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Thursday has come!!

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    Thursday has come!!

    Good morning friends. Well it's another Thursday and it is a wet one today. Yesterday was nice but very windy. I did get out early with Doug and within an hour we had been to 2 stores. I am going back to get some top soil today. I plan to do some container gardening. Another load of laundry washed and dried outside. I love to hang outside. I also washed and dried a flannel backing that I will use for the baby quilt. I also ironed and cut up a white sheet I had. I cut it into 10" squares.

    After waiting 2 weeks for my order from Hancock's, I received an email yesterday that they didn't have all the fabric I had 'bought'. I chose another at the same price. Hopefully it will won't take too long.

    There is talk of opening borders here about May 11 here in Quebec. It is a waiting game.

    So sad to see the number of deaths as a result of this covid-19 all around the world.

    Not sure what I am going to work on today. My neck is really sore and it has been for a couple of days. I originally thought it had to do with my pillows but now I doubt that. Maybe a pulled muscle or pinched nerve. I will use some Voltaren on it this morning and see if that helps.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone. Just popping in to say hello. Tomorrow is my Friday off thankfully. This week has been busy but productive at work. On the home front, I think I may be finally done with face masks. Mailed so mm e to mom yesterday for her and a friend. Probably should have done hers a long time ago, but she said she was going to make some. I started sewing HSTs together last night for a charity quilt. If only I can get inspired to quilt the tops that are ready.


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      Inspiration!! Thats what we all need. Face to face praise and admiration of one another. Soon,...soon it will happen.

    Monique, you are a light in my morning. When I get up early and get to the forum and you aren't here yet, disappointment overtakes me. Saturdays I know are here because you aren't. I love that you start us off on such positive notes.
    Inspection on house came yesterday. We asked for a few things and are waiting to see if they respond positively. DH will walk away and I really am tired of the process. I like this house and if we are going to do this, this one checks more boxes than any we have seen.
    There is a storm brewing here on the NC coast. I hear the wind howling. They say it will be 40mph out on the water today with storms. Then it will clear up and be beautiful for the weekend.
    The handyman came yesterday and cleaned the gutters. He said, "they should be paying you to live here" He is coming today to replace some trim that a dog chewed up, a ceiling fan that doesn't work , a toilet paper holder that has pulled away from the wall and some other minor stuff. I guess other people have just lived with this stuff but we feel that if the owner fixes a little at a time this lovely home won't fall to the wayside. So sad to see people just let things go so long that they can't be fixed.
    Don't know what I'm going to do today. Maybe I will work on that quilt a little while. DH keeps the tv on a news loop all day and that is such a weary droning noise. Somedays when he goes outside, I change it to music but that doesn't last long. I think he likes to sleep to the droning sound of news or documentary
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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      Terry, will NC be your permanent home?

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      We are already northcarolinians from the mountains. We (if this deal materializes) will live at the coast for at least the first year to see if it is what we want. Leaving our options open

    Good morning!

    It is a grey start to the day here. There is a chance of scattered showers all day, with a high in the upper 50's. The weekend forecast looks excellent -- almost 70 on Saturday and low 70's on Sunday.

    Hard to believe tomorrow is May already! I have been working remotely for six weeks. When it first started, I thought April 30 seemed like such a long way off! The president of our company is having a virtual meeting late this afternoon to announce plans to reopen. The boss gave us a preview of the plan on Tuesday. Spoiler Alert: we are not going to be back on site full time any time soon. I may need to buy a new computer. My laptop has a small screen and the battery is starting to go. I should start checking the sales.

    I'm still waiting to hear back from Mom's facility; I think I will give them another call today. I try to be patient where they are concerned, I figure it is difficult times and they are inundated. However, Mom has a medical issue and I need to know if we have to take her to the doctor or not.

    Time for a second cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


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      Julie - I know what you mean about being patient. I haven't had calls or email returned this week. Just by chance, I spoke to her doctor in residence and raised concerns. They are short staffed as employees are designated for specific patients and sections and not allowed to travel to other areas. They need to be careful given they have some 11 patients & 2 staff have tested positive. I have been told that they are receiving additional resources and help starting May 1st.

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      Julie - is there a way that your office computer could be loaned out to you at home during this time as work-related?

