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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a relief it was to have a cooler day yest. It was mostly cloudy with a few sun breaks & a high temp. of 72. We had an early eve. rain shower & a 9 p.m. thunderstorm. First lightning of the season. It's supposed to be 78 today.

    Another Sunday with YT church. Whenever the restrictions relax enough for 50 people to gather, our church will have several groups of 50 meet in various parts of the building with remote viewing so we can meet in fellowship. Each area of the church has a separate entrance. In the mean time, the elders & staff & various groups do church business or Bible studies via Zoom. A few weeks ago, whoever could have visualized life as we're now experiencing it?!

    Our quilt guild is doing a Round Robin of Caring Heart Blocks. We have a practice that when a member has a death in the family or undergoes surgery, etc., the president sends out a name & address of the person & requests we send them a caring heart block; the pattern in on our web site. The block is 5" square with an appliqued heart in the middle. Well, during this time of stay-at-home, the round robin was started. We are to send 1 heart block to the next person whose name is after ours in the membership roster & send 2 other blocks to anyone else, preferably someone you don't know. I had not planned to participate, but when I received a block, it was too pretty to give away to someone else, so I decided to make some blocks & mail them. That was my sewing project yest. I made 6 blocks total, & mailed 3.

    My DS#1 was working in D.C. yest. He was able to go up on the roof of his bldg. & watch the fly-over of the Blue Angels & Thunderbirds.

    I did my PT exercises yest. p.m. while I watched the Gaithers. The featured group was the men's quartet, Canton Junction. I had never heard of them. The bass singer, Tim Duncan, sings with them. He used to be with Signature Sound. The music was wonderful & so inspirational.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Good morning Joy and all who follow,

    Just checking in...nothing much going on. Yesterday was super windy from the north, and today looks to be the same. We're supposed to have below normal temps for the next 2 weeks. I'll be getting masks finished today, so I can mail them tomorrow to DD and also SIL and a friend of hers. After that, we'll see if I get some inspiration. Have a restful Sunday.



      I'm up away to early. Good morning Joy. I'm on the hunt for hair clippers today for the man. His broke and they are sold out everywhere. I found some at a Target on the other side of town so going today.

      I'm going to sew today, I gave my daughter my brother and need to make fabric baskets for all the the assorories.

      I hope everyone has a blessed day!!


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        I've been cutting DH's hair, as well as my own, for many years. I use just the barber scissors. I use the clippers only for neck trimming. Maybe in a pinch, you could use the razor you use to shave your legs to do the neck.

      • Momofmonsters5
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        Thanks Joy! It will be his last resort, it really might come to that! He shaves his head really short. Poor guy has so many cowlicks.

      Good Morning All,

      Yesterday was beautiful. Mike and I went to All American Hot Dog and Sandwich shop for lunch. Mercy, that was a big burger and delicious, too boot! We picked up and drove over to JoAnn to eat. I don't know what we were thinking, there was a long line outside, so we didn't go in. It amazes me how many people didn't have masks even though the governor highly suggests wearing them. We had ours, ready to go.

      I worked on the AT AT for the front door. I finally finished around 9 last night. 131 pieces in the block. Star Wars fans will recognize what it is, and with May 4th, Mike thought is would be great for May's door hanging. Today, after listening to church, I'll be back to working on baby quilt tops. Tomorrow, the LQSs will open. I'm planning to go and find border and backing fabrics.

      Have a wonderful day!

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      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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        Love your At At. Disney + channel is having all the Star Wars movies to stream starting 5/4. I want to watch, hope DH goes along with that.

      Good morning everyone. It's sunny and going to be another warm day.

      I am grateful that we can still visit with friends and family at a distance. I had great plans to sew yesterday, that did not happen.

      My GF dropped by to show me the quilt she finished for her aunt's birthday, all quilted by hand. I gave her cap pattern and other items I had put aside for her. We talked awhile catching up. Her MIL, BIL & SIL have fully recovered from C-19. Only MIl stayed in hospital 1 night. The DIL contracted it at work before offices were closed in March.

      My daughter dropped by with 3 kiddos, so I put them to 'work ' removing the stones from a dry river bed. The oldest was focussed, the 2 younger ones, not so much even with dangling the ice cream card. It's about 75% done. They may be back today or this week. It was a nice visit with DD, albeit with interruptions. We all shared bowl of ice cream, oldest got double scoop and caramel for his extra work. The plan is to redo it and clear some space to rebuild the gnome village which we are relocating to make space for a vegetable garden.

