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    Monday hellos

    Good morning friends. Another day has dawned. I offered masks to a cousin so they are made and in the mail this morning. I also finished the top of a baby quilt, photo attached. Now to get it sandwiched and quilted. I haven't decided yet how I am going to quilt it.

    Not sure what this day will bring yet. I am still waiting for a parcel to arrive from Ottawa and it better be on the truck this morning. I am also waiting for a parcel to ship as I ordered some fabric from Hancocks of Paducah. I guess I just need to be more patient.

    Yesterday afternoon we headed out for a drive. Had an outside visit with my sister-in-law.

    Have a good day everyone no matter what you do. Stay safe and healthy.

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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Hi Monique,
    Happy Monday to you and all friends,
    the day is sunny with some cotton wool clouds, as yet not started anything, but the day will be long and no doubt there will be things to do, sir cat has demanded me to open his packet of food, so that's made him happy.
    Have a great day

    thats such a cute baby quilt too love the colours. 😁


      Good morning!

      It is a bright, sunny day today, with a high predicted near 60. Definitely an improvement over yesterday, which was cold, wet and windy. I need to go outside this afternoon and pick up the branches that the wind knocked down.

      We should find out today if my employer is going to reopen next week. The boss said they will give us one week's notice before we have to be back on site. Last I heard they were aiming for May 15; I will be surprised if we go back earlier than that. I signed up for a couple of free webinars this week. Unfortunately, they are during the lunch hour...I will have three straight hours of web meetings tomorrow and Wednesday.

      I did not sandwich my quilt over the weekend. I got distracted on Saturday (squirrel!). Yesterday I decided to stitch out an embroidery design I bought with Mom in mind. I wanted to make something for her door, to help her identify which room was hers. Then the virus hit, and we weren't allowed to visit. I will send it to her for Mother's day. The project reminded me why machine embroidery is not one of my favorite things. It was a large design; the machine said it would take three hours to stitch. Of course, that did not include thread changes, bobbin changes and all the times I had to re-thread the machine. I wish I had paid attention to what time I started. If it took less than four hours I would be very surprised.

      Time to log in to my morning work chat and make another cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


        Good morning all! Cool, cloudy and windy here. We had "spring" on Saturday ... now we're back to November-like weather.

        Cute quilt top, Monique! Did you do machine appliqué ?


        • Monique
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          Yes I did machine applique. Thanks for asking.

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's expected to be 80 deg. today. We hit 82 yest. mid-day, then the clouds rolled in & the wind came up; the temp. dropped 10 deg. No rain, just windy till about 7 p.m.

        I watched YT church. I have a hard time staying awake through entire the sermon & sometimes nod off a bit. After that I checked Bonnie Hunter's blog. I always enjoy her chat & pics of her projects, their new dog, & the cats. I worked on my Bible study lesson for Wed. Only 2 more lessons, then we'll be done for the season. I hope things will be more normal by Sept. and we all will be able meet in person again.

        The Aurora, CO Walmart that was shut down a few days ago for C-19 related deaths & 11 (+) cases of the virus, underwent a deep cleaning. It's now re-opened with social distancing rules are in place, one-way aisles, etc. I've been avoiding shopping at Walmart during these days.

        Plans for today include the usual Mon. laundry, changing the sheets on the bed, etc. I have PT at 1 p.m. today.


          Good Morning All,

          Monique, that's an adorable little quilt. It will be loved, I'm sure.
          Julie, your high today is a degree warmer than it is here this morning. It's really nice outside right now, later... it will be hot!

          Big project today, deep clean the rug that Gabby threw up on, and then check and clean the hardwoods underneath. Hopefully her accidents didn't damage the wood.

          Two packages are supposed to arrive today, according to my email from USPS on Sunday. One that was supposed to be here Saturday, didn't arrive. I'm hoping all three make it today. One is going to be a Noah's Ark panel. I'm excited about that in a snarky sort of way. Mike just says, what else did you order. Well if you can't go to the store shopping, you order online.

          Yesterday, was a day of rest for me. I watched the Carol Burnett Birthday Marathon all afternoon. I switched to Food Network when they started repeating shows, but Mike set up to record the whole marathon. Sad thing, they left off the big production numbers at the end of the show. I really missed seeing them, they could have left off the questions at the front end of the show, that I wouldn't have missed!

          Gabby has nudged her way into Mike's room. That will teach him to make sure his door is closed tight. She love to get under his bed. She can't do that in my room!

          Have a wonderful day!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Morning all,

            Looks like it may be a pleasant day after the dreary one we had yesterday. Hopefully the sun will be out.

            Not to much new in my world. My husband is on the mend after his fall, shoulder bruises are yellow looking but clearing. I'm up and sitting in a chair for longer periods of time, so my back is cooperating and I am feeling much better also. What a pair we are!

