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I Love a Rainy Night Owl

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    I Love a Rainy Night Owl

    OK, when we first started the night owl thread idea, we used to come up with cheesey thread titles. It was kind of fun.

    We had a pretty decent day. I pre-washed a load of fabrics for masks. I dusted the dining room and tried to get some stuff cleared off the table. Also managed a load of regular laundry in there. Then I made the fatal error in judgement.

    I opened the window in the dining room. Holy schmutz Batman! That thing was filthy. I popped out the screen and hit the track with some Clorox Clean-Up. Then I went outside and started washing the windows. I was doing OK, until I hit Em's bedroom. We have a HUGE set of clematis plants on that end of the house. We use them to keep that end of the house cool in the summer. Unfortunately, Eric had let the plants grow over the window and it was really starting to bug Em. I spent the next few hours carefully trying to clear the clematis branches up and away from the window without completely destroying the plants.

    Part way through a neighbor's friend stopped by to introduce himself before he headed down to her property to check on things since they have been having trespasser problems. He is looking for work, and I have a barn to clean. He was polite and courteous to me. I warned him that the folks down the road were doing some work on their property. A few minutes later, he was back and wanted to know why that dude wanted to fight with him. He decided that he didn't need to check on the lot today after all. When I let my new barn helper out, I looked down the road. I could see the two trucks parked blocking the entire road.
    The other dude was livid when he came back up the road. (For 15 years we have been the only house on our road. They are using our driveway to access their ppieces of land. Ugh.) He wanted to pick a fight in the worst way. I wasn't present for the original exchange, so I have no idea what actually transpired. I do know property guy is really hot headed.
    I spent a chunk of time trying to talk him down from an assault charge if he saw the guy. It was crazy. It was like I was back at work, and dealing with a fight at recess. Ugh. At least I get paid to referee those!

    I finally finished the clematis clean up. It looks really good, at least from the outside. We will see what it looks like from the inside in the daylight in the morning. I managed to get all of the windows washed on the outside with Emily's help. We tidied up the tools and fed the animals while Eric fired up the charcoal grill for supper.

    I never did get into the sewing room. I did get the fabric washed and dried, ironing will come on Monday, and hopefully some cutting will get done too.

    I am now done with the news and am listening to the rain hit the roof. I'm tired and have an early morning. I'll let the sound of the rain lull me to sleep.

    I hope everything is good in your neck of the woods!
    Hugs, Cathy

    Be who you are and say what you feel
    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

    I hope you sleep well after that day you had.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Hi Cathy
      That certainly was a filled day.
      my day was the now the usual, then when all asleep did some sewing, did try the cake recipe, it turned out gooey after an hour so did leave in for longer by 12 minutes but was edible, although sieved, some pieces of rice got through. If did again would reduce sugar and add marmalade, or some homemade plum jam. we have quite a few jars, with shopping itemed amounts being suggested it may prolong the sugar we have.
      There is a similar recipe in the gluten free for dummies book or the gf 4 d. baking recipe book will have a look later.
      washed the compression gloves, took pk and that's about it, the day starts again, himself still asleep, always hope the sleep helps him reconnect & reboot, may do some stitches😉. have a great evening