      I also dropped by another friend who has been cleaning closets. She gave me a tall plastic tower with 4 small and 4 large drawers. DH suggested I put fabric in it. I told him I might need more. Haha. She gave a beautiful leather jacket for my DD. We also spoke from the street to our neighbours who we travelled with to east coast last year. Sadly our plans are cancelled for this year. Although PEI will be reopening gradually, they are not letting people on island. Wise.

      I picked up some tomato plants and spices from my son. He's got quite the set up with lights, fans, carefully maintaining humidity levels. All this, now moved to his garage. Good for him. Keeps him busy. I picked up groceries near his home, which is never busy. I whipped in & out opin no time.

      Today, I have a long list of TO-DO items I will see what I eventually tackle. So far I can check off coffee on the list.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Good morning!

        We have another sunny start to the day here, with a high near 70. I'm looking forward to spending some time outside today, even if I will be working on my sidewalk project for work. I tried the sidewalk chalk paint, and did not like it at all. Fortunately, my sister has some sidewalk chalk. She took video of me making my letter, but she was too far away and we realized the letter was upside down. 🙁 I'm going to try again today with my camera on a tripod. We had a nice visit afterwards.

        The governor's decision to extend the safe at home order has my employer re-thinking their plan to open the buildings May 19. I doubt we will be on site before June. We should find out the new plan this week.

        I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday making my "thank you" video. A lot of that was just getting set-up: lining up the camera, where to stand, how high to hold the sign, etc. The video had to be 15 seconds or less. Mine came in around 7 seconds, and they can shorten it if needed. I will be very glad when this project is over!

        Time to get my short grocery list together and run up to the store. I went a little later than planned last week and it was busier than I've been accustomed to. Have a wonderful day!
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          Good morning all. A bit cloudy here this morning but it will be warm again. We had a great day working outside yesterday. Today we will be out there again continuing to get the yard and gardens ready for vegetables, flowers and summertime sitting. I am grateful for these couple of days of good weather so we could be outside working. It is good for the mind, body and soul.

          Julie, it sounds like that project for work is definitely getting to you. I hope you get it done soon. Suzanne, what a fun day with family and friends. And tomato plants too! Katrina, great job on the AT AT. Perfect for May 4th. Joy, that sounds like a good plan that your church has for when restrictions are loosened.

          Jeanne, I am sure the recipients of those masks will be very happy to receive them.
          Good luck with your quest for the hair clippers Momofmonsters5. I did a bit of snipping myself after my shower yesterday. I imagine the salons will be very busy here when things open up.

          Have a good day everyone. Be safe.
          Ginny B


          • Momofmonsters5
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            Thanks! I didn't realize I never give my name. Rachel

          Good morning. Yesterday was the perfect day — sunny and warm. I made 2 more polyprene cuffs. The sewing doesn’t look pretty ,but hopefully they will fit the helmets. I have one more to do today. I am learning how to sew button holes, elastic and zippers.

          We found a nest of little babies in a hole in our backyard. I should say the dogs found it. I had by DH go out and move them to wear a rabbit comes into our yard. He was not really sure what they were. We had to move them so the dogs would not get them. They did squeak as he put them in a box using tongs. Hopefully the mom finds them. Why she chose our yard w 4 dogs that try to get her at times is the million dollar question.



            Happy Sunday all! Just wanted to insert a little thank you to MSQ for my Block mag,. Joy had hers early last week, mine only came yesterday. I’m about 60 miles north of her..... Go figure! But it is here, so happy day. Also, received my order from Jordan Fabrics. So have a real project to start. Again happy day.

            Met with a few members of stitch group from church last week. We sat outside our parish hall, and had a nice visit. Beautiful day weather wise, and beautiful to see some friendly faces. All are doing well. We might try and do this again this coming week. Have to check with church to make sure it is ok with them.

            Have the appointment for a real hair cut the day after Mother’s Day.. Glad no plans to go out for Mom’s day, as I would look so “shaggy”!!

            Stay safe all.


              I decided to update my avatar pic. I think that other one was at least 2 yrs. old. This one was taken in Dec. 2019. Here's lookin' at ya!


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                I noticed the update! Here's looking at ya'

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                Nice to put a face to a name.

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                Nice pic Joy! I noticed the change too but I thought it was because you just got a new computer.

              Good afternoon to all!

              A quiet Sunday afternoon here making napkins for the birthday. It seems like I had to cut them out 3 times. Sigh. They were good until I got confused looking a 3 different techniques to master the corners and made a boo-boo. I am pre-washing the fabric to get the shrinkage out of the way. Next, scrap pieces of fabrics will be sorted to make more masks. A request for more masks came in so I'll try to help out.

              Not sure of dinner plans yet.

              Joy, It's nice to see you! You amaze me with all that you do and all that you get done!