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      My employer loaned out their extra computers when the telework started. I have worked remote on this computer before, just not for such an extended period. I think the progressive lenses are playing a role, too. I was using cheaters before.

    Good morning Thursday!

    A fun day yesterday putting together a wire bookshelf. It has the poles and clips you have to put on at the same height. OK, I had to move a few around even with a measuring tape. Finally succeeded and the garage looks great again. We do park our truck in the garage so it's important to keep the area tidy.

    Need to get moving and cut some masks for DGS so I can fit him later today.

    Julie, Perhaps the company can issue laptops for the employees to use while working remote.


    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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      Rhonda - my thought exactly. My SIL and DD work from home. Years ago, fed govt got rid of most telephone land lines and issued cell phones. Also as computers were replaced, they were issued laptops as many work from home. Now this has been a great advantage in this current situation. I remember that this was part of our emergency preparedness, for all possible events - weather related, illnesses, war and also a means to become virtual offices.

    Good morning everyone,
    I know I'm strange, but I am grateful that it's raining today. That way I don't feel guilty that I am not doing any yardwork. I posted items to give on FB local group, and will put on porch for pick up. I am also getting tomato plants from my son for us and a neighbour. He has been growing vegetable plants and spices. His roommate is selling them on website. I guess it's a way to keep busy at this time. I won't plant yet but store them under plastic dome. I do need to pick up bags of soil. Most nurseries are doing curb pick up.

    I spent a good part of yesterday on the Internet, reading and responding to emails. I've had more requests for masks. Although I don't want to sell them to friends and family, I am thinking of asking for a donation to local food banks. One of cousins moved to the city from 100km away. Last night was her first sleep in new downtown condo by the market. It's too bad that our downtown area is like a bowling alley. Monique - have you any news about your uncle at the Perley? Also our provincial Premier is asking that neighbouring provinces and states STAY HOME. Come when this is over, but not now. We are still in stay home. Kids will likely not be going back to school this school year. My DD has been briefed that they will not return to the office environment for another 6-8 mths. Our life is much the same, retired but now not going anywhere.

    Our guild is hosting a virtual shop hop with 11 LQS May 1-3. Also the scheduled speaker from Alberta will be online for first 100 who sign in. I know it seems hard to believe, but I really don't need anything, but may partake just to encourage our LQS.

    Have a good day, be kind and stay safe.

    51,997 / 2996

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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      No news on my cousin so I guess that is good news. Thanks for asking.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's supposed to be close to 90 deg. today! Warm weather is expected the rest of the week. I'm still experiencing the soreness from my yard work day before yest. Today I have PT at 10 a.m. I also need to get a few groc. The store limits each customer to 2 cartons of eggs, so I sometimes buy the 18 count so I can get my 3 doz.

    After our BSF Zoom mtg., I headed out for errands yest. The bank, Lowe's -- where I bought sprinkler flags, a new pr. of leather gloves (price up considerably from the last time I bought gloves), -- & 3 bags of lawn fertilizer. Then a stop at the bakery, & next door to Chipotle's for a chicken bowl, which gives me 3 meals.

    Since our lawn mowing crew is new this year, I wanted to make sure they could visualize all the sprinkler heads. I placed the orange flags all around the yard. Forty-one heads. When the guys came, I gave them some explanations. They did a good job.

    I chilled out the rest the rest of the day & watched Survivor in the evening.


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      You know JOY, I've been wondering about eggs since this thing began. Why is there a shortage of eggs. This time of year the chickens lay like crazy. Remember Easter eggs and how the eggs would be on huge sales because there was this huge excess of extra eggs available. So, what is the shortage about. Are they storing the excess. I know back in the 60's I was told that we were using a stockpile of eggs from 10 yrs earlier. Eggs will apparently last indefinitely if they are turned over every 30 days. I don't know this to be a fact but remember hearing this as a young woman. I have kept eggs for months and months by doing this. Anyway, just a wondering question

    • toggpine
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      I think the eggs are being produced, unless the Newcastle Disease in CA is messing up their supply. I am wondering if it's a case of not enough people to pick, process, pack, & ship the products.
      The chickens keep laying, the cows keep making milk, the meat animals keep eating and gaining weight, they have no idea things are different.
      In reality, we shouldn't be seeing a shortage, but I'm also guessing the supplies that were being consumed via schools and restaurants are now being needed in stores to feed those people. The stores need to adjust their quantities, but how much and then there is the whole hoarding thing.
      I can say I've never been so glad we maintain our pantry and freezers. Our farm isn't huge, but we won't starve if we kick it up into full gear.

