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Good Saturday morning

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    Good Saturday morning

    Good morning friends. I didn't make it here yesterday because I was called in to work at the last minute. I had a good day although my feet were telling me otherwise.

    Still not a whole lot going on but it was sure nice to see different faces yesterday and have wee chats.

    Not sure what I will do today.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Hi there and Happy Saturday! Looks like a decent day here ... hope to sit outside in the sun! Flower beds are nice and clean, lawn has been raked, hoses are connected, too early here for annuals, so will just sit and enjoy!

    Hope you all find something nice and soothing to do today!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a HOT day we had yest.! Unseasonably warm for this time of year. Our therm. read 94 deg! Our first time to top 90 this year. And it felt hot. I broke out the shorts & tank top. We had the windows open & the fans going. Except for a brief jaunt out to the store, I spent all day running in & out to move sprinklers. I didn't finish until 8:30 last eve. I got the entire lawn--front & back--done, with the exception of 2 small areas. I have 2 heavy based pulsating sprinklers that I use. I use a Y connector so I can run both at the same time to cover a larger area. (We have a large lawn.) Got everything set up after breakfast & discovered one sprinkler was leaking. That meant a run to Ace Hdwr. for a new one. Vit. Cot. is just next door, so I got a few needed items from there. I took the long way home out on a county road for a change of scenery.

      I also cooked up a kettle of DH's Anasazi beans yest. a.m. He's well stocked with his food items in the freezer now. I won't need to make chicken soup till next week. Hopefully there will be chicken available. They keep talking about a possible meat shortage.

      Monique ~ When you didn't come on the Forum yest., I figured you must of had to work. You were missed.

      I don't yet have any plans for the day. I have some book work I need to do; I've been putting it off. I also need to run the vacuum.


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        Thank you Joy.

      Good morning!

      Today is going to be a beautiful day -- temps around 70 and sunny! I can't wait to open up the windows and air the house out. It's the perfect weather for my work project, too. I found my painting supplies. I will make the chalk paint and paint my letter on the sidewalk. There's no way my poor old knees can take the concrete. I should call my sister this morning and see what time she can help me (she needs to take a video of me making the letter). Maybe we can order delivery for lunch or dinner and have a nice visit. I also need to make a short video (<15 seconds) of me holding up a sign that says "thank you." I should do that over at my sister's house, too...her house has better light than mine.

      No plans for the sewing room today. I might play with my embroidery machine if I have time.

      Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning All,

        I don't know where yesterday went. Mike was off and didn't get up until after 11. Jim took me to the bank and Lowe's. I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer it will be delivered on the 9th. I remember the days when white cost extra. Now to get the metallic grey costs extra. So white it is. I guess most folks have a laundry room, I have a garage/ laundry. Oh well. No cars fit in there with all of the grandkids and my kids bikes.

        Yesterday, I paper pieced for the first time in a year. I YouTubed a refresher and I still screwed up the first piece. I have to rip at least one seam on every piece. I'm hoping to finish that today the top half is done. Mike's off again and he's stir crazy trying to make things open before they're going to open. I keep telling him MONDAY, just wait until Monday. He can take me to the LQS! hehehe.

        Today, finishing up the May door hanging is on the agenda. I'll have to write a check for the lawn service for the month and say another prayer that Jim finds a job here in Jax. I kind of like not having hard winters! I told him yesterday, if he was offered a job way up north, Nandy would probably spot him the money to start his own business here, just so they could keep the kids. lol

        Time to get busy. Have a great day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good morning everyone.
          It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day to be outside. I asked DH to power wash the plexiglass above the pergola. Then I can put up the ceiling curtains soon. I also will set up the frame for the canopy. This gives us an extra outdoor room of 10 x 12.

          Yesterday I was only productive -1 to 6 pm. I printed cap patterns to scale for my GFs. I did make 2 caps and have another 10 ready to sew. They don't take long to sew, and now I can sew production style. I did clean out and sort 2 drawers with lace, ribbon, elastic, shoe laces. I found quite a bit if elastic in an assorted width & 3 large pkgs that I can use. I keep everything, even the elastic of stretch ribbons on chocolate boxes. Now these will work really well for masks. I make my mask to either insert a tie or elastic depending on request.

          They moved mom yesterday as I figured they would, as I couldn't reach her. I spent almost an hour on the phone trying to get her phone transferred. Bell has restrictions and her request has been moved up a level to determine if and when this can happen. I spoke to activity coordinator, we will arrange for calls or FaceTime on Monday. I think I will write her a message in large print and drop off.

          I am grateful for friends who keep in touch. My friend Dorothy is coming this morning to pick up cap pattern, egg cartons and child / toddler aprons I had cut out but not finished. She is making apron for GS. These will be cute. There's a dinosaur, sports, hit air ballon, frogs and other ones. I used to make these but have sat undone for too many years. Time to pas along. I am also going to pick up tomato plants from my son, who has started a huge selection of vegetables and spices. His room mate is selling on-line.

          Have an enjoyable day. While we can't control our current dilemma, we can control how we react and adjust to it. Today, let's build our resilience.

          55,061 / 3391

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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            Your masks will smell like chocolate, That should make it easier to wear them for long stretches.

          Good morning, everyone,

          Nothing new going on here. After having several beautiful days in the high 60s and low 70s, we're in for a cooling cycle. Temps will be back in the 50's. Today is starting out cloudy and windy.