            Tomorrow in honor of all the first responders and essential workers the Blue Angels and The Thunderbirds will be doing formation flyovers together. Starting at noon they will fly over New York City then out over all the boroughs. I am close to a hospital that has quite a few Covid patients so may get a chance to see them. They will then fly on to New Jersey, and their final destination will be Philadelphia.

            Well, going to shuffle on in to the kitchen for some coffee so I'll wish everyone a good day, be well and stay safe.
            If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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              Good morning. It's a cloudy morning here today after a rainy day yesterday. But rain and Covid could not prevent us from having a nice anniversary together. We enjoyed a couple of movies in the afternoon and had a delicious dinner from a great local Italian restaurant. And, of course, there are leftovers so we will enjoy the dinner again on a day or so.

              Since it looks like today may have some showers, we won't be doing stuff outside. So it's laundry on the To do list along with finalizing our grocery list that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and I have some more masks to make. I also hope to do a bit more decluttering and purging in the spare bedroom.

              Max' birthday gift arrived from Amazon yesterday so we will take a ride over there probably tomorrow to deliver it.

              Have a good day everyone. Stay well.
              Ginny B



              • SagedCrone
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                Happy Anniversary ! Glad you enjoyed it.

              Good morning. It was beautiful on Saturday. Now we are back to clouds and rain. I know I would like to live in Colorado for the weather.
              I have been working away on my new quilt. Some days it looks like I have not made a lot of progress. Monique— I really like your onesie quilt top!


              • JCY
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                Eat your heart out! The high temp. today was 88 at our house. A beautiful sunny day. If these warms days continue, we may have to think about turning on the sprinkler system earlier than usual. Depending on the weather, we usually have it turned on the 1st or 2nd week of May. We can get a late spring snow storm, even in May.

              Good morning everyone,

              Today I am grateful for family and friends and our united resolve to stay safe until this is over. We really enjoyed the concert by many Canadian performers last night. It was a fundraiser for food banks. The weather has been beautiful all weekend, a bit cloudier yesterday but good for working outdoor. On the weekend, I clocked about 9 hrs of yardwork, raking the front and side yard and cleaning beds. I filled 7 large yard waste bags. Next I will continue to tackle the backyard, maybe not today, as I will give my aching body a day to recover. I've already finished two loads of laundry, emptied dishwasher, cleaned cat litter and having 2nd cup of coffee.

              I haven't decided what else I will do today. One thing is to reach mom & director of care. Another re-occurring issue yesterday. Thankfully, mom is able to let me know when things are not right. I feel sorry for those that don't.

              Monique - beautiful quilt. Its very cute and unique.

              Make today special. Stay safe and hope that Mother Nature is gentle this week.

              46,895 / 2560

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Monique..CUTE quilt!! I really like that!

                First thing that started my day was a call from my DD in PA...they were coming home from the needed store run all wearing their masks!
                She still has to work so she is used to her mask, the older kids however, weren't all that happy about it. (she has 3 children..11, 10 and 5) The 5 year old always goes shopping with her and is used to his mask, but this was the first time for the two older kids..They said they'd rather stay home like they've been doing. I think a good thing!

                Over the weekend, I worked on the camper just one day and didn't accomplish what I wanted..I'm going to need help doing it and the boychild won't have a day off till the very end of this week. So, I will have to do other things till I have help. It's ok, I'm not rushing this process and I don't have a deadline for any of it. It's do as I get it done, and that's ok.

                Yesterday I did manage to accomplish a few on my 'get done' list. I made a quilted trivet for my insulated coffee carafe to sit on. (...maybe I didn't tell you but I'm a java junkie!) I made a quilted cover for my tissue box to sit in..well, the extra tissue box that I use on the side table for trash tidbits and used tissues! Also made a 'bag' or soft box that matches the tissue cover. I have it hanging on the wall in the sewing area to collect tidbits in.. I'll see if I can take a pic later and post them. I finally got the 'big star' wall hanging (that matches the quilt I gave my daughter) sandwiched and started the hand quilting on that and I got a few more hours into my needlepoint. So, at least my weekend wasn't a complete bust.

                Plans for today don't include much beyond laundry (which is already done) and cleaning my room. Already finished some dishes and cleaning kitchen. (it's my job around here) Need to do some vacuuming and then..I get to call it house done! We are slotted for 30% chance of rain, and today I'm almost in the mood for it. It is a bit overcast. I may visit with Jean Luc Picard today and just do some stitching. It's what I'm in the mood for. (catching up on all the Star Treks during the shut in)
                Had sever insomnia last night. My eyes didn't' close for sleep until after 4 am. YUCK! So I can see a nap coming on today.

                Glad to see everyone still doing what they do and puttering along! Till next time1
                😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



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                  I hope you took some "before" pics of your camper project. I'm sure you'll be glad whenever it's finally finished.

                Originally posted by SagedCrone View Post
                I may visit with Jean Luc Picard today and just do some stitching. It's what I'm in the mood for. (catching up on all the Star Treks during the shut in)
                I love Picard and have watched them all.