    • JCY
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      I went groc. shopping after my PT appt. The egg shelves were almost FULL today! And the sign limiting 2 cartons was gone, so I bought my usual 3 doz. And...they even were on sale, 2/$5. which is a bargain. They're usually $3.69/doz. for XL Egglands Best, vegetarian fed. And... there was a good supply of toilet paper & paper towels. I'm not out, but I bought 1 each while the getting was good. However, the kleenex shelves were empty, but I didn't need any.

      They keep talking on the news about shortages of meat coming soon due to meat packing plants running at <full capacity & so many workers testing (+) for C-19. The plant in Greeley, CO recently was shut down for several days for a deep cleaning. I think >200 workers tested (+). Is the problem with the transport? Dairy farmers are dumping their milk because they can't get it to market & some farmers crops are going to waste in the fields. This is a travesty when there are so many needy, hungry families out there.

    I plan on a trip to the grocery, the bank, and probably Lowe's tomorrow. I am so excited😁.
    We have a company coming this weekend to install a french drain between our house and the neighbor on one side. Our houses are fairly close and that area doesn't drain well, hope this solves the problem as it is the only access to our back yard gate.
    I am done making masks for a bit, plan on doing more fmq since my M* order came yesterday replacing my black thread stock. Of course there was a jelly roll in the package, too.😄 Something new too play with, actually I have gotten several new pre cuts lately, time to start a new project.


      Good Morning All. Well Wed. was telephone appt. with the pallative group. Need to call member service for the insurance company that the honey has and see if we are limited on which hospice agency can be selected. Mixed answers so far from doctors and pallative group, been given two lists, one for medicare approved and one that his insurance company contracts to for this area. The chemo treatments were stopped weeks ago and his health is declining.

      Today SIL is helping with cleaning up of my dad's yard, super weed wacker to the rescue again. Already put on my calendar as a day off tomorrow, for history does repeat itself, ole sore muscles will need some pampering. I did manage to sew two fabric boxes yesterday for my shelving unit in sewing room. I too have been wrestling with my sewing mojo.

      Hugs to all! Stay safe!


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        Mimi, prayers for strength for you as you navigate this.

      Good is the last day of April...hard to believe that a third of this year is gone. Hopefully May will bring lots of sunshine into our lives. I know I could use a big dose of happy right now.

      Yesterday Jeff and I grocery shopped at 6 am when the store first opened. We did well and only saw two other shoppers. I should shop at that hour all the time. Our little store was fairly well stocked although the meat case was fairly low. It’s good to have that task done. The butcher set some ground meat aside for us, so we packaged it for the freezer yesterday also. We should be set for another month. Our restrictions are being lifted May 2 but we are taking a wait-and-see stance. Quite sure it’s too soon and we pray we won’t see a surge in new cases.

      Yesterday I put the final touch on Jeff’s quilt...the label. I don’t know why I drag my feet with quilt labels all the time. Now to figure out what to work on now. I may work in the Irish Change quilt I was cutting out when I derailed my sewing. It’s hard for me to create when my heart is so heavy.

      Let’s remember Annika’s brother in our prayers. He recently had a setback in his battle with the virus.

      It’s time for me to take the girls out for our late morning walk. Have a good day everyone.

      Hugs all around.....

      Scottie Mom Barb


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        Barb ~ I'm the same way about quilt labels. It's my least favorite part of making a quilt.

      Good morning all. Late start to the morning today. Not a good sleep last night. I was hot and uncomfortable so hubby opened the window a bit. Then the sound of some distant nighttime roadwork was annoying me. It wasn't even that loud. In fact, it was a very low sound. But it annoyed me nonetheless. I grabbed my ipod and put a podcast on . Then suddenly it got windy outside and it started raining and the wind was blowing it in the windows so hubby had to close them so I felt uncomfortable again. Of course all my restlessness kept hubby up too. I probably fell back to sleep again around 3.

      Yesterday I finished up all the orders I have for masks. I was happy to make these for everyone and will continue for anyone who needs them but I am anxious to work on something else for a while. I got my thread order from M* yesterday. With all the mask sewing, I was almost out of black thread and some neutrals. Of course, I got more than just thread. I also ordered a rotating cutting mat.