          Sewing wise, I made some more masks yesterday. I loved Jenny's tutorial yesterday and I'm tempted, but I have so many UFOs, I don't want to start something new. I'll keep it in the back of my mind for the future.

          Since the "stay at home" order, it seems that the days just fly by. Anyone else feel that way? Our MN governor extended ours until May 18. Retail stores can be open now, but only for curbside delivery. Restaurants will continue with drive through and pickup only. So many states have people protesting about the restrictions. I can't help but wonder if any of those protestors have lost someone due to the virus. I'll bet not.

          I'm off to get another cup of coffee. Stay safe in your homes.


            Good morning! It's a nice relaxing day. Waking up and just enjoying the peace. Not sure what's in store yet. I need to make the man breakfast first.

            I have seen a few tutorials I like and have a few home projects to work on. I do have a binding I can finish. I do need to mop and wash clothes. Our washer broke so we're hand washing until we can get as repair guy out here.

            I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!!


              Morning all,
              looks to be a sunny day here think I will get something out of the freezer for the grill tonight.

              Not much new with me we are still staying at home and ordering our groceries online for the time being. We have 311,155 cases of the virus here with 24,024 deaths as of today. Hopefully NY will get back on it's feet in the near future but I will continue to be cautious when restrictions are loosened due to my age.

              Today I am going to try to get in my sewing room and do a bit of a "pick things up and put them away". We'll see how that goes.

              Well time to finish a few chores and maybe sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee and soak up a bit of that sun. Wishing everyone a good day and hope you get to enjoy some good weather too!
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              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                You are wise Cathy to be cautious. I think it will be awhile before any ol us seniors and compromised jump out in the public forum. Your state alone has 8 times the total number of death In our country. That is so scary. I have many older relatives that live in upper NY state. I haven't heard anything from them, so assuming they are ok.

              Hello friends, Happy Saturday,
              Yesterday we had hail and rain, thankfully we have sunshine at moment, but the sky is blue white and various depths of greys, the winds moving the clouds across the sky towards the south .
              For dinner we had melted cheese and onion on slice of bread it was so yummy.

              Received a parcel today from an online UK seller business est. 1927. ordered start of last month.
              (order other needed items from other online sellers, same day, had notifications almost immediately, they where delivered within 5 days with same rate of postage even during this weird time)
              Was quite worried the website, was a hacked website, due to there being no contact or receipt emailed, then was unable to gain entry to site, to see shipping updates, tried different browsers, even rung the bank to get info to resolve if was fraud activity. tried ringing phone number on website again, not answered, The parcel came with a post card saying stay safe, no receipt!!. with that experience who would order anything again from them?.
              Just as thought sorted everything, the 11 year old vacuum, extending hose split, alas a new part predicted to arrive sometime towards end of month. Items just keep expiring. Thank goodness for parts being available.
              You got mail movie is on, so funny cber x. at start
              Have a great day, stay safe, enjoy


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                Oooh! We may have to try a grilled onion on toasted cheese sandwiches.
                Thanks for the idea!

              • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                It could be that the company is not well equipped for doing online orders and overwhelmed with this new process.
                I had a boss that used to make grilled cheese, sliced onion and savoury chutney. Tried it a few times. It was pretty good.

              • 201 Treadler
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                enjoy 😁
                Yes maybe but have known they had a online presence for at least 8 years, we are living in weird times, am thankful it all turned out right in the end, but certainly increased stress levels. live and learn everyday.😉

              Good Morning...We are getting ready to trim the girls’ toenails...praying that Maggie will let me do it. She hates her feet messed with. Sugar’s leash (the metal clasp) broke last evening while Jeff was walking her. That resulted in a chase through the woods and beyond for me. Finally she let me catch her.

              It’s a glorious day weather wise. Jeff hunted this morning...still no luck. I’m beginning to think that he drinks coffee and eats donuts and then naps!

              I had to visit the doctor yesterday with a suspicious tick bite and sinusitis. She also gave me something to help me sleep. So far the antibiotic, augmentin, is making me sick. If it continues I will stop taking it. I was nervous going to a doctors office but they took a lot of precautions and so did I.

              Time for our lunch. Have a good day everyone and stay safe. Hugs...


              Scottie Mom Barb


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                Barb ~ DH was on Augmentin when he had pneumonia a few yrs. ago. It's terrible on the stomach & GI track. He was supposed to be on it for 6 wks., but he had to quit it after 5 wks.; it was tearing up his guts. He took a probiotic while he was taking it.

              • Cokie
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                Barb I have trouble with Augmentin too. My doctor usually prescribes something different but last time he said it was the best medicine for what ailed me at the time. He told me to take probiotics and eat yogurt while I was on it. I didn't have any trouble with the medicine and was quite happy about that! Might be something worth trying for you. Hope you feel better soon!

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                I think you can count on your DH napping on the hunt. Mine is readily admitting that that is what he does now. Kind of like napping on the beach I guess with the warm sun coming down on you and you are quiet and relaxed.

              Thank you Joy and Cokie. Last year my urologist printed me out the results of a lab test he ran that shows what antibiotics I'm resistant to and the Augmentin is at the top of the list. I have stopped taking it and will call my doctor Monday. I thought the list would have been in my file, but I saw a new doctor yesterday. No reason to take any more if I'm resistant. This is frustrating.

              Scottie Mom Barb


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                They has us give it to Emily when she was really little for a second round of an ear infection. We managed to get the first dose in, but the second she screamed bloody murder. She spit it all over. She popped up in hives shortly after. Obviously, no more Augmenton for us.