has all started, I've read 16 books. I need to get a mask done today for DH even though he doesn't want to wear one. Some stores in Grand Forks(50 miles away) won't let you in without a mask. We need to go there to Menards to get the ship lap for finishing the kitchen, so he'll just have to put on his "big boy undies" and wear the mask.

              Have you been seeing the news about the Murder Hornets from Asia?

              Well, that's it for me. Have a good day, whatever your plans are.


              • CarlieBlilie
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                I'm in south central MN. My hubby and I were in Menards on Monday and they required masks. I had my homemade one with me so I did the shopping as he refuses to wear one so he went back to the car. After all these years together it still amazes me how stubborn he can be.

              • LauraP
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                i've seen the "for fun" masks made out of ladies thongs and bras but never thought about men's big boy pants😆
                I need to make my bil a t shirt that says FAMOUS LAST WORDS. He didn't do like my sister told him and take a picture of the wires before he removed the hot tub part. I know what I'm doing! Now it won't run.

              Morning all,
              I'm hoping the sun wants to show it's face today so we might be able to grill for dinner tonight. Planning on making a little macaroni salad to go with it.

              Nothing new here, each day remains the same staying home. When New York starts lifting restrictions it will be by regions depending on certain criteria that must be met. Upstate didn't have the amount of cases downstate has so their restrictions would start to be lifted sooner. We have so many cases on Long Island along with New York City that we will most likely be one of the last areas in the state to have ours lifted. Looks like we're in for a long haul.

              I should be making good time of being homebound by sewing but I just can't find the motivation to do any beyond the mask making that I did. Of course I could be doing a clean up in there but that's no fun.

              Had a nice text message from one of my granddaughter's yesterday asking how we were and that she misses us. Will be wonderful when we get to see them and give hugs.

              Well, I better get somes chores started. Wishing everyone a good day with good health.
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                Hi everyone. Haven't been here for awhile. Just seeing how everyone is. Fine I hope. Had a bad Feb. My mom passed from pneumonia (although now I wonder). My father-in-law passed from cancer and ex father-in-law from copd. All in the same week so kind of hard to take.
                Otherwise, my kids, grandkids, brothers, sister's etc etc...husband all ok.
                Speaking of weather......heat wave here in AZ today. 106 high! Too high for even us for May!
                Making masks and going to start my MSQC block of the month.
                good thoughts to everyone!


                • geegeequilts
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                  I'm so very sorry you lost so many in such a short time! Will pray for comfort for you & your family. Yikes! 106? That's way too ho for me. Take care. Gina

                • Jean Marie
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                  Thankyou for the thoughts and prayers. Appreciated.Luckily we were able to have a funeral for mom as she prearranged it a few years ago and she passed right before the virus shut everything down. So that was nice.

                • KarenC
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                  Sorry to hear of all the losses you have had to endure at once. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

                We have a beautiful sunny day with a breeze, I hear the wind chimes but haven't actually been outside.
                Yesterday I planted some perennials and one annual into a pot then did some weeding. Today my hands are sore but I am sure that will pass with use.
                I also finished the quilting on my wedding ring quilt and sewed the binding onto one side of the challenge quilt. Today I hope to finish them both. I want to make a hanging sleeve for the wedding ring just in case I decide to enter it into the guild show [if t happens].
                I ordered that Leko pattern from Jordan's along with some fabric, always fun to have a package expected. I had bought a jelly roll here but needed a bit of yardage that M* didn't have but Jordan does, yea!
                I still need to visit my local shop, putting it off for those finishes so as to not overwhelm.😳


                • JCY
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                  Have you ever watched the video of the inside of their store since they expanded it? They have SO much fabric! I'd love to visit that store in person. I love Donna's tutorials. Wish I could put quilts together as fast as she does. Of course, she has a computerized LA, so that makes it easier. I keep signing up for her give-aways, but I haven't won anything yet.