      Today I think I will work on another box from the spare room closet, decide on what fabric to use for a Secret Santa gift, and maybe actually make it too.

      Be well everyone. Have a good Thursday.
      Ginny B


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        Ginny ~ Would a sound spa help with the sleeping? I've used one for many years. I also wear ear plugs. I'm very much a fresh air person, so unless there is something unusual going on with the weather, my BR window is always open, even if it's just a sliver in the cold weather. Is it too soon to think about running a fan to circulate the air?

      • Ginny B
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        Yes, Joy, it might. I may have to think about that if this keeps on happening. Thanks for the suggestion

      Good Morning All,

      Yesterday was busy, Mike changed the oil in the car. We dropped off the used oil at the recycling at NAPA. Morgan called, she'd stopped at the house and we'd gone out thru the garage and forgot to lock the front door. Whoops. I emptied my coin cup at the coin star, and got an amazon gift certificate. Then we headed home.

      Later we went out to Town Center to see what was open. The Publix and Sprouts were open, almost all of the restaurants for take home, Target, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, the Marine store, and Staples. We picked up dinner at the Chicken Salad Girls shop. It was delicious and I still have half of my sandwich. It sounds like Monday, will be a soft opening for many of the retail shops and restaurants with limited capacity. They are still recommending wearing masks. As it's getting hotter, I'm wondering how many folks will do that!

      I need to decide on a pattern for baby quilts since the layer cake arrived, and my other projects are done. The ark panel came yesterday after it's trip from South Florida to OK before heading back to FL. I'll need to get some prints for a border. I do think I'll quilt it then stretch over a frame to give to our Minister. He can keep it or put it in one of the children's rooms at church.

      Time to get busy. Morgan must be off, Jim hasn't called, so there's no point in waiting around any longer. Have a wonderful day!

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Yesterday was Zoomday. It looks like Wednesday's are going to be my busiest zoom day for school. I miss seeing the kids, but I'm finding out that it's a lot harder to keep them focused on the computer screen.

        The veggie garden is looking pretty good. I need to find my bent fork to weed between the baby plants. The baby radishes will be ready to start adding to salads shortly. We are having rains off and on this week, so that helps with watering. The fruit trees are all in bloom. We'll have to keep an eye on the apple development, as they will need to be sprayed about the time they are the size of a nickel to keep the apple maggots off. (Ick!)
        I ordered our baby turkeys yesterday. I went to the feed store, as they were supposed to receive a shipment yesterday morning. I have some thoughts about THAT whole process, but I'm trying to let it go. Let's just say I came home without any chicks. I went online and hunted around until I found what we wanted. They will be shipped to our post office next week. So much less hassle, and that will be the last time I let Hubby deal with the procurement procedure.
        Our baby chicks should been hatching in about two more weeks. It's going to be a chick-fest around here!

        I'm going to go roll the eggs in the incubator, log into the staff meeting Zoom, then hit the sewing room!

        Y'all have a great day!
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Hello friends hope your Thursday is bright and full of positives.
          Today had sun and rain, have missed the rain, tapping against the window, but am thankful for rain to water the plants. Did spend the day in bed, the body screamed no in ways you cannot mistake, so I listened.
          Saw the UK news, tonight BJ PM is now fitter then last heard and did the news conference, it gives hope when we see someone come through, although would not wish any suffering on anyone.
          The positive news is UK has climbed summit and going down t'other side, of course cannot be let out yet, that may cause a second taller mountain to climb, so we wait patiently. like the belt and braces approach, it seems only right to lower our rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's to lowest possible figure. Before going out with facial coverings
          now this talk of peaks reminds me of a movie,
          Captain Tom Moore who has raised £31m for the NHS has been upgraded to Colonel on 100th birthday week.
          have a great day😊


            I'm late to the party today. Worked OT today, busy days go by fast. The weather has been great here. I really hate bugs ....we are battling fruit flies/ knats for the last couple days. We spray a window and walls they move to next one. We all slept in the living room last night to get the bedrooms time to get rid of them with the spray...I feel invaded, bugged me all day while I was working...I'm going to spray the rest of the house. I'm so over them..they came out of no where. They can go back...

            Anyway I hope everyone is having a